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Supra vs. SC300

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Default Supra vs. SC300

Can someone tell me why a Toyota Supra non-Turbo with the same engine as the SC300; is worth more than double on Kelly Blue Book?
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Because Supra owners actually know how to keep the value of their cars high.
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I don't get it... same engine, the SC has a wayyyyyyyyyy better interior..and it's a Lex. What's the deal? i could understand the Turbo version being more, but the non-T?
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Because of "The Fast and the Furious".
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I think two things.
1. There are lot more SC's than there are supras
2. Infamous F&F tax
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It's because they made a lot less supras and there very desirable.
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Different initial target buyers. Supra's were mostly sold to car enthusiasts who appreciated the value/capability of the car. SC's on the other hand were sold to wealthy people who had little to no idea about what the car is capable of doing and purchased as a status symbol. Fortunately for Supra, the same passion were carried down to second, third, and even more owners down the line. (This is reflected on used sale price.) SC on the other hand were mainly traded in for an upgrade and were purchased by yet another group of people who knew very little about them. And since there weren't huge demand for the car, price went down significantly.

Currently, most Supra's are owned by true enthusiasts. SC's, probably a mix of enthusiasts and greater number of non-enthusiasts. It's difficult to maintain the average value of the car when there are people neglecting their SC's and selling them dirt cheap. It's pretty sad.
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^ So true, there's nothing worse than seeing a beat up Soarer/SC.
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Its all bull$#!T if you ask me....
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With a Lexus you get more for less and a better track car than a supra!
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Supply and demand, Supra's are still desirable turbo or not and there aren't many out there much less clean ones.
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Supras will remain expensive as long as people are stupid enough to pay $20-30k for a 15-20 year old car. It's that simple. They just happened to be the first overbuilt turbo car to hit the market. They had extra turbo and fuel system capacity that tuners were able to exploit quickly. Any time you can take a full second off a car's quarter mile time with just some boost and exhaust work you gain fans. The other turbo cars of the 90s have similar capabilities but require more mods to reach the same results.

Don't believe the movie had anything to do with Supra pricing? My brother got his 94 TT with 60k miles from the original owner for $18,500 -- targa top, auto, HKS exhaust already in place. We drove 300 miles to buy it on a Wednesday because the seller had several people flying in to see it that weekend -- and he couldn't figure out why the interest was there. This was in 2001, just as TF&F hit the theaters. He added a small single, FMIC, built auto, and a VPC/SAFC combo and it sold for $30k six years and 30k miles later.
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Because Racecar? Oh, and what the other people said...
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Our SCx00 prices went down alot because we all choosed to lower our pricing. Selling them for dirt cheap! If we all stuck with what we had it at 5 years ago. Our cars would still be worth 6k stock - 10k modded and 15+ swapped~ easy. We have no one to blame for our price decrease except for ourselfs. Times are hard people willing to take losses so they lower the price down more to beat competition out. Hence 2k stock SCs now... =(

Supra are more rare and even if I never liked them or would want one. They are iconic and people will pay the $$$ for kinda like a NSX. Stock NSX are slow as crap but people pay $$$$ for them. Because oooo NSX oo SUPRA name..
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couldent have said it better^
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