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Fix seat rail problem with Pics

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thanks--drivers and passenger seats in my lx450 were stuck in full forward. drivers just happened and i looked under the seat, found the white plastic cap that had fallen out. i pushed the end of my screwdriver in the open end of the shaft, and the seat went back. once back i was able to screw in the cap and all is well. no seat removal--took 2 min.

the passenger side is another story. the missing cap is also on the left front as it is on the drivers and access is limited. there was nothing i could insert into the shaft/gear hole in order to get the seat back far enough to put a cap back on--if i had one. i believe it may be under that seat but can't get the seat up far enough to see. i may remove the seat, but thats for another day.

thanks for the help here--saved me a trip to the mech.
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here is where you can get more info on the white caps which may be missing from the seat gear cover and may be the cause of the seat not moving front to back
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I dont have a problem with my seat sliding back and forth what i have a problem with is my seat back going up and down. My passanger seat back seems to not want to move up or down so it is stuck in one position unless I use the lever but that means my seat is either really straight up or really far back. Does anyone know how to fix this problem??????
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Default In search of the "Infamos" white cap


So far this forum has been great. Glad to be a member. This seems like my problem but I can't find the white caps. Before I take the seat out can someone tell me where I can get them?

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Old 07-04-11, 04:57 AM   #35
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Bump. Still looking for the white cap.

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Default stuck seat

I have a 98 sc400 and my drivers seat stopped working in the up position. Seems kind of strange that both back and forth and raise and lower would go out at the same time. I took seat out and checked both white caps and both were securely fastened. Any volunteers? I need help
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Default sc400 drivers seat

99 sc 400
also have a problem:
lower cushion drivers seat tilt @ front no up (was cleaning windows accidently brought front of seat down by butt-pressing front of button) now wont go up. tried manually & with memory, neither works.
all other seat functions work correctly.
ideas ????

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Old 11-07-11, 01:35 PM   #38
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I got plus online awhile back from the link below :

I didn't have any wreckers near me that had any so this was my best option. Cost wise probably easier to pull some from the wrecker.

Also a good reference was this thread if you needed the caps @ gear

Probably old news but thought I would post
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Old 03-27-12, 06:49 PM   #39
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Is this the white cap you are all talking about? I pulled this from a 1997 LS400. It measures 11/16" in diameter. This information is for reference in case this will fit the SC.
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Fix seat rail problem with Pics-dsc03844.jpg  
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Thats the cap, not sure if its the same size, but thats what you are looking for!!

If you see one on of these on the floor of your car (they tend to pop out) do not throw it away.
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why would lexus not use a metal cap or something stronger?

Anyways this is very useful to know.
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Wow, I haven't had a working passenger seat in two years. I thought each rail had an independent motor or something. The left side of the seat stays still, while the right of the seat goes forward or backwards causing it to position itself at an angle. Not a big deal since no one really sits in that seat but I'm going to hunt down these plastic caps and give it a shot. I've never seen anything like this cap on my floor so I'm assuming a previous owner trashed it or something. Glad this thread came back to life.
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Old 04-27-12, 12:33 PM   #43
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i accidentally threw mine out, and i went to the dealership for a replacement and they couldnt find it. has anyone found a solution?
heres a pic of mine
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Old 06-19-12, 05:39 PM   #44
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Thank you !!!!! Just fixed my seat. Didn't even had take the seat out from the car. 10 minutes n my seats are working. Thank you for these people that contributes to DIY threads.
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Old 07-02-12, 08:51 PM   #45
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You're a lifesaver, Ali. I got my seat out today (it was most of the way back, so the rear bolts were murder). My '94 SC3 doesn't adjust up and down on the passenger side, so the seat bottom doesn't have the round bar with the dogleg and second motor at the front of the seat like yours. The outboard cap is up behind the small, lower trim skirt, so I will have to take some extra things apart --- but after looking at your picture I pried the trim skirt out enough to look in, and the cap is there, just not screwed in like it's supposed to be. I can also see a metal screw or nut pushing out on the cap. The trim skirt itself kept the cap from falling all the way out. I think I'm going to drill a clean hole in the plastic skirt in case I have to fix it again.

The only rub for me is that my seat moved on the left slide (transmission side), but not on the right (door) side. It would just kind of twist when I tried to move it. With all my fighting the bolts today, I was twisting the seat one way and the other to get out the rear three bolts, and now I'm not at all sure that I have the seat straight on the two slides. I might have to put the seat back in (using the front bolts), adjust it straight, then take it back out before I re-engage the right worm gear, or end up with a crooked seat.

Great DIY, man! This ought to be put in the forum STICKY.

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