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The definative answer on S2000 seats...

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Default The definative answer on S2000 seats...

I've done a lot of searching and there are a wide variety of opinions on whether or not s2000 fit the sc300. People have said they "drop in" "just require a few washers" or "don't fit without a lot of fabrication". I bought s2000 seats today and here is the truth:

They don't drop in.

They don't require washers (can't figure out where that would have come from?).

The stock sc300 seats have 5 mounting points. 2 in front and three in the rear. The s2000 seats have 4. One of the front two mounting points lines up perfectly and if you shove the rail over a centimeter you can get the other front point lined up. On the rear they are not even close.

This is the inner mounting point where the 2 of the 3 rear holes are. As you can see it's not close...

And this is the outer mounting point. In the picture the screwdriver is pointing to location of the hole (which is not visible)...

Also the stock seat belts do not click into the honda seat belt receptacles (what's the right word for this?). None of these problems are that difficult to overcome. I plan on making new mounting points through the floor pan of the car. Although I would caution others from unsystematically doing the same. You need to brace it just as you would an aftermarket safety harness. That means big steel plates. Remember what kind of forces the seat will be exsposed to in an accident...

The seats sit low. Almost too low in my opinion (which I would almost never say!), but it's just such a dramatic difference over stock. I'm going to give it a day or two before I decide if I'm going to keep them. Also it might feel more in place on a lowered car as mine is stock....

And finally.... I know.... My carpet is nasty. I bought the car planning on ripping it out and putting new black carpet in anyway. In fact the whole interior has been smoked in for 10+ years but I got the car cheap enought I can afford to replace everything!
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Have you considered using the sparco rails & sliders for the supra? The mounting holes line up perfectly. I/m thinking that it would be easier than fabbing steel mounting plates.

Brave of you to try this and pass on the info for others interested in this mod.

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Without even looking at your pics I could've told you that they wouldn't "drop" in even with washers. why would 2 different manufactures have the same mounting points on their seats???
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Man thank you.

So many people are like, s2000 seats going into my SC. But knowing the SC crowd, nothing has happened.

People like you make the break throughs, good job.

Too low is not always great, get rid of those suckas.
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after you fab them up to work. I'll trade you my 98 supra seats for them! Mine are black anniversary edition.
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DUDE Please ,take the time to make a plate that will bolt to the stock holes in the floor then have a stud going up to the Honda seat. DONT drill a hole in your floor.....if that is what you were thinking. You will be WAY happier with the outcome and you can change it back to stock easy.
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Thanks for the kind words guys...

I'm still undecided on the height I'm going to wait until I've got coilovers and the car is dropped. I think part of the sensation is the stock suspension's roll and float. Also I think you can unbolt the sc's seat belt recepticle and swap it to the s2000 seat. I'll check tommorow...

A couple of people came by, rode in the car and all of them loved the seats! So we'll see...
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cheapest and easiest way to go about this is to make a plate like someone else said.
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id just try to take the lexus seat rails and mount them on the s2k seats.
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Well it was already known you had to modify the rails, wasn't it?
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can you post pics of the whole seat in the car?
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back from the dead!

need more info! and pictures
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great now the honda folks won't be the only ones robbin' s2k lol
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just make sure they are highly secured- its pretty dangerous swapping out seats- i just want you to bolt them in properly - and be careful
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I was thinking about the s2k seats also, but ended up going with I wanted the Torinos, but something was telling me to keep SOME sort of luxury in the SC, so thats what I kept. Anywhoooo, good job on doing this thread, and letting people know the real difference second hand. Respect.
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