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SC400 headlight assembly removal

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Default SC400 headlight assembly removal

My headlight lenses have the dreaded haze from the moisture getting inside. I've read the "baking" and buffing instructions to make them clear again...GREAT stuff! My question is how do I remove them to start with. I'm very image oriented (aren't we all) and hope someone can give me detailed headlight assembly removal instructions for my 92 SC400. If someone can give me the steps, I'll take photos when I do it and post them for all to view. Thanks.
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turn front wheel and remove the wheel wells, there should be 2 bolts underneath...take those out along with the one under the hood and your set.
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Default Removal

Basically what he said is all you need to do, if it helps remove the wheel on the side you need to take the light off, thats what i did, it just helps you access the bolts underneath. After you remove those 2, and then the on that holds it down in the hood compartment, then you just have to wiggle the light fixture out of position. Dont forget to disconnect the actual bulbs from the headlight assembly before pulling it out. After you finally get it out, you want to put it in the oven at about 190 F
and then leave it there for like 10 or so minutes. The factory glue should wear out and it will allow you to split the assembly apart. When you split it, there will be another part attached to the actuall lense itself. Take a screwdriver and remove the screw thats holding that piece to the lense. If it doesnt come apart put that part in the oven for a little longer. After you pull it apart, you can clean out the entire assembly and w/e else you want to do with it. Put it back together and walla your done.
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Default Check this page for ltos of help

You can also check this page out if you want to look at pictures.
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You may want to try just polishing the outside first, I was surprised at how much better they looked afterwards.
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dude, you don't have to remove the wheel or the wheel well. turn the wheel to access the front and top wheel well bolts, then just kinda pull back the wheel well enough to get your extensions on your ratchet to reach in there and remove the 2 bolts, thats it! I used a 1/4 inch drive with a 10" and 6" extension put together, you can pick up a whole pack of extensions at a discount tool store for cheap cheap....hope this helps.
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