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Replacement nubs for center armrest

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I doubt they were "sloppy" new - I think, over time, that the bump stop for the center console wears down from leaning/resting on it, creating some slack.

Either that or there was some stopper there at some point that falls off easily or the like.

Yeah, it bugged the CRAP out of me - that was one of my first "to-fix" priorities .

Glad it worked for you too!

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Old 12-02-03, 09:04 PM   #17
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Default went to WalMart and bought those crappy things and the adhesive sucks and they're not the right heighth, so I figured out a new really super cool fix to the rattly arm rest...I went to the Lexus dealer and for about US $6.00 I got 4 replacement ones and installed them. only hassle is that you have to take out I think 12 little screws to remove the leather cover and pull through the new ones. Hurray, no more rattle!
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Yeah they actually are. If you get the exact same ones me and him got and put the feet either on the console top, or on the bottom part, they are exactly the right height and will eliminate any noise.
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Old 03-21-08, 02:21 AM   #19
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The best part is - there was LOOT in the trunk! I got a baby seat, a bookbag with some college textbooks, some baby toys, a black bra (!), some assorted women's clothes, a pair of women's shoes, and the ORIGINAL FLOORMATS! I was so stoked to find the floormats - they're in great shape too. I think the previous owner pressed the lockout for the trunk release on accident, couldn't open the trunk, and just gave up trying to get in - there are some pry marks around the trunk release panel where it looked like someone tried to fix it (note - you can't pry that panel off).

Is this an SC trunk you're referring to???!

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^^ how could you possibly of accidently pulled up a 5 y/o thread
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Good stuff! I'm doing this today! That is a huge pet peeve for me, the center console being loose!. Thanks for bringing this thread bsck from the dead!
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i like the rubber idea on the center console, mine doesnt make sounds but i will keep this in mind when it does
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Old 09-10-10, 04:40 PM   #23
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Default What else is the the trunk lock mechanism hooked to?

I tried to jumper the connectors together to get the trunk to pop open and all it did was make a ticking noise from under the dash i know the jumper works because i popped the gas tank open using the same method. Is there maybe a fuse or relay or something?
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Old 09-11-10, 11:06 PM   #24
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The stock rubber bumpers are about $2 each at any Toyota dealer.

part number = 90541-03078

This was the first thing I fixed when I got my 98. Just pull out the old ones, use a paper clip to push the nub left behind inside the console lid hollow area, and press in the new ones.

Mine have been working fine 2 years. If they break again they are cheap enough to fix again.
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Old 07-17-11, 02:29 PM   #25
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Default Thank you...

Originally Posted by fc3s7 View Post
You can see my fingernail removing the metal band around the back of the lock cylinder here. Metal band removed. The black button was already pushed in this photo - where the aluminum lock bits are in the pic, that's where the black button was. It's a black plastic button, BTW.
Just wanted to say thank you to Dale for the pics and good write up.

I locked the keys in the trunk of my SC300. The AAA guy managed to get the door opened but that immediately set off the alarm and really locked the trunk down.

I tried going through the rear center speaker (nice pics here if you were wondering how to get the cover off.. but there was still a lot of material that would have needed to have been removed / damaged. Note -- you'll need a 10mm socket to remove the 4x bolts holding the speaker down. BTW - for those that don't know the fuel tank extends upwards behind the rear seat and it looks like the fuel sending unit is right under the speaker. Sooo... removing the rear seat and thinking you will quickly get into the trunk is not a really a option.

I eventually resigned myself to getting a key cut until I read Dales post.

I had left the battery disconnected overnight (about 12 hours) and when I put the power back on the alarm did NOT go off. My previous attempts at re-powering after 10 minutes disconnected just resulted in a lot of noise --- did you know there are THREE different horns on an SC300!! Anyway, there must be some amount of time with the battery disconnected that will reset the alarm system.

Using Dales pics as a guide I unscrewed three Phillips screws and removed the bottom trim panel (there is a rear clip that just slips over the steering column shaft). Two screws to remove the hood release and got it out of the way. Then I pulled the soft pad directly to the left side of the steering column - it had 4 small clips and came off fairly easily. That left three screws holding lower trim panel (one was under that left soft pad so you do need to remove the pad). With that I was able to get the lower panel pulled out enough to gain access to the valet key lock and using Dale's instructions released it. And since the alarm was no longer active I simple pulled the trunk release switch and got my keys back!

What did I learn? Lexus security is awesome and frustrating - three horns!! After some amount of time with the battery disconnected the alarm will reset itself and your trunk switch will eventually work (as long as you haven't pressed IN the valet button). Dales pics are worth a thousand words if you need to release that valet button without a key --- and all you need is a Phillips screwdriver to get there. Forget going through the rear speaker to gain access to the trunk, it's way more work and will probably do some damage. I definitely need a spare key. Lastly, don't leave the beer in the trunk!

Keyword: SC300 locked key in trunk
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Thanks for bringing up this thread. Can anyone tell me if this part number will work at a Lexus dealership.

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Originally Posted by fc3s7 View Post
Here's a pic of what I did - you can see the clear rubber stick-on feet on either side.

Thats the same exact thing I did. Works good!
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Old 07-21-11, 07:22 PM   #28
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Thanks again. The part number works and 10 screws later repair is complete.

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mine are broken as well and the rattling is starting to get annoying when i put my arm on it. i have a spare center that i might steal the stoppers off of or i might just grab some from a craft store
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Great post and pics. I've been locked out of my trunk for a long time. Sounds like I will be back in tomorrow. I like the rubber feet idea as well. Really looking forward to rehabbing my SC. This forum has me motivated. Thanks guys.
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