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CPO RX or New RX

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Old 02-11-15, 12:35 PM   #1
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Default CPO RX or New RX

Hello RX folks,

I've never had a CPO car before. Always leased my cars new. Dad wants to get a Lexus but I'm wondering if he should get a CPO or new RX. He drives too many miles a year to lease. Found a nice, well equipped CPO 2013 RX350 with only 8200 miles for $38K (MSRP new is around $48K). Seems like that's the lowest the dealer will go. Is it worth it to pay additional $6K for a new one? I live in SOCAL and I see some people getting MSRP $50K RX350 for $44K. Any horror stories of having a CPO car? Is the CPO warranty similar to new car warranty for the entire 3 years/100K miles? How reliable is the RX? Will it reach 200K miles with relatively no major repairs needed with regular maintenance performed?
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Old 02-11-15, 12:46 PM   #2
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I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a gently used CPO RX.

The RX350 was named as THE most reliable vehicle (any category) in 2013. While things can go wrong, as in any car, it's an infrequent occurrence. I only have 16k on my 2013, but so far it hasn't experienced a hiccup, rattle, squeak, or otherwise.

Good luck in your search.
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Old 02-12-15, 07:37 AM   #3
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My personal preference is brand new. Even with CPO, you never know what the previous owner did to the vehicle.
It would be well worth extra $6K, especially considering the resale value down the line will be higher as well.
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Old 02-12-15, 10:22 AM   #4
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OP, I have a similar view to vlad_a... For the relatively low price difference, the fact your Dad puts many miles on the vehicle, and the likely improved resale value with a 2-year younger vehicle down the line, I'd also probably look at new first. I am biased however, as I've purchased only new since the mid 70's, and just enjoy all of the new car experience (except the initial depreciation when I drive off the lot), new car smells, and being the first to own a new toy. With all that being said, there are many, many, many people that have had wonderful experiences with CPO and would never look at a new vehicle because of the financial savings CPO can provide.

If I were you, I'd ask the dealer to see a copy of the CPO warranty, take it home and read the details. I'm no lawyer, but net is, last time I read one, it provides what I would call a "like new" warranty --- aka, while Lexus has inspected and warrants the functioning of the vehicle, you have no idea how it's been treated by the previous driver(s) and must accept the wear and tear it has, e.g. on seats, carpet, buttons, panels, any dents or wheel nicks, etc are as they are at time of delivery -- vs. a new vehicle that you can go over with a fine tooth comb before you sign on the dotted line, with an expectation it's as perfect as the moment it came off the Lexus production line in every single way.
  • To my point on "how it's been treated by a previous driver", some people will accept a CPO that has been a Lexus service loaner. I personally would not, as I've seen folks treat them no better than how others treat rental cars. It's an intangible point I admit, but a risk that personally turns me off of buying used multi-driver vehicles, as I spent decades renting cars at airports across the US and have seen it all. Similarly, since your dad is going to keep the RX a long time, consider if the previous owner(s) have taken care of things like the leather -- occasionally hydrating it and just treating it right. If not, it may look fine now at a relatively young 2 years old, but as it ages, leather that has not been shown a bit of care may well show it's age faster and to a greater degree -- with deeper wrinkles or worse -- it's hard to say.
  • As an example with buying new -- long story how I bought my new SC430 by flying to CA, to have it shipped to me in GA where I was living at the time, but when my beauty arrived at my home with something like 10 miles on it (5 of which were on the test drive I put on it in CA), I found a large slit in the drivers carpet that was clearly made when the original dealership used a box cutter to remove the plastic covering the trim and carpet from the plant. I'm a hawk looking over a new vehicle, but in my excitement I missed that while I was in CA, and was really worried if Lexus would resolve the problem. I took my SC430 to a dealer in GA -- they didn't even question who cut the carpet and the door sill of this brand new car. The following week, they proceeded to remove essentially the whole interior to put in new carpet over a 4 day period. The SA showed me a picture of the interior carefully spread across an adjoining service bay. That was the sort of service I have grown to expect with Lexus, but here's the deal: That was a new vehicle. If I had purchased a CPO and found a similar problem after I removed it from the lot, I would never personally expect Lexus to resolve a problem with the carpet like that -- that would be on me, as I purchased a "used" vehicle that had been certified to be "like new", not "new", if you get my distinction. Some on this forum have created heated posts with an expectation Lexus should treat CPO exactly the same as new, and have had mixed results getting non-mechanical items resolved by the CPO warranty once they sign on the dotted line. I'll leave it to you as a consideration for a potential difference between new and CPO.

Good luck. I look forward to hearing what you and your dad decide!
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Old 02-12-15, 05:17 PM   #5
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Your CPO find sounds awesome. I would go for the CPO. We did for a 2011RX. Never looked back. Zero maintenance cost for the first year. Knock on wood.
Ray A.
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Old 02-12-15, 08:50 PM   #6
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Just picked up a 2011 touring with 60K miles for half the price of a new one. I don't think that I will buy luxury cars brand new maybe except for a Tesla.

Buy CPO and maintain it well, 200K should be easy.
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Old 02-13-15, 02:43 AM   #7
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I bought a 2011 bottom of the line RX350 last September with 67,000 kms or about 40k miles. One third off the original list price. Does not have the Darth Vader grill! Very happy with it. Bought the extended warranty. I would be more nervous if it was new getting dinged in parking lots etc.
No worries. Oh yes if buying used get a pre purchase inspection to check for accident damage and mechanical problems. Make sure the Lexus dealer has a good reputation.
My dealer treats me very well(Edmonton Lexus). Best car buying experience in my life. No song and dance routine.

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I never hesitate buying CPO from a reputable Lexus dealer.

Bought a CPO 2009 RX350 in Nov 2009 with less than 10000 miles on it.
Car was manufactured in Aug 2008.
Price was $7K below MSRP.

At time of purchase, the interior smelled like a brand new car and the engine bay was spotless.

The only two non-mechanical blemishes I could find:
- The edge of driver seat's leather showed some blue smudge (probably color transfer from blue jeans).
- someone spilled soda in the center console.

After 5 years, still has zero issue ( mechanical or otherwise.
Getting about 21 mpg consistently on premium gas, driving in suburban streets (very little highway miles).
Paint is still glossy. Leather is still soft and not cracked.

Definitely a high quality, luxurious, small SUV.
2009 RX350 FWD
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Old 02-13-15, 04:43 PM   #9
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Your Dad deserves a new one. Seriously though, how much is 6000 or 125/month for 48 months to you? If it's too much, then that CPO is nice although I think 38K is a bit too high for '13 RX. If not, I would go with a new one.
Couple of things to think about..
> Your vehicle is 2 years newer when resale comes
> You can pick the colors and options you want
> The new one comes with different tail light and nice fogs
> 19" is optional
> Lastly that clean bumper and the new car smell is priceless
I think we got 45K with floor mats for a 49K MSRP. Good luck with the decision.
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Old 02-13-15, 05:11 PM   #10
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I agree with 1101GS on all points. In short, because the '15 is heavily discounted just 6k or 15% more over the '13, I'd get the new one.

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A 2013 with 8,000 miles sounds like a dealer's service loaner, which I would personally shy away from just from seeing how people and dealers treat loaners.
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Old 02-16-15, 10:28 AM   #12
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Leap might be right, loaners are usually being killed by those who get them for a day or two, however i got 2010 RX almost two years ago with 15 or16k miles on it, previous owners were older people, it was in a great condition and so far i didnt have a single issue with it, just changing oil and filters on time, changed breaks over the summer and tires, other than that car runs great, of course brand new is always better, but CPO isnt bad at all, take it for the drive, see how it feels on the road, whether there are any abnormalities and might want to run it thru the computer to see if there are any issues and if you wanna find out how it was used, either loaner or someone had it, run VIN number online, itll show its history so you know whats up
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Old 02-16-15, 03:16 PM   #13
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I was able to purchase a 2010 CPO in November of 2012. The car was 3 years old and had only 3,400 miles on it. It was equipped just as I wanted it. Still had the new car smell. It was leased by an elderly woman who only drove it occasionally. It wasn't the color I was looking for but couldn't pass up this deal. It cost me about $7,000 less than a new one. The car has been rock solid.
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Old 02-18-15, 02:08 PM   #14
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Originally Posted by Leap View Post
A 2013 with 8,000 miles sounds like a dealer's service loaner, which I would personally shy away from just from seeing how people and dealers treat loaners.
I've owned a 2004 RX330 with 11,900 miles and a 2000 X5 with 45,000 miles, and both were dealer loaners. The X5 got retired in a cloud of white smoke last month at 247,000 miles, and the RX is still chugging along in my ex-wife's hands at 220,000+.

I wouldn't hesitate to do either deal again, and in fact I just bought my own 2011 RX450h with 19,800 miles on it. It isn't even pre-owned, but it's from a Jaguar/Land Rover dealer that's been around for decades, so I know where to find them if I have to

By the time you've driven your "new" car home from the dealer, it's depreciated to the cost of the used one anyway. With modern quality and warranties, 8200 miles is practically new. If your Dad truly drives too many miles to lease, then 8200 miles probably equates only a few months of ownership.

I'd go CPO. Take $2,500 of your $6,000 savings and put it aside for unforeseen issues, then take the remaining $3,500 and buy your Dad an extravagant gift.
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Originally Posted by MDames2 View Post
I was able to purchase a 2010 CPO in November of 2012. The car was 3 years old and had only 3,400 miles on it. It was equipped just as I wanted it. Still had the new car smell. It was leased by an elderly woman who only drove it occasionally. It wasn't the color I was looking for but couldn't pass up this deal. It cost me about $7,000 less than a new one. The car has been rock solid.
I am looking at a CPO myself. The savings is real and a 1 or 2 year old model with low miles is fine by me to save some cash.
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Old 02-18-15, 08:51 PM

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