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Lexus & a 3 Row Crossover? Possibly a RX350/450hXL?

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"7 seater is almost certainly not going to happen"

I disagree. It will be most likely a RX 5+2. The plus 2 will be a jump seat squeezed into the back suitable for only small children. I say this based on what Toyota did to the 2007 Highlander which I owned. The seat was a flip up much like the old model T rumble seat but not any fun. It was supposed to be an option but Toyota was only producing the flip seat model, so as usuual with Toyota dealers you took what was available on the lot. I never used it. As you can tell I still have a bad taste in mouth about this.

I hope I'm wrong and your right because if Lexus does this I will not be buying another RX.
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Originally Posted by Poisson View Post
...and you wonder why everybody hates Americans?

...well maybe we don't all hate you, but sometimes it's hard to like you.
What does that have to do with anything? I simply implied a lot of the third world countries are buying the LX and LandCruiser because the wealth discrepancy is so great that you have super rich people buying these fancy vehicles. I am not sure what being American has to do with that? There are also more unpaved road in a third world/developing nation and they do need off-road vehicle to go around. Go travel in rural area of Africa and the Middle East, tons of Land Cruisers are running around out there. That is a fact, being American or Canadian doesn't change that outcome. Money ranks ahead of any nationality.
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According to Automotive news, RX will remain a 5-seater for MY 2016. TX will be the 7-seater
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NX = small 5 seater
RX = big 5 seater
TX = small 7 seater
GX = medium 7 seater
LX = big 7 seater

Interestingly, there's only a 10k price difference between a base RX and a base GX, yet there is a 30K+ price difference between a base GX and a base LX.

For the TX to fit, the GX would need some nice upgrades to even out the pricing gaps a bit better to accommodate a new model. Don't really know if adding a 3rd row warrants a new model. The next gen RX will grow, so just stuff it in there as an option for a few thousand.
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