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Left leg room

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Question Left leg room

Hi - this is my first post and I'm wondering if anyone knows the answer to this. I will check it out for myself but am out of town, looking at cars on the Internet (again), saw this forum and thought I'd ask. I'm finishing up a 3 year lease of a 2010 MB ML450h and have been researching and researching for my next "perfect" car - a luxury mid-size SUV, AWD, with good mpg. Needless to say, there aren't many. I have a daily commute to downtown Chicago and have certain environmental sensitivities (I'm 61, took the train for years - don't want to anymore). Bottom line is the RX450h would seem perfect (I had a 2005 RX330 for a short while and remember it as one of the smoothest handling cars I've had). I got rid of it for the same issue I'm asking now, which is can anyone 6 feet tall stretch their left leg out completely in the driver's seat? I don't think my legs are particularly out of proportion to the rest of me, but this big deal for me. I don't drive with my left leg stretched out all the time of course, but it's nice to do it now and then, and if I can't, it becomes a "thing" that makes me feel cramped and either stops me from getting that vehicle or selling early, i.e. my 2005 RX, an impulse buy to get out of my prior car - don't ask. I'm not talking about trying to stretch your left leg out by squeezing it behind the brake. I'm talking about the dummy brake taking up all of the room that might otherwise let you stretch your leg out. I can do it in my MB but 2010 was a test year for the ML hybrid and the cars were lease only, no purchase option at the end. Every time I've been thinking about a new nice SUV in the past, I see if the new RX has added the leg room and through 2012 they did not. Does anyone know if 2013 is different? Thanks. I appreciate anyone's personal experience on this.
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The dead pedal does exists in the RX. No changes on the '13 in that area most people like the feature. I am 6'1' and I never feel cramped. The only way to tell is to sit in one.
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I just got mine today and it feels more spacious in that area compared to my 2010 Camry. I don't think you will have issues, but try it out.
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If you're looking for good milage, check out the MB or Porsche diesel SUVs
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Originally Posted by CoastalRX View Post
If you're looking for good milage, check out the MB or Porsche diesel SUVs
These SUVs have similar mileage on the highway, but fall way behind the RXh in city driving.
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im 6 foot 1 and i run the seat forward to get comfortable
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I know exactly what you mean, in fact it is such a priority that I painfully test every car I buy whether I can fully extend my left knee. For me, it is because if a bad left knee that probably will need a knee replacement soon.

I can tell you that when I drove the RX as a loaner,, my left knee was not comfortable, too much at an angle. Porsche Cayenne is better than the RX, but I felt most comfortable in the Audi A6, BMW 5 and 7 series, as well as the Lexus GS and LS. After test driving many SUV's, I felt most comfortable in the Range Rover, Lexus GX and the Lexus LX. Got the LX for myself.

If fuel mileage is the most premium for you, then the Porsche Cayenne Diesel, is about the only available alternative.

Just my humble opinion.
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Thanks all. I'd really like to like the RX and as I have done before prior decisions will get into a 2013 RX and check it out. Doesn't sound like I'm going to be pleasantly surprised unfortunately.

Dochusar - thank you so much for letting me know I'm not the only one with the left leg malady. I knew I couldn't be the only one but have never seen any reference to this in any car review I can remember reading - and I've read lots of reviews about lots of cars over the years. My wife, who is 5' tall always looks at me when I complain and says that I'm not that tall and I readily admit I'm not. But that doesn't change whether you can really stretch your leg out. If it doesn't bother the other guys around our height and bigger, then all I can say is I wish it didn't bother me.

BTW, I have looked into the diesel options and wouldn't mind doing that at all, except for the fact that the State of Illinois has effectively killed ALL passenger vehicle diesel sales. Illinois, as a corn state, gives tax incentives for retailers to sell biodiesel that has a larger percentage of bio-material in the diesel fuel than the manufacturers' warranties allow. incredibly, few car salespersons here know this and no mfgr websites disclose it, but its a fact. For example, Mercedes requires you to sign an agreement upon purchase acknowledging that if you use anything more than B5 you will void the mfrg warranty. Mercedes says you will cause engine damage using more than B5 and the service departments have directives of how to tell if you use the wrong fuel enough times. There are a few stations that sell pure diesel or B5, but they are few and far between if you can find one at all. You cannot count on finding one whenever you need a fill up. Few pumps disclose the bio percentage even though they are probably supposed to so you can't even tell how much bio there is or not.

Anyway - thanks to all for your responses.
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I bought the RX specifically for leg room, longer than any similar car I could find, including the LX and GX.... much roomier than cockpit than any similar sized SUV, including my Landcruiser, which is a full sized SUV. The car is very unique in this regard... if you have a bum knee, its worth renting one for a full day or two to be sure it fits your needs...
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