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Black leather seats too hot?

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Default Black leather seats too hot?

I'm thinking of getting either black or grey interior. I really prefer black, but I live in Florida and I'm wondering if that is going to be really hot if the car is sitting in the sun all day? Does anyone have the black leather and live in a warm climate and can give some input?
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Regardless of the color, leather seats are either gonna be too hot in summer or too cold in winter. That's why we initially opted fabric seats as fabric is nonconductive to temp but that would take 4months build. If we had time, we would have gotten the fabric seat RX.

If you're concern about the heat, tint your front windows to match the back (20%) and get a sunshade, it does help.
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Remember you have air cooled seats.
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I live in AZ and went with the Parchment Interior. Front windows are tinted to legal specs which is slightly lighter than the rear. The seats have never been hot to sit on after hours in the sun. I would never consider black in AZ, too hot.
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I have the a light interior in my 450h. But, I just wanted to point out that the dash is black and very large. So it can generate a lot of heat in the car. I find using a sun reflector in the front window a good solution. It would probably be the way to go with the black interior in a hot climate. I also have some nice towels in the car that I can just use to cover the seat or steering wheel if required. In the end, you can cool the seats quickly with their own air flow.
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I have the black interior and live in South Texas. Like mentioned above, tint and a sun shade made a huge difference once we got them. Without 'em, the seats do get hot but have never been unbareable.
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I have black interior and right now wouldn't consider any other color. After driving it with the ventilated seats, I find that my avalon with the unvented gray leather seats are a lot hotter.
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I have black seats and black interior, in Washington, DC. Seats get hot in summer, but not unbearably so. What becomes too hot to touch are other surfaces, like the center console.

I open the windows for a minute or so which exhausts the hot air quickly. And powerful A/C and seat blowers cool things down quickly.
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I live in Florida and have the black leather seats. In fact, I also had them in my '07 RX, and it was never a problem with being unbearable. I tinted the driver and passenger seat windows and whenever I park outside in the sun, I also use a sunshade. I'm lucky that most of the time the car is parked in the garage at home and the garage at work.
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black seats will get hotter than the lighter color seats but with combination of tint and windshield shade should keep it manageable. Only downside I found having black leather in hot climate/temp is the sweat will causes “whitish” build-up that are much more visible on black leather but regular cleaning/conditioning should minimize the effect.
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