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Steering/Vehicle vibration @75mph

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Old 12-14-14, 03:10 AM   #1
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Default Steering/Vehicle vibration @75mph

So I've read a lot of the threads, especially the write-up by alchemist in reference to a vibration and what to replace. Through a round about way, in the last few weeks I've replaced:
-both CV axles
-font lower control arms with bushings and ball joints
-all 4 struts (KYB) and mounts
-Tires, Michelin Premier A/S road force balanced and vehicle aligned

Brakes/rotors were done about 20k miles ago as well.

Car really rides nice now, but when I get it on the highway, around 75mph I start picking up a slight vibration through the steering wheel. I can also feel it in the car to some extent before 75. It is very consistent, always there regardless of road conditions or day I drive it.

I'm looking for some more help here to see what else this could be. It is driving me nuts and I've spent a lot of time and money to this point with no resolution. The last thing I can think of is possibly the steering rack and tie rods (mine is seeping a bit, 120k on the car, but I check the fluid level regularly and have not added any fluid in 20k miles)
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I had a similar problem when we purchased our RX350. I had the alignment checked, no problems. So we drove it for a while. Long story short, the dealer installed a brand new set of Sumitomo Touring LH tires just before we bought the car. After 1000 miles, the vibration stopped. I can only attribute the problem we had to tires getting broken in. You might want to see if the problem goes away after the Michelins are worn in. Alternately, I'd check the balance again.
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My vote is for steering rack as it is known issue. Youve basically changed everything that rotates except for the wheels.

If you can wait until spring i plan to change mine and will do full DIY write-up

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Old 12-22-14, 05:50 AM   #4
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I had a similar problem, slight vibration around 75 MPH. In my case it turned out to be the rotors. I turned the rotors and replaced front brake pads with original Toyota parts, clips and shims, problem solved.
Every time I pushed the brKe pedal there was a slight vibration in the steering wheel, hardly noticeable but it was there. The wife never noticed it until we went on a long trip and I drove the car for about 1,000 miles.
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+1 on the steering rack. Get that inspected. Just had mine replaced along with hoses at Toyota due to a leak. No more vibrations at 75mph and steering is much better.
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Old 12-23-14, 04:18 PM   #6
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You didn't mention tie rods. I just fixed a vibration problem like you have and only replaced the lower ball joints and outer tie rods. I would have sworn that the ball joints and tie rods were good. Wrong! The shakes are gone.
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My new to me RX330 also gets really bad vibration at 120km/h with the winter tires. Doesn't do it with the summers. Winter tires need balancing?
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I was having this problem and here how it solved 'itself?':

Replaced all brake pads and the vibration was reduced.
Replaced sway bar end links and didn't really pay attention.
Than I replaced front struts (one was gone), inner and outer tie rods, as well as the ball joint. Problem solved.

Just look at you have done and compare to what I did. I hope it helps.
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