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lilStig 07-28-14 09:28 AM

Megan Racing midpipes on IS250 AWD
I never liked the raspy sound of Invidia midpipes so I decided to go with Megan Racing mid pipes for my AWD custom fit project. I couldn't find them used so I purchased the Megan Racing midpipes new thru JM Auto here on CL. They gave me a great deal on them. Got them pretty quickly and had a shop called Tach Motor Works do the custom fabrication.

I thought that both sides would need to be cut and fabbed up but to my surprise the passenger side of the midpipe is the same on both the AWD and RWD. That saved me some trouble and money as well.

Only the driver's side needed to be modded. It had to be cut and fabbed up with a few new pieces of pipe and also the angle of the flange connecting to the headers had to be played with. The driver's side on the AWD bends more to the outside of the car to allow space for the front axle I believe. All in all I was very pleased with how it turned out. The exhaust still sounds pretty quiet, I would need to add an axle back to really get some sound out of it but it's a great mod nonetheless! I will add pics sometime later. I didn't take any proper pics while the car was on the lift.

Test fitting


pmanliu 07-28-14 09:52 AM

Wow nice! Interested in a video. Where in NY are you also? would love to hear it in person. I have the F sport right now and was thinking about fabbing up a midpipe also as long as it is not too loud.

lilStig 07-28-14 10:22 AM

I live in Brooklyn. I will get a video of it sometime this week. You hardly notice the midpipe with the stock exhaust honestly. You would need an aftermarket exhaust like fsport to really notice it or maybe mine has to break in first. The Fsport and megan racing mid pipe combo is really nice.

Awd250 07-28-14 10:53 AM

Looks awesome! Hey r u rinning headers with the mid? If so what type?

lilStig 07-28-14 11:22 AM

no I'm using the stock headers

NYKnick101 07-28-14 11:56 AM

how much fabbing up did you have to do? and how much did it cost do do so. I wanted to get a mid pipe and fab up the driverside but no one ever took pics of how much work is involved

lilStig 07-28-14 12:09 PM

I think they had to make four cuts and add a small piece close to the flange. They said it was kinda difficult but they got it done. I wish I had taken direct underneath pics when it was on the lift to help you out but my phone was dead at the time. Maybe I might jack it up and take a few to post on here. It cost me $250 at Tach Motor Works in Oceanside, NY their number is (516) 608-9930. They did a really good job, great welds and fitting.

lilStig 11-03-14 02:55 PM

Had the car up on the lift over the weekend to replace the exhaust hangers with some Cobb polyurethane ones and took the time to take some better pics of the setup. It has broken in now and sounds much better than when it was first installed. Video coming this weekend...stay tuned.

AlphaVip 11-04-14 01:33 PM

Looks sweet man, I'd like to know how it sounds though!

NYKnick101 11-04-14 04:36 PM

I dont understand why companies did not want to make one for one extra bend thats not even an added 3 inches of pipe

massaker 11-19-14 07:42 AM

Nicely done. How does it sound?

tomiv9 11-19-14 11:04 AM

Just curious what does a midpipe do? Does this replace a stock midpipe and add a few HPs like an axle back exhaust?

laobo979 11-19-14 11:20 AM


Originally Posted by tomiv9 (Post 8794396)
Just curious what does a midpipe do? Does this replace a stock midpipe and add a few HPs like an axle back exhaust?

More or less add tone to your aftermarket exhaust. Hp maybe 1-2 and it delete you secondary cats.

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