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Supra MKIV LSD 6speed Vs. 5 speed vs auto

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Default Supra MKIV LSD 6speed Vs. 5 speed vs auto

Okay, so I know there are tons of threads talking about the auto MKIV diff swap, and I have this in my GS4.

What I would like to know is why the 6 speed TT (or 5speed JDM TT) supra diff doesn't fit the GS.

Is the manual supra subframe different? Is it the axles? Both?

Could one swap the entire subrame from a supra?
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Aside from being physically larger, I believe the diff flange is different, and also the number of bolts are different. Ours are 10 bolt and the TT 6 speed is a 12 bolt design. I don't know what it would take to retrofit a 6 speed differential though. I'm guessing it would involve a subframe swap. The TT axles are larger in diameter, but I also don't know if the spline count is different. Hopefully someone with more knowledge and experience will chime in.
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the supra auto lsd fits right in the lexus sc 300/400 setup
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Cool Auto Supra TT Diff Installed (LSD and 3.76 gears)
I installed a rear end (the entire pumpkin) from a 1997 automatic supra TT. The ONLY thing that needed to be swapped over from my stock sc300 pumpkin to the auto supra tt pumpkin was the yoke.

A 35mm deep socket is needed. It was a major PITA finding this, but a local Kragen had exactly what I needed. It only took a couple hours to swap the pumpkins. Very simple, straight forward, nothing too difficult. A friend helped me, cuz the rear diff is pretty damn heavy. It's definately easier with an extra pair of hands.

The car handles better, launches better, and overall feels a lot more solid. Oh, and it leave two nice 275mm wide rubber marks too if I feel like doing something crazy

Not only do I now have a torsen limited slip diff installed, I'm also using the 3.76 gears. I couldn't stand the 4.27 gear ratio that came with my automatic sc300 rear end. This will increase my top speed from about 160mph (old gears) to a hair over 180mph (new gears).. not that I'd ever be doing anything like that anyway

LSD and longer gears are nice- it'll be definately to my advantage with a 67mm turbo. I'll be in each gear longer, and even be in the powerband longer. It's actually noticeably faster at higher speeds now

To clear things up, the rear end from an auto TT supra IS a direct bolt on "upgrade/mod" for a sc300- as long as the yokes are swapped.


1997 Lexus SC300. 5 speed. T67 Turbo. 464 rwhp @ 20psi.
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