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1UZ Twin Turbo V160 6 spd is done!!!

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Old 06-20-10, 10:34 PM   #31
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you just need a adapter to the bellhousing. a lot of the SC400 guys are converting their 4spds to 5spd manual.
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Old 06-20-10, 11:01 PM   #32
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That's sick. In for video
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Old 06-21-10, 12:16 AM   #33
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****in awesome!
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Old 06-21-10, 12:50 AM   #34
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That thing must fly!!!!
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Old 06-21-10, 01:00 AM   #35
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dammm respect respect!! that one sick GS
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Old 06-21-10, 05:42 AM   #36
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Holy crap PIMP! You did a great job...congrats!
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Old 06-21-10, 07:04 AM   #37
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Thanks fellas, its been a long time coming to get this car where I wanted it. When the initial TT build was done, we used a TH400 tranny. That tranny was great if you were at the track primarily, but it sucked *** on the streets. I never had that "WOW" feeling with that tranny in the car. Dont get me wrong, it was fast as hell, just not fun to drive on the streets. The V160 solved all of that for damn sure.....this thing is exactly what I had in mind when I started down this path.

To answer some questions...

we used SC300 pedals, but the master cylinder didint fit with the ABS unit there, so the master cylinder is a smaller one out of I belive an older Honda or Acura.

Can you do the tranny set up on a stock 1UZ, yes. Here's a quick breakdown.
tranny used.......3k - 3300 range
pedals, etc........$300
clutch set up.....$2500
drive shaft........$500
labor......this could be all over the map depending on the shop. I would say a minimum of $2500 for labor.

It aint cheap for sure. You can go a less expensive route and get the supra 5 spd tanny, cant remember the model, R154 or something like that. With the power and torque that Im putting out, I opted for the much stronger V160. The last thing I wanted to do is have to worry about breaking tranny's.

I will say that the swap was pretty smooth. The tranny fit in the car near pefectly, and the adapter and clutch set up bolted right up. Hardest part was the pedals according to the shop that did it (Freed Engineering)

For anyone in the Mid Atlantic area that wants a swap done, go see FE (Freed Engineering) in Crofton MD. The dude that owns the shop (Ben) is the man! He does alot of swaps and knows what he's doing. He just did a manual conversion in another CL members SC before mine. Most importantly, he's fair with his pricing, and gets the work done in a timely fashion......something that alot of performance shops dont do!!

what am I going to use to fill the hole in with the shift boot, good question. We are going to try sheet metal coated black that will mold around the factory plastic panel, and attach the boot to that. Not sure what plan B will be if that doesnt look right, we will figure something out. I definitely wont settle for something that looks like ****!
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Old 06-21-10, 08:21 AM   #38
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time to battle Jeff Tsai!!!

props to a nicely built car!
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Old 06-21-10, 08:57 AM   #39
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Just plain sick!!!!
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Old 06-21-10, 07:32 PM   #40
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looks gorgeous! car is amazing. just enjoy the awesomeness of it all. Dont worry about the shifter hole until you find a nice way to cover it. Car has too much heart to worry about small things.
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Old 06-21-10, 08:01 PM   #41
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so i come back to the forums to this!!!

great job, Pimp. out-****in-standing!!!!
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Old 06-21-10, 10:38 PM   #42
tom steele
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nice job man i have got my dash out doing my pedals right now couldn't find any cheap so going to build my own for about 20 bucks in steel. also your right the five speed could go w-55,w-58 but those are weak then there is the r-154 which comes in the supra turbos those are better but hard to come by and about 1500-2000 so i decided on the t-56 trans six speed from cameros and gtos. about the same price as the r-154 but the sixth speed was hard to pass up with the higher gearing will help with for gas mileage. and the flywheel is another project i am designing one on solidworks right now for the gm 10.5 inch clutch. all the flywheels avaliable now are for toyota supra clutches not going to work on the t-56. ed from v-eight.com is supposed to send me his version of the t-56 adapter so i can test it for him.. i am glad to see you got this up and going. also the pedals look almost stock they did nice work. how much better is the manuel trans. this is all i have been dreaming about will it live up to my expectations?
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Old 06-22-10, 02:36 PM   #43
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tom, I can tell you that the manual swap is worth every penny in my mind!! Good luck with your swap, its always an adventure when your trying to do something new. Once done, it will live up to your expectations.
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Old 06-22-10, 04:03 PM   #44
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very nice..and congrats. If my trans ever fails on me this is my replacement.
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Old 06-22-10, 04:09 PM   #45
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too cool for me. great work!
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