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VSC and VSC Off Lights - Limp Mode

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Originally Posted by MikeTS View Post
So you are saying Lexus dealership is taking this "engine/vsc lights, limp mode issue" as a recall related to some manufacturer defects? That would be really awesome!!!

I also have issue on the left front wheel on my car. It seems like the metal bar that connects and holds the wheel is broken or something. It is making cranking noises when I am slowing down or accelerating my car. Especially when I am backing out from a parking spot with the wheels slightly turned.


thanks exactly when it happened, it was making that noise and after 3 days we pulled in to a gas station (THANK GOD - just got off highway) and when we put the gs300 in reverse the strut fully snapped and we had to replace until i founf the RECALL! figured why not, even tho i missed out, spread the love ya know... look it up.. depends on your year too... welcome
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Just wanted to let everybody know how I made out. Now I have a 99 LS 400 with 201K, not a GS, but I've been following this thread.

I have a P1126 for the Magnetic Clutch, never went into limp mode, never noticed any problems driving at all, just the check engine light.

Took it to Lexus and they said the whole throttle body assembly and the electronic clutch would need to be replaced, told me it would not be covered at first. I politely showed him the toyotaelsettlement.com site and explained why my car should be covered.

They did some research, called back again and tried to argue that it was only for cars up to 150K, but I pointed out the writing that said all cars would be eligible for 3 years from the settlement date, nomatter the mileage.

3rd call back, the service advisor let me know that they would take care of it all for me at no cost, it would take a little longer because of the paperwork they had to fill out (he said maybe 7-10 days), but to just hang tight in the loaner and they'll be in touch with me.

So all in all, I was just polite and persistent and ended up getting it taken care of like I thought it should be.
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Default Problem Solved

Originally Posted by GSproject8 View Post
So I got my reprogrammed ECU back today and re-installed it. Started the car and still have no throttle response. Nothing happens when the gas pedal is pressed. Add new ECU to the list of items below. Does anyone have and other thoughts? (Don't tell me to go to the dealer).

Here's what I've done so far:

1) Cleaned the Throttle Body
2) Changed the Plugs
3) Replaced MAF with new unit
4) Replaced APPS sensor with new unit
5) Replaced TPS sensor with new unit
6) Replaced Throttle control motor with new unit
7) Inspected the throttle linkage gears and plate for smooth operation
8) Had the ECU reprogrammed.

After doing all of this, it turns out that the TPS sensor was not adjusted correctly. I had marked the position of the previous one and installed the new one to the same mark, but the new one (different brand) was too far out of adjustment when installed in this location, causing the throttle circuit to work for a few seconds and then turn off. I manually adjusted it back to the other direction, disconnected and reconnected the battery, and the throttle now works fine. Just wanted to share, in case anyone else was having this mystery issue.
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Default how to adjust

how do you adjust the tps??? replaced the tps a year ago due to the car going into limp mode.. its fixed but i have a low idle problem.. it gets worse when i go into reverse and when A/C is on. Someone told me that my tps needed to be adjusted but i dont want to screw it up . who ever replies,, can you be detailed or put pics or something.. i have a few buddies who need this info also.. dont want to pay someone to adjust it if i can do this myself.. thanks.
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I don't even care I'm reviving this. Ive got the same issue. But no codes....and my traction lights intermittently come on and off. but its in full lip mode and i can't get it to work. guess i will be trying that electric motor first.
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Do you guys know if the 2jzge (22060-46010) and the Aristo 2jzgte vvti (22060-46020) "lever assy throttle" are interchangeable?

I have code P1121 (accelerator position sensor range/performance problem) and the usual limp mode.

Thats the sensor the throttle cable attaches to btw, and I cant source the aristo part no. in the states, only the 2jzge which you guys use priced at approx $300
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Originally Posted by MikeTS View Post
I am glad this could also help you out
So if I read that correctly all lexus models for any current owner, are covered for 3 years regardless?
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Anybody in southern california get this recall work done? I have a 2000 GS with 90,000 with this problem and would like to go to a dealer that know about the problem. I've called crenshaw and santa monica lexus and they act like they have know idea I was talking about thanks.
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Default Update on my loss of power issues:

For about three years, my 2001 GS 430 has been having intermittent loss of power, usually at slow speeds (but not always), like the gas pedal was dead for short periods of time, never any warning lights. I made a couple of posts above, thinking it was cheap gas causing the problem. It wasn't.

The problem returned... Recently, I noticed that it never did the behavior while operating under cruise control. I started thinking what would make the car not lose power when under cruise control. What system would not be in use, or might be ignored by the car, when the car was under cruise control? Here's what I came up with, like some others on this forum... accelerator pedal position sensor. I checked into it, and the best estimate I could get was to replace it for about $400. I did some research on that part and learned that it is potentiometer, a mechanical one. I remembered that years ago, I had an old Marantz receiver which had volume controlled by potentiometers that from time to time would start getting "dead spots". The cure was to manually rotate the **** multiple times, rather forcefully, to clean out whatever might be causing the dead spots. I usually worked! So, I climbed under the dash of the GS430 and forcefully banged on the accelerator pedal, about 100 times, thinking that it might make that potentiometer work correctly. Believe it or not, IT WORKED! No more intermittent loss of power. And it was FREE! Don't know if it would work in every case, but it worked for me. Good luck....

UPDATE: Going on a month with no more intermittent power loss. Yippie!

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Its not 100% guaranteed your problem is the same, however its a good chance.
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I think I have the same issue. But not quite sure. Two nights ago took the car out for a spin, stepped on the paddle and no response. Stepped on it again and started to accelerate. Last night same thing occurred. I got to my destination just fine. Then, when I left about 1.5 hours later, VSC, VSC off and Check engine lights all came on. Limped to the car shop and had them plugged in the computer. It showed errors with Transmission, ABS. Being that this is Taiwan and they use some fancy computer system I wasn't able to get the OBD-II codes. I will check again tonight for the OBD-II codes.

Another symptom that I hadn't really seen was the hard transmission shifts when parked. When I shifted from Park to drive, drive to reverse the tranny seems to shift hard. Anybody know if VSC and VSC off lights will come on with transmission related issues?

To check for continuity of the sensors, is there any links with diagrams of location and which pins to check?

I just ordered the lower ball joint and lower control arm no. 2 from the states to fix the clicking sounds... now this...

OEM Car Parts in Taiwan in general costs an arm and a leg, Lexus is a premium tax on top...

Not fun times at all.

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Hey guys i have the same problem, being in limp mode blah blah blah. tomorrow im gonna buy a new tb for 100 and hope it will fix my problem but i was wondering is this how the butterfly suppose to open when its full throttle? thats me holding the level assembly all the way open and its like 10% open at full throttle could it be the lever or try to replace the motor first?
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Originally Posted by GSFrmTheNW View Post
Hey guys i have the same problem, being in limp mode blah blah blah. tomorrow im gonna buy a new tb for 100 and hope it will fix my problem but i was wondering is this how the butterfly suppose to open when its full throttle? thats me holding the level assembly all the way open and its like 10% open at full throttle could it be the lever or try to replace the motor first?
Yeah, the throttle is electronically controlled by the motor on the opposite side. When in limp mode the cable will allow you to only open it that much to "limp" somewhere. I was get up to 40MPG and drove to a shop 4-5 miles away.

I replaced the TPS and was still throwing a code so I replaced this "LEVER ASSEMBLY, THROTTLE W/SENSOR" part. It was still throwing a code so I clear the code, unplugged all the sensors, plugged them back in and it fixed the problem. 3 weeks and 1000 miles so far, no problems.

The plug was brittle and crumbled to pieces, so now I need a new plug. Anybody have a lead on it?


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you guys know Lexus is replacing throttle body parts fro free. Do some searching on this thread and you will see the details.
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Red face Please help!!! :-(

Hi! Since this is my first post, I would like to start off by giving some background on m car. Its a 1999 GS300 and its a one owner car, we are the ones that have owed it, and has been very well taken care of and maintained. I have been able to rad post and threads from everyone else up to now and stay up on the maintenance...
Anyway, I was driving home today from taking my daughters home and when I came to a stop 2 minutes from home, the car started to idle rough and then the "engine light" came on as well as the "vsc" and "vsc off" lights.
I went to O'Reilly's Auto and had them run codes and the codes were
P1349 - Variable Valve Timing System Malfunction
C1223 - Anti-Lock Brake System Control System Malfunction
C0200 - Right Front Speed Sensor
C0256 - Anti-Lock Brake System Solenoid Circuit
There were couple others that I didn't get, I think one was old and was a dirty charcoal canister/purge valve that I replaced already...


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