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FIGS 07-21-14 10:45 AM

Complete Diff bushing kits now available. Multi-piece design for the SC
Hi guys, just posting up on our rear diff bushing solution which is 2 part.
The pinion mount has a 3-p design which has a large amount of stability at the collar with the 100 durometer insert and a small amount of give with the 90 duro upper cushion. Finally a 70 duro sqush collar applies final pressure on the complete stack and takes up the gap on the factory washer.

I did a quick tutorial on the pinion mount for our IS-F which uses the same style pinion mount.

here it what it looks like installed.

The rear diff mounts are face centered and we have an adapter kit to use with our center mount bushings that includes longer bolts and 6 stainless steel spacers. The combination of both mounts should net a very stable rear diff but still allows some shock absorption for hard shifts and initial power application.

I will add more pics of the rear install shortly. but it looks like this installed.

As with all of our bushings they are manufactured by SuperPro Australia for us and carry a lifetime warranty regardless of use.

hmhatch 07-21-14 02:50 PM

Do the rear mount bushings completely replace the original, or do the slip into the original rubber like an insert? Im referring to the rear cradle bushings in the subframe itself. Thanks.

FIGS 07-21-14 03:19 PM

both bushings are complete replacements for the factory bushings. No inserts. We do have an insert kit for the pinion mount.

KahnBB6 07-23-14 02:33 AM

Very interested in these. Addresses the rear subframe vertical mount as well? I assume that's what the purple set with the steel inserts represent.

FIGS 07-23-14 10:22 AM

These are just the diff, but covers all mounts. Here is the rear mounts installed.
For the subframe we have complete replacements for the SC in the rear and the vertical front mounts we have inserts.

emoFTW 07-24-14 10:14 AM

Wish you would've had these last year, I went solid mounts. Would've preferred these instead.

FIGS 08-08-14 11:18 PM

Hit a little snag with our crush tubes and the shoulder on the pinion bolt for the SC. The SC bolt has a shoulder that is 16.5mm, our tube is 16.25mm. So we are going to be including a new bolt from the later model vehicles will all future kits. Just a heads up.
Thanks for picking these up guys and bearing with us on the massive application.

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