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Luxor 03-23-14 03:33 PM

HOW TO: Replace center support bearing and remove driveshaft.
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I thought I'd share my experience replacing my center support bearing and hopefully this will serve as a general guide on what to expect when doing so. This is a condensed version so I may have missed a few steps, feel free to add any information I may have missed.

This was done on a 1998 SC300.

These four things will make this job easier:
1. A lift
2. A vice
3. An impact gun
4. A helper (for removing exhaust)

It is important to mark the driveshaft so everything is re-installed the same way it was removed. This will prevent the driveshaft from getting unbalanced.

Luxor 03-23-14 03:34 PM

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Reserved for more pics.

Luxor 03-23-14 03:35 PM

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Reserved for last pics.

Luxor 04-20-14 10:38 PM

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I had to take off the drive shaft again since new bearing was a defect. It made a whirring noise in 1st gear.

Good news is that I didn't have to take off my exhaust system to remove it. I found out that I was able to slip the drive shaft through the Y-pipe in the rear section of the exhaust. This might apply to your set up if you have a similar exhaust as mine.

KahnBB6 04-21-14 12:56 AM

Thank you very much for this! I recently picked up a new center support bearing for the future and I was going to look for an existing DIY. The pictures and detail help greatly!

Luxor 04-21-14 07:23 PM

:thumbup: Awesome, you're welcome, follow up with any tips or whatever you'd like to add. I heard some bearings have snap rings on them, but mine didn't.

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