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***NorCal Certified - Lexus Evolution II Sept 29, 2013***

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Arrow ***NorCal Certified - Lexus Evolution II Sept 29, 2013***

Evolution II Presented by Lexus of Sacramento is back to Sacramento on Sunday September 29, 2012

Registration closes at 11:59PM Friday 9/27/2013

Admission is free, but registration is REQUIRED for all Lexus owners to be part of this event. This event is for all Lexus models from stock to modified. Spaces are limited, and you must drive your Lexus to "Evolution II" to qualify for the giveaways, raffle tickets, and raffle items. Come join us for The BIGGEST LEXUS meet of the year in NorCal.
There will be food trunk(s)! Come out and enjoy a great day with good company, food, and cars.

Sunday, September 29, 2013
10am - 4pm

Lexus of Sacramento
2600 Fulton Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95821

Are you ready for the Norcal's Largest Lexus Event?
Register here: http://www.eventsbot.com/events/eb264740478
Open: Sunday, August 18, 2013
Closed: Friday, September 27, 2013 at 11:59PM

If you are NOT on the list, you will NOT be able to park in the event area.

*** Caravan threads will be up soon ***

SACRAMENTO: Roll in time: 9:00AM
FRESNO / STOCKTON: Roll in time: 9:15AM
SAN JOSE / SOUTHBAY: Roll in time: 9:45AM

Check-in will be based on a first come first serve basis due to limited parking. Please ensure you have gone through these steps below to better secure your parking spot, goodie bag and raffle tickets:
- Registered & on the confirmed list
- Registered to roll in with a caravan
- Must Come with a caravan or else you can't check in until 9:45AM NO EXCEPTION!!
Last year Evolution I

Evolution I thread:

Thanks to our Sponsors for the raffle items!

Audio Solutionz
Diamond Autobody
Imperial Works
Lighting Techniks
N1 Concepts
Pure Entertainment
Rocky Mountain WIndowtint
Wicked Entertainment
Vapor Parlor
Vossen Wheels

More to come...

Exhaust & Intake Demo
** There is a possibility that this demo wont happen since we dont have enough cars, send me a message by Sat and lets make it happen!**
We are looking for 10-12 cars for the demo
Please PM me the info below:
Year & Model:
Exhaust Brand:
Mid-Pipe: Yes/No? Brand?
Intake Brand:

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Register here: http://www.eventsbot.com/events/eb264740478

Registration closes at 11:59PM Friday 9/27/2013
Attendee Name: Club Lexus Username: Model:

1. Abutin, Gene RX7 RAGE IS-F
2. acaylar, melvin pinoy8317 2GS
3. Alaniz, Nathaniel Mr Jokster 2GS
4. Aung, Hein 23henry 2IS
5. Auyeung, Rodney specONE 1IS
6. Baglieri, Ernesto NORCAL2JZ SC
7. Baumback, Mario Snowpeas 2IS
8. Bedwal, Baljit Lexusgy 1IS
9. Bedwal, Gurjit gojeezy123 3GS
10. Bedwal, Harpreet Hapsta 2GS
11. Cantorna, Jason 3gsjaayyyy 3GS
13. Caro, Chelsea Purecaro 2IS
14. Castro, Gabriel Gabethou 1IS
15. Celsior, Aristo BlaZinG 2GS
16. Cha, Kevin 1of120 SC
17. Chan, D kickin8 2IS
18. Chandler, Ryon stieater 2GS
19. Chang, Jason JasonChang 2IS
20. Chang, Michael Mikeyy 3GS
21. Chanthavilaychit, Sonny Schant916 2GS
22. Chao, Sambo sam430 4GS
23. Chen, Harry Leowaxx 2IS
24. Chen, Tim TimChen 2IS
25. Chhay, Patrick PCISIN 2GS
26. Chiu, James kschiu SC
27. Choe, Frank uclajimmy 4GS
28. Cortez, Glen rmmgs4 2GS
29. Cortez, Maricar INDGOGRL 1IS
30. Curran, Brandon curran 1IS
31. Das, Raj GiantsFan 2IS
32. de Mesa, Patrick LSBanger43 LS
33. doan, chuong steezyC916 3GS
34. Elias, Mariano SFFD103 2IS
35. Escobedo, Erik MrFuel LS
36. fong, jimmy jwhun 2IS
37. Galang, Alexis FPSee 1IS
38. garcia, isaac Whtlines 2GS
39. Garcia, Rwne JPGS300 1GS
40. Gill, Noel nonstopz30 IS-F
41. H, Andrew PandaGS430 2GS
42. Hays, Tim FAT HEAD SC
43. headley, jaevonne jae300sc 1IS
44. Huynh, Nat Nat LS
45. Hwang, Boswell bweezy 1IS
46. isidro, jeff PUREgs 2GS
47. Isidro, Philip PUREADDICT 2GS
48. J, Louis quang 2IS
49. Jain, Kapil FastHybrid 4GS
50. Kim, Daryl AltezzaFTW 1IS
51. King, Ken Mrking3006 LS
52. Kkeopadubsy , Touby _Tsk_ 2GS
53. Klunpaitoon , Bryant Hyo 1IS
54. Kumar, Raju rajukumar 2IS
55. L, Terence Kumquatism 2IS
56. Lacanlale, Eric fobnation 1IS
57. Lau, Jason JIzzy415 1IS
58. Lau, Michael Mikiels400 LS
59. Leon, Fernando Nando559 2IS
60. Lew, Brandon Brandaid 2IS
61. Lexus, Joe LXurious LS
62. Li, Bosco ross3857 SC
63. Lo, Jeffrey dark9t316 3IS
64. Locs, Dell Dis350 2IS
65. Manacop, Poyet V8_Aristo 2GS
66. Marinko, Walt Duck05 SC
67. Mendoza, Joseph GSthe4th 4GS
68. Monasterio, Charls Vrtx1is 1IS
69. moua, chuyee mouais300 3IS
70. Muy, Michael Ushermuy 1IS
71. Newman, Jeremiah jd55newman 2GS
72. Ng, Albert isfngu IS-F
73. nguyen, cong lex2011250 2IS
74. Nguyen, Dune GS Trilogy 2GS
75. Nguyen, Dune GS Trilogy 3GS
76. NGUYEN, JOHN /209John\ LS
77. Nguyen, Jon MyIS350G 2IS
78. Nguyen, Lee John simple2 LS
79. Nguyen, Long Longrong 2IS
80. Nguyen, Tom BMERBOI 3GS
81. Nguyen, Tran yok3dIS 3IS
82. Ocampo, Chris Scalene 2IS
83. Ochoa, Edgar LexmexVIP 3GS
84. Pachman, Russell rpachman13 RX
85. Panlilio, Ryan MaxNine 1IS
87. Paulson, Jay FPILOT IS-F
88. Phetvilaysan, Tommy Toooms 2GS
89. Phromvongsa, Phanna Phanna916 2IS
90. Quines, John InitialJ 1IS
91. Rabinovich, Rachelle Rachelleee 2IS
92. Reed, Mikkel Tret SC
93. Rillera, Stephen BlackGS209 2GS
94. Rivas, Dillan Lexury530 LS
95. Rojas, Marco 91SCix SC
96. Rose, Justin 2jzrwd4me 1IS
97. Saetern, David xxdaweixx 2IS
98. Sagon, Chris 962jzsc415 SC
99. sakahara, aaron ? ??? LS
100. Sam, Alex Alexgs350 3GS
101. Santander, Joel yok3dIS 4GS
102. Spangler, Day day141 2IS
103. Spangler, Welchie welchie SC
104. Suzuki, Ayaka akayaaa 2IS
105. Tablan, Elvin lbintab LS
106. Taira, Rikiya seyelabrev ES
107. Tang, Timmy Doublade CT
108. Taylor, Nick nick916 1IS
109. Teng, Whye rookieIS 2IS
110. Thompson , Michael swtjlsy 3GS
111. Tran, David Duck9i6 LS
112. Tran, Huu HuM 2GS
113. Tran, Huu Simple2 2GS
114. Tran, Tony Ttran0623 3GS
115. Uchida, Bryan gemini1 2IS
116. Ursua , Donnie ISdonnie 1IS
117. v, lisa bossladyLS LS
118. v, pirooz cleanshots SC
119. Vang, Fong xrs_racer SC
120. vang, mang soarer13oy SC
121. viggers, james MrViggers 2GS
122. Vong , Quang Blinky916 2GS
123. vong, tai taigs400 2GS
124. Wagner, Kevin Kwag1is 1IS
125. Walraven, Harrison NorCalIS 2IS
126. ****, Jesse silver750 IS-F
127. Watson, David cubbie036 RX
128. white, NiciNics NiciNation 2IS
129. Wong, Paul shadowman 2IS
130. Xayyarath, Kevin sc916 SC
131. Xiong, Neng Beatup_Is 1IS
132. Yang, David 09starfire 2IS
133. Yang, Jason 2slixx 2IS
134. Yee, Will wyee99 2IS
135. Yu, Arthur RicePicker 2GS
List Updated 9/27/13 @ 8:47PM

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Awesome! Just registered!!! Put me in for Fresno/Stockton Caravan please.
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Been registered! Cant wait, gonna be another great event!
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I think I'm there Jon.
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I'm there I've been waiting for this....

Question about registration... each registration slot = 1 car , correct?

So if wifey is tagging with me, I only need 1 registration.
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I should be there Jon.
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@Paul, ya i think 1 registration is enough
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This is the largest Lexus Certified Event remaining for this Year.

After this one is over, there won't be another significant gathering such as this until NEXT YEAR !

October, November, December, January is OFF SEASON. There will still be a few gatherings here and there and perhaps one large meet in Oct, but if you really want to meet a lot of Bay Area and Central Valley members, then this is your best opportunity for easily the next 4 MONTHS ! !

Count me in . Of course !
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REGISTERED!!! HOPEFULLY I'll be able to make it out to this one this year!!
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Registered of course. See you all there!
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In for one ticket

I have been saving up my CL meet credits from wifey for this one. It's gonna be big!!!
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Originally Posted by shadowman View Post
I'm there I've been waiting for this....

Question about registration... each registration slot = 1 car , correct?

So if wifey is tagging with me, I only need 1 registration.
Yup, 1 registration = 1 car
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