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Lexus LX 570 and the driver seat

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Default Lexus LX 570 and the driver seat

Hello guys,

I am about to buy my first SUV, and it is a Lexus LX 570 2013 , after being used to saloons like Audi and BMW.

I have an old injury in my back
( back injury)

so my question is:
Is it true that The Lexus LX 570 or the seats ( driver seat )
are uncomfortable for the back?
and cause back pain?
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I have a 2009 LX 570, but I assume the driver's seat configuration is no different in the 2013 version. I do not experience any back pain from driving the vehicle. I have driven my LX on three long road trips within the past 6 months, and have put almost 7,000 miles on the car during that 6 month period. The one thing I would note is that the driver's seat lumbar support is not as pronounced as I would like. So if you're looking for a substantial lumbar support, especially for the lower back, then you might find the LX somewhat lacking. On my next long road trip, I will probably buy a portable lumbar support to add to the support.
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Any vehicle including the Audi and BMW can cause back pain from an injury. It would be impossible to predict if the 2013 LX would cause your particular injury to be irritated.

I have owned three model years of the LX570 and found the seats to be very comfortable and very adjustable. I have one memory setting for 90% of the around town driving and another setting for the long haul when doing a road trip.

I suggest you go to your dealer and sit in the drivers seat, but nothing will tell for sure until after the purchase and an extended stay in the cockpit of your own LX.
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It has a nice lumbar in the seat. I moved into it from my previous model Land Cruiser and it is a much nicer seat. How it works with your back, I can't say.
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Originally Posted by Rocky316 View Post
Hello guys,
.... after being used to saloons like Audi and BMW.

so my question is:
Is it true that The Lexus LX 570 or the seats ( driver seat )
are uncomfortable for the back?
A. the LX seats are not as adjustable as the German brands such as in a 5 series BMW or X5 or the Audi cars. The lumbar in particular in the German vehicles is vertically adjustable as well as the depth whereas the Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus LX 570 only have a depth adjustment for the lumbar. Surprisingly, neither have ANY lumbar adjustment for the passenger while the Germans models almost always have these extra adjustments for the passenger.

I have an Audi S4 Avant which has a far better seat than the Lexus and it was only a $57,000 car. My BMW E61 (2008 5 series wagon), has even better seats with side bolster adjustment, multi-directional lumbar, but also an articulated upper 1/2 of the backrest. This is the "20 way comfort seat" also found as an option in cars like the M5, M6, X5, etc. There is no excuse for Lexus to not have such features on a $90,000 vehicle. For example, my 2008 BMW wagon has it and that was designed 7 years ago. BMW briefly owned Land Rover so when they did, some nice features like a similar BMW seat ended up in the Range Rover such as the "lux" seat option in the 2003-2006 years.

The Lexus seat is "ok", barely, in my opinion. No headrest angle adjustment either though...

B. When you said "is it true?", this is written as if there is some consensus or study having been done suggesting such a finding. It's also a very personal opinion as to whether something is comfortable. What I stated above are factual differences from other seat designs. Some people will care, others wouldn't have known either way. I drive 30,000-40,000 miles some years so I pay attention to these things.

Good luck.
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Are there any "easy" options to upgrade the seats in the LX570? My wife loves the seats, but the lumbar support kills my lower back after 30 minutes of driving. This has really limited the use of the LX for me for the past few years and I want to have the option to drive the rig. My FZJ80 is great, but for towing I need to use of the LX.

I would love to install seats like those in my AMG E63. But I also be happy with the seats from a RR at this point.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I have a few possible solutions being disused on IH8MUD... Hope to find a way to keep my LX570

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