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Acura to Lexus converts?

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Old 10-15-14, 02:54 AM   #1
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Default Acura to Lexus converts?

I'm new to the forum (and Lexus vehicles) and I'm wondering how many former Acura owners have now converted to Lexus.

I'm coming from a TSX and now driving the LS430 ('04). These are two totally different types of cars and comfort levels. But, I sure am enjoying the LS on long drives vs the TSX.
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Not convert, but a dual driver. Had a '92 Teg GSR until 2011, but had a '99 RX and '04 LS at same time (still do), then got a '10 MDX because no "good" Lexus 7 - passenger option. So holding with 3 cars.
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I went from an Acura RL to a LS 430. However, I still have a Legend in the garage at this time.
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went from a 98 LS integra to a fully built DC5 and now a '04 LS430. The DC5 is collecting dust in the garage now.
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Not an LS430 owner, but I went from an Acura Legend to a GS400. The Lexus is better in every way (well, it's much newer), but I really miss the Acura. You can really tell Acura put a lot of effort into the 2nd generation Legend.
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My previous car was a 1994 Acura Legend. I would have stayed with Acura, but the RL was just not my kind of car.

I've had the LS now for 4 years. I am starting to think about how to replace it without spending $60,000 more.

LS = spoiled forever
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Old 10-16-14, 05:13 PM   #7
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Originally Posted by Lex223 View Post
I'm new to the forum (and Lexus vehicles) and I'm wondering how many former Acura owners have now converted to Lexus.

I'm coming from a TSX and now driving the LS430 ('04). These are two totally different types of cars and comfort levels. But, I sure am enjoying the LS on long drives vs the TSX.
I went from an 06 TL 6spd to an 04 LS430.

I don't miss the TL one bit.

It was, however, a very solid and nice car. I drove the snot out of it (it begged you to with the high revving, Vtec, combined with a typical heavenly Honda manual tranny) and it begged and begged for more.

Very quality-laden, nice interior, typical Acura traits. One of the best looking cars of the decade to boot.

However the LS, while a completely different car, is just a whole new level.

I knew I wanted one (04-06) for years prior, as I prefer luxury to sport. When I test drove it it was a BIG difference, the quietness, the shifting at 2k as opposed to 6k lol. It was a complete 360. But from the time I drove it off the lot until even today 2.5 years later I fall more and more in love with the car. It just does so many things perfectly, and it's so dead-reliable and such a solidly made car it's ridiculous.

I have dreams occasionally of rowing through gears manual again but just the sheer luxury and craftsmanship, smoothness, etc. of the LS are just unparalleled.

But it may all depend on your tastes. I prefer luxury. Torque to hp, wood vs carbon fiber trim, etc.
04 LS430 Mercury Metallic
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Old 10-16-14, 05:33 PM   #8
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Long time Honda owner. My last Honda product was my only Acura ever, a 2002 TL Type-S which had never ending rattles and an incurable vibration. I switched to Lexus 10 years ago and have not once looked back. In contrast to my Acura, my Hondas were excellent.

The experiences with Acura Service and with Corporate were night and day compared to my own experience with Lexus. I am on my fifth Lexus and have - at times - had some tough-to-solve problems. Unlike Acura, which went from "we can't figure out what's wrong" to "it must be normal - live with it", Lexus has come through for me every time.

It does seem that Acura has lost its way, at least that's how it feels whenever I look at their current models, like the RLX and TLX. I've also been reading about loose suspension bolts on either the RLX or MDX (can't remember). A 6-speed TL would surely have been a fun car (had Acura's attitude not pissed me off ).

There are, of course, excellent Acura dealers and crappy Lexus dealers, but in aggregate, I honestly believe the two brands play in different leagues. The Legend was quite the car, though...
2010 LX570 - Black Onyx/Cashmere (El Jefe)

2010 LS600hL - Starfire Pearl/Ivory-Black Two-Tone

Gone (but not forgotten) Lexi...
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I'm still on the fence about keeping this '04 LS430. The tranny seems a little jerky and the gas mpg might hurt me a bit (I drive about 60k mi per year). But, it's so much nicer to drive than my '12 TSX.

The last 2 Honda products that I owned were plagued with issues and squeaks/rattles.
The '10 Accord w/ V6 had the horrible VCM/oil burning issue. That left me limping home with an un-driveable car TWICE.

My '12 TSX had a failed power steering system (at 70k mi) that stranded me. Then, the entire tranny had to be replaced at 100k mi (after I asked the dealer to address the noise while still under warranty).

I still have the TSX. My son is driving it currently. It does well on gas mpg. It's just not a quiet as the Lexus.

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I went from Acura Integra GSR to Toyota Avalon to LS430. It's too bad that Acura does not make a comprable large sedan to the LS430. I keep looking at the Acura products and maybe in a few years when my boys are in college I wont need the size of the LS but for now I just can't see stuffing 3-4 people over 6 feet tall into anything other than a full size sedan. I have no need for a truck or SUV either. All the Acura cars seem to ride harsh or tight compared to the pillowy ride of the LS so I don't think it is fair to compare, now the Lexus GS or IS lines are more of a direct comparison to the Acura products in my mind.
2005 LS 430
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I had 1989 Acura Legend, a great car and my first real luxury car. It ran for 10 years with no issues until I sold it in 1999 with 140k miles. Purchased a 1999 Acura Rl, also a really nice car. The RL ran for 10 years with no issues (except real main seal leak repair $800 repair at 90k) until I sold it with 135k miles. In 2009, I purchased the 2006 LS430. I really loved the look and design of the LS430 and had wanted one since it came out in 2001, and I was turned off by the 2005-10 era Acura RL. So I purchased a 3 year old used CPO 2006 LS430 (13k miles) and never regretted my decision. The LS430 genuinely brings me joy every time I drive it. It is a truly remarkable car and now being 7-8 years old in 2014 it still runs and drives like it is brand new. Acura truly lost their way about 2005 and has never recovered. The Acuras were great cars but they aged (especially the interior materials) much faster than the LS430. Also the dealer experience for a customer between Acura and Lexus is significant, with Lexus dealer in general being vastly superior in quality, concern and customer service.
2006 LS 430 Black Cherry w/cashmere interior. Premium Package. Lexus OEM power-point storage kit to replace console ashtray, Rear Sports option sway bar, Soundgate TOYPD2 Ipod adapter.
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If I got a FWD car it would be AWD but not Acura. Hard to beat RWD IMO.
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I've owned a '08 RL and a '13 TL SW-AWD.

I agree with Jabberwock. Acura has lost its way, and I fear that the company's best days are in the past. I think the best car that Acura made was the 1st gen Acura Legend. I never bought one but bought its successor, the RL. Regrettably the stereo and seats were the two best things about the car. It spent a bit too much time in the shop, most notably for a $4K replacement of the carbon fiber propeller shaft. Thank God it was a CPO!

I found the Acura dealership experience to be blah -- just marginally better than a decent Honda dealership. To them, offering free wifi and sodas (and maybe a bag of chips) are considered "luxury."

I bought my '06 LS430 with 120K miles on the odo. It drives like its brand new. The exterior is impeccable. Valets will frequently "front line" the car at restaurants. The guys in the service lane at my local Lexis dealership always comment about it when I stop by for an oil change or car wash.
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I fell in love with the Legend (hence my op name) and had two of them. Purchased both used and ran them each for almost 100k miles before I sold them. They were great cars and excellent values. I noticed as they got older they tended to burn oil from leaking around the piston rings... but performed well for me and never had any major issues. When I finally bought my first Lexus... 93 LS 400 with about 90k on it from a grandmother who did not want to drive any more... it was a new found love. Have had numerous models since then, upgrading every time and now have my parents driving a 400 and a 430. I've made the switch, except for the name and find the Lexus reliability, drive, reputation and performance suit me very well.
1. 2004 Mercury Metallic LS 430 - 51K and counting...slowly
2. 2002 Millennium Silver LS 430 - 125K
3. 2004 Toyota Tundra...109K
4. 2001 Toyota 4Runner... the previous daily driver...
5. 2000 Mazda Miata 5 spd... the new daily driver.
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My wife is on her 2nd Acura (03 MDX and now 14 RDX). I'm on my 4th Lexus (92 ES300 / 94 LS400 / 05 LS430 / 08 LS460).

Both great manufacturers!
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Old 10-21-14, 10:51 AM

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