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MngreLMatt 05-30-14 11:42 AM

Hey everyone, 1999 LS 400

Here's the deal. My moonroof will open all the way without a problem, although it will not tilt up. When I go to close it it will close by itself for about an inch and then I can just hear the motor going "bwurrrrrrrrr". If I start to close it and then help it with my hand it will close all the way although it is not flush with the roof, the back of the moonroof sits about half an inch below the roof.

Previous owner said that this happened because he thinks someone tried to break into the car from the top. He had to park in some not as nice areas for the life of the car.

This is a long shot but any help would be awesome.

sha4000 05-30-14 11:59 AM

I hate to say it but your cables that slide on the motor might be binding. You can try spraying some silicone grease on the tracks to see if it will loosen it up some. If it grinds DON'T keep pressing the button, you can damage the gear in the motor.

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