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2010 LS460's in Dealership

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Originally Posted by exBMWowner View Post
I just noticed that AOL is showing dealer invoice prices for the 2010 LS models. This is the first I have seen on the internet of dealer invoice prices. Neither Edmunds nor KBB have them yet. Can anyone confirm if these figures are correct?

The website is autos.aol.com.
Nice find.

The MSRP prices including options match the lexus.com prices exactly. The invoice prices are about what you would expect so it looks very authentic. They also show the new colors.

I heard from a dealer that a typhoon delay is why the cars will be at the dealers later than the original end of October to early November timeframe.

By the way lexus.com has had the build your LS feature for about a week and the e-brochure for the last day or so.
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The AOL auto invoice price is inline. My dealer quoted me a 2010 LS460L 5K over invoice which is 74.5K and invoice is around 69.5K +/- $100. We just purchase 2010 RX450h from the same dealer at 2.5K over invoice. However, I was expecting to buy the 2010 LS460L for around 1K over invoice since Lexus cut prices on its 2010 460L model. Also, you can buy a 2009 460L for 2 to 3K below invoice now.

I ask my dealer why she is quoting me at such a high price (5K over invoice). Still waiting to hear back from her.
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I am also in the market for the 2010 LS. I am located in northern california and they don't have any long wheel based version. I was also told that they are selling them at MSRP, and acting like lexus is the only car maker selling luxury sedan.
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For those who are interested in this information. I just purchased a 2010 LS460L with the following option: The final price is 2.5K over invoice. MSRP is 77.645K, invoice is 69.518K, final sell price is 72.018K. This vehicle is schedule to arrive on Nov 21.

1. Air suspension w/ AVS and VGRS
2. Luxury Pkg
3. Mark Levinson Audio/DVD changer
4. Premium Floor Mats
5. Cargo Mat
6. Rear Bumper Applique
7. Trunk Mat

Not sure if this is the best price out there, but I have search all over the internet and this is the best price I can find. Initially I was hoping to purchase at invoice price, but lexus is not making that many long wheel base model. Anyone know if this is a good price?
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My dealer offered me a $2K discount on an $80K LWB LS460 today. To make matters worse, the 3 year residual on an LWB model is only 51%, which brought the monthly payment up to over $1,400. Ridiculous! I had a lower monthly payment three years ago on a higher sale price. They only had 2-3 of each model (SWB/LWB) and only a few more on order, and they made it clear they expected to sell it for close to MSRP. The monthly payment even reflected their "December Sales to Remember" discount financing...supposedly. Unless they become more motivated to sell these cars I'm going to have to seriously look at MBZ or BMW.
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Smile Its a plan!!! Low supply even higher demand!!!

Originally Posted by exBMWowner View Post
Has anyone seen the 2010 LS models arrive at the dealership? I called two dealerships that both claimed to have a 2010 SWB in stock, and both had just arrived in the past 48 hours. Both dealers also said it might be as much as another 30 days before they expect to see a LWB model.

Given that we are 60 days from the end of the year, it would seem that Lexus is running a bit late at getting these models into the showroom. I was hoping that they would have quite a few by now so that the gotta have it now buyers would have their chance to step up and pay full price in November, and give me a chance to negotiate a better deal in December, when Lexus typically has their promotions. Now I'm wondering how this late arrival might impact that.

If anyone has begun to negotiate pricing on one of these, could you share your experience. Are dealers trying to get close to full price, or is the bad economy motivating them to discount?
Car companies do this for the very reason you ask this question. They can keep the price up and the low amount available for sale allows them to do so. As for me, Im waiting for the HYPE to die down. I'll wait at least till spring before looking at the 2010(still may pass,dont care for exterior) because thats part of the game. Also, may even wait till next December so I can get an even better deal on the 2010's on the lot they need to get of before the 2011 come in.

I do this with most my purchases besides food. I can afford full price but, I find it amazing how items are worth $10,000 from the start and end up $8,000 a year later. Nothing holds its value these days(besides human LIFE,its priceless) so I just wait it out a bit. Yes, I have to wait a while for things that others have months before me. That said, I have no ego when it comes to being 1st. I dont want to win the battle, I want to win the WAR. I'd just wait it out when they have at least a good amount of stock just sitting on the lot and wait till the prices can be negotiated down a bit more. The economy is still a bit crazy so deals can get sweet in 2010(spring)! L.G.N.M

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I was at my dealer this past week and they have NO 09 stock left and barely any 2010 stock. As mentioned above the reason is typhoons on the pacific. They just cant get the cars over here for delivery. They have had a succession of bad weather in the area recently and apparently their sitting on the dock in Japan.
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