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Popping sound when put into reverse

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Default Popping sound when put into reverse

Hey guys,

My car has started to sporadically make this popping/clicking sound when the car is put into reverse, just after pressing the gas pedal to make the car move. It is coming from somewhere in the front of the vehicle. I called the dealer to document, but wont be able to get over there until next week. In the mean time, I'm looking at suggestions as to what are the common things that can make such noises when the car is put into reverse. Remember, it's not as soon as you throw it into reverse, the car needs to move after putting it into reverse. Thanks!
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Ive had something like that. Turned out that the the metal contact points of the brake components needed some grease
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Read this: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/susp...t-popping.html

Might be related. Good luck.
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Taken from Neo's link comes the following which may or may not be part of the fix:

"... I just came from my lexus dealer, took one of their diagnostic techs for a ride. He agreed that yep, they are clicking/clunking. I have also checked with another lexus dealer in a different town, same reaction. Its normal. But - they also both said the grease is just a sort of band-aid that does not last. The tech said that when its due for pad repalcement, if you want to eliminate or reduce the noise to be sure and install a Fit Kit. Part # 0494730120. Its for the front calipers, as they are whats shifting when changing directions and applying the brakes. Also, check the condition of the anti-squeel shimms as they may also need replacing. The Fit Kit consists of new X springs, clips etc. that hold the pad in the caliper assembly. I don't know if a Fit Kit will eliminate the clicking on old pads or not. But I know when I install the new pads, I will also install a Fit Kit and possibly a Shimm kit. The Fit Kit costs about $45.00 and should be a set for the front calipers. I guess it also depends on if you do alot of in town driving or freeway driving. I assume the in town is worse, because of the added stop and go as well as backing up and going forward associated with parking lots etc. Any way, thats what the tech told me, he seemed to be very up on the situation. Hope this helps....."

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Thanks guys! I actually found that that thread while waiting for your responses!
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I've noticed a similar clinking noise, but mine is when driving and tapping the accelerator. It I lightly press the gas pedal, I hear a faint clinking noise and if I let off, most of the time there is another clinking noise. This only happens when I am driving/coasting, but I have also noticed this sound when I am hitting unlevel ground like driving up a driveway. It sounds like it is coming from under the footwell or behind the radio/dash area.

Did you ever figure out the problem?
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