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LS430 bought in April---rear ended in July

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Default LS430 bought in April---rear ended in July

Wife bought her 2005 LS430ML in April----yesterday, on her way home from work, she was rear ended by some idiot in an SUV at a stop sign. It appears the damage is confined to the rear bumper. The woman that hit her was probably on her cellphone.
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What a shame -

Doubt if there's a single member in here who didn't cringe when reading your post. As they say, s "@t happens and I'm sure you're thinking why couldn't it a been the ol' beater sitting down the street that was hit?

Of course, the most positive thing about it is (hopefully) she didn't get hurt. Your car can always be fixed ...

Will and the Fur Crew
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Glad she is not hurt. Agree its a cell phone world. Its why I won't ride a motorcycle anymore.

Be sure to sue the idiot that rear-ended her for diminished value - meaning even after its repaired your LS will be permanently worth less money (apprx $1000-1500) just because its had body and paint work from an accident. You are entitled to be reimbursed for that loss - but you have to typically sue or threaten to sue to get it. You may not get a dime but it doesn't hurt to ask for it.

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Originally Posted by Jabberwock View Post
Interesting article and certainly worth the effort to persue additional reimbursement. Had not been aware of the 'diminished value' aspect of insurance recovery even if it looks like your chances are dependant upon your state of residence:

"Courts in states including Texas, Maine, South Carolina and Delaware agree with State Farm [no diminished value]. In past cases, they've ruled against the idea of diminished value. However, judges in several states, including Georgia and Kansas, have ruled insurers must compensate policyholders for any real loss of value from an accident.

Still others say it depends on who is at fault for the accident. In Louisiana, if you are at fault, the courts almost universally have said that diminished value does not come into play, says Don Beery, of Eustis Insurance and Benefits in New Orleans. "Third-party claims, on the other hand, depending on your company and your state, can be interpreted differently." "
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My girlfriend ended up getting an additional $8,000 (diminished value) on top of the $11,000 damage repair when her G35 sedan got rear ended by an 84 year old lady. We were told it was a slam dump for the diminished value as she was standing still at a stop sign when the old lady plowed into her rear. If my girlfriend was at fault there would be no diminished value.
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Geez, what's going on here? It's like every week some mouthbreather nails, bangs into, drills, hobbles, or otherwise screws up one of our beloved 430s.

I agree wholeheartedly with what Jab said about diminished value. Further, I can attest to what riding a bike is like nowadays. I fear I'm not long for this world on any of my two-wheelers.

And Boca, remind me not to be around when you take one of those slam dumps of yours. There wouldn't be a soul left on the hardwood. Or for a quarter mile around.

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I got about $3500 in diminished value when my 07 Toyota RAV4 was rear ended w/ $12k in damaged.
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