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Stability in Crosswinds

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The aerodynamic force on an object is a function of the frontal area and the drag coefficient (Cd). Lexus proudly announced that the drag of the 04 LS430 was much lower than previous models and other vehicles. But, be aware that one of the design techniques used to reduce the forward drag was careful attention to the drag caused by the underbelly of the car. The structure was redisigned to allow the airflow to "slip" beneath the car instead of being disrupted by varying blunt edges, etc. Also, the UL actually reduces the highth of the vehicle by an inch at highway speed, further reducing the drag.

Now, when you think of crosswind forces you must consider the frontal (side) area and the Cd of the airflow. I would suspect that the forces due to a crosswind on an 04-06 UL as compared to 01-13 models might very well be noticable.

I certainly have never noticed any appreciable cross wind effect on my 04 UL.

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I put mine in sport mode every time i get on the highway. I noticed the difference last summer driving to pittsburg. Putting it in sport mode firms the ride just enough to keep it from swaying all over the road, besides that the air ride has a floating feel as it is. Sport mode and 10 & 2.
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Originally Posted by Slvr surfr View Post
I wouldn't think so because the wind would still hit the large sides. Lowering would just allow most of the air to go over the top than under.
Exactly. Air going over the top is what you want, in which case will reduce the wobbly feeling. The lower center of gravity (by lowering your car slightly), the higher the grip. Hence why the LS lowers itself automatically at highway speeds (air suspension models).
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Originally Posted by LS430inDE. View Post
With all these crosswinds conversations, are we talking about the Lexus LS or THIS LS...

My belief on these "crosswinds" sensations/phenomonons are similar to the surfr's thoughts-----> because of the side profile of the car. I also believe how "aerodynamic" the car is and the car's low drag coefficient pertain and relate strictly when the vehicle is driving forward, and are completely irrelevant in this conversation.

Ask a truck driver what he'd fear more.....driving his tractor trailer (rig only) on a windy bridge, or his tractor trailer with a traditional box-type trailer on a windy bridge? (in both scenarios, the vehicle's drag coefficient is HORRIBLE...but it's the huge side profile that makes the vehicle unstable w/crosswinds.)
After using my Sierra 1500 to tow a a 22ft. boat for two summers I realized (on a lesser scale) what the tractor trailer driver's must experience. Since there are only those rear wheels on a trailer and the hitch is a pivot point, things can actually feel scary sometimes in heavy crosswinds. Not to mention when there is even the slightest bump. Thankfully I didn't ever find a bump when wind was an issue. That weird anxiety feeling comes back everytime I see tractor trailer skid marks on the highway. I can live with the LS LOL.
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I was experiencing problems with crosswinds, once I added a bigger rear sway the problem is gone.
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Having has the standard 04 LS and the sport LS the effects by gusts are less on the Euro Sport, is it less in sport mode on the UL?
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When there are strong crosswinds I drive in sport mode and it helps a lot. Also, replacing the rear sway bar with the sports version helps as well.
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The winds here are pretty strong and my LS still feels pretty solid. I do have an UL and it is lowered a little so I guess that helps.

Our winds can get up to 70 MPH sometimes. My little Saturn always felt like it was going to fly off the highway. My GX470 felt like it might flip over.
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I remembered this advert from Porsche when I was younger and into all things Porsche...Hope the link will work and you can read about aerodynamic pressure and center of gravity according to marketing interpretation of engineering and design.
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For those with the standard suspension or UL models, may I add that replacing the rear sway bar with the sports version including the sport bushing does help and should have been standard in my opinion. No ride quality changes and swaying motions are greatly reduced under strong crosswinds.
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