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Best Time & Place to Buy?

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Default Best Time & Place to Buy?

I drive about 25-27K miles per year and I'm looking to replace two lease cars (SRX lease ends in August and MKZ lease ends in May) with a single CPO car, possibly an 06 LS430. I should have enough miles left on the MKZ lease to make it until May, so I can buy the replacement car whenever the right car at the right price presents itself. I was planning to start looking early next spring, maybe buying in late December or early January would be a better idea. The Cadillac salesman (another possible car is an 07 DTS Performance) said used car prices start rising in late January and continue rising through the spring. The Lexus salesman said that RWD prices are pushed down during the winter. What think you? Buy a car for Christmas or New Years?

As for a place to buy, is there a "Go to" dealer in the Lexus community for great deals, especially CPO? I don't have a problem flying somewhere to drive a car home. This might be advantageous in order to get a car that hasn't seen northern winters and salt. While I generally only keep cars 2-3 years, I don't think planning to keep a LS beyond a CPO warranty is necessarily financial Russian roulette.
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Default partner let me upgrade you...

Go for the LEX....
i think now is good as time as any to buy used car.. no one can predict the future... keep your eyes open and wait for the right opportunity and the right car, since you're in no rush. that's my advice...
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i searched for a ul flint mica on ecru 04-06 for about 6 months before finally finding the right one at the right price. i just kept searching autotrader a couple times a week and had all the dealerships in my area (which was like 6) all on the lookout and they would email me when stuff came in that matched the description. just keep an eye out and see what looks and feels right, also test driving a few wouldnt be a bad either to get a feel for what package ls430 ur more interested in. btw i finally purchased mines in mines in mid december (got a pretty good deal then).
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Smile Pick a model year and colors first

I purchased both of my Lexus cars in the last year or so. First time I ever owned a Japanese car; and absolutely no problems with either car.

By the way, I used to drive Caddys. I had a 1989 Allante which I put 80K miles on and a Catera which gave me a lot of problems. Bought a 1977 Seville new and drove it for 10 years and replaced the transmission four times. I am done with Caddys and by the way, I am done with Fiats and Jaguars too.

Colors are very important to me but I don't know about you. For both of my Lexus cars, I first determined what model year and colors and maximum mileage I would want and the price I would be willing to pay. That really limited my search although like you, I was willing to travel anywhere in the U.S. to buy a car.

I found the LS430 on the internet from a local used car dealer and had to pay his asking price. I bought the SC430 on Ebay by making an offer to an internet wholesaler back in PA. (I live in CA) I could not find anyone in Southern California selling a Blue SC430 with Saddle interior. Also, I only found one other green LS430 here and it was about $15K more than my maximum price and was a 2005 model. (That would have been great car)

Auto trader is interesting reading, but I never found anything to consider there. provided a good look at what dealers were selling. (I think the Recycler is tied with them). Lots of reasonable deals in Texas and Florida. Ebay can get you excited, I lost many auctions. Craig's list never had anything of interest and I tried various cities. If colors and price are not important, the Lexus dealer network online, will list the entire U.S. dealer inventory. But prices are high, mostly full retail. I never found any cars on the network in my color choices.

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Old thread but best time to by is end of the day end of the month....
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Default Under warranty?

Originally Posted by rcpeters View Post
By the way, I used to drive Caddys. I had a 1989 Allante which I put 80K miles on and a Catera which gave me a lot of problems. Bought a 1977 Seville new and drove it for 10 years and replaced the transmission four times. I am done with Caddys and by the way, I am done with Fiats and Jaguars too.
Okay... '77 was a long time ago and Caddy has come a long way since the '80's and '90's. Also, I hope the four transmissions were under warranty, because why would you change a transmission four time? I would have junked it after two.

Do they still import Fiats to the states? Jaguar... yeah, they're stink Junkuars...
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