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Check VSC VSC off

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Old 04-24-11, 12:41 PM   #61
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Sorry Guys, I failed to read the whole forum and found the information what I am looking for.
I just bought used 02 LS430 with Ultra options, I think I made a mistake when I did the following (yesterday):
1. Power wash (on high pressure) the engine (there is some sand in the engine area and try to wash it out). I realized now how stupid I was and not thinking that this could also impact some sensors.
2. Also fill up with 92 octane gas and add a bottle of chevron fuel injector cleaner.
3. open the plastic cover at the bottom engine to see the oil filter location, I want to change oil in about 1000 miles or so. When I tried to put the cover back with the engine is running, I decided to jack the driver side and tilting the car to give more room to screw back the plastic cover.

This what happened to the car:
1. The check engine light on
2. VSC off light on
3. Exclamation red light triangle on
4. This morning drive the car with all the lights on about 20 minutes destination car ran smooth with exception these warning lights on.
5. 3 hours later drive back and after 15 minutes drive noticed the idle a little rough (I thought the car would quit on me).
6. stopped at lunch for 1 hour and drive back the car runs OK on the way home.

I will try the following:

1. Jump TS and CG as posted in this forum
2. The rest I need you guys input, Please help...thank you so much.
3. could fuel injector cleaner causing engine running not smoothly

- result: follow instruction per these forums, Jumper TS and CG, VSC and ABS Blinking, wait for 30 seconds or more, VSC and ABS off, check engine light still on, few seconds later the VSC is back on. Tried the second time and did the same thing.
- took to someone who has scanner, told him exactly what happened, he reset the engine light, automatically the VSC also off. Start the car, the VSC on again, turn off engine wait a few seconds, turn the key on on position for few seconds, the computer indicating checking the system. then VSC light is off.
- Drove home the VSC is still off.
- Monday drove it out, the VSC light came back on again, this time I re do the jump cable again and it's work, including the cruise and radar. Thank you
- Let see I will drive again tonight and hopefully the VSC light stay off, will see.

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wonder if this would work for a GS430, 2nd Gen?
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Old 08-09-11, 06:52 PM   #63
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when I tried this on my 2004 LS430, the only light that blinked was the AFS Off light. It did blink rapidly. The VSC light never blinked. Any thoughts? I tried it several times.
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did you ever figure this out? I also get the AFS Off flashing.
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Old 10-24-11, 01:20 PM   #65
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Originally Posted by FYOUNES View Post
here is the correct Ts and CG
I have a 2003 LS430. The VSC off due after fixed the leaking in exhaust y-pipe. Follow the instruction by FYOUNES, the ABS flashed but not the VSC. Waited for 30 second then turned the key to off. However, it did get rid of the VSC light.
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Old 10-19-12, 12:34 PM   #66
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Default C1210 Trouble Code

had the timing belt and water pump changed on my 2002 RX 300, 78000 miles. Now getting CEL and VSC light. Pulled code C1210 which has to do with learning zero point yaw sensor calibration.

Will this jumpering fix work in this instance? Are the pin locations the same as for the LS430?
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Old 11-03-12, 01:50 AM   #67
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HI folks, I've been lurking on these forums for a couple weeks now, and this is my first post.

I've come across some really informative posts on the forum thus far, and thanks to all who have contributed -- especially from a DIY perspective.

On my end, I've recently purchased a 2005 LS430 -- ML edition I believe. The CEL & VSC OFF lights are on, along with the red triangle indicator. Car runs perfectly smooth with no issues, but those lights are really getting on my case.

I had tried jumping pins five and five as indicated by the diagram(s) on a previous post here, and when I turn the ignition to the "on" position the ABS light flashes only and even after leaving it flashing for almost 2 minutes I do not get any other notification beyond this indicating TEST VSC, or anything else.

I've also tried jumping pins three and five, and on this run, the AFS OFF light starts blinking rapidly and no other changes occur notification-wise.

Has anyone had success resetting the VSC on a 2005 LS430?
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Old 11-16-12, 06:55 PM   #68
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Originally Posted by FYOUNES View Post
here is the correct Ts and CG
Thanks! This worked like a charm on an 01. Had to be on a level surface and let the VSC test cycle for 1 minute just to be sure.
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Old 11-17-12, 08:27 AM   #69
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the VSC Light goes retarded when connecting some OBD Scanners, you have to be aware of this when connecting a scanner for fault codes on the LS.
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Old 11-17-12, 10:16 AM   #70
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masterff is absolutely right. Most cheap scanners will short out some wires in DLC3 socket, causing zero-point reset condition.
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Old 11-28-12, 12:31 PM   #71
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It just so happen that my CEL,VSC,TRAC off lights came on yesterday on my 05 with 126k on the clock. Yeah i panicked a lil but came to the ol' trusty CL forums to investigate. Got everything from 02 sensors to VVTI valves to yaw sensors. Finally i came across the info regarding the gas cap. So before i went to bed last night i gave the cap an extra click or two without starting the car. Came to work this morning but the lights were still there. Went to start the car for a lunch break a few hour later, the lights were gone! I guess the gas cap do really throw codes but why in the world would it make the VSC and Trac llights trip? Should just be a check engine light. I will be keeping a close eye on this situation.
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Old 01-18-13, 09:05 PM   #72
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I just registered and logged in to say THANK YOU! Thank goodness for the internet and for guys like FYOUNES, Teamplayer, and Pilotsmith. In the old days, a guy like me would have had to waste a bunch of time and money all at the mercy of my mechanic.

For future reference:

I have a 2001 LS 430.

Check engine light came on a couple days ago.

Guy at Jiffy Lube ran a diagnostic to check the codes. He reset the computer to check if the error message would re appear.

Check engine light went off, but the Check VSC light and the red triangle light came on.

I jumped the pins according to Pilotsmith's diagram, using a paperclip.

ABS light flashed rather than the Check VSC.

Restarted the engine and everything is okiedokie.
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Old 02-04-13, 12:31 PM   #73
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I know this is an old thread but had to thank PilotSmith for sharing this fix. The jumper method for pins TS and CG worked beautifully. I have an 01.
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Old 02-08-13, 04:13 AM   #74
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Thanks to all of you, just did it after a shop plugged their scanner in which triggered the VSC problem. All is well on my 2002 LS430. I love this car. Has around 160K on it, just had to have the thermostat replaced. That's the only problem that I have had, where I didn't want to fix it. It's just been the usual maintenance items, like oil, brakes, tires.
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I have a 05 and from what i've read, the jumper thingy dont work on it. Nevertheless, my lights have been intermittent the last week. It seems to me that tightening on the fgas cap works for some odd reason as stated and havent been back on for a about 2 whole days now. Maybe time for a new gas cap.
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