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Bad O2 sensor

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Default Bad O2 sensor

I have a bad 02 sensor. How much does it cost for the part without maintenance for my 1995 Ls 400? Howe much would the part with maintenance cost me ?

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I do not believe their is a "fix" for an O2 sensor. You just replace them when they fail.
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without labor, less than 200$, with labor, over 200$.
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First of all - the upstream sensors are the ones to stress about, they are CRITICAL to how the car runs! - the downstream (expensive) O2 sensors are strictly there for emissions monitoring, to let you know how the cats are doing their job!

So if you have required emissions testing in your area, (or are just concerned about the environment) then the downstream sensors are important, if not, then they are just an annoying Check Engine Light

By knowing the original Lexus OEM manufacturer (NipponDenso) and the correct part number, I was able to purchase BOTH of my upstream O2 sensors for about $50 each at amazon, which was less that 1/3 of what the dealer wants for the EXACT SAME PART!

The installation of O2 sensors is a fairly easy repair - harder than changing an air filter, but much easier than, say, a timing belt - so you can DIY and save even more!

PS - your ECM trouble code that is indicating a bad O2 sensor is capable of being decoded and will let you know if the fault code refers to an upstream or downstream sensor!

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