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Showing Codes 13, 14, 24, and 71. I need help

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Default Showing Codes 13, 14, 24, and 71. I need help

Showing Codes 13, 14, 24, and 71. I need help. I drove all morning fine then i come home from work and park the car. couple hours later i go to start my car and it cranks and turns over a few times then dies. Anyone know what might be the problem. I looked up all the codes but i'm not familiar with the car seeing as i just bought it 5 days ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Code 13 is RPM Signal
Code 14 is Ignition Signal
Code 24 Is Intake Air Temperature Sensor
Code 71 Is EGR Gas Temperature Signal.
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sounds like something electrical....or you bought one HELL of a lemon

more likely the former.
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Damn, 5 days and it dies already? Hope you got 1 hell of a deal on that car. What did you pay, and how many miles? Looks like you got some diagnosing to do. You say "it cranks and turns over a few times then dies" Does it run at all, if so how good, or bad? Or does it sound like it wants to start but doesn't? Your timing could be off. Check your timing marks. Did the engine light ever come on before this? Some codes might have been stored, I don't think these would have popped up all at once.

13) RPM signal (no. 2) This could be crankshaft or camshaft sensors, short in circuit, ECM.
14) Ignition Signal Circuit. Could be No. 1 igniter, short in circuit, ECM. Also check No. 1 coil. (drivers side. These are known to go bad.)
24) Intake Air Temp. Circuit. This is located inside the AFM. (Air Flow Meter) If it's bad the AFM needs to be changed.
71) EGR System Malfunction. Open or short in step motor or gas temp sensor circuits, ECM. I'm not experienced with the EGR system so I can't give you any ideas on that, besides clean it.
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