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94 LS 400 Major Power Steering Problem - Not in P/S Bible Thread :-(

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Question 94 LS 400 Major Power Steering Problem - Not in P/S Bible Thread :-(

1994 LS 400 338K miles - Just had to replace a bad P/S pump & shop could not get the ACV valve, so they blocked it and the 2 hoses off. Drove it back from Chicago (1000 miles) & PS worked great. Two weeks later, steering all of a sudden got extremely stiff & turning corners it almost pulled the wheel out of my hands every 1/4 of a turn (pulling in the direction of the turn). Took it to the Toyota shop that put in a reman rack & pinion 2 yrs ago and they thought it was a bad rack & pinion...replaced the reman R/P for only labor costs of $350.

When I picked it up it still felt like there was no power steering and they said they thought it was the PPS ECU so I replaced w/guaranteed used ECU from Ebay. Did not change a thing, so I replaced the PPS ECU with my original that I pulled out. Stopped by a Lexus dealer yesterday and the Tech said the major steering problem was probably due to the lack of the ACV on the pump (said it affects all kinds of electronics computers that are steering related. So I bought the valve and will be putting it in.

But major problem has occured since yesterday. Went to drive it and steering took both hands to turn several corners. When I got back I noticed the steering wheel was now upside down while I was driving straight ahead. Parked and turned the car off and then when I turned it back on, the steering wheel just free-wheeled all the way 360 degrees a couple of times and scared the hell out of me. Turned it off and back on again and the steering
wheel went back to feeling tough and this time it did turn the wheels, but like there was no P/S and then I got a rubbing noise from the steering column. Then as I drove it, when I got above 30miles p/h, front end started to shiver and shake like it was way out of alignment??? Can drive it slower with no noticeable shaking but really worried that steering wheel may just lose all pressure and freewheel with complete loss of steering. Waiting at a shop right this moment for them to install the ACV in pump.....but still worried about steering wheel problem???

Any ideas of what is wrong or how to fix the problem at all would be greated apprecited
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check the rack mounts, universal joint in the column, the rack itself, and to make sure that the tie-rods haven't come loose.
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Thanks PD,

I'll take a look while they have it on the lift and then take it back to the shop that installed the rack & pinion last week and have them check all of the points you recommended.

Do you think the U joint in the column could have or could be the main reason for it still steering so hard like it has no P/S after I've already put new P/S pump, resevoir and Rack & Pinion in and it still drives tough as nails and kind of jerks or pull in the direction that I am turning in???

Thanks for the advice and suggestions
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looks like the shop didn't tighten down the threaded input shaft on the power steering rack. This would cause the steering column's lower end to skip a few teeth during turns.
Take it back to the shop and beat the mechanic with a torque wrench.
and kick him in the junk
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