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90K mile service

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Default 90K mile service

Hi all:

My 1999 LS400 now has about 85K miles, and I am seriously considering the 90K mile service. What are people paying for this service ? Here is what I found talking to 3 dealerships:

Lexus of Carlsbad = $1875 + $1500 (incl changing water pump and timing belt)
Longo Lexus = $946 + tax (incl changing timing belt, but no change to water pump)
Lexus of Kearny Mesa = $2700 (incl changing water pump and timing belt)

So what else do these service include ? According to the dealers, here is a list:

- changing all spark plugs
- flushing/changing of all fluids
- changing out all filters - air/PVC/etc...
- checking all belts, hoses, CV joints, boots, bolts, etc...
- rotate all tires
- oil change
- check out other stuff like tires, brakes, wipers, etc....
- timing belt change
- replace water pump

Carlsbad Lexus estimated 11h of labor, and claim it is a major service hence the $3300+ charge. Longo is real nice, and have the cheapest cost and does not recommend changing the water pump, so I am leaning towards going with Longo for this service. BUT, if anyone has ideas of cost and or whether I need timing belt or water pump (or BOTH) changed after 90K miles, I'd like to hear about it.


ps: My car has never missed any scheduled maintainance, but I am leery of paying for work I may not need.
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Wow, 11 hours. That's insane. Can anyone with a service manual confirm that (w/possible break down of evach service)? I would like to know as well.

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Since the car is no longer under a manufactures warranty I wouldn't have it done at a Lexus dealership unless your willing to spend that kind of money. Try to find a independent mechanic that knows Toyota or in general Japanese cars.

Longo is pretty much in the ball park in terms of $ but you should change your Water Pump in addition to
New timing Belt.
Idle pullie replacement.
Timing belt tensioner replacement.
New cam and crank seals.
New upper & lower radiator hoses with new clamps. (if needed)
Thermostat w/ new gasket (only if your changing your hoses)
New anitfreeze as you stated.
New serpentine belt (if needed)

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Yes, its not a major job for somebody who knows what they are doing, I watched my bro whos a certfied tech and never worked on a lex do it with no manual or help. If you have a local guy who you trust you can save a big chuck of change. Dealer techs beg for timing belt jobs. My bro says it takes a couple of hours and they get to bill like 8 or 9.
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Default Thanks

To everyone who responded. You have given me a few things to ponder on. Since I have never used an outside shop for any service (even oil change is done by Lexus dealership), I won't know who to go to. I live in San Diego and will appreciate anyone within SD, OC or LA counties who may know of a good, reputable shop that handles Lexus cars/trucks that they can recommend. It will be interesting to find what quote I get from an independent shop compared to Longo or any others.
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Hey Bluestar, I live in the Irvine area and just recently had my 90K mile service done on my 95 LS at an independent shop here in Costa Mesa. The quote I had gotten at the dealership in Tustin was around $3,000, but I was able to get the work done at Harbor Auto Service Center, Inc. for $1,100. I had spark plugs, wires, rotors, distributor caps, timing belt, serpintine belt, PVC and oil replaced...and a few other minor things. The shop uses all OEM parts and the owner, John Pavone, is a real nice and helpful guy. The shops number is 949-574-1858, and if you have any more info. just PM me.
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