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Default Windshield Replacing

When I picked up my new 2004 LS430 last weekend, I returned an hour later and showed them a 2 inch scratch on the inside of the windshield. It's very minor. Looks like a white cat hair and isn't easy to find if you don't know where to look. It is however right in the driver's line of sight.

The dealer will replace the glass. I told him I was concerned that replacing the windshield might have a negative impact on it's integrity, finish or quietness. He was quick to agree.

Do you think he just didn't want to do it, or do you think there is some truth to it?
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I picked up my '04 LS430 about two weeks ago. The second or third day I had it I noticed a small winshield crack growing down from just above the driver's head and heading for the lower center of the windshield. I called my dealer to report it and he said that, although rare, the problem was not unheard of. When I called them, the crack was about 8 inches long. It is now about 18 inches long. I feel I have no choice but to replace the windshield. I am just waiting for my dealer to schedule me in.

Really too bad. I hate to lose the car for a day or two. I really love driving it.
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Default OOO

That's a lot worse then for me. Mine is just scratch, not a crack. Cracks grow and require replacement. Let me know if the dealer was able to do a good job for you.
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windshield glass is very soft. many people with the right products can buff out nost scratches. look them up in the yellow pages. Im sure your dealer would be glad to foot the bill. good luck. carpe diem.
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In the UK provided the scratch/crack is limited to the size of a 5 pence piece, and is not in drivers line of sight, then they can usually repair the crack and is perfectly safe.

I did that on my 92, and the repair lasted 4 years.

Avoid windscreen replacement, if you can. Disturbing the original factory seal WILL change the noise you hear when driving, even with the best fitters.

My crack eventually went across the whole screen, and the windscreen was replaced with a Lexus windscreen. No cracks, but the wind noise is very apparent where there wasn't any before, particulary at higher speeds. Am trying to move/play around with the seal myself to reduce the noise...but it's a real hassle.

Hope this helps.

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In northern Canada, because of the pea gravel used on snowy and icy roads (sand would just blow away!) most insurance companies limit owner's to 2 or 3 windshields PER YEAR. That means many shops are very good at replacing them, and it is impossible to tell if the windshield is not original.
It is entirely possible to have the part replaced perfectly. The factory did it in seconds on the assembly line, and good shops can do it just as well in a couple of hours. You can stipulate a factory part too.
I have had two windshields replaced in the last few years, and both cars looked like factory jobs afterwards.
Cars get fixed all the time. It is ensuring that they are fixed properly that counts, not that they were.
That's what bugs me about people who insist on cars that have "no hits". I would rather have a car that had a fender or hood damaged, than one that had poor maintenance or was abused or overheated. In fact, overheating is an invisible killer of engines, and I have seen too many people buy the "no hit" car that appears to be perfect, only to find all the pistons had been collapsed because of a $20.00 rad hose that blew.
Fix the windshields - just get a good shop to do it.
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I think the key is to make sure that when the windshield is replaced you make sure they use a brand new gasket. Many shops will try to re-use the old one and I think this is what leads to noise/bad sealing. I had 2 windshields replaced in another car I had and I insisted they use a brand new gasket each time. There was abosolutely no difference from the factory install with regard to noise or sealing.
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Default My Decision

Since the replacement will be done by the Lexus dealer, using Lexus glass, and under warranty (it's a delivery defect) - I told them to do it. Since the factory is paying for the repair, I don't think they'll cut corners. Thanks everyone for your input.
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