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DDM Tuning Question

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Please tell me where I said it was a bad kit, because I assure you I didn't and won't. It's a great kit if yours shows up and it hasn't been trashed in shipping.

DDM used to do all of their stuff - manufacturing, shipping and receiving in California but they caught heat a couple years ago and out sourced it to China. I had to do a warranty exchange when everything was still based in the states and it only took about a week.

I had to do another one about 9 months ago and on top of the 12 days it took to get the kit, it was another 15 to get everything back. So basically A month for a set of HID's? No thanks. There's a vendor in our classifieds section right now holding a great deal on a 39.99 kit. Granted, no lifetime warranty but basic care in installation is all you need and the thing should never die anyway.

My point is that its absolutely asinine to buy that kit when you can spend the same cash and have it half a month earlier and get the same or better quality.

Originally Posted by KingPhilip View Post
Quit that BS about oh it's from China, it's not well made BS. Babies are the only thing not made in China nowadays. I've had my DDM Tuning HID's for over a year and NOT ONCE did it give me any problem. Besides it's lifetime warranty, and you have 30 days to return the product if you don't like it. I don't believe in being a sucka for high prices thinking when it's expensive it's well made BS.
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Bought mine 3 years ago and they are still running strong. Still good as new. When I ordered them, they took about a week and a half to get to me.

Heck I still have some ebay HID's I bought 5 years ago that are still running strong!
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Under proper care and installation (don't touch the bulb) you will find that HIDs tend to last quite a bit longer than standard halogen bulbs. If there is ever an issue, it's in most cases the ballast. Seeing years out of the them is common enough. Whether you'll ever need a lifetime warranty...I don't know. If there's a reuputable vendor that can vouch for the products he's selling that offers a better price and a faster ship time, I don't see why one wouldn't do that.

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I see a lot of opinions here. I do not want to wait a lot of time on shipping and do want a company with a good rep. Please let me know of any other companies that everyone uses. I would like to get the sooner than later.
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honestly man you should just buy one locally on craigslist. there only like 50 bucks and most of them come with a warranty anyway
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there's a vendor on CL, TSPNY, Also known as "Top Speed Performance" They sell bulbs for $39.99 i think with 2 year warranty and I'm Picking up a pair in about a month or two cause im leaving the country. They Have some good reviews and it's in the U.S So you can probably give that a try. I Was also thinking of DDMtuning but the extra's got me confused. So good luck in whatever you choose!
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is this whole drop ship/china thing new??? every single time ive made a visit to ddm tuning (san diego store) ive always been able to buy on the spot, pay, and leave w/ my product in hand ...
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Originally Posted by SFrymyah View Post
Use caution. Their kits are from China and they drop ship from there. It took almost two weeks to get my last one and the box was absolutely mangled when it showed up
all the kits ive ordered (15+) all came from the San Diego warehouse.
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I too Vouch for DDM Tuning.. I go to their local store here in SoCal and for 30 bucks Ballasts + Bulbs included.. can't do better than that.. easy to install too.

It all depends on how you want to set up your HiD's --- Personally, I have my Fogs wired with my HL so that they both come on at the same time so I bought relays for my fogs just to ensure the ballasts have enough power to properly operate. If you are not going to rewire anything then their kits are pretty much plug and play. The Brackets help situate the ballasts so I do recommend them but not necessary.
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I have had DDM in my Toyota since 2007 and there still burning strong(Knocking on Wood) My bike and my old Mazda had the same Co. Shipping is a little lengthy but for the money cant really complain.
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DDM is the ish! I got all my HIDs for my cars from them. Its easy cuz I can pick up straight from their warehouse. Although their stuff is made in China, it is actually decent quality and will last forever...and if it doesnt, theres still a lifetime warranty. the only thing i recommend that you dont buy from them are their low end leds, some of them tend to burn out a lot and they stopped the lifetime warranty on those.
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So their kits are pretty decent? I wanna get some for my 2010 RX350 for the fog lights. Has anyone used hoen bulbs before?
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i'm having issues with my kit but could just be me i'm gonna try again in a few
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I too vouch for DDM. I had their kit on my Mazda 3 and never had a problem. Walked into the office, told them what I needed and walked out 10 minutes later with HID kit in hand. I will be getting another kit from them for my fog lights soon.
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^ LOL...

I have a DDM slim kit on my DD Mazda 3 too.

It has been on the car for just over 2 years and has been pretty reliable.

Once in a while one of the ballast will not ignite, but usually turning off the headlights and turning them back on corrects the problem.

Actually the biggest problem I've had is having to replace the inline 20amp fuse in the wiring harness I have.

Not bad considering I bought the kit for just over $45.
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