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CrazyMPG's 2012 Lexus LFA Detailed

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Default CrazyMPG's 2012 Lexus LFA Detailed

Thanks again CrazyMPG, it was a real pleasure meeting you and working on your vehicle.

2012 Lexus LFA #475/500 Whitest White paint correction, detail and CQuartz Finest coating.

Full write up can be found here:

This particular vehicle has been at the top of my list of cars to detail since I started my business. I'm happy to say that box has now been checked off. The Lexus LFA is a remarkable machine in every way. From its stunning performance to the years of engineering set forth by Akio Toyoda with a relentless vision. A vision to create the worlds best super car. Yes, by the standard of raw speed & performance there are other cars out there that top the LFA. But nothing else comes close to the precision and dedication that went into creating this machine.

A video summary of this detail can be found here:

A few things I learned about the car after chatting with the owner:

-This is #475/500, to purchase this vehicle outside of buying one from a dealer was invite only. There are only 120 in the states and there is a collector who currently owns 4 LFA's and 10 2000GT's. All 500 have been accounted for.
-Before purchasing this car Lexus gave my client a loaner LFA for a full week to drive around to see if he liked it! Needless to say he fell in love with the car.
-The entire car is made from carbon fiber in which Lexus actually designed the 3-d loom to spin some of the pieces for this vehicle. In total 65% of all materials on the vehicle are carbon. Even the key is carbon fiber with a price tag of $5,000 if lost.
-Lexus documented the entire process of the build with pictures from chassis construction, to paint, to engine assembly to testing and then put the pictures in a custom made book signed by Akio Toyoda.
-All documentation for the vehicle which was about 100 pages was also put in a binder, everything from each parts origin, to when it was assembled and from whom it was assembled by.
-When you purchase an LFA you also receive custom Carbon Fiber TUMI luggage that fits in the rear luggage compartment and a custom Crystal sculpture of the vehicle.
-When any service is done of the vehicle Lexus flies out a specialist from Japan to oversee that the work is done properly.
-Each year Lexus holds an LFA owners meet where they fly out the owners, ship out their cars and accommodate their stay all paid for and they get to hang out with Akio Toyoda.
-Another thing I thought was cool was that Lexus included a manual of the proper way to wash and detail the vehicle. It actually went into good detail and the information wasn't far off.

It was an awesome experience working on this vehicle and learning about its history and the great lengths Lexus has gone to give their owners a really extraordinary experience.

Oh and the last bit, at 9,500rpm the sounds you get in the cabin are just stunning. Yamaha built the engine and specifically designed the intake to channel this symphony through the vents in the cabin with high frequencies going to the upper portions and low frequencies going towards your feet.

Now onto the detail...

Main Points:
-Light defect removal
-CQuartz Finest protective coating
-Interior Detailing
-Engine Bay detailing

Overall the vehicle was in great condition, some very light defects here and there but very minor. The owner hand washes himself and is really passionate about proper car care.

Starting condition:

Given the delicate nature of this paint surface, extra care was taken during the wash process. A foam gun in conjunction with a CR spotless unit was used.

After washing any standing water was evacuated from the surface and crevices using warm forced air to prevent any possible water spotting.

On white paint defects are much harder to capture due to the lack of contrast compared to a darker surface. The condition of the paint on this vehicle was very nice, there was only a few spots with very light defects. Out of all the supercars I have worked on this was by far In the best condition. Another testament to Lexus quality.

After drying, the paint surface was then inspected, clayed and prepped for polishing.

Polishing of this vehicle definitely requires some patience with all of the sharp body lines. Since 90% of the body panels are carbon fiber extra care is also needed to prevent any possible damage from occurring.

After polishing I took some shot of the rear quarter reflection

One of the owners other “Dailys” a 900hp GTR seen smashing through the reflection of the driver side after polishing.

After all polishing has been completed on the vehicle it was time for the CQuartz Finest protective coating to be applied.

The sun setting made for a great shot coming through the garage door window and reflecting of the polished and coated surface.

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The wheels were also hand polished and coated with Quartz Finest. These large carbon ceramic brakes generate alot of heat.

Final Shots

After shots outside

One of my favorite angles of the LFA.

The interior is very simple and modern, with some of the most comfortable and supporting seats I have sat in. Lexus quality everywhere

Another nice touch is the exposed carbon composite chassis here on both sides of the door jams.

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The heart of this machine, 552hp 354lbft of torque revving all the way up to 9500rpm with the well known sound of a formula one car, the engine bay.

Not only is the entire hood carbon fiber, but the rod used to hold up the hood is also made from carbon fiber, No compromises.

Saved the best for last

Thanks for viewing,

Tim Coats

Adonis Detail, San Diego
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Vert good work man. I always enjoy seeing quality work being done. Thanks for sharing. If i was in CA, i'd definitely would take my F to you...
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Wow! Amazing write up and pictures. CrazyMPG must be very happy with his shiny LFA.
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Tim did a wonderful job! I would recommend him to any that needs a high quality detail. He is very soft spoken and is a true car enthusiast that appreciates all finely engineered automobiles.
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Wow not every day you get to detail a LFA
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Originally Posted by Hoovey2411 View Post
Wow not every day you get to detail a LFA

I know right.
Awesome job and way to start or end? The year?
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Stunning work. Very awesome.

Thank you for sharing all the details, as well!
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Very nice job Tim... Being a novice myself and without spending $400 on a special light to see scratches what do u recommend if any or will a regular LED light work? I noticed you had a flashlight in one those pictures...

Awesome job man
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Looks great! How do you determine the thickness of the clear for polishing on CF panels?
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Gorgeous car, paint looks beautiful.
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Great work, Tim! What a great representation of your abilities! (and a great advertisement for us other CQuartz Finest installers )

Originally Posted by jpvarghese View Post
Looks great! How do you determine the thickness of the clear for polishing on CF panels?
An ultrasonic paint thickness gauge is needed to measure film thicknesses on non-metal substrates.

The DeFelsko PosiTector 200 Coating Thickness Gage is one of the most commonly used tools for this in the detailing world. It'll set you back about $2,200 though
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Amazing write up, great information and AWESOME work & pics!!! Thank you for sharing all of that. As someone who also details (on the side & it doesn't appear to your extent/level) I am extremely envious of anyone who is lucky & fortunate enough to get their hands on one of those for a day. Must have been an incredible experience for sure. Congrats and thanks again for sharing.
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