View Full Version : 2Gen GS430 / 400/ 300 Classifieds (98-05)

  1. NY Brand New Godspeed 2JZ Rad.
  2. TX JP 3 piece replica spoiler
  3. CA yellow oem foglights
  4. NY FS:: GS Shift knob
  5. CAN-Toronto 98 99 00 lexus gs300 speedometer instrument cluster
  6. SC WTB: Borla, or L-tuned exhaust
  7. SC WTB Center Arm rest
  8. NJ WTB: exact or sage Front RCA
  9. IN Toms Racing Rear Control Arms Braces and Brake Caliper Covers
  10. FL wtb side skirts
  11. CA WTT: My thick strip LED tails for your Thin strip LED.
  12. CA WTB: Junction Produce Inner Tail Caps
  13. CO FS:Wise Sport Front bumper -Authentic
  14. IN WTB: Stock GS400 Complete Airbox Assembly
  15. CA FS: OEM GS400 Fenders
  16. FL 01 gs300 oem suspension
  17. MD FS: Window Regulator with Motor
  18. OH I need a 4.3 motor
  19. NY Bilstein and Tannabe NF210 Combo
  20. CA GS4 Rod Millen intake
  21. NY FS - Tanabe Medalion Touring (2 months old)
  22. CA Wtb: rear rca kit or spc camber kit...
  23. CA 2GS LEDs Outter Tail lights (BNIB)
  24. CA WTB: Big Brake Kit
  25. CA wtb front bumper, front xenon headlights w/ no bulb, & hood
  26. IL 99 GS300 Radio Cluster and Changer
  27. TX SC300 springs/shock fit 99GS 300 ?
  28. GA WTB 01+ airbag single stage
  29. OK LuxLink remote starter (utilizing stock key fob) and Nav2go hack
  30. IL 98-00 Tan leather 3 spoke steering wheel and airbag for sale
  31. CA Wtb: Rear camber arms.
  32. NY 98-05 OEM full bra for bumper and hood
  33. CA FS: GS400 K&N FIPK Intake
  34. MI WTB: STock Airbox 98-00 Lexus GS400
  35. CAN-Toronto WTB Suspension Goodies
  36. IN Left Non Projector Headlamp and Right Insert
  37. CA WTB 2000 GS300 Climate Control for custom dash project (broke mine!) :(
  38. CA Wtb : Chrome trunk bar replacement
  39. HI wtb: 01-up oem front grille and rear outer taillights
  40. MI WTB: Stock Sway Bars w/bushings
  41. WI Wanted: cheap or free lower intake manifold for 1UZ
  42. looking for coilovers
  43. WA WTB: 98-05 Tan/Ivory Floor Mats
  44. NV FS: 2GEN GS300 sports design lexus OEM Trunk Lip Spoiler
  45. NJ DIAZEN Sway Bars and DIAZEN lowering springs
  46. CA SoCal Rotora REAR 4-pot w/rotors $700
  47. FL wtb front rca
  48. NY For sale drivers side (left) fender 1998 to 2005 Gs series
  49. CA Tein Super Streets coilovers
  50. CA WTB: 01+ Rear Bumper
  51. AZ wtb 01+ OEM gs grille
  52. NY FS: 2GS Retrofited Headlights
  53. NY 2GS300 OEM Car Cover and Front End Mask
  54. FL Anyone have a brake booster layin around
  55. CA Wtb: Gs300 interior/exterior & more !!
  56. CA Wtb: Interior and exterior parts !!!
  57. TN WTB--- stock intake and maf
  58. CA Replica TRD Grill $20
  59. CA Wtb: Complete brake master cylinder.
  60. TX 98+ front/back tan seats DFW area
  61. CA Air Runner for sale
  62. CA WTB: 98-05 GS300 Remote Key Fob
  63. CA WTB: black front lip
  64. MD WTB left driver headlight for 2000 GS4
  65. CA tanabe df 210 springs. jl 10ib4
  66. CA WTB OEM Climate Control 98-05 2GS
  67. IL 4 sALE Black Leather GS front and rear Seats
  68. IL Looking to trade or Buy Chrome Trunk Garnish for my GS
  69. CA 2GS LED inners $86 Shipped!!
  70. NY Supra TT calipers/ pads Assembled for sale
  71. NM Headlights for modifications
  72. TX Set of 4 oem factory shocks/springs combo and blk/chrome grill
  73. CA WTB: ML Sub
  74. GA TTE lip, RMM rear bumper and L-Sportline sides for sale
  75. CA Wtb : Gs300 blk interior parts !
  76. CA FS: Lexus Gs 300/400/430 tail lights inners and outters with harness, Speedometer!!!!
  77. LA WTB: engine/trans/ECU/harness for an '02 GS3.
  78. CA STANDARD "STD" Coil Overs
  79. FL Sold the GS..a few goodies left over!!
  80. TX WTB: OEM mufflers
  81. LA Fs: Srt intake/heat shield gs400
  82. VA WTB: Front Passenger ABS Sensor
  83. TX FS: TTE Front Lip
  84. FL wtb front lower control brace
  85. CA WTB: 10" stock sub
  86. TN WTB: GS430- SRT intake, Exhausts, Coilovers...
  87. FL WTB: 99 GS400 Crankshaft
  88. CA FS: Tein CS V2 Coilovers (Used)
  89. FL WTB Staiinless steel OEM downpipe
  90. FL FS: Authentic L-Sportline Grill, OEM 98-00 tail lights
  91. HI FS: front strut tower bar
  92. CA wtb Mac Blick Roof Spoiler
  93. CA FS: TOP1 speed header+down pipe
  94. GA Aftermarket Rev Style Bumper with Custom IS300 Fogs Molded
  95. NJ With the car up on jacks, i have two items left.....
  96. CA WTB gs400 diff
  97. CA WTB Retrofitted Headlights Projector
  98. OK FS: Almost brand new LED taillights (thin clear strip) outers/inners
  99. MD GS400 shifter with knob and chrome trim
  100. TX 05 Black leather steering wheel and airbag
  101. OR Cleaning out my garage!
  102. MD WTB-Parts for GS300 TTE LIP, Roof Spoiler, LED Taillights, and ETC....
  103. NY PART OUT 04 Lexus GS430 complete car, all parts must GO!!!
  104. CA Junction Produce Grille (Chrome Plated)
  105. OH Gs amber bumper corner light cover
  106. CA WTB: 2004 driver door actuator
  107. CA WTB: Aftermarket Front Bumper
  108. CA WTB: ROOF Spoiler
  109. CAN-Other OEM 01-05 tails, mint condition
  110. FL wtb exhaust
  111. CA Wtb: 2jZ-gte full swap
  112. GA WTB: Aftermarket struts
  113. FL Does anyone have 20 inch FX45 wheels on there 2GS.
  114. FL wtb: right front wheel speed sensor
  115. NY FS: 20mm V2 ICHIBA SPACERS
  116. WA wtb blick lip kit
  117. CA 01+ TAILS (outers only) ***super cheap***
  118. NC WTB stock rear sway bar for 99 GS400
  119. FL wtb transmission + stock rims
  120. TX WTB: OEM Pair 2GS Halogen Headlights.
  121. GA wtb caster arm bushings
  122. CA WTB: Lexus GS3/4 Fenders. Both Left And Right.
  123. CA FS: 2GS Chrome Trunk Garnish
  124. NY WTB: Clear Side Markers
  125. CA Brand New OEM 01+ Outer Tail lights
  126. WA wtb blick lip kit
  127. CA Tanabe Sustec Pro Coilovers
  128. CA 10 Anniversary Aristo Door Sills
  129. MD FS: KiPod's OEM sale thread... A little bit of everything
  130. IN 98-99 GS400 Black Tiptronic Steering Wheel
  131. IN GS400 Throttle Position Sensor
  132. NY FS-GS3/GS4 Eibach/KYB combo
  133. WI Ichiba V2 front and rear spacers
  134. WI OEM front brake rotors 04' GS300
  135. CA Toyota Aristo Grille Emblem
  136. FL 19" petrol Throttle Pick up only.
  137. IL WTB; Chrome trunk Bar. for gs300 04
  138. CA FS: 01+ Tan leather 3 spoke steering wheel (GS430)
  139. CA WTB!!!!!!!! S&S headers for lexus gs430
  140. MA Wtb pass side mirror
  141. CA Wtb: right front exterior door molding/ door panel
  142. NY Wtb. Stock Sub, 01+ grill
  143. CAN-Other WTB: LED Tails
  144. CA WTB:Right Fender
  145. CA FS: Wood and Tan 3 spoke $180
  146. CA Fs Random parts
  147. IL For sale black leather and wood steering wheel
  148. CA wtb rh passenger mirror (glass only)
  149. CA wtf valve stems
  150. CA FS: 2 Sets of 15mm Ichiba V2 spacer
  151. CA WTB: Aftermarket Exhaust for 2nd Gen GS300.
  152. TX Daizen-Polyurethane control arm bushing set
  153. CO FS:GS shirt,5mm spacer,OEM Wheel lock, 11 OEM lug nuts
  154. CA REAL, L Sportline poly urethane kit painted black onyx and hks exhaust.
  155. CA FS:01+ Grill with chrome emblem
  156. CA Authentic TRD grille (Beige Metallic) Luxury Alarm
  157. CA WTB: OEM 2001+ grill
  158. CAN-Other WTB: Chrome Trunk Bar
  159. FL wtb ac compressor 98 gs300
  160. TX GS430 engine cover $55
  161. TX WTB: 4 OEM Lugnuts!
  162. FL Fs: Sage rca's brand new !!!!!!!!!!!!
  163. GA WTB - Starter for GS300 ('99)
  164. CA Wtb: Gs300/400 1998-01 blk interior
  165. GA WTB: Rear Daizen Swar Bar
  166. FL WTB: 98-05 GS300 Rear Bumper
  167. CA WTB: 01+ Outter & Inner Tail lights
  168. CA FS nor-cal 209 "New LED tail lights" 98-05' Gs
  169. CA Yellow Fogs
  170. FL FS: Many GS300 Parts for sale !!!!!
  171. CA FS: Clear 98-00 Foglights with either Yellow bulbs/ yellow or 5k HIDS
  172. UT WTB silver GS400 emblem and lexus emblem
  173. CAN-Vancouver fs: blitz hybrid a/c filter ha102
  174. SC FS: GS430/400 K&N filter, GS400 Model (toy)
  175. CA Authentic wald lip kit for sale! NOR CAL!!
  176. MD Screw my bank
  177. CA FS: 98-05 OEM Clear Fog Lights w/ Yellow Bulbs
  178. TX WTB: 1999 GS300 Fogs
  179. CAN-Toronto WTB aftermarket grill , no chrome or factory .
  180. MD 01 gs430 black wood wheel
  181. FL FS: 98-99 Stock Tail Lights
  182. NY WTB - 01-05 OEM Drivers Side Taillight
  183. CA Sonar led taillights Cheap
  184. FL 2jz-ge vvti motor and tranny 100k
  185. CA WTB 01 GS430 Performance exhaust
  186. NY WTB: Front License Plate Bracket
  187. VA GS 400 SRT Intake w ECU 98-00
  188. CA WTB Wanted- 2000 GS300 ECU
  189. TX SPRINGS & SHOCKS From My GS400 (must go!)
  190. FL FS Brand New Custom Sub Enclosure made for 2GS
  191. FL WTB... Lowering spring and strut combo
  192. HI FS: Smoked '01 Tails, Inner and Outer
  193. MD FS: Instrument Cluster Trim (98-00) Black
  194. PA Chrome grille w or w out emblem
  195. CA Wtb gs400 engine cover
  196. NY WTB:: Lower Control arm Rear
  197. CAN-Vancouver 94-00 LS400 Calipers (UCF20)
  198. NY Gs400 k&n drop in filter
  199. CA FS: (2) Window Visors - Driver's Side Front & Passenger Side Rear
  200. TX OEM: GS300, 400, 430 FOGLAMPS (Yellow!) For Sale
  201. FL For Sale: 1999 GS400 Stock ECU
  202. CAN-Other WTB Yellow fog light set for 02gs300
  203. NJ **** Endless 6 pot front brakes***
  204. NY GS400 K&N FIPK Intake Kit
  205. CA WTB : Driver Inner tail light (NO FADED PLZ)
  206. CA wtb lexus gs 98-05 front headlights front bumper & hood preferably white or non paint
  207. WA 2nd Gen GS300 Balljoints & Tierods NEW OEM
  208. WA Lexus GS300 Front Left ABS Sensor
  209. NY Tan Interior Part out
  210. International Fs imanage need, price nego!!!
  211. TN Security Bolts And Bits For Our Fogs
  212. CA 98-00 gs300 srt intake w/ ecu
  213. MD WIN Racing rear spoiler ***rare item***
  214. CA FS: 01+ Grill...
  215. IL Fresh halogen bowls and chrome trim
  216. HI FS: Exact Rear RCA's
  217. MO GS300 black chrome emblems
  218. TN WTB Trunk deck and rear bumper for GS400
  219. MD FS: TRD Oil Filler Cap
  220. MD FS: TRD Radiator Cap - *NEW*
  221. MD FS: Brake Hoses
  222. MD WTT: Driver Sport Design Headlamp Assy
  223. FL aem wire harness
  224. IL FS: Slightly Used AEM FIC
  225. CA Socali : Wedge (Sparco) Seat Brackets (L&R)
  226. CA FS: Eibach Pro-Kit with stock struts
  227. IL FS: Daizen Polyurethane Steering Rack Bushing Set
  228. GA ** FS: GS300 K&N AIR FILTER (BRAND NEW) $50 shipped **
  229. FL WTB:Inner trunk tail lights
  230. WI WTB: chrome trunk bar
  231. WA FS: l-tuned spring/strut
  232. MD Clear Marker Lights w/ Amber Bulbs
  233. NY WTB- TRD or DAIZEN Sways (set)
  234. NJ 2001 GS300 Shocks and Springs/ Ball Joints
  235. TX WTB: Stock 2GS (R) Strut
  236. TX WTB: Stock 2GS (R) Strut
  237. OH WTB: Lug Nut........ Just One ---Lug Nut---
  238. PA Chrome Grill w or w out emblem
  239. NV WTB: GS400 top Engine cover
  240. CA Wtb kazz grill so cal!!!
  241. CA wtt tein cs coilovers for stance or megan coilovers
  242. CT WTB G35 Sport rims,Tanabe DF210 Springs
  243. CA Black Rear spoiler $150
  244. FL WTB: Driver's side dash vent tan/brown
  245. NY FS Inner Trunk Lamps (excellent condition)
  246. NJ FS ::: Junction Produce Tails:::$550
  247. NY TRADE- Yellow fogs for clear fogs AGAIN
  248. CA Spectra blue mica bumper 30 bux OBO
  249. GA Carbon Fiber Grill for 98-05 Lexus GS300/400/430
  250. CA WTB: OEM Headunit