View Full Version : 2Gen GS430 / 400/ 300 Classifieds (98-05)

  1. NY FS- top speed tractions arms
  2. NY WTB GS400 Intake
  3. TX FS: FIGS Adjustable Toe Links Econ Version
  4. OR fs: center woodgrain peice complete w/heated seats, ash tray
  5. TX WTB: black or grey oem carpet no rips or stains whatsoever
  6. NY FS- GS400 OEM intake tube
  7. GA WTB double din kit
  8. TN WTB TTE Emblem
  9. CA FS: Stock 2001 shocks & spring.. and Stock Radio.
  10. CA FS: Authentic TTE, Final Konexxion, Wald, and stuff
  11. CA 98-2000 Tan Steering wheel wanted!! Or tan with eshifts 00-2005 with airbag!
  12. NY WTB Black 01+ Airbag
  13. TX Spring Cleaning: 2000 Lexus GS400 OEM Stuffs
  14. FL WTB: 2nd Gen GS pass side yellow foglight
  15. CA admiration lip kit new . replica
  16. TX WTB Stock headers with cats
  17. IN Few remaining parts.. center console, speakers, etc...
  18. MA FS Headlights. 01+ Taillights. Stock Spoiler. Roof Spoiler
  19. MA WTB Chrome Trunk Bar
  20. NC Wtb: Any good resellers or parts cars for sale in nc, sc or tenn?
  21. BREMBO 4 piston Calipers
  22. CA WTB: 01+ Grill
  23. TN FS: Precision Industries PI Dragon Torque Converter TC for GS400
  24. FL Tanabe DF210 Springs with Brand New Struts
  25. GA <FS> Set Megan EZ Street Coilovers 98-05 GS
  26. MO FS: 2jzGE out of a 2002 Lexus IS300
  27. CA Toyota chrome door handles
  28. CA Dragon TQ Converter high stall 2800
  29. GA <FS> 18MM Front SAGE RCA's 98-05 GS
  30. CA L-Tuned Grill
  31. FL FS: Mass Air Flow Sensor
  32. CA FREE: stock springs + tophats for 2gs
  33. FL FS: engine harness
  34. CA 2001 gs ML amp from san diego
  35. NY No bulk sales
  36. CA FS: Megan Rear Toe Control Arms
  37. NC Wtb: Left & right front fenders
  38. NY VIP partout
  39. IN OEM HID headlights and yellow insert fog lights
  40. CA FS: GS OEM Pioneer Subwoofer
  41. PA Genuine UGO Roof Spoiler- painted
  42. CA wts gs400 fog lights. yellow cap
  43. CA For trade straight Y pipe
  44. CA wtb :01+ Toyota grille emblem
  45. CA No selling for a friend
  46. FL Wtb studio camber rcs for front. 1998 gs300
  47. TX FEELER: E60 custom front matched with jp rep sides and rear
  48. CA FS: JIC Exhaust, L-Tuned Springs, + Much more!!
  49. NY FS: TTE Rep Lip
  50. NJ WTB: hood
  51. TX FS: Sport design black woodgrain steering wheel and shift knob
  52. GA WTB:Driver & passenger front seats
  53. NY FS: 2001 and Up LED Mirror Shells
  54. GA 01-05 GS300/430 Hood Grill w/ emblem
  55. NY wtb TTE lip
  56. MD 2003 GS300 Partout - Black on Black
  57. NY Bilstein B8 Sport Rear Shocks (2) 200. OBO
  58. TX FS: Tuned Parts Rigid Bars BRAND NEW
  59. GA WTB- Driver Side Headlight Or Lens
  60. CA Fs: Brand new megan e.z street coilovers and 01 grill
  61. MO 1999 GS400/300 HID Factory Headlamp Assembly
  62. MO 2nd Generation 1999 factory intake system in Great Shape
  63. CA Black 98 GS400 door handles set
  64. MA TTE rep front lip
  65. GA <FS> Full 2003 GS Burwood/Tan Interior Wood Sportdesign
  66. TX WTB: air suspension setup
  67. CA NEW OEM REAR Rotors / Set of 2 (SOCAL ONLY)
  68. CA BC Racing Extreme Low Coilovers, Black inner tails, 5inch exhaust tips muffler delete
  69. OK gs300/400 oem spoiler and shift knob
  70. NY Ultra racing 4PT lower rear brace bars
  71. OH WTB: Aristo emblem
  72. NY Wtb a TPS Lexus gs400
  73. UT WTB: Black floor mat.
  74. GA Random GS Lexus Parts OEM/Aftermarket
  75. CA Anyone looking for studio ruca??
  76. AZ FS: 98-00 GS300 Alternator OEM Denso
  77. IL Red Clear Red tails...small crack on driver side. Selling for cheap
  78. CA So Cal tan mats
  79. OH FS: Chrome trunk garnish nib and 01 taillights complete set with harness
  80. CA 00 GS Diy Cleared out tails with 01'red inners
  81. CA Oem HID headlights. pass side 01-05 driver side 98-00
  82. CA Local Sale only. *Customized 4 piece Version Select kit for 98-05 Lexus GS
  83. WA WA Custom BLACKWOOD ( USDM ) Dash Pieces
  84. NV WTB jdm window visors new or used
  85. TX WTB: 3rd Brake Light (Tan)
  86. NY WTB: Compatible AirBag for Gs400 Steering Conversion..
  87. CA FS SS Braided Brake Lines
  88. CA FS Blitz Nur-Spec R exhaust
  89. VA L-Tuned grille
  90. VA WTB: HID Headlamps both right and left
  91. GA <FS> GS Tan 01+ Airbag Single Stage
  92. FL Fs: Jdm goodies!!!
  93. GA <FS> 01-05 GS Chrome Shift Trim OEM
  94. AZ NEED Front Drivers Caster/Radius Lower Arm
  95. MD miscellaneous gs400 parts
  96. VA Question : Does 00 gs300 side mirror fit 02 gs300?
  97. FL Wtb: black front bumper
  98. CO parts for sale
  99. FL Fs: doors actuators for sale
  100. NY FS: Sportdesign Wood Trim
  101. FL fs: aristo trunk
  102. FL wtb: black woodgrain steering wheel
  103. NY WtB .. Ac Compressor
  104. MD WTB 01-05 Complete HID headlights or Retro Fitted Headlights
  105. MA WTT Spoiler trunk for spoilerless trunk
  106. IN WTB: working led strip for wing
  107. CA WTB: manifold/cat converter assy for 2001 GS300.
  108. IN Misc. parts - center caps, speakers, center console, switches, etc.
  109. GA <FS> 98-05 GS Ultima (KYB) Shocks & Tanabe DF Springs
  110. MD Stock Nav/ suspension/ Nav ml head unit
  111. MD oem suspension, oem exhaust
  112. CO F/S cupholder divider
  113. CO Wtb-sportdesign woodtrim
  114. NJ WTB: hood/fender
  115. IN DEPO brand taillight resistors, brand new.
  116. MA FS: Sticky window button fix, OEM window MPX 89223-30020
  117. CA GS300ToM part out
  118. CA Garage Clean Out - Mark Levingston Navi/OEM wings/stock steering wheel needs vouch
  119. CO OEM GS300 Springs (went to NF210s on my car)
  120. TX FS: Stock 2GS Side Skirts 202 Black Onyx
  121. CA Authentic Vertex 3GS Facelift
  122. CO aristo navi screen
  123. TN Headlights bezel (green tint)
  124. IN Front grill emblem
  125. IN 01 GS430 OEM cargo net
  126. IN 00 Gs400 headlight/turn signal switch
  127. CA FS: 98 GS430 USED OEM headlights
  128. WA 3" Mid Pipe Engine Accessories and Misc
  129. IN WTB tan interior piece from 01+gs
  130. NY WTB: Strut Bar
  131. CA WTB: Sideskirts
  132. CO Wts : Interior parts
  133. GA Wtb: Misc Parts 2nd Gen GS
  134. FL Front Lower control arm bushing"caster arm"
  135. WA WTB: Admiration lip kit and other parts.
  136. FL FS: rear Jaguar tables
  137. OR FS: New Factory Lexus Struts and H&R Spring combo $500
  138. IN 01+ gauge cluster bezel and chrome shifter trim
  139. IN Woodgrain ashtray and shift knob
  140. IN Cup holder divider from a GS430
  141. CA wtb exhaust system
  142. WA Front RCA Blocks
  143. NY WTB Steering Colomn
  144. NY FS-Retro headlights
  145. CA FS: 98-00 GS400 Weapon R Intake 150$
  146. CA FS: 1998 GS300/GS400 Shop Manual - $125
  147. HI FS: Gray 01+ single stage airbag
  148. CAN-Vancouver CarPC Setup with Screen
  149. MA WTB Trunk Lip Spoiler!!
  150. MD High output Alternator for GS/ Grey steering wheel with ari bag/ center vent
  151. FL Fs: Goodridge brake line kit and stock suspension
  152. GA WTB- Black Hood Release Switch
  153. CA FS: stock nakamichi subwoofer
  154. TX FS: Megan EZ Street Coilovers BRAND NEW!
  155. MA WTB 3 Peice Spoiler (Non Ebay)
  156. MA WTB LED Tail lights!
  157. CAN-Vancouver OEM HID Headlights with Ballasts and Bulbs
  158. CAN-Vancouver RMM Grill Painted Black Includes Emblem
  159. CA WTB: GS300 coolant overflow tank
  160. CA Kazz grill
  161. MD Rod Millen rear bumper and side skirts
  162. NY FS: 01 Inner and Outer Tails with Harness
  163. IN WTB: Driver & Pass mirror glass
  164. CO WTB an 01+ drivers Airbag from RX or GS for wheel swap in SC
  165. PA Wtb: Plastic resevoir cap!!
  166. CA Wtb...2001+ drivers side mirror
  167. CA Wtb front upper control arms
  168. MA trunk bar
  169. NY WTB: Front RCA's
  170. OR FS: tan carpet, center console, center woodgrain peice w/heat buttons us more!
  171. CA FS :SoCal Aristo OEM Strut bar
  172. CA wtb rear ashtrays grey
  173. CA Looking to trade my crystal white winged trunklid for your wingless trunklid
  174. CA Part Out, UAS setup, Admiration Kit, Lots more
  175. NY FS: Ltuned Grill and Sideskirts
  176. FS : Hella Kazz Grill Lexus gs300 400 98-05
  177. MN WTB JP plate holder base
  178. CA Parting out my lexus gs300.. Socal 909
  179. CA Wanted: 98-05 GS300/400/430 Car Battery
  180. ME Gs400 maf
  181. IN WTB: Coilovers for my 2g gs4
  182. MA WANTED/NEEDED_ASAP_ Gs400 Lower Chassis Brace
  183. IL Wtb: Front right abs/speed sensor
  184. CA 98-00 Weapon R Intake
  185. OR WTS/WTT Gold Winged Trunk Lid for Non Winged
  186. OR FS: M2 Exhaust - $260 local pickup
  187. NY FS..98 GS grille $110 shipped obo
  188. CA Lower Control Arm #2 (S-Arm) & Front Strut Mount
  189. CA FS: A650E Trans
  190. NY FS...Brand NEW UNCUT Lexus key with transponder
  191. CA Clear Taillights 98-00 Style 4pcs. comes with inners
  192. CA WTB: Megan Toe Arm/Link for GS/IS
  193. PA Bnib moog lca #1 pair $285 shipped
  194. TX *New Air Runner suspension kit (Decade Kit)
  195. IN wtb: Tan trunk release cover thingy (see pic)
  196. CA Looking for stock suspension
  197. NY VIP style Exhaust tips
  198. NC WTB: Driver side door mirror
  199. TX FS: Full Aristo re-badge kit
  200. CA WTB; Projector CCFL Halo HID Light
  201. TX WTB: Factory Tweeters
  202. TX HKS DLI for GE motor w/harness
  203. FL f/s 1999 300 MAF sensor
  204. CA FS: Clazzio|JDM trunk spoiler|JDM grill|Throttle body
  205. CAN-Vancouver WTB: GS300 Cam cover
  206. NY Wtb - custom guage pod
  207. TX WTB aftermarket exhaust!
  208. PA WTB: NEW Lower Control Arms FRONT L+R
  209. CA WTB -Brake Master Cylinder 98-00 GS400
  210. need parts
  211. HI WTB 98-00 gs300 gauge cluster
  212. fs:full tan interior, tail lights, cd changer, gauge cluster, millenium silver
  213. NY what my gs300 worth
  214. CA WTB: Sunroof Glass and OEM front grill
  215. NY FS.. Stock springs/blown shocks assembly $50 obo
  216. TX Wtb thread!!!
  217. AZ WTB: 01-05 GS/SC430 Airbox or SRT
  218. IN WTB: shift knob
  219. CA 5zigen fireball mega
  220. CA WTB: Camber Kit Front and Rear
  221. CO NEW Outer Tir Rod End set Lii Hau
  222. NY WTS: LEXUS GS/SC parts
  223. TX WTB: 98-00 Grille
  224. NY wtb ..01' gauge cluster
  225. MD Supra 4.27 auto Non-LSD diff
  226. GA Headlights | Taillights | Door latch/Actuator | Misc. items
  227. CA FS: JDM Aristo Blackwood & Chrome Door handles
  228. CA wtt or wtb spoilerless trunk lid
  229. CA WTB: chrome trunk bar
  230. CA Rare jdm one-piece spoiler
  231. MA WTB Led Taillights
  232. OR WTB Drivers side door lock actuator
  233. TX MOOG lower ball joints (brand new in box)
  234. NY FS: Gs400 Engine and Trans
  235. NY FS: GS400 Cluster and Climate Control
  236. NY FS: Complete Black Interior out of 2001 GS300
  237. NY None ML Stock Audio Equipments (Speakers, Sub, Amp, Tweeters, HU)
  238. GA <FS> Authentic Lexus Blackwood 4 Piece OEM Trim
  239. CA WTT... LS430 retrofit for M45 or maybe Q45 retrofit
  240. CA WTB: radio knob 98 GS
  241. CO '00 GS outer tails. W/Harness
  242. CO AMSOIL gear lube pump and 2 Qts sae 75-90
  243. CO RMM Exhaust Tips
  244. CO 2000 Fog Lights
  245. CO 2000 rearview mirror (ivory-tan)
  246. CO OEM Toyota 2G rear bumper trim (chrome) 52751-30110
  247. OR WTS - Depo LED Tail Lights
  248. CA Looking for some coilovers
  249. TX FS: m35 retrofitted green tinted headlights....
  250. CA 99' gs300 stock suspension, tails, + stereo