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  1. 95' sc400 serpentine idler pulley question.
  2. tell me why this will not work on a sc400
  3. BMW gearbox + 2jz ; anyone stateside done this yet?
  4. easy fix for squeaky door panels
  5. Does our orig. key affect a new ECU?
  6. Loss of power
  7. cel code 52 on a lexus sc 300
  8. Upgrade S366 to 11 blade billet wheel
  9. Weird Issues With SC400
  10. Advice on buying a flodded SC300
  11. 93
  12. Clutch pedal assembly...where do last 2 bushings go?
  13. 98 sc400 cel codes
  14. need some help out here guys.
  15. Replacing SC A/C evaporator, expansion valve and heater core - Am I missing anything?
  16. Key & Tumble / Ignition Switch Same as Supra?
  17. Random AC Light flashing sometimes....?
  18. Why does our EFI relay get hot?
  19. Sc400 poor idle
  20. ECU & Transmission issues
  21. Weird starter issues
  22. Manifold question.
  23. 1JZ Starts, Idles, and Dies
  24. swap questions
  25. SC Transmission Pan
  26. O/D light flashing, Code 42, No 4th gear
  27. highest hp na 2jz
  28. Car died after 30 miles on a full tank
  29. proportioning valve location
  30. Setting TDC with the DM crank pulley
  31. Sc400 starter replacement issue CEL&overheating solved
  32. Ignition Timing on SC400
  33. My '94 baby
  34. DIY Aftermarket Fuel Rail Installation on 1JZ w/ Pics
  35. Rubber Exhaust Hangers
  36. sc300 1jz vvti swap tach not working
  37. Having issues with USDM OBDII TT ECU mod
  38. SC400 VVTi Intake airbox & intake pipe
  39. 95 Sc300 radiator bubbling issues
  40. Need advice on adjusting clutch
  41. Just got my DM SC300 5 speed pedal package...any assembly guides?
  42. Must sway bar end links be a matched pair?
  43. power steering
  44. Headlight Cleaning and Defogging DIY
  45. '94 SC400 TPS part #?
  46. manifold remove
  47. Replacing shims for aftermarket cams
  48. Driveshaft center support bearing bolt spacers
  49. radiator fluid leaking. need to replace a pipe
  50. What kind of power are you making?
  51. Eaton Detroit locker??
  52. Throttle body relocation on 2JZ-GE
  53. plummeting mpg
  54. 95 SC400 stuck in park, no power windows, roof, or steering Please Help
  55. Oxygen sensor questions
  56. Ordering some 5 speed conversion parts, missing anything?
  57. sc300 wont start anymore!
  58. Fuel pump differences?
  59. helpp (SWAP)
  60. I am so bummed. Tranny frustrations.
  61. will this injector work?
  62. Ignition switch ques.
  63. HELP!!!! My car fins fine untill put in drive or reverse!!!!
  64. Preferred Turbo kit?
  65. 1JZ SC300 swap finally done needs tweaking! Help?
  66. Issues after 5spd swap
  67. 1UZ spark plug torque?
  68. Grounding problem SC300 '92
  69. SC400 new fuel pump, ECU bypass, stranded again
  70. Cracked manifold worth fixing?
  71. what would you call this clip?
  72. are all transmission mounts created equal?
  73. 1992 sc300 with 95 bumper and fogs
  74. Stumped on clutch/trans issue on 2jz/r154
  75. Rear drive shaft
  76. 92 nat bogging issues
  77. SC400 Transmission Dipstick - Do I have the Wrong One?
  78. 1jz harness missing alternator plug and wires??? help asap!
  79. Supra or Aristo trans in my SC300?
  80. SC300 1JZ Starter Problem
  81. Thermostat question
  82. Help with AC compressor and clutch.
  83. Boost leak/ Turbo failure?
  84. Removing resonators on Sc300? Effective for sound as on 400?
  85. Removing resonators on Sc300? Effective for sound as on 400?
  86. 99 sc300 aristo swap driveshaft help needed
  87. Which standalone is for me?
  88. Civic AEM V2
  89. ECU questions
  90. 17mm Bolt Above Thermostat Inner Threads Stripped Help!!!
  91. 1jz
  92. sc300 with 350z straight pipes
  93. Anything wrong with this R154?
  94. Help with 2 things. Starting issue/timing belt & water pump questions
  95. Serpentine Belt Question
  96. A.C. parts replaced after compressor failed but still not fully cold
  97. Code 14 fixes? i need help!
  98. overheating issue
  99. jzx100 (chaser) into 93 sc300
  100. SC400 Trouble
  101. Cluster problem
  102. A/C refrigerant level
  103. where is the DIY for fuel pump relacement
  104. Shaky, loss of power up hill.
  105. wiring electric fans help
  106. Mechanical trouble already???
  107. 97 SC4 Engine Idle/Whining Issue Update
  108. 2JZ Dimensions?
  109. Just dropped in a gte
  110. Question on GS400 3.26 rear diff in a gte swapped auto SC...
  111. SC400 no power, burning, rough idle
  112. 97' SC400 Whining/Whirring from under Hood
  113. Ac compressor question about 2jzgte/1uzfe compatibility.
  114. SC570 (LS1 SC300) cammed idle.
  115. Am I forgetting any maintenance items?
  116. Anyone used Driftmotion's 1JZ aftermarket timing parts?
  117. Map ecu 3
  118. R154 Clutch slipping?
  119. Help with Power Steering Pump
  120. 1jz harness has extra body plugs?
  121. 1999 sc300 tune up
  122. titan motorsports cams vs gsc cams?
  123. how do you get door moldings off
  124. help me with 2 things lol
  125. 1jz with 2jz-ge auto tranny?
  126. '93 sc300 transmission fluid
  127. Removed rear differential, I think it is making noise, is this normal?
  128. 97 fogs on a 93 sc
  129. 2JZGE NOS Direct Port Nitrous setup coming soon! Any input?
  130. SC400 Max Fuel Pressure (help please!)
  131. SC300 Coolant Reservoir Cap
  132. Sputtering & stalling issue... won't stay running!!!
  133. Heater control valve
  134. where to buy 1jz torque converter?
  135. SC400 Transmission Whine in 1st Gear (A340e)
  136. Differential Fluid Change and Trans Fluid Change at the Dealer
  137. Defeating/Bypassing the Coolant Level Sensor?
  138. Code 52 Knock Sensor on 92 SC400
  139. 1JZ custom patch harness, or just splice/solder?
  140. need lsd diff installed
  141. Drag Tire Recommendations
  142. AEM EMS v2 Timing Problem NA-t
  143. LS430 Diff?
  144. Alarm reset not working
  145. SC400 P/S Buzz question
  146. O2 sensor resistance (cold)
  147. Electric Radiator Fan Install simplified?
  148. Tranny Swap
  149. Is this an R154?
  150. Found a few promising turbo engines, help me pick one
  151. 1.5jzge just need a little info
  152. possible blown head gasket not entirely sure
  153. 1jz people I need help!
  154. Isis fuel pump
  155. Gas Tank Pressure needed?!?
  156. Need help, Electronics not working!
  157. Lean @ Idle, Trac light
  158. Complete Diff bushing kits now available. Multi-piece design for the SC
  159. car missing need help please....
  160. Car shuts off when i turn off the A/C
  161. 92 SC300 Pouring white smoke
  162. what radiator do i have?
  163. 1jz wont fire aem gurus needed
  164. So hot in PHX... Need A/C Help!
  165. 1JZGTE VVTI IN SC300 wiring question
  166. Help, about to pay $355 for Vapor Canister!
  167. 1jz auto help
  168. sc300 2jzgte help, grounded alt.
  169. smoking and stalling
  170. SC4 cooling fan behavior
  171. AC Pro kit works! Definitely worth $$ IMO
  172. how to troubleshoot heater control valve?
  173. driveline vibration after 5-spd swap help me diagnose
  174. Na-t or ls/t56 swap?
  175. Help sc400 overheating with a/c ON
  176. from 810 to 560 in one night. bad idle
  177. Sc400 intake measurements please
  178. Help my 1jz auto dies!
  179. DIY LS1 Motor Mounts, LS1/T56 Swap
  180. Anyone tried Duralast VC120 Vapor Canister?
  181. catalytic converter
  182. 2JZGE Bottom Mount Turbo Manifolds?
  183. Idles at 0-100 rpm but No stalling. Help
  184. Electrical issue
  185. timing belt slipped
  186. 1JZ swap start up on AEM V2
  187. I need to rescue my SC - I turn the key to ON, and nothing works.
  188. Greedy Blue/ Ultimate ECU Reviews?
  189. '93 w58 swap into '92 auto
  190. problems in my sc 300
  191. SC 300/400 gte swap AEM Ecu question.....
  192. Starting issue/funky idle....
  193. at 45 mph car quits running, would not start
  194. r154
  195. is the 12v fuel mod good
  196. Where in 2014 can you find the 1UZ-FE Knock Sensor Sub-Harness?
  197. CX Racing Turbo kits chime in
  198. What harness is this? 98 SC400
  199. Fuel pump upgrades, mount corrosion
  200. Brown liquid from intake?
  201. 98 SC400 Knock Sensor HELP
  202. Fuel Problem Help Please!!
  203. Common 1jz problems?
  204. EGR: to delete or not to delete?
  205. Interest in SC400 Vortech supercharger write up
  206. o2 idea for 1jz
  207. 92 300 misfire question
  208. Transparent Timing Belt Cover for 2JZ
  209. Accessories on 2jzgte swap
  210. 95 SC300 Battery not charging, but batt and alt check out
  211. 2jz vvti in to a 93 sc300
  212. 2jzgte, need vsv help!!!
  213. Surging idle in park or neutral
  214. Alternator Replacement write up/w Pic's
  215. is this the TRAC i pulled out?
  216. injector #1
  217. SC400 1JZ running hot
  218. 1uz wasted spark coil on plug conversion
  219. Sc400 Rear Cam Cap Replacement
  220. miss fire
  221. 1uzfe power steering question.
  222. Need timing belt advise from forum
  223. 97 side
  224. What would you do? Swap an engine into a 300 or manual tranny into 400?
  225. MAF sensor outside of resistance specs?
  226. Engine/Tranny Swap
  227. Engine quits no electrical power
  228. 1992 Lexus SC400 smoke coming into cab??
  229. Anyone ever thought of using a p28 honda Ecu for 1uzfe?
  230. TECHNICAL sc400 5speed conv. questions
  231. Please Help, only car
  232. Need Help: 2JZ-GE NA-T w/ 7M CPS, TT coilpacks, AEM V2 (for GTE)
  233. Tampa Bay SC400 needs help - have an hour of time?
  234. Transmission starts in 2nd gear problem
  235. engine rotation direction?
  236. 1JZ Soarer and MKIV TT PS reservoirs the same?
  237. Help! Transmission noise?
  238. Any ideas for an exhaust?
  239. Any ideas for an exhaust?
  240. Engine revs when itís hot.
  241. putting on 97 sides
  242. People who have TT Auto trannys, post your knowledge here
  243. Should I rebuild this free 2JZGE?
  244. All 1jz Holset hx35 experienced please chime in
  245. Weird Idle/Bucking/Stalling Issues
  246. Misfire symptoms, no CEL. OBD1 2JZGE
  247. NA-t head gasket option?
  248. Vortech Supercharger wastegate idea
  249. Need Help with 5ps swap on 98 sc400
  250. radiator options?