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  1. 1JZ Swap running really rich fouls plugs
  2. Methodical Plan of Action For Modifications
  3. Engine bay question
  4. Front Cat Replacement Pipe Aftermarket?
  5. Knock Sensor Wire Harness
  6. SC400 Motor Swap
  7. Problems in my ECU
  8. LS400 PS pump on SC400 fittings?
  9. rear drive shaft
  10. Slew Of Problems(92 SC400)
  11. sc400 does not start
  12. SC300 starts then dies
  13. W58 info needed
  14. poor running
  15. Need some first hand experience
  16. Injector Issue / Question
  17. Need HELP with SC300 not starting.
  18. Help!!!!!!!!
  19. battery smoke when started the car
  20. SC300 Headgasket question
  21. sc300 na-t i know already been discussed but so many things please help
  22. Is this one error Code causing the other one(ABS and Trac)
  23. hunting for clutch pedal alternatives
  24. 1991 Lexus SC400 Acceleration issues & other minors
  25. Universal Bosch O2 sensor wiring
  26. Got a Dave H turbo kit today. Any tips as I step into the boosted world?
  27. question
  28. sc300 Na-t build
  29. How do I wire wideband o2 to Aristo ECU..i.e eliminate stock o2
  30. NA-T with JDM TT ECU - MAP Sensor voltage problems?
  31. low oil pressure
  32. ISSUES Someone please help ASAP BAD sc300 misfire
  33. Oil level?
  34. How to properly increase idle from 650 to 700-800
  35. SC300 won't start after head gasket replacement
  36. seafoam my 92 sc300
  37. wiring 2jzgte vvti into non-vvti sc300?
  38. SC400 97 Speedometer/Odo help.
  39. Serpentine Belt Squeaking due to Harmonic Balancer Alignment?
  40. steering wheel telescoping feature finally working
  41. 1992 SC300 Distributor
  42. Crank Position Sensor
  43. Need 1JZ Alternator Upgrade
  44. head differences 2jz vvti USDM vs JDM
  45. What oil to cool the radiator
  46. Gas Gauge not working
  47. Most probably cause of car hesitating under partial throttle?
  48. Jumped Timing what should I order?!
  49. 97 sc3 to 1jz vvti info
  50. basic na-t setup question
  51. W58 clutch.... going, or normal?
  52. Need help with w58 shifter issue
  53. Timing belt change, Special tools?
  54. Weird Clicking noise in Park + Drive
  55. Best timing kit?
  56. Help identifying a Supra diff?
  57. Sc400 Exhaust manifold swap?
  58. 94 SC400 - strange starting issues
  59. 1998 SC300 Transmission Mounts
  60. Code P1349 - 98 SC400
  61. Oill Leak Need Help
  62. na-t treadstone manifold fitment possible with s366?
  63. No Spark, ECU has been rebuilt. Need help.
  64. Props to Darryl Geller in Atlanta
  65. Tapping Noises on start up
  66. 99 SC300 Transmission Code Question
  67. 1992 SC400 Runs Cold with A/C on
  68. Manzo Performance Stainless Axle Back Exhaust System
  69. Think I found a/c problem
  70. intake modification and another question.
  71. No Start No Spark ..Please Help
  72. bay area oakland 92 sc300 5speed e brake
  73. Oem replacement bushing???
  74. question about changing steering wheels
  75. New Differential Bushings: Polyurethane Vs Solid
  76. W58 swap parts list
  77. Need Urgent Help With Anti-Theft System
  78. SC400 differential options?
  79. Something tells me an ECU cap leaked
  80. No Idle...need suggestions!!
  81. Tutorial: DIY Gauge Cluster LED Needle fix
  82. 1994 SC 400 Electrical/Radio Problems
  83. Need help on final decision... 1jz or 1uz?
  84. ok I need help
  85. 1992 SC400 NA Performance upgrade 200whp
  86. Please help! SC300 is running rough.
  87. clutch pedal option
  88. auto tt lsd for sc300
  89. A/C problem
  90. compression test on engine stand
  91. sc300 rearend options. need help
  92. Need Alittle Help on Differential
  93. How to fix a stuck OPEN wastegate??
  94. Pick request -Mishimoto radiator install
  95. 1JZ Harness Questions
  96. Car shakes in Drive -need assistance-
  97. Electrical Guru's, your help is needed!!!
  98. Belt tensioner
  99. High idle after radiator install
  100. head gasket question
  101. 1jz vvti swap, speedo problem
  102. Poll: Built Auto or R154 swap??
  103. Fuel pump problem
  104. New radiator recommendation
  105. bad starter or?
  106. just when I thought I was out. . . . . .they pull me back in.
  107. Going Lean... 2jzgte swapped
  108. gte gasket compatibility
  109. Who has had issues with their idler pulley?
  110. 98 sc300 no brake lights, stuck in park.
  111. A few sc300 maintenance questions, - maf, leak, curb rash
  112. Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator plumbing
  113. 1JZGTE hydraulic water pump
  114. Hi have one ask (taillight module question)
  115. Solenoid 4 wire
  116. stuck injector sprays when off?
  117. radiator install help please
  118. 2jz Engine Wiring
  119. Domestic Injectors on GE
  120. Need advice on which radiator
  121. Odd PS issue
  122. 12v fuel mod with AEM and Big pump
  123. r154 rear subframe options
  124. Engine Randomly shutting off. could use some help
  125. Need Help !
  126. SC400 Fan bracket bolts
  127. DIY: SC300 HID Fogs
  128. HELP-1jz wont rev past 3krpm (estimated) 93sc300
  129. Questions about a Big exhaust leak and Little Oil leak. And a box for my Air intake.
  130. Noise under shifter with car in park (P) and brakes pressed
  131. Ever happened to anyone before? Transmission issue?
  132. Clutch Drops RPM's?
  133. Parts to replace when rebuilding differential?
  134. Possible Pre-Ignition Sensor Damage
  135. bracket above the TPS hitting strut bar
  136. Adding coolers? Oil, trans, diff?
  137. Car warms at idle, but temperature drops when driving
  138. 92 sc300 backfiring through air breather
  139. sc300 distributor life expectancy
  140. Starter woes; now broken connectors
  141. Tomei LSDs, any good?
  142. Long Term SAFC Results
  143. Spinning wheels on dyno
  144. Problems with 12 disc changer
  145. Harness plate help
  146. ECU - Climate Control - Needles & Backlighting
  147. SC400. Need help! Crank will not turn over.
  148. ARP Head Studs
  149. sc300 dies after 10 feet wont restart for several hours.
  150. turns over not cranking no fire help
  151. sc400 Transmission slipping after Its warmed up?
  152. LS400 to SC400 swap?
  153. Turbo problem
  154. Power loss - right bank (psgr) no power, has spark and good sparkplugs.
  155. Car vibration issue - need help
  156. Erg block off plate any noticeable gains ?
  157. cant get timing belt on
  158. LSD 1998 Sc400
  159. 1uz
  160. ffim
  161. 98+up GS400 trans into a 92-93 SC400?
  162. Driver Side Headlight Problem
  163. Code P0171 and P0172 on Boosted NA-T? Help!
  164. Strange ignition issue
  165. window interior trim crack repair
  166. Check Engine Light On. Plz Help!
  167. a little insight for a 2jz vvti swap
  168. Tuning
  169. what differential is this? will it work in an SC400?
  170. Car misfires and bogs when warmed up please help!!
  171. Can I use a ls400 coolant res in my sc400?
  172. 1jz problems.. wtf is wrong with this thing.
  173. Sc400 won't start, New fuel pump
  174. 1JZGTE Leaky Caps
  175. knocking front wheel
  176. 95 sc300 bad fuel pump ecu?
  177. 1997+ cluster in pre 97
  178. Overheating
  179. Knock Sensor 52 - 93sc4
  180. Beware of Water Pump Holes!
  181. Need guidance asap
  182. Will a 95' SC300 wire harness work in a 92 SC300?
  183. First Start of Driving Season
  184. help, won't start.
  185. Sc400 with a strange leak
  186. Door interior trim panel reassembly
  187. What these cables for?
  188. Can someone please help. GS300 Fan in my 95 SC400
  189. aftermarket floor mats
  190. Replacing my motor mounts, how to drop the front subframe?
  191. anybody running straight pipe ?
  192. Sc300 upgrade
  193. frustrated and discouraged - climate control help needed
  194. Map ecu Tuning???
  195. 1JZ VVTI bogs when revved? (SC300)
  196. 1UZ fuel and timing maps anyone?
  197. Need help please! car acting very strange!
  198. timing belt tenisioner?
  199. Power Steering whining, vibrating and shooting fluid out reservoir! Pump is OK!
  200. I broke a tranny mount bolt, Where can I order a new one?
  201. cleaning up interior harness
  202. Hard power steering at low speeds 93 sc300
  203. Need More NA power before I go NA-T
  204. 2000 SC400 timing belt guide
  205. Alternator going out?
  206. fitting a non-Lexus/Toyota radiator?
  207. Where does this hose belong
  208. WTF W58 short gears
  209. Help with 1jz cut wires/hoses?
  210. What is the Record for HP from a stock GE na-t motor?
  211. upper radiator hose/TUBE Broke
  212. Intake mani problem
  213. How to disassemble/assemble '95 SC400 air intake?
  214. 2jz engine build, stumped on engine install.. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  215. Eating water pumps
  216. Sneering rack and pinion ???
  217. Hydrofan / AC delete - What belt?
  218. SC300 W58 Shifter Issue (Not bad bushing or green ring)
  219. SC400 Manual Conversion with 93 sc300 w58 and speedo doesn't work
  220. 2000 sc300 swap?
  221. new/used auto transmission or fix the problem
  222. DIY with Pictures: Cleaning out your PS reservior
  223. sc300 1jzgte overboosting? not controlling boost right?
  224. Possible ecu issue
  225. Fuel Pump ECU Rebuild
  226. Changed Plugs And Wires Now SC Won't Stay Started HELP!!
  227. SC400 1998 vvti 5 speed conversion
  228. Need help lost my key and have key cylinder but my car don't stater
  229. Water-pump .. I gambled and lost
  230. Headers for SC400
  231. 92 Sc400 Stalling
  232. Tuning Options
  233. SC400 w58 swap completed with stalling
  234. 1JZ Bando timing belt question
  235. Custom Exhaust Ideas
  236. quietish exhaust ideas?
  237. Loud Power Steering pump!!!!
  238. Crank Pulley Removal Tool Schley #64300
  239. Replacing the Heater Main Relay
  240. Powersteering hose leak
  241. Don't know what to do?
  242. I think I killed the car! (Cameron to Beuhler)
  243. 1jzgte 1995 sc300 has a lot of fuel pressure in tank
  244. 95 sc400.. overheating..any advice?
  245. Stock sc300 with megan mk4 4 inch catback
  246. Let's talk about SC400 Ignition Coil Connectors
  247. Battery drain related to dome fuse circut
  248. 1jz vvti oil pump tolerance.
  249. Screeching noise after new Rack and pinion
  250. IAC Valve cleaning & maintenance tips