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  1. running very very poorly
  2. Will I have a problem clearing my 6766 on this manifold?
  3. Differential bushing removal?
  4. Power steering leak, potential source?
  5. 1996 sc300 p0401 code help please!
  6. low idle problem
  7. Help!!! No spark 92 sc400
  8. O2 sensor wires cut
  9. Q:50mm wastegate on 44mm flange/tube
  10. Aftermarket power steering reservoirs?
  11. making steel braided fuel lines for sc400
  12. How hard is it to install Rack/Pinion and Tie End Rods?
  13. Checking Engine Codes - CEL Burnt Out
  14. 1jz-gte into my sc300 fuse box?
  15. R12 a/c pressures
  16. 98 sc400 2jzgte swap? manual transmission
  17. A/C Compressor seized up / smoking. I want to delete it.
  18. SC300 Aristo Swap Rear Thoughts
  19. 1JZ GTE VVTI Swap Code 78 Question
  20. 2jzgte breaking up above 14psi
  21. SC300 stalls/hesitates.
  22. Replacing PS fluid and fan fluid with synthetic?
  23. transmission fluid help
  24. traction control
  25. Code 14 - ok what...?
  26. Question on door trim
  27. SC 400 starter
  28. Window switch died...quick question
  29. Aftermarket ECU to replace master key in 98-03
  30. Is this radiator corrosion an immediate problem?
  31. New sc400 driver. need help..
  32. Obd1 motor with obd2 ecu?
  33. Picked up a 93 SC400 - Have a few questions
  34. quick question about ehxaust
  35. mechanical oil pressure...
  36. 93 SC300 No Cold start/Struggle to start
  37. sc400 fluctuations in rpm
  38. car smoking underhood cant find where though
  39. sc300 noob - need confirmation for mkiv supra gte swap.
  40. My Sump Dilemma
  41. 1jzgte vvti parts source
  42. Starter Changing Woes
  43. Tips for OBD2 AEM EMS V2 Na-t
  44. Sc400 R154 5 speed swap ...Clutch ?
  45. performance for the 93 sc400
  46. How many o2 sensors on sc300
  47. Thoughts on intercooler height
  48. buying shift solenoids
  49. Blue Smoke.....Help Needed!
  50. w58 speed sensor
  51. 1UZ non VVTI with W58...which diff ratio?
  52. New Engine and Transmission Computer designed for 1UZ & A340
  53. Sc300 Backfiring On Idle Rough Idle NO CEL!
  54. Cant get CEL codes
  55. Fuel pressure regulator VSV???
  56. no power to aem Help!
  57. Remote Start issues
  58. quick question about upgrading valve springs
  59. Fuel pressure regulator ge fuel rail
  60. blocking the stock bov
  61. Solid rack bushings, sub frame spacers, etc. questions
  62. 1jz timing issue
  63. 1993 obd1 cel
  64. Help Needed narrowing possible causes for my idle problem
  65. 1995 SC400 timing belt
  66. 1jz no start no fuel
  67. NA-T oil feed
  68. Custom SC400 Engine Mounts
  69. sc400 exhaust rattle - is cat delete worth it?
  70. Fuel management NA-T
  71. 26 mpg in my 97sc400!
  72. Tire Pressure for Aftermarket Wheels
  73. Valve stem remover
  74. NA-T gas mileage? What are you guys getting?
  75. What is the least attractive SC300 Body kit?
  76. Is an inexpensive ebay Timing Belt/W Pump kit OK?
  77. which engine mounts?
  78. HELP. my tire is wearing unevenly
  79. 97 SC300 Gated Shifter Wiring
  80. 1993 sc300 smog/ seafoam help ?!
  81. price range for auto to manual tranny swap
  82. Fair price for custom FMIC piping and install
  83. Where does this vacuum line goes to?
  84. R154 3rd gear and gear fork
  85. Fair price for 1UZFE Tune Up? (street mechanic)
  86. Power Steering help
  87. Oil Pressure Light on Startup
  88. My SC4 doesn't like rain...
  89. TRD GEN II STYLE SUPRA SUPER EXHAUST (Motoria Exhaust/ Xs Power)
  90. Lost a quart of oil in two days...
  91. Rough Idle, Could Be O2 Sensor?
  92. Electronic boost controller questions
  93. Another Sound From Engine Bay
  94. Can i supercharge my 92 sc?
  95. Prosport Gauges ... to good to be true ..?
  96. looking for info on twin turbo setups for 1JZ
  97. What oil you guys running?
  98. drive belt snapped now pulley arm wont move
  99. SC300 AC Lines, HIGH LOW?
  100. Heater takes a long time to turn on
  101. What 1JZ do I have???
  102. Aftermarket wastegate on stock 1JZGTE?
  103. SC400 Overheating after conversion to 2JZ-GE
  104. Sc400 tranny issue
  105. Any recommendations for a budget digital boost controller?
  106. Question about wastegate sizing
  107. 95 sc300 waterpump replacement
  108. I've always had a fetish for cool whip.
  109. sc300 1jzgte problem help
  110. speedo doesnt work, can i wire vss straight to ecm so it sees speed?
  111. Strange start and idle sc400
  112. Engine block coolant drain plug
  113. Link to Sc400 tune up DIY?
  114. Weird noise on start up???? Added a video
  115. Question regarding Leak Down Test
  116. Tomei Arms vs 20g build factory turbo
  117. Anyone using a TWM weighted shift knobs
  118. Bad hks wastegate?
  119. electrical ground issue? perhaps starter?
  120. Is this the sound of a faulty pulley? Video inside.
  121. Fuel line question.
  122. aristo center bearing for driveshaft on a sc
  123. 1 JZGTE swap JDM Auto vs Manual ECU Questions?
  124. Borg Warner s366 oil 90 deg adapter thread size
  125. 3 cylinders dead
  126. Fog lights
  127. Oil on spark plugs
  128. CEL Code P1120 (APPS) - Acceleration Pedal Positioning Sensor Question
  129. 1995 Lexus SC400 help
  130. Help!!! Calfiornia my SC300 did not pass smog test???
  131. Performance, Aftermarket or OEM for Motor/Tranny Mounts?
  132. 1992 lexus sc 400 will not crank over. HELP.
  133. NA-T installed, car is not idlling :(
  134. Can I access the engine coolant temp sensor without removing pass side sp plug cover?
  135. Throttle stuck wide open at 14psi
  136. Corroded Brake Line!
  137. 93 sc300 1JZ 3k up stutter issue.... HELP!
  138. oh great i cant pass smog test!
  139. Single exit exhaust options?
  140. R154 clutch/tranny problem
  141. NA-T intake ideas
  142. Should my shifter sit like this? (soarer r154)
  143. Power steering grinding noise? (Video)
  144. helllp, p0300, p0301, p0306. random misfire,1 and 6. runs fine
  145. Help with belt squeal.
  146. Help ASAP car wont start
  147. 1jz swap into SC300 fuel feed line leaking and wont stop!
  148. Clutch pedal install SC300
  149. Ok I HAVE to finally get around to fixing this idle issue
  150. IJZ VVTI SC400 Motor Mount Part#
  151. Long Road Trips, Maintenace Suggestions
  152. rebuild engine help!!
  153. SC 300 + 2JZ GTE VVT-i + Aeromotive 11142 + Controller FPSC Aeromotive -16306
  154. Best place to get a 2JZGTE?
  155. Need help! Supra tt auto LSD
  156. 1JZ 101 for dummies
  157. Max hp on factory fuel lines?
  158. Q45 beech tps adapter help
  159. GE NA-T correct MAF placement?
  160. OEM Ignition coils for 3.63$~ can this be real? Will these work on my Sc400?
  161. Hesitation above 5K RPMs?
  162. Anyone Heard of Phoenix Power?
  163. SC4 and GS4 tranny mount the same?
  164. Electrical Issues with my 97 SC300! Won't start.
  165. Where Are You Buying 1UZFE Tune-Up Parts? What are you using?
  166. 2jzge MAF blow through?
  167. Help! Braking/Dash problem, car feels weird!
  168. Sticky Clutch Problem after replacing
  169. w59 transmission on sc300?
  170. 1000cc injectors
  171. time to re do my exhaust...HELP!!!
  172. soarer r154 leak
  173. PLEASE help! gotta get my sc running ASAP!
  174. Fuel leak
  175. Need help with car
  176. A/C Light blinking
  177. sc4 power steering removal
  178. Hard shifts from park to drive
  179. will it work?
  180. How to tighten and lock Metal cable ties?
  181. Tuning /maintenance help?!?
  182. Take a look at my frayed timing belt.
  183. Distributor screws - do not remove
  184. Need help quickly!!!
  185. HELP Code 78 Sc300
  186. ??Broken exhaust thread questions??
  187. Turbo coolant fitting blew
  188. 1jzgte Soarer Swap into 1992 SC300 Wiring issues...
  189. sc300 rear diff ?lsd
  190. Drive shaft questions
  191. injecter not getting signal no fire
  192. Aluminum Radiator
  193. Gas tank pressure
  194. Universal Intercooler and piping for 1jzgte in sc300 HELP PLEASE!
  195. W58 Transmission Filll Bolt
  196. drivetrain vibration solved...well i hope so anyways, video inside.
  197. Project going down hill :( help
  198. gated shifter linkage
  199. LSD needed?
  200. Vacuum question, tried search, no help :(
  201. Desperate plea for help
  202. Clearly this air filter is too small...?
  203. What is the purpose of an X-pipe ?
  204. Key and starter won't turn on car? No accessory/fuel pump.
  205. headlight parking light housing, painting??
  206. supercharged 2jz??
  207. Any southwest Florida folks here?
  208. IS300 lower plenum same as SC?
  209. Differential Fluid Leak??
  210. Lexus dealer tranny advice!
  211. Need advice
  212. need N/A 2jz cooling diagrams, OR help flushing heater core
  213. 1UZ experts, I need help!
  214. 98 SC400 Rush Headers =need quite exhaust??
  215. 1jz single turbo
  216. 92 SC300 w58 driveshaft length?!
  217. Cams cap and head scoring
  218. SC4 Fly by wire to cable conversion?
  219. SC400 to SC300
  220. Koyo Radiator install into SC300 5-speed
  221. 1JZ hks SSQV Adapter
  222. Another injector resistor thread!!!
  223. Some Exhaust questions
  224. Couple newb questions-engine oil type, trans fluid, temp issue
  225. Miss fire plus now wont start! HELP!!!
  226. Battery light doing the harlem shake
  227. tight oil filter
  228. Need a Guru's advice; SC400 Problem!!!
  229. I know the search rules but i need heater help
  230. Is this a soarer 1JZ?
  231. Will Someone Explain???
  232. FFIM question
  233. 1998 sc300 tan airbag want to buy!!!
  234. Exhaust leak
  235. There's engine in my rack? Or rack in my engine?
  236. Code 55 Aristo ECU
  237. sc300 high idle and clutch squeak
  238. Fuel level sensor affecting performance
  239. 1zj swap problem
  240. Fuel pump issue???
  241. Quick question for 97 Tach fix with GTE swap
  242. Need Help Removing Power Steering Pulley
  243. 1992 W58 5 Speed Conversion.
  244. Tranny swap Question
  245. Lets talk intake manifold...
  246. Bypass fp ecu
  247. Converting fan system from hydraulic to electric? Pulley found!
  248. Coolant Drain and fill Question
  249. 1992 SC400, instrument cluster stays
  250. Is there any way to tell if timing belt was done?