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  1. Time to overcome this: PS leaks only after being driven
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  7. Opinion from those with V160 and TRD mount
  8. Tru Boost Pinout
  9. I'm hitting boostcut @3500 rpm with my boost completely turn off
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  11. Foam in coolant resivor
  12. Put new platinum NGK spark plugs in runs worst now
  13. turbo build throttle body
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  15. 93' Sc400 Transmission Problems HELP
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  17. 400 is misfiring
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  19. Take a look at my spark plug and let me know what you think.
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  22. Wtf!
  23. sc 300 clunky transmission
  24. Weird noise from middle console when going high speeds like a grinding noise NEED HEL
  25. Idleing problem saga continues!
  26. sc300 1jz Project Car
  27. sc300 1jz Project Car
  28. Upgrading from Dual Walbro 255's
  29. TPS Throttle Stop Screw Location w picture
  30. e85?
  31. Bleeding the Traction Control
  32. NA-T 389rwhp 445ft-lbs need help with ignition
  33. cold air intake & exhaust?
  34. parts
  35. should I rebuild or repair my 96 sc300 engine
  36. ebay timing belt kit
  37. Aftermarket Parts and HP
  38. O2 Sensor
  39. No power to Ecu or fuel pump.
  40. Hayden 677 Transmission Cooler Installed
  41. what turbo is this?
  42. power steering question w/pic
  43. Na-t tt ecu single turbo a/f's
  44. Anyone running ACL bearings?
  45. SC300 - Will not run - Please Help
  46. 1993 SC400 Turns over a few times and fails... then starts 4th or 5th try
  47. Should I be able to pass emissions?
  48. New to forum! My SC...need some help!
  49. Grinding sound from shifter, also transmission flush?
  50. Mysterious green light on dash board?
  51. Distributor plug locations numbers
  52. Clutch disc melted to flywheel??? Southbend/R154
  53. 95 alternator issue
  54. washed my engine, now guess what........
  55. mk3 supra w58 swap clutch help
  56. SC300 differential backlash
  57. Need some recommendations for turbo
  58. ignition problems
  59. R154 Trans / 1UZ V8 ? compatible flywheel?
  60. At a complete loss
  61. opinions on 1jz or 1.5jz
  62. alternator wiring help
  63. Soarer R154 question
  64. Quick crank pulley question
  65. Automatic SC400 dying
  66. GE-GTE compatible parts?
  67. 99' SC300 5-Speed Swap Question
  68. weird no idleing run like poop question
  69. Lextreme stage one cylinder head
  70. 93 sc300 AC problems
  71. Does a sc400 iacv fit on the sc300???
  72. sc400 stops accelerating & accelerates again
  73. headers/aftermarket exhaust for SC400
  74. r154 vibration / shaking issue.....
  75. 1992 sc 400 won't stay running
  76. Injector not getting a ground
  77. Something weird happened..
  78. swapping my 1uz
  79. IACV Question
  80. strange tachometer
  81. How easily should a driveshaft insert into the rear of the transmission?
  82. Air Conditioning Issue
  83. Should I get a 1JZ or should I just mate a manual gearbox into my SC400?
  84. rebuilding auto tranny for 600 hp?
  85. bc 264 install in 1jz
  86. Electric fan conversion
  87. Is my gearing messed up? (1JZ W58 Low Speeds, High RPMS! - 5speed SC owners plz come)
  88. Power steering noise
  89. quick question; bad waterpump? AND or BHG?
  90. Just installed my R154 and having problems
  91. spark plugs
  92. WOAH! (Three questions in one thread. Clutch Jerk/Drivetrain/AC Leak ECU)
  93. 1uz egr tube remove ?
  94. Sc300 fuel system
  95. Help in Denver
  96. Time to start over, or can I fix it?
  97. Anyone running any sort of upgraded cams on their GE?
  98. High idle & transmission mis shifting?
  99. CEL and Trac Off lights on.
  100. 92 sc400 temp gauge pegged at hot
  101. Smaller turbo installed now boosting higher
  102. 1JZ twin turbo replacement w/ twins.
  103. Heads up tip : air conditioning leak
  104. please help with electrical issue on my sc
  105. new mufflers
  106. undercoating
  107. 1.5jz build parts needed
  108. engine build opinions
  109. replace front turn signal bulb on 1995 SC300
  110. 1jz problems help !!!!
  111. SC400 A/C Compressor Revolution Sensor
  112. 1jz vvti water pump, where to buy?
  113. brake lights not working
  114. Working on my 95 sc400 ignition
  115. transmission mounts help!
  116. driveshaft length?
  117. Help!!! faulty MAF sensor not sure
  118. Bought the wrong water pump have a question
  119. vvti vs non vvti parts.
  120. No overdrive / cruise control
  121. Quick favor from the 98-00 SC400 guys
  122. Can anyone recommend a good aftermarket 1JZ-R154 flywheel?
  123. GTE knock sensors while rebuilding the block
  124. 1999 sc300 comes with LSD stock?
  125. Head Replacement
  126. Auto TT trans
  127. vortech help
  128. Need some help figuring out what could be the issue with my SC
  129. Grinding fenders for larger tires
  130. SC300 Not Getting Spark; Aristo 2JZ-GTE
  131. Charging Voltage Mod for $.50
  132. clutch problem?
  133. 99 sc300 body plug diagram
  134. High RPM lockout, southbend/soarer r154
  135. Blowing smoke under boost
  136. Is this the ABS sensor on my MKIII R154?
  137. u-joint
  138. SC400 won't start?
  139. Is this good enough for fuel management?
  140. Exhaust Manifold flange warped??
  141. Power steering OVER assisted, Too light, twitchy after overfill/drain extra
  142. Low Fuel Pressure??
  143. Stripped nut on fan clutch need some ideas.
  144. ems choices and help
  145. 1JZ Sticky Idle symptoms?
  146. Need Help with my Loss of Power
  147. Window regulator killing me. See pic need HELP
  148. What was the story behind the Dave H orphan turbo kit?
  149. What mount and crossmember for R154 into SC300? (have searched)
  150. Need help w window regulator!!!
  151. W58 Clutch and Flywheel
  152. So my SC is overheating and I'm still deployed..Awesome.
  153. just bought my first lexus
  154. Window motor really starting to aggravate me.
  155. 1jzgte swap into 93 sc300
  156. Neutral Safety Switch
  157. Are these bad caps???
  158. Garrett t04e BB 60-1
  159. Can anyone help explain this: low AFR under boost and no Fuel Cut??
  160. Need help, maybe ecu related
  161. SC 300 Failed Emmisions Test, Replaced 02 Sensor...Still Not Passing
  162. lost.... im new to the lexus scene and need a lil help please :)
  163. lost on what axles to run help needed.
  164. 1UZ-FE Or VVTI 1UZ????? S13 swap
  165. sc400 cranks but wont fire up.
  166. My new custom exhaust SC300
  167. 1jz vvti intake cam seal?
  168. Trac light on...
  169. R154 manual swap needs clutch ??
  170. '93 fuel filter and rear seat back
  171. Please help! SC400 won't start!
  172. Installing new -6 AN braided fuel line/Aeromotive filter. Will these parts work?
  173. Club NA-T KIT
  174. 1uz Injector Rail Torque Specs??
  175. 1JZGTE Single Turbo Boosting SLOOWWWW HELP
  176. MAS performance sc300 runs a 9.8!!
  177. OBDI vs OBDII engine harness
  178. 2jzge obd1 code 14 please help
  179. is clutch pedal spring supposed to be super stiff?
  180. Walk through for installing BOV
  181. low idle and no ac, 1jz vvti
  182. Who Can HELP Me
  183. Need to verify exact length difference for factory R154 Soarer shift extension vs MK3
  184. 93, poor low end power. solutions?
  185. KA24DE Trans on SC400?
  186. startup hiccups sometimes
  187. Why want SC300 turnover?????
  188. Driveshaft deminsions
  189. Pulling out all my hair!!
  190. K&N Intake from a GS400 on my SC400, finally its been done with a pic!
  191. Help a noob out.. A341E trans swap A LOT of Questions!
  192. Na-t vvti do I use a tt head gasket?
  193. O2 Oxygen Sensor LIES for the 1JZ... 4 wire to 3 wire conversion?
  194. NA auto shift kit?
  195. Titan Motorsports: Aeromotion Wing
  196. 1JZ VVTI FPR vacuum switch / solenoid?
  197. 1993 lexus sc300 mpg ?! Awful help !
  198. Gs300 pumpkin swap into my sc300?
  199. R154 - Ridiculously high clutch engagement
  200. 97 1uzfe sc400 ground start run
  201. 1jz vvti second fuel pressure regulator under intake manifold?
  202. Seeking advice from NA-T expert ha!
  203. 1jz/2jz vvti aluminum accessory pulleys
  204. which driveshafts for your sc300
  205. Alarm problems please help!!
  206. DIY: 99 SC400 Valve Cover Gasket, T-Belt, Water Pump etc..
  207. 92 sc400 w58 no crank/no start. NSS wiring?
  208. Battery Draining?
  209. hard oil feed line
  210. Strange Occurrence!!!
  211. need to find injector orings
  212. Safc2 in 97 na-t, help
  213. SC400: Hesitation above 1500rpms
  214. temperature gauge issue on swap
  215. What is wrong with my SC!?
  216. Help...CEL 15 Ignition Signal...starts then dies...
  217. AC Codes 23 42 and 43
  218. MKIII R154 shift housing extension?
  219. anyone try this mod yet?
  220. 2JZ-GE ACIS Intake Vacuum Control Valve install questions
  221. 1JZ W/ Sc300 shroud and fan??????
  222. 1993 lexus sc300 2jzge questions about boost ? Please help
  223. ?? for na-t guys, What is this for?
  224. Question on MAF's
  225. 1jz crazy high fuel pressure, bad FPR?
  226. 6766/1jz what size oil feed?
  227. no overdrive/4th gear in 1jz auto transmission
  228. 93 sc300 2jzge w/ auto tranny turbo help/opitions ?!
  229. Blower Control Harness
  230. Upgraded throttle body on 2jzgte, what tps/tps issues
  231. How to delete power steering?
  232. 92 SC400 Cranks But Will Not Start - Smoking Cable
  233. Nothing but hot air...
  234. coil pack
  235. Green liquid leaking from EGR valve
  236. ABS Sensor/Speedometer not working 95+
  237. Fuel system cleaner question
  238. Intermittent overheating 'I think'?
  239. neeed more speed haha
  240. My 1JZ is killing itself
  241. AEM EMS v2?
  242. Question about rear differential
  243. no power to fuel pump, car won't start
  244. Sc400 Fuel line replacement north of filter. Where does it start?
  245. Cant connect to stupid AEM V2
  246. big hp r154 must go??
  247. 1993 sc400 problems
  248. Shakey Idle ??? Car Performs Fine
  249. NA-T suggestions.
  250. SC300 doesn't start sometimes! (Video)