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  1. SC 300 + 2JZ GTE VVT-i + Aeromotive 11142 + Controller FPSC Aeromotive -16306
  2. Best place to get a 2JZGTE?
  3. Need help! Supra tt auto LSD
  4. 1JZ 101 for dummies
  5. Max hp on factory fuel lines?
  6. Q45 beech tps adapter help
  7. GE NA-T correct MAF placement?
  8. OEM Ignition coils for 3.63$~ can this be real? Will these work on my Sc400?
  9. Hesitation above 5K RPMs?
  10. Anyone Heard of Phoenix Power?
  11. SC4 and GS4 tranny mount the same?
  12. Electrical Issues with my 97 SC300! Won't start.
  13. Where Are You Buying 1UZFE Tune-Up Parts? What are you using?
  14. 2jzge MAF blow through?
  15. Help! Braking/Dash problem, car feels weird!
  16. Sticky Clutch Problem after replacing
  17. w59 transmission on sc300?
  18. 1000cc injectors
  19. time to re do my exhaust...HELP!!!
  20. soarer r154 leak
  21. PLEASE help! gotta get my sc running ASAP!
  22. Fuel leak
  23. Need help with car
  24. A/C Light blinking
  25. sc4 power steering removal
  26. Hard shifts from park to drive
  27. will it work?
  28. How to tighten and lock Metal cable ties?
  29. Tuning /maintenance help?!?
  30. Take a look at my frayed timing belt.
  31. Distributor screws - do not remove
  32. Need help quickly!!!
  33. HELP Code 78 Sc300
  34. ??Broken exhaust thread questions??
  35. Turbo coolant fitting blew
  36. 1jzgte Soarer Swap into 1992 SC300 Wiring issues...
  37. sc300 rear diff ?lsd
  38. Drive shaft questions
  39. injecter not getting signal no fire
  40. Aluminum Radiator
  41. Gas tank pressure
  42. Universal Intercooler and piping for 1jzgte in sc300 HELP PLEASE!
  43. W58 Transmission Filll Bolt
  44. drivetrain vibration solved...well i hope so anyways, video inside.
  45. Project going down hill :( help
  46. gated shifter linkage
  47. LSD needed?
  48. Vacuum question, tried search, no help :(
  49. Desperate plea for help
  50. Clearly this air filter is too small...?
  51. What is the purpose of an X-pipe ?
  52. Key and starter won't turn on car? No accessory/fuel pump.
  53. headlight parking light housing, painting??
  54. supercharged 2jz??
  55. Any southwest Florida folks here?
  56. IS300 lower plenum same as SC?
  57. Differential Fluid Leak??
  58. Lexus dealer tranny advice!
  59. Need advice
  60. need N/A 2jz cooling diagrams, OR help flushing heater core
  61. 1UZ experts, I need help!
  62. 98 SC400 Rush Headers =need quite exhaust??
  63. 1jz single turbo
  64. 92 SC300 w58 driveshaft length?!
  65. Cams cap and head scoring
  66. SC4 Fly by wire to cable conversion?
  67. SC400 to SC300
  68. Koyo Radiator install into SC300 5-speed
  69. 1JZ hks SSQV Adapter
  70. Another injector resistor thread!!!
  71. Some Exhaust questions
  72. Couple newb questions-engine oil type, trans fluid, temp issue
  73. Miss fire plus now wont start! HELP!!!
  74. Battery light doing the harlem shake
  75. tight oil filter
  76. Need a Guru's advice; SC400 Problem!!!
  77. I know the search rules but i need heater help
  78. Is this a soarer 1JZ?
  79. Will Someone Explain???
  80. FFIM question
  81. 1998 sc300 tan airbag want to buy!!!
  82. Exhaust leak
  83. There's engine in my rack? Or rack in my engine?
  84. Code 55 Aristo ECU
  85. sc300 high idle and clutch squeak
  86. Fuel level sensor affecting performance
  87. 1zj swap problem
  88. Fuel pump issue???
  89. Quick question for 97 Tach fix with GTE swap
  90. Need Help Removing Power Steering Pulley
  91. 1992 W58 5 Speed Conversion.
  92. Tranny swap Question
  93. Lets talk intake manifold...
  94. Bypass fp ecu
  95. Converting fan system from hydraulic to electric? Pulley found!
  96. Coolant Drain and fill Question
  97. 1992 SC400, instrument cluster stays
  98. Is there any way to tell if timing belt was done?
  99. Sc300 1996 low idle?
  100. I need some advice on an Ebay Turbo kit
  101. Anyone currently installing an r154
  102. WTB 1JZ psteering pump replacement
  103. Failed HARD
  104. Manual SC300 idling a little off
  105. How do you tell if it is a Soarer 1jzgte as opposed to another rear sump 1jz?
  106. Manual swap 96 sc300 now check engine light. Ecu questions
  107. powersteering pump or rack and pinion
  108. So who here is running the ACT Extreme Clutch on their R154?
  109. chasing this random multiple misfire problem....
  110. T56 trans adaptor to 1jz auto bell housing..
  111. More 2JZ vvti wiring questions
  112. stock idle on sc400?
  113. HELP!!!! Unknown Clutch/Trans Noise
  114. 2jzge w/ 2jzge harness w/ Aristo ECU w/ 2jzgte FFIM TPS Idle problems
  115. stainless works mufflers?
  116. Bad wastegate? car wont boost over 10 psi
  117. CXRacing Turbo Manifold = Junk. Does not fit.
  118. *Internet Find* SC600 Twin turbo LS
  119. Idle Problem-Video
  120. OEM gasket on Na-t manifold
  121. Clutch kit hardware
  122. Should I Pull The Engine?
  123. Na-t is go...
  124. Front o2 sensor for aristo swap?
  125. Sc400 maf adapter questions
  126. What should I know before buying this SC400
  127. Turbo Application + DD Reliability
  128. New MAF?
  129. 1JZ won't warm up
  130. General Motor Swap Related Questions
  131. Engine Running Slightly Hot Following T-Belt Replacement
  132. 2jzgte what do I need to go single turbo
  133. Increased valve body pressure
  134. Csm059
  135. 1998 SC400 long tube headers fitment ?
  136. Fuel Leak
  137. Help with supercharging my SC400
  138. Sc400 M2 performance mufflers
  139. fuel filter question on SC400
  140. Gated Shifter Question
  141. Soarer R154 questions
  142. 1JZ Intake Manifold Question!
  143. Fuel System Emergency. Please Help
  144. Interior fuse box compatibility
  145. Ralco rz underdrive pulleys
  146. question on mbc and hks style wastegate
  147. SC300/400 Body Exterior Detail Improvement
  148. TT iacv flange size
  149. Spark plug blow out
  150. Fuel leak?!
  151. Tt ecu on obd2 car
  152. 1994 sc300 code 12 RPM signal no. 1
  153. Fuel pump; car wont turn over
  154. 1JZ Single Turbo - Throttle Hiccups & Hard Starts
  155. Florida need mech
  156. Holset Hx52 Questions
  157. Window goes down not up
  158. Leaking Distributor Repair
  159. Fuel Pump / Sending Unit
  160. SC300 driveshaft question
  161. Sc400 won't crank after tranny replacement!
  162. 1jz NO BOOST???
  163. Stock Radio Intermittent??
  164. Going na-t
  165. 1uz into sc300 questions
  166. What are my best economical exhaust options if smog/inspection is of no concern?
  167. 1jz wastegate fitting line
  168. Weird power steering leak during tranny replacement
  169. Oil Pressure Sensor
  170. 2003 GS300 rear Brakes
  171. 5-Speed Flex Coupling
  172. Repeated Power Steering Failure
  173. Down pipe fabrication question.
  174. starters
  175. Broken Tripod... R154
  176. What size fitting do I need for a feed on a gte block?
  177. po 430 pls help tell witch o2 it is.
  178. new here need help swap manual trans. sc400
  179. Garrett gt35 vs precision 6265
  180. Replace Wheel Bearing or the Entire Hub?
  181. help
  182. Coolant Leask streaming from right side engine, near PS pump
  183. Bad gas mileage (another gas thread.......)
  184. 1992 5 Factory 5 Speed SC 1jzgte conversion HELP PLEASE!!!
  185. 1994 sc300 alternator problem?
  186. sc400 1JZ or 1JZ-GTE
  187. 1jz-gte
  188. Lexus SC400 (1994) Shakes/Misfires/Backfires: Continued
  189. Smog legal 1UZ mods?
  190. overdrive issue
  191. which cams
  192. GE/GTE Harness Wiring!!!
  193. Sc400 Performance choice for the time being
  194. Heater Control Valve Repair
  195. JDM Engine swap and Cali emissions?
  196. Hiccup after sc3 spark plug change
  197. Help with hiccup at random RPM's Sc300
  198. Which is easier?
  199. Weird i have a different diff?
  200. sc300 burning clutch?
  201. Specific questions before DIY transmission R&R
  202. Tial 50mm blow-off valve or HKS SSQV (old model)
  203. SC400 Cat Delete pipes
  204. 1JZ single turboo swap - hose questions
  205. HELP! ECU problem?
  206. wiring issues? How to check?
  207. Help me identify where this noise is coming from
  208. performance upgrades
  209. Replacing PS Pump in a 97 SC300
  210. Quick question
  211. A little help will be appreciated. Serpentine belt, etc...
  212. Just Dropped Off My Lexi At A Shop :/
  213. Need engine builders advice
  214. oil pressure switch
  215. sc300 help
  216. Supra cam ?
  217. 1jz resistor pack/afc problem. Please help!
  218. Quick crank pulley question
  219. TPS adapter HELP??
  220. 4" downpipe or 3" downpipe on a BW s366
  221. The Manual SC400 Swap, SMOG
  222. 1jzgte where can I get these coolant sensors new?
  223. What is the ohm range of our sending units?//Where do I get oil pressure on the block
  224. Fan Clutch Replacement
  225. 1JZ Valve Cover material
  226. Main Relay
  227. Instrument Cluster..removal easy...But the wires ????
  228. 92 SC300 Need info on doing the timing
  229. Broke oil feed line need quck fix
  230. Need help with codes P0441 & P0446
  231. 1jz wiring help
  232. Totally Lost / Please help
  233. Which Spark Plugs should I get for my SC300?
  234. Four-Wheel Steering, and TEMS?
  235. SC300 overheating - Radiator empty, steaming from engine
  236. Aftermarket Aisin Water Pump SC400
  237. Replacement Cam & Crank Seals SC400
  238. What are 1992 SC300 Stock Spark Plugs?
  239. Aluminum Radiator
  240. Noob with lots of Questions
  241. Na-T Project
  242. Just found my old multimeter!
  243. NA-T Your Thoughts!
  244. Fuel vapor canister replacement..need cheap substitute
  245. Lets discuss missing
  246. Getting resistance on maf
  247. Where are the pro know it all SC300 5 speed people?
  248. Xerd/Mvp Header Or Obx For N/A?
  249. 1992 lexus sc400 transmission swap
  250. 1JZ stainless "y" pipe + manifold