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  1. Installed S-AFC on a bone stock SC400 today
  2. SC300 Coolant Drain Plug?? Where it at?!
  3. NA-T Help
  4. Stock Engine
  5. s-afc question
  6. Purchased SC3 5 speed Flunctuating exhaust note on Idle.....
  7. saw this on ebay, whatta you guys think?
  8. Transmission mount and Engine mount replacement
  9. w58 Supra Transmission
  10. PCV value question
  11. Supra rear-end question
  12. Supra rear-end question
  13. Engine Code 28 - Rear main o2 sensors?
  14. 1998-up SC400 performance mods?
  15. For Anyone looking to go R154
  16. 5Zigen Border GT, anyone have it for their sc4 or 3?
  17. where can i buy a High Output alternator for my 1995 SC400?
  18. 00 sc400 hp vs 00 gs400
  19. heat only hot when i press the gas
  20. car dies out, what's wrong?
  21. I don't think a turbo/SC SC400 is feasible
  22. bluish grayish smoke when i start my car
  23. engine upgrades
  24. Rear Differential Leaking?
  25. I need an opinion
  26. 2jz-gte engine upgrades
  27. 5speed tranny problem
  28. Question on sc400 gte swap.
  29. 2mm Headgasket
  30. I have a question about hoods and exaust.
  31. Exhaust note of SC3 w/o resonators
  32. Carbon deposits on one bank of cylinders
  33. JDM 1/2 cuts for your GTE swap?
  34. Clutch chatter after it's engaged and car is moving?
  35. noise with clutch
  36. R-154 Automatic Tranny Problems
  37. Can't find starter in my SC300
  38. Tbelt price list !!!!
  39. High flo cats....worth the $$$???
  40. Recommended EBC?
  41. wastegates......
  42. can the w58 be built up or re-enforced somehow???
  43. Engine pic
  44. a different kind of hesitation
  45. silly question, but can it be done?
  46. new member story of my lexus
  47. Boostlogic kits on a 97 sc300
  48. need help on exhaust
  49. GTE question
  50. what engine is better
  51. will a run too rich with this set-up..??
  52. Supra MK IV differential
  53. HELP!! timing advance question
  54. Suprastore's turbo kit?
  55. na-t guys.........
  56. Performance
  57. Trac light is on
  58. Turbo housing...(exhaust side)
  59. is this a good,decent wideband fr na-t..??
  60. which BOV do you guys use...
  61. Car jerking when turning
  62. Weight of a PS pump?
  63. Exhausts for Dummies.
  64. EGR / Code 71 Issues
  65. New Plugs :)
  66. Transmission issue
  67. Exhaust tips
  68. Pi Torque Converter Problems
  69. Question about Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF
  70. Clutch Position Sensor?
  71. Anyone with a 1JZ using the S-AFC II??
  72. compression test results..
  73. im dumb about please
  74. Siezed Engine
  75. Got my new intake manifold fabricated
  76. sc400 tranny problems, major, HELP?
  77. valve cover gasket
  78. R154 tranny on the way. but few questions.
  79. initial set up for SAFC
  80. Sc300 ring gear size?
  81. manifold..
  82. q about exhaust
  83. turbo question...
  84. external fuel injectors
  85. Has anyone seen or use this TC??
  86. Supra TT
  87. With the AEM, I actually found a reason to dyno
  88. r154 tranny
  89. SC300 Wont Start after unhooking the Battery??
  90. Aero Turbine Exhaust?
  91. The beast has awoken
  92. does the 2jzgte use the same oil filter as 2jzge?
  93. Q about magnaflow
  94. ECU upgrade FUEL mag
  95. Diagrams to remove PSP
  96. i have a chance at turboing my sc400
  97. going na-t with this set up.
  98. rich or lean...
  99. exhaust pipe routing
  100. need some pics of yr na-t set up.
  101. The modding has begun...
  102. PS Pump relaced...But
  103. blitz or greddy exhaust
  104. What causes 02 sesors to go - 6 in 2 years
  105. Removing EGR Valve
  106. Sound clip of my exhaust -- full cat-back
  107. Supra auto transmission vs SC auto transmission
  108. Maf Sensors...
  109. question about TT Supra Auto Torsen Diff
  110. injectors = top mount or side mount
  111. need yr help for turbo kit
  112. turbo manifold
  113. car missing when shifting.
  114. replacment parts for 1jzgte
  115. which TT Swap is cheaper?
  116. sc300 5sp question
  117. NA-T oil lines
  118. Replacing power steering pump
  119. Did my radiator just "burp" ????
  120. what does this light on my cluster mean?
  121. changing timing belt
  122. Injectors
  123. questions about the 1jz swap????
  124. GTE swap cooling questions?
  125. Question About The Dashpot In The Throttle Body
  126. magnaflows 14829
  127. SC 300 Coil Packs?
  128. which 1jz front clip fits in the sc300?
  129. Supra GTE auto bolt to 6 spd
  130. single sided exhaust?
  131. Turbo on a 92 SC300
  132. Motor mounts (already did search)
  133. Rear end RTV sealant
  134. S-AFC questions.
  135. SC300 Buildup Article in Turbo Magazine
  136. What is this drippy thing on my SC?
  137. Exactly how restrictive is the stock exhaust system on the sc3?
  138. boost happy 1.5jz question
  139. port and polish
  140. 2jzgte head on the ge block....
  141. Best turbo(s) for the SC400? Vote!!!
  142. list of parts for the 6spd Swap?
  143. Changing Clutch, have a few questions...
  144. running the 2jz-ge with a 7m-gte..
  145. Thermostat/Heat
  146. Fuel Calculations for NA/T
  147. what turbo kit for sc3
  148. SC300 performance question
  149. Tranny Coated in Oil
  150. Does a 2JZ rebuild kit exist?
  151. SC300/SC400 exhaust difference?
  152. 2jzgte w/ t04r
  153. How to install a thermostat on the 1992 sc400?
  154. A/C problem = engine surge
  155. Gotta problem - weird whining noise coming from engine
  156. Soarer Driveshaft question, R154 vs W58
  157. 2jzge to 2jzgte swap
  158. Best suited turbo for Soarer 2.5GT-T
  159. Forced Induction on the Soare V8/SC400- PROOF!!
  160. TRD quickshifter installed
  161. trans fluid level
  162. What's this?
  163. supra engine swap, sc400
  164. gas pedcle sticks
  165. where can i get performance parts for 1jzgte?
  166. Help! anyone know about electrical issues?
  167. TRD Japan Quick Shift Kit work on the SC3?
  168. Cost to Turbo a SC300???
  169. trd part#
  170. greddy exhaust
  171. Anyone seen this exhaust?
  172. turbo on high mile 5speed
  173. 1uzfe Cams!!!!!!!!!
  174. Engine control module
  175. Clutch dead in the water.
  176. Gutting Cats...yes I searched
  177. TRD LSD Install Pics
  178. Anyone ever removed the entire distributor? Quick Question!
  179. Whose car is this?
  180. Is it bad to manually shift our auto sc400's?
  181. anyone got pics of their FMIC setup on a sc300
  182. speed sensor (CLOSED)
  183. Blown cats...
  184. Injen cold air intake vs cone style K&N
  185. Engine differences in 92 sc300 5sp's and the 93+?
  186. SC400 cams
  187. Transmission Cooler
  188. Optima Battery
  189. UH OH !!!! alternator ???
  190. head gasket
  191. Pulled the tranny (again) to check the damage ...
  192. n00b sc owner [need you guys to help]
  193. ceramic coating or jethot in nyc???
  194. HKS VPC w/map sensor/harness/IATC/B chip
  195. getting transmission oil
  196. check engine light and traction control off sign going off
  197. Supra downpipe
  198. prices for torque convertors(aftermarket)
  199. Got bored... how 'bout some tacho fun
  200. blitz exhaust
  201. Problem with my tranny
  202. SC400 Piston Rings
  203. 97+ SC300 Auto to Manual?
  204. 1995 SC400 Tranny Leak
  205. New toys (exhaust) for the soarer....
  206. Haltech setup on GTE swap
  207. crankshaft pulley
  208. BAD drive-line vibration after engine install
  209. How do you keep cruise control w/ 2jz-gte swap?
  210. Motor & Trans mounts
  211. What are the major differences between 92 SC300 vs. 93 +?
  212. best FMU for NA-T?
  213. 160 degree Thermostat
  214. whats the deal with Xerd Headers
  215. Any Christmas boost yet for the SC400??
  216. shifting noise
  217. need help on nitrous
  218. what preformance cats will fit out cars?
  219. Exhaust Mod Recomendations?
  220. sc300 heat problem
  221. So what would you do? NA-T?
  222. Starting/Stalling problem
  223. 6spd install
  224. Help heater valve control
  225. Supra's stock twin turbo on 5-sp SC300?
  226. Getting a cold air intake for my SC in a week and more
  227. How Long are SC300 Clutches lasting?
  228. HELP! Car wont start
  229. which BFI
  230. how can i get a 14.7?
  231. NEED HELP: Will these exhaust tips fit my car
  232. ARC SC300 Radiator
  233. Supra NA-T ic piping
  234. how much hp would a single exhaust yield?
  235. Sc400 Manual conversion info...
  236. Question/Poll for the NA-T/GTE swap guys
  237. 1jz head on 2jz block
  238. FINALLY got my ECU upgrade, now what about exaust?
  239. Bleeding Coolant System
  240. transmission whine
  241. How much would it cost for me to do this swap?
  242. a few modding questions
  243. Is my transmission ruined? Have always used dexton-III!!!
  244. SP71gtq
  245. performance exhaust
  246. 2zj GE turbo manifolds
  247. Blown Soarer
  248. Updated info: TT hg/pistons
  249. help egr valve location ? code 71
  250. Exhaust Options on NA-Turbo