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  1. Rear end RTV sealant
  2. S-AFC questions.
  3. SC300 Buildup Article in Turbo Magazine
  4. What is this drippy thing on my SC?
  5. Exactly how restrictive is the stock exhaust system on the sc3?
  6. boost happy 1.5jz question
  7. port and polish
  8. 2jzgte head on the ge block....
  9. Best turbo(s) for the SC400? Vote!!!
  10. list of parts for the 6spd Swap?
  11. Changing Clutch, have a few questions...
  12. running the 2jz-ge with a 7m-gte..
  13. Thermostat/Heat
  14. Fuel Calculations for NA/T
  15. what turbo kit for sc3
  16. SC300 performance question
  17. Tranny Coated in Oil
  18. Does a 2JZ rebuild kit exist?
  19. SC300/SC400 exhaust difference?
  20. 2jzgte w/ t04r
  21. How to install a thermostat on the 1992 sc400?
  22. A/C problem = engine surge
  23. Gotta problem - weird whining noise coming from engine
  24. Soarer Driveshaft question, R154 vs W58
  25. 2jzge to 2jzgte swap
  26. Best suited turbo for Soarer 2.5GT-T
  27. Forced Induction on the Soare V8/SC400- PROOF!!
  28. TRD quickshifter installed
  29. trans fluid level
  30. What's this?
  31. supra engine swap, sc400
  32. gas pedcle sticks
  33. where can i get performance parts for 1jzgte?
  34. Help! anyone know about electrical issues?
  35. TRD Japan Quick Shift Kit work on the SC3?
  36. Cost to Turbo a SC300???
  37. trd part#
  38. greddy exhaust
  39. Anyone seen this exhaust?
  40. turbo on high mile 5speed
  41. 1uzfe Cams!!!!!!!!!
  42. Engine control module
  43. Clutch dead in the water.
  44. Gutting Cats...yes I searched
  45. TRD LSD Install Pics
  46. Anyone ever removed the entire distributor? Quick Question!
  47. Whose car is this?
  48. Is it bad to manually shift our auto sc400's?
  49. anyone got pics of their FMIC setup on a sc300
  50. speed sensor (CLOSED)
  51. Blown cats...
  52. Injen cold air intake vs cone style K&N
  53. Engine differences in 92 sc300 5sp's and the 93+?
  54. SC400 cams
  55. Transmission Cooler
  56. Optima Battery
  57. UH OH !!!! alternator ???
  58. head gasket
  59. Pulled the tranny (again) to check the damage ...
  60. n00b sc owner [need you guys to help]
  61. ceramic coating or jethot in nyc???
  62. HKS VPC w/map sensor/harness/IATC/B chip
  63. getting transmission oil
  64. check engine light and traction control off sign going off
  65. Supra downpipe
  66. prices for torque convertors(aftermarket)
  67. Got bored... how 'bout some tacho fun
  68. blitz exhaust
  69. Problem with my tranny
  70. SC400 Piston Rings
  71. 97+ SC300 Auto to Manual?
  72. 1995 SC400 Tranny Leak
  73. New toys (exhaust) for the soarer....
  74. Haltech setup on GTE swap
  75. crankshaft pulley
  76. BAD drive-line vibration after engine install
  77. How do you keep cruise control w/ 2jz-gte swap?
  78. Motor & Trans mounts
  79. What are the major differences between 92 SC300 vs. 93 +?
  80. best FMU for NA-T?
  81. 160 degree Thermostat
  82. whats the deal with Xerd Headers
  83. Any Christmas boost yet for the SC400??
  84. shifting noise
  85. need help on nitrous
  86. what preformance cats will fit out cars?
  87. Exhaust Mod Recomendations?
  88. sc300 heat problem
  89. So what would you do? NA-T?
  90. Starting/Stalling problem
  91. 6spd install
  92. Help heater valve control
  93. Supra's stock twin turbo on 5-sp SC300?
  94. Getting a cold air intake for my SC in a week and more
  95. How Long are SC300 Clutches lasting?
  96. HELP! Car wont start
  97. which BFI
  98. how can i get a 14.7?
  99. NEED HELP: Will these exhaust tips fit my car
  100. ARC SC300 Radiator
  101. Supra NA-T ic piping
  102. how much hp would a single exhaust yield?
  103. Sc400 Manual conversion info...
  104. Question/Poll for the NA-T/GTE swap guys
  105. 1jz head on 2jz block
  106. FINALLY got my ECU upgrade, now what about exaust?
  107. Bleeding Coolant System
  108. transmission whine
  109. How much would it cost for me to do this swap?
  110. a few modding questions
  111. Is my transmission ruined? Have always used dexton-III!!!
  112. SP71gtq
  113. performance exhaust
  114. 2zj GE turbo manifolds
  115. Blown Soarer
  116. Updated info: TT hg/pistons
  117. help egr valve location ? code 71
  118. Exhaust Options on NA-Turbo
  119. Changing I6 spark plugs - blow-by-blow
  120. Combination of 400's components
  121. 92 SC400, LSD or not?
  122. injector size
  123. So ... how about the 3rd Gen Supra Turbo LSD ... will THAT one work ?
  124. Oil in spark plug chute
  125. intake/exhaust ???
  126. Ok ... what ignition upgrades are you guys using ?
  127. DIY Turbo for SC300
  128. Headers for a SC300
  129. Exhaust questions
  130. Gutting cats on sc400?
  131. +70hp supercharger...."It's electric!.."
  132. Headers for V8 cars, please read
  133. Anyone care to answer a few specific MISC questions about turbo kits?
  134. SC400 exhaust questions
  135. NA-T, car, limited slip? or no....?
  136. 2JZ-GTE with FCon SZ or E-manage
  137. 1992 SC400 Evaporator - need some advice
  138. NA-T intercooler piping
  139. Still can't fix tranny problem, help please.
  140. na-t project concerns sc300 1992
  141. Any vids of Sc300 w/ GTE swap
  142. 8 psi Vs. 40 psi
  143. Both Cats Removed Cause Check Engine Light?
  144. how can i run a supra TT auto tranny on my sc300?
  145. Is transmission fuild replacement really needed (for 5-sp SC300)?
  146. BFI Complete - Pictures
  147. RPM starts dropping then stalls
  148. Searched a bit and couldn't find ... Can I put an IS300 LSD on the SC300 ?
  149. Anyone ordered the EFI Supercharger yet?
  150. f-max kit 1992
  151. Help!.......guys w/ the GTE swap?
  152. opinions on N/A-T or 2JZ-GTE
  153. 1994 SC400 power steering pump replacement gone bad
  154. looking for O2 sensor wire on ecu
  155. 5 speed clutch adjustment question
  156. 2jz removal hints?
  157. engine making weird sound.
  158. Complete Tune-up
  159. After Market shifter for SC400 AUTO TRANS??
  160. 1gz-fe??
  161. Car is getting way too much fuel. I'm stumped
  162. MAF question
  163. pics of the GTE before it goes in the Soarer!
  164. V V T-i and aftermarket cam gears question
  165. rear end and ratios
  166. engine diagnostic code 31....
  167. new muffler help
  168. Winter mods have started!!
  169. Idle constantly oscillates 1000 - 1200 RPMs
  170. EFI superchargers will be available in the US
  171. Timing belt alignment check......
  172. AARRRGH!!!! Ignition wire order mixup! HELLp!!
  173. New SC 2JZ-GTE
  174. Is that US spec Supercharger installed on Altstadts car?
  175. Reputation of company ""
  176. Injen Intake Installed
  177. aftermarket throttle body?
  178. HELP!! Turbo guys MKIV NA 2JZ-GE w/ 2nd Gen rx-7 injectors
  179. Opinions wanted for engine replacement ideas
  180. sc400 cold air intake
  181. 400 miles + dyno beatings...
  182. Fastest NA-T Lexus Coupe?
  183. % speed tranny swap on the SC400
  184. What's that cost on the 2jz-gte swap?
  185. custom turbo setup question
  186. Can someone explain this process more in depth? (tranny leak)
  187. Who's installed/running turbo on 2JZGE in CA?
  188. Some pics from my motor swap in progress..
  189. C/R with TT pistons/hg on NA motor
  190. Forced Induction 2jz VVT-i owners beware
  191. Changing my auto shifting points?
  192. I need your opinion (sc300 vs sc400 for 500hp)
  193. Starter disengage delay on SC400
  194. 2jzge turboed
  195. best thing to do to your engine for under 2k?
  196. newbie questions (are oil squirters THAT important?)
  197. SC at Nopi Nats. Twin Turbo
  198. OK I'm bumfuzzled. . .
  199. 150k, using lots of oil
  200. Misfiring on cylinders 4,5,6
  201. B&T Lexus
  202. So what happened with the EFI supercharger
  203. motor trouble (valve problem)
  204. Greddy Exhaust discontinued?
  205. 2JZGE Boost questions...
  206. tranny
  207. Induction, Torque Converters, Parts... HELP!! :-)
  208. JIC dual exhaust
  209. exhaust tip replace suggestions?
  210. MK3 supra clutch in SC300 5 speed
  211. So who has done the BFI?
  212. Which of the following would you get?
  213. megan racing mufflers
  214. universal exhaust
  215. DYNO Results - 95 SC400
  216. For those of you who have a Dragon TC on your SC400
  217. egr block off = hp
  218. Magnaflow Mufflers street series #14829...
  219. Where to find egg cups for BFI #3 Stateside?
  220. Is this really the tranny?
  221. traction control
  222. JIC twin bullet exhaust
  223. Redline MT-90 review for 5 speeds
  224. 2JZGE goes 10.17 @ 132.7 mph
  225. ECU - Feedback and LexusPros ECU Upgrade
  226. distributorless na-t?
  227. Motor Mount Questions
  228. Gauge placement in SC
  229. Ecu
  230. EFI is ready to ship SC400 supercharger kits
  231. Cheap turbo kit for SC300???
  232. problem with the auto tranny
  233. SC400 exhaust questions
  234. what do i need to change my auto into a 5 speed?
  235. different altenator clips?
  236. Something is brewing (6 month total makeover for SC)
  237. Electric Fans (worth it? - sensor, size, hookup)
  238. 5spd supra tranny converted to fit SC400
  239. changed out the front main seal - can i use synthetic now?
  240. Tranny still shifting very rough... After clutch was changed
  241. Headgaskets Turbo 2jz-ge
  242. Anyone ever install a 2JZ-GTE in the SC400?
  243. Turbo install without that many Complications
  244. check engine code 25?
  245. We can convert your SC300 to 2JZ-GTE
  246. Someone make my mind up PLEASE!!!
  247. What are the wonderful uses of Toluene?
  248. Why is my car so slow? How can I make it faster?
  249. Headgasket advice needed on currently turbo'd car.
  250. changing shifter