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  1. sc300 engine question
  2. Power Adders for SC400?
  3. 1jz or 2jz
  4. Need help pruchasing new radiator for 95 sc4
  5. Got wheel, auto transmssion upgrade, question ^^V
  6. bfi and headlights done! pics up
  7. Check Engine/TRAC off Lights came on...
  8. Can I use the Meziere electric water pump?
  9. Transmission Question
  10. W58 1jz bellhousing
  11. installing fuel air ratio guage
  12. Very new to this 1jzgtte swap to a sc300 need help plz
  13. sea foam brake booster line
  14. PS pump and alternator
  15. motors
  16. Radiator Light , and Battery Light
  17. Engine shut down whenever AC turn off
  18. Vacuum Noise Under Hood
  19. Need help on installing Ground Wire Kit
  20. This Sucks!! Smoke.....
  21. Installation of S-AFC? Need opinions
  22. 5-speed tranny shaking?
  23. Greddy 4 row fit in front of sc300?
  24. I'm very close to getting rid of my SC....
  25. sc300 distributor install
  26. 2 types of Catalytic Converter ???
  27. ...and behind door #3, my next mod! - clutch replacement
  28. squeaky clutch?
  29. Jerky SC 300 Transmission-Automatic
  30. Automatic shifter change
  31. auto tranny drain and refill capacity SC400
  32. sc400 turbo
  33. ssc300 5 speed tranny into a auto sc400
  34. SC300 Morning start problem
  35. Any intrest in BFI templates drawn in AutoCAD?
  36. how knows about the 400 drive shaft in the gte swap and what do i need??????
  37. remote mount turbo
  38. Diagnostic code #12, no RPM signal on 1JZ swap
  39. lost power
  40. Throttle body position sensor voltage output
  41. New NA-T project
  42. Changed plugs yesterday- have a guestion
  43. For those looking to do the BFI with velocity stacks...
  44. sc300 resonator length
  45. sc300 reverse to drive clicking noise help!
  46. catback exhaust questions for the turbo guys
  47. SC400 Supra Tranny Swap
  48. Harmonic Dampener pulley broke off, now what?
  49. Catback Exhausts
  50. Is Your Transmission a Slow Learner?
  51. Turbo thoughts, costs
  52. General SC Questions-Transmission shift knob shaking
  53. Electrical problem?
  54. Really weird engine noise?
  55. TT auto transmission into GTE swapped SC300
  56. V8 Picture
  57. Cheaper to modify stock exhaust or get a Borla?
  58. This may be a stupid questions, but...
  59. Can flowmaster mufflers be put on SC400?
  60. HKS Cams
  61. ECU differences, compatibility
  62. SC400 having stuttering/shaking problems
  63. Manual Mode?
  64. Car hard to start!..Code 78!!!
  65. Bad ECU? not sure... need expert advice from SC guys
  66. I just cannot decide what to do
  67. vvt-i
  68. Engine mount question
  69. Anyone removed ignitions switch? Or have a FSM??
  70. MSD 6A install - Pictures & Info
  71. Could a/c clutch cause loud belt whining sound???
  72. how to change alternator on SC400 ??? please help asap
  73. powersteering death whine?
  74. exhaust system
  75. throttle body, maintenance cleaning
  76. AC clutch throwing sparks. Help.
  77. Ractive exhaust concerns
  78. HKS Pod Filter Q?
  79. head swap
  80. Old newbie need answers
  81. Magnaflow HI-flo cats?
  82. 97 sc300
  83. SC300 motor hunting help..
  84. looking for an older model sc (I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THESE CARS! )
  85. "X" pipe
  86. where to buy GTE head gasket?
  87. sc300/sc400
  88. Battery check light
  89. SC300 and 1jzgte swap
  90. in search of an exhaust system
  91. More LSD questions
  92. Mainfold cracked on turbo engine, help? (thread edited to be a bit more creative)
  93. Shaking
  94. Nos fuel pressure tap for sc400
  95. Will 1JZGTE work with W58
  96. Clutch wont disengage.....
  97. weird thermostat!
  98. Anyone ever get the C's short shifter for the SC300 (NA Supra)?
  99. Replace Tensioner on SC400
  100. anybody have info about CAMS?
  101. Clearance Under the Hood
  102. Blown 1UZ - Some talk, Some do....
  103. differential hex bolt size
  104. Hole in exhaust
  105. Weird compression test results.
  106. ijz-gte
  107. got my "jdm" mufflers today.
  108. rmm intake
  109. sc400 2jz-gte swap
  110. What should I do with a 190K old engine?
  111. high idle after tb cleaning
  112. Yes, another power steering problem
  113. 1jz-gte auto to 6-speed swap info
  114. Loose rear drvers side wheel
  116. LSD installed!
  117. Who has ACTUALLY DONE the 5 speed to auto?
  118. New pump gas dyno results :) :) :)
  119. Sc400 260 Hp -> 290 Hp
  120. 60000 miles and time for a new sc400 engine???
  121. new engine needed already for my sc 400???
  122. Power tuning
  123. Apex'i SAFC vs SAFC-II
  124. front mount intake..
  125. clutch pedal
  126. Shifter Moves - Is This Normal ???
  127. Why set up
  128. Engine losses poer/shuts down "sometime" when braking
  129. 99 sc400
  130. engine code P0420 same as code 25?
  131. Does stock air box filter out water?
  132. Weapon R?
  133. Puzzled over Stock GTE swap Dyno Results!
  134. :":":msd":":
  135. Exhaust question
  136. I will be installing a limited slip... need inputs
  137. Car Won't Shift Out Of Park!
  138. 50-state legal cats...
  139. all motor
  140. Another Alt/Batt/Starter prob.
  141. Lextreme vs Precision Industries
  142. BFI: How many of you have done it?
  143. ":":K&n":"
  144. :horse Power:
  145. SC400 stalls after startup unless gas pedal is massaged..
  146. Oil pan of my 93 SC300
  147. AVCR owners question: NO or NC??
  148. possible alternator problem battery overcharge
  149. Short Shifter...
  150. Question on 95 SC300 water pump
  151. Do SC300's & 400's use the same half-shafts?
  152. A340E transmission Question
  153. Son of a bleep bleepin bleep*!&*%$ injectors
  154. Check engine and trac on, Code 25
  155. Nitrous Colder plug suggestions?
  156. anyone using a vortec fmu/sx regulator combo??
  157. rattle
  158. MSD RPM switch Tap on SC400?
  159. Questions about mods (title edited to be a bit more creative)
  160. No heat at all....PLEASE HELP!!!
  161. my alternator is not charging my battery (title edited to be a bit more creative)
  162. Question
  163. Anybody ever build up a v8?
  164. transmission rattle
  165. Engine Question
  166. Stock engine na-t - 9.71 @ 135
  167. vacuum hoses
  168. transmission
  169. Need some help cross-referencing parts...
  170. What NEEDS to be replaced when installing a LSD??
  171. SC400 gated shifter upgrade.
  172. Looking for some good mild performance upgrades
  173. What's the consensus on V8 exhaust diameter?
  174. SC400 Dual Exhaust Concerns
  175. diy on a 2jz swap(inquiry)
  176. definitive upgrade guide to increasing SC4's HP
  177. tranny gear oil
  178. SC 300/400 Transmission options?
  179. For those who went na-t.
  180. More horsepower...
  181. Getting rid of some cats
  182. where are the sparkplugs in SC400 located?
  183. NA 5sp MKIV crank VS 5sp 92 SC300 crank
  184. just installed safcII
  185. shifting into park
  186. what clutch pedal?
  187. 92-97 Engine vs 98+ Engine
  188. RC Engineering Fuel Injector Experts
  189. Removal of EGR valve
  190. High idle after removal and replacement of throttle body
  191. green rpm wire for safc
  192. some good news for us SC400 guys
  193. HKS exhaust
  194. SC300 Tuning trouble - 550cc/V8 MAF/S-AFC
  195. Anyone spraying 160 on an SC4?
  196. Where is the Speed Sensor Located?
  197. auto tranny modifitcations?
  198. would the carbon fiber drive shaft made for a Tupra TT 6speed fit the SC400?
  199. (edited to be more creative) what is the "L" gear on the auto SC3?
  200. looking for price on new fuel injectors
  201. Help ASAP: My 5-speed SC3 wont start
  202. factory fuel injectors for SC400 / Replacement?
  203. hesitation and factory computer issue
  204. wideband o2 location
  205. n00b: FAQ for gtte swap in SC300???
  206. slave cylinder
  207. Can someone help me with AEM tuning on NA-T
  208. QUIET! (exhaust) wanted....
  209. Tried/Failed Search for: The TRD Performance Panel Air Filter
  210. Troubleshooting 95 SC400
  211. trac light on
  212. Question about Supra LSD's
  213. What does a kick-down switch do?
  214. SC300 Tranny Swap
  215. Oil consumption survey. SC4 only.
  216. Boostlogic feed back
  217. Who here is using the AFC2?
  218. Help. GTE Conversion Complete, except Temp Gauge.
  219. Anyone Solve the TCC Shudder???
  220. what turbo to get?
  221. first lump mod
  222. safe for na-t?
  223. Gear Oil
  224. Fmic
  225. NE 1 Ever re-flanged a 2jz ss 1turbo manifold for 1jz
  226. saving up for a SC, auto or stick? (the age old debate)
  227. 400 YRS LATER.... still no boost???
  228. to4r
  229. Turbo on high mileage SC3
  230. greddy evo exhaust..
  231. whats the difference btw the sc400 tranny and ...
  232. Thinking about ordering clutch
  233. debating on exhaust, which is better?
  234. Burnt smell after hard driving?
  235. daveH turbo kit
  236. Transmission Flush?
  237. bad pulley or bad pump???
  238. need help on upgrading ECU
  239. drop-in air filter
  240. options to think of
  241. Rear Bushing Changed! Finally.
  242. Is anyone using iridium plugs on their SC300
  243. Boost levels gone haywire
  244. ATS Deftforce LSD
  245. daveH site..anyone
  246. 1UZFE - 40MPH Hesitation REVISITED..
  247. Installing a Clutch - what to know ?
  248. clutch recommendations
  249. Soarer rear pumpkin (diff)
  250. Fuel Pump replacement