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  1. how to test an icav
  2. 2JZ GTE 6-sp manual swapped into 1998-2000 SC300 with auto trans?
  3. Oem vs aftermarket molding
  4. Found a vacuum hose unhooked that goes into my vsv
  5. Found a vaccuum hose thats plugged with a screw help identify please
  6. weird idling problems
  7. AC Leaks 1992 sc 400
  8. Do you trust your local mechanic or reputable shop or do it all yourself thread????
  9. suspension question
  10. Boosting options?
  11. SC300 Catback Exhaust onto a SC400?
  12. electrical issue need help 93 SC 400
  13. 92 SC300 Engine
  14. Fuel Pump Strainer
  15. How to bypass fuel cut past 14 psi on aristo ecu (not a typical thread)
  16. Power Steering Solenoid
  17. Need help asap!!!!:(
  18. Left tail light completely out after cleaning sockets
  19. Supra dyno pull!
  20. Aristo/sc300 wiring question
  21. weird sounds :(
  22. sc300 fuse issue
  23. I really need help!!!!!!
  24. 2JZ water pump question
  25. sc300 soarer swap will not rev!?!
  26. 1JZ SC300 will not rev past 2000 rpm STILL!
  27. JDM Engine Importers
  28. Excessive Play sc400 Shifter Lever
  29. DIY: How to install HEADERS V8. Rush headers long tube
  30. cleaned throttle body, and idle
  31. Rough riding issues, need input?
  32. replace coolant with water? and bleeding cooling system
  33. who has cleaned their Y-pipe
  34. 1993 sc300 wheel bearing wires????
  35. SC400 Code 25 Lean Air-Fuel-Mixture
  36. Best close ratio final drive for R154 2JZGTE w/twins at 320hp-to-BPU ONLY?
  37. Fuel pump ECU(refurbished ecu's)?
  38. SC at the track! !!!!
  39. Changing tranny fluid w58
  40. Car wont start?
  41. enigne error code p1381
  42. How a Karmen Vortex MAF Works
  43. My first lexus EVER!!! SO AMP'D!!! Have a few questions
  44. Oxygen Sensor OE or Universal
  45. ECU In Default Mode
  46. High idle and smoke...super puzzled
  47. power steering issues, major
  48. 1jzgte non vvti tubo questions/opinions
  49. My SC400 Pings like crazy when I shut it off
  50. Should I buy this W58?
  51. 99 sc300 loss of power.. help ?
  52. Janky SC400 probs
  53. 1jzgte vvti wiring mod.
  54. new fuel pump issues
  55. Trans build up thread
  56. pulling distributor and reset timing
  57. change out low miles platinum spark plugs?
  58. Sc300 "Ebay" Intake for those who are curious
  59. Oxidized headlights on the inside...
  60. Distributor help!
  61. Trading oil leaks - SC400
  62. 2JZ rod & main bolts: Torque to yield?
  63. bought 92 sc300 nat and have some ? s
  64. Why is my Gas Mileage So Great?
  65. egr block off help. installing RUSH V8 headers
  66. 92 Lexus SC300
  67. Sc400 axles in an sc300?
  68. Looking for a turbo kit!!! HELP!!
  69. Loudest Street Legal Exhaust? Help Me Find One!
  70. distributor delete without going turbo
  71. Anyone use this Turbo kit?
  72. Tire Well harness relocation... Now car does not start... Help??
  73. Loss of HP
  74. Still idling problems please read!
  75. oil tar sands under my valve cover
  76. Iacv
  77. Cluster Lighting..Warm vs Pure White
  78. BKR5EIX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug
  79. Don't Let Them Rip You Off
  80. Starting up problem sc300
  81. Unique Engine Problems
  82. Out With The Old.... In With The New
  83. SC300 Hesitation, Idle Issues, Rich Exhaust Smell, etc....
  84. Question Re Engine Bay Cleaning
  85. shaft seal leaking??
  86. ABS and Traction control
  87. what is this??
  88. 1jzgte on a Precision Turbo 6076e T3 ?
  89. Starting NA-T build need help with Aristo Trans Swap
  90. 95 Lexus SC300 ADD HP
  91. AEM V2 NEW UPDATE!!! version 3.2 WOOHOO!
  92. low an slow
  93. No sound out of speakers
  94. Ac issues sc400 just serviced today
  95. hesitation need help
  96. new to lexus and want boost turbo or supercharger ??
  97. 2JZGE valve cover change
  98. where to buy master power rebuild kit
  99. valve cover seal washers for sc300?
  100. Timing belt 6 years?
  101. Coolant sensor for electric fans/random overheating
  102. UPDATE- its the AC compressor why would turn off/on with the brake light switch??
  103. Marlin Crawler R154 Parts ???
  104. engine noise goes away when brake switch is applied
  105. 2jz-gte auto tranny...?
  106. crank trigger wheel/pulley
  107. A/C Not working... STUMPED!!!
  108. What happened when you blew up your w58?
  109. How to replace transmission
  110. GS Transmission to SC300 both with inline six cylinder engine
  111. Best starting point for 1jz swap?
  112. N2MB Wot Box
  113. Looking for a new tranny
  114. Whine after new timing belt and water pump normal on SC400?
  115. Rebuilding 2jzge
  116. Trying to find an oil leak
  117. About to drive 2344 miles round trip.
  118. Won't start
  119. w58 tripod tranny shifter bushing
  120. Transmission problems when warm
  121. Why are these timing marks off?
  122. RTH what size are 1jz stock turbo coolant lines?
  123. SC300 tranmission into SC400?
  124. Sc400 limp mode (help)
  125. Sc400 limp mode(help)
  126. Re this a valid test??
  127. Bosch injector help.
  128. Intermittent overheating
  129. w58 or r154 for 1uz (possible boost)
  130. A340e Upshifts too Early and Downshifts too Late
  131. Need Guidance..Found 2 Error codes
  132. 99 sc300 immobolizer issue
  133. Help where to put engine grounds
  134. annoying electrical problem..
  135. Faulty Ignition Coil Questions
  136. Question Re Manual OBD Check
  137. 1997 SC Tranny A340E Question
  138. my new 1jzgte project
  139. Erratic Performance
  140. Best Exhaust System?
  141. Rear turn signal out
  142. In need of wiring help for a soarer...
  143. Transmission Solenoid 2 Valve Problems
  144. Rear seal change
  145. Oil viscocity for SC300?
  146. Freon Leak from Drain Hose
  147. 1jz exhaust manifold
  148. Bam!
  149. Any 4 cylinder SC's???
  150. Battery repeatedly dies!!
  151. A/C hardlines
  152. Still having that idle problem!!Plz chime in!!
  153. 2jzge na-t build for 500hp
  154. Fan shroud
  155. Fuel Problems 12V Mod?
  156. studder/miss/rich exhaust - looking for diagnostic help/manual pages
  157. Hi/Lo beam issues
  158. Unknown problem w/ newly acquired SC 300, seems to be clutch/tranny
  159. 92 SC300, No spark! Tried everything!
  160. rear bbk upgrades?
  161. Will a TT gasket on a 2jzge support this setup?
  162. Best tune-up options 1997 sc300
  163. Very light throttle hesitation/jerking
  164. What does this go to?
  165. So many 1jz Sc's
  166. NO CEL, 12 MPG. AEM WB= 14.7 cold/ 11.8:1 Hot
  167. ok SC400 GODS HELP ME
  168. Auto TT Transmission in Sc300
  169. Does anybody have a true answer to the 40MPH hesitation/Jerking
  170. 1992 lexus sc400 skips
  171. Sc300 exhaust piping
  172. Hb
  173. 1992 Sc300 start issue
  174. Detonating...Help!
  175. building for 500whp, got some qusestions
  176. e85 conversion questions
  177. So tell me, WHY THE HECK DOSEN'T MY A/C WORK????
  178. Has anyone dropped the W58 transmission on jackstands?
  179. is300 steering column in sc300
  180. 1997 SC400 Shift Solenoid E
  181. Sc300 Clutch Master Cylinder DIY
  182. How to diagnose power steering issues?
  183. 93 SC Problems.
  184. Throws hands up...
  185. Need to replace ac line, how to remove or move egr out of the way?
  186. 1997 SC400 Shift solenoid E
  187. SC400 "My coil failed for some reason" poll
  188. Question: LQ9 or Built 1UZ?
  189. AC issue 95 SC 300
  190. apexi power fc
  191. Aristo TT Mk.II trans + 1JZGTE ?
  192. Engine ticking with video link, How bad could it be?
  193. Supra TT intercooler kit, modification needed?
  194. looking for a dyno tuning shop in south east area.
  195. 92 SC300 AC to full r134a conversion
  196. Fuel System
  197. Installing a new serpentine belt tensioner and the DIY lied to me.
  198. FMIC Piping question
  199. Power steering return line ( Low Pressure)
  200. Sc400 misfire
  201. 92 SC400 seems like I lost 1/2 engine
  202. Where can I find this part?
  203. supercharger or bpu?
  204. SC400 clutch pedal option
  205. blitz n1 dual exhaust question
  206. Lifter Tic
  207. obd-2 (obd-II) 2JZ-GE into obd-1 (obd-II) body help
  208. 92 sc300 NA-t fuel questions
  209. Sc300 transmission problem
  210. 2jz question
  211. Auto shifting BOV-like noise
  212. 1JZ VVTI: HKS FCD vs. Greddy BCC
  213. weird battery problem
  214. vacuum lines question please help!!!
  215. 1jz pushing a to4 turbo 1.0 a/r too laggy?
  216. primary wire to pasenger coil NO
  217. Need help rewiring a parking light
  218. 92 SC400 just purchased
  219. ? On trd diff
  220. Transmission problem (Urgent please)
  221. 2J/SC400 auto trans prob
  222. marlin crawler vss or other options for speed sensor?
  223. Sasha runs again!!! Now for the update and things to come....
  224. engine overheated... source a jdm or rebuild?
  225. Another USA legal swap engine possibility: GM/Pontiac 2.0L Turbo Ecotec 4cyl?
  226. Novice Q: must manual transmission be filled with oil on workbench to test shift?
  227. Needs some help with my coolant explosion :(
  228. 95 SC300 5 speed swap, which clutch pedal??
  229. Sc300 na-t stutter at 5k rpm
  230. NA-T SC300 Where to get IAT sensor! HELP?
  232. SC400 1jz swap or supercharger??
  233. Type of A/C in 1995 SC300?
  234. need assistance
  235. driftmotion turbo kit
  236. Exhaust!
  237. Question about SC300 Ignitor - HOT
  238. SC400 with W58 Swap with T-56 bearing..which clutchline size?
  239. Another sc300 slave/master cylinder sticking thread
  240. singled aristo swap tuning help
  241. Lean in boost now.
  242. help no acceleration....
  243. going 1jz to 2jz sc300
  244. Repair Advice Requested: Head Gasket and Water Pump
  245. Sc300 1jz conversion help
  246. 2jzge na-t with dyno sheet need help with COP conversion
  247. Fuel pump poll.
  248. SC freaked out.. died.. then was fine? looked everywhere
  249. Swapping the Head for the 1UZ... crazy idea.
  250. AC compressor Pulley eating serpentine belt