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  1. Car trouble
  2. 2jzge auto-manual differences?
  3. 1JZ GTE VVTI Spark Plugs & Gaps
  4. 240sx trans
  5. HELP!!! 1jz turbo downpipe???
  6. I need input
  7. Heater Problem SC400 1995
  8. Transmission Jerk, Surge, Clunk shifting to Reverse and Drive
  9. auto to manual conversion...mechanics
  10. temp gauge sender.. does it have a washer?
  11. Need help from someone with a soarer 1jz swap
  12. Pontiac Transmission = R154?
  13. Car stalled today, Fuel pump ECU?
  14. 1jz-gte swap questions
  15. 94 SC300 tail light fuse keeps blowing
  16. Soarer downpipe/y-pipe/dump pipe same as Supra?
  17. Power Steering Pressure Hose Removal for SC400
  18. Horsepower freaks ECU?
  19. what causes oil leaks in the front of the motor?
  20. help with belt squeal and power steering pump
  21. New PS pump or seal rebuild kit?
  22. driveshaft whole or half 1uz to w58 swap
  23. Any shops in Dallas that focus on JDM engine swaps?
  24. 95 sc 300 power steering fluid disappears
  25. washer(?) rattle with MKIII R154 driveshaft after carrier bearing swap-- advice?
  26. SC400 starting issue
  27. sc 400 won"t keep running
  28. 92 sc400 ATF Type
  29. Oil Leak?
  30. Power Steering Leak
  31. 92 SC300, CEL and High Idle
  32. Possible corrosion in turbo?
  33. Idle gremlin again
  34. Turn key and most horrific loud grinding sound ever.
  35. Which Fuel Pump? 1JZ GTE VVTI
  36. intercooler piping super close to crank
  37. Power steering pump for 1999 SC400
  38. Anyone know where to get a Transmission for a Sc400?
  39. Bone stock r154 clutch limits
  40. help deciding on what to do for my custom sc400 exhaust
  41. Car dies after plugging in MAF
  42. My Supra TT Denso Fuel Pump Install
  43. Motor turns no start condition - 1JZ SC300
  44. Kaboooyaaa !!!!!!!!
  45. Show off your Nitrous Install!
  46. FPR and Filter Recommendations
  47. maintenance what i need to do
  48. 1jz vc to turbo hose?
  49. Had my rebuilt R154 transmission installed yesterday (initial impressions)
  50. Still no cool air
  51. Tial BOV Spring Rate 1JZ
  52. 1jz wont start
  53. If 1UZ MT, its better to install the supra tension damper?
  54. ignition problems, any recommendations?
  55. Major NA-T dilema. Can't stop now
  56. 1jz preventive maintenance
  57. Water pump gasket?
  58. SC300 won't crank
  59. After Market Exhaust
  60. Throttle Getting Stuck Under Boost.
  61. TOTALED? thanks 24 year old female...
  62. Sc400 limited slip options
  63. SC400 transmission short question
  64. plz help! Cant remove Left Front Rotor
  65. Complete 350z trans swap 2jz
  66. 92 sc400 152k
  67. Please Delete
  68. Schley 64300
  69. Engine Code 28
  70. Exhaust fitment question
  71. Rough Idle, Engine cuts off
  72. Question Re Electrical Connectors
  73. Alternate Fix for Loose Shift Lever
  74. SC300 shutting off while braking
  75. Water pump torque -- kind of urgent
  76. 2JZ water pump question
  77. no spark
  78. Rein hard exhaust?
  79. Jzz30 fan/clutch same as jza80 fan/clutch?
  80. 1.5jz build options for harness
  81. Need Clarification Re SC400 Shift Lever Repair
  82. 1jzgte sc300 swap question, swap experts come!
  83. 2jzge w 1jzgte harness
  84. Ready to start 2JZ timing belt job
  85. FFIM Install on 2jzge
  86. Dipstick/Oil Pan Question
  87. Need advise
  88. Single turbo? splutters bad with vacuum connected to FPR
  89. Resonator Deletion/Replacement?
  90. Tranny filter
  91. Code 21 Solar Sensor. A/C wont work!
  92. sc400 w58. no crank.
  93. Putting 2jzgte engine back in car have sensor and flywheel question
  94. Garrett Turbo
  95. 1JZ spark plugs?
  96. 2jzgte Single turbo boost issue...
  97. axle came loose while driving.
  98. Aem piggy back help
  99. ABS Light Trac Light need help
  100. Ring and pinion replacement on differential? Pics i need help!
  101. My SC400 manual conversion
  102. Help me Identify this flywheel
  103. clutch pedal creak and bypass?
  104. Part ID request
  105. Steering Pump Removal Dilemma
  106. 1jz coil cover options?
  107. Soarer Trans
  108. Srsly, what is that?
  109. Any specific tips for SC3 timing belt change?
  110. DLC connector does not work! 93 SC300
  111. Megasquirt MS3 with 2JZGTE?
  112. Help! NAT feels like a misfire?
  113. Building 96 300 parts locations?
  114. cluster lighting/bulb question
  115. Remove driver side air vent
  116. Replacement OEM Heater control valve two part numbers?
  117. Slight steering shake at highway speed?
  118. M2 performance axlebacks for sc300/sc400
  119. GTE wiring swap help
  120. machined head @ .010, what headgasket? 1jz
  121. Transmission year compatibility
  122. Map Ecu 1
  123. Entire SC dash removal to access A/C evaporator core... or just part of it?
  124. Engine will not idle
  125. 1jz/2jz rear sump oil drain elbow
  126. 95 SC300, 2jzgte swapped (bad block), current setup questions
  127. automatic headlight swap?
  128. V160 vibration problem
  129. SC400 short circuit
  130. Gauges not working after bulb/needle replacement
  131. Stereo Question/Sub works the rest is intermittent
  132. sc300 miss firing issue
  133. 92 SC 400 coolant leak
  134. sc300 transmision a650e
  135. Need Help with Dreadful Electrical Issue!!
  136. Cheap LSD options
  137. Fuel tank help.
  138. head light wiring diagram?
  139. 2jz sensor locations
  140. 1jzgte vvti swap help
  141. I need help! Ugh.
  142. SC300 owners, any benefit for a cold air intake?
  143. Aftermarket Fuel Injectors
  144. Codes 21,24,61
  145. Where is the most reliable place to get GTE engines?
  146. Need Help Finding a Soarer Clutch Master Cylinder
  147. flywheel stuck
  148. 2JZGE VVTI Head Swap on 2JZGE Non VVTI
  149. Bad/Rattling A/C Blower Motor?
  150. Fuel Starving under 1/4 tank
  151. 92 SC300 Stalls randomly
  152. More idle issues, need some suggestions from the CL members
  153. Interchangeable timing belt parts question? SC300 and SC400
  154. What is this part attached to the throttle body?
  155. Idle speed control changed
  156. fixed A/c new fuel filter now starting idle and smoking problems
  157. Metal shavings on dipstick
  158. Fuel/Gas Fumes
  159. Who wants to play a game?
  160. Supercharging with Fish Bracket...
  161. Replacing Throttle Body Coolant hoses (water bypass)
  162. SC300/400 and MKIV Supra A/C condensers physically the same?
  163. Cases Of Fires?
  164. Are 1jz front and rear turbos the same?
  165. DIY: Tap 2JZGE Valvecovers for fittings
  166. Replacing Throttle Body Coolant Lines / Water Bypass Hoses
  167. Help with my oil light.
  168. Soarer clutch issues. Need part numbers
  169. timing and were should it be at idle
  170. Big MPG Improvement
  171. Misfiring after MAF cleaning
  172. 1jz swap does not throw trouble codes
  173. How to check your chassis for LSD
  174. 1994 SC400 engine fire need interchange info
  175. turbo question
  176. DIY: TT Mishimoto Radiator Install with JZ swap and Soarer fan shroud
  177. 1999 SC300 transmission swap help
  178. 1JZ Running Rich: Bad ECU Capacitor?
  179. 95 sc400 A/C probles
  180. Recommendation Re Common Problems
  181. Help my ex girl friend stold my only key =/
  182. Aeromotive fpr help
  183. Upgrade time to 2014 NA-T
  184. 1/8 throttle jerking, 2800rpm power jump
  185. how to test an icav
  186. 2JZ GTE 6-sp manual swapped into 1998-2000 SC300 with auto trans?
  187. Oem vs aftermarket molding
  188. Found a vacuum hose unhooked that goes into my vsv
  189. Found a vaccuum hose thats plugged with a screw help identify please
  190. weird idling problems
  191. AC Leaks 1992 sc 400
  192. Do you trust your local mechanic or reputable shop or do it all yourself thread????
  193. suspension question
  194. Boosting options?
  195. SC300 Catback Exhaust onto a SC400?
  196. electrical issue need help 93 SC 400
  197. 92 SC300 Engine
  198. Fuel Pump Strainer
  199. How to bypass fuel cut past 14 psi on aristo ecu (not a typical thread)
  200. Power Steering Solenoid
  201. Need help asap!!!!:(
  202. Left tail light completely out after cleaning sockets
  203. Supra dyno pull!
  204. Aristo/sc300 wiring question
  205. weird sounds :(
  206. sc300 fuse issue
  207. I really need help!!!!!!
  208. 2JZ water pump question
  209. sc300 soarer swap will not rev!?!
  210. 1JZ SC300 will not rev past 2000 rpm STILL!
  211. JDM Engine Importers
  212. Excessive Play sc400 Shifter Lever
  213. DIY: How to install HEADERS V8. Rush headers long tube
  214. cleaned throttle body, and idle
  215. Rough riding issues, need input?
  216. replace coolant with water? and bleeding cooling system
  217. who has cleaned their Y-pipe
  218. 1993 sc300 wheel bearing wires????
  219. SC400 Code 25 Lean Air-Fuel-Mixture
  220. Best close ratio final drive for R154 2JZGTE w/twins at 320hp-to-BPU ONLY?
  221. Fuel pump ECU(refurbished ecu's)?
  222. SC at the track! !!!!
  223. Changing tranny fluid w58
  224. Car wont start?
  225. enigne error code p1381
  226. How a Karmen Vortex MAF Works
  227. My first lexus EVER!!! SO AMP'D!!! Have a few questions
  228. Oxygen Sensor OE or Universal
  229. ECU In Default Mode
  230. High idle and smoke...super puzzled
  231. power steering issues, major
  232. 1jzgte non vvti tubo questions/opinions
  233. My SC400 Pings like crazy when I shut it off
  234. Should I buy this W58?
  235. 99 sc300 loss of power.. help ?
  236. Janky SC400 probs
  237. 1jzgte vvti wiring mod.
  238. new fuel pump issues
  239. Trans build up thread
  240. pulling distributor and reset timing
  241. change out low miles platinum spark plugs?
  242. Sc300 "Ebay" Intake for those who are curious
  243. Oxidized headlights on the inside...
  244. Distributor help!
  245. Trading oil leaks - SC400
  246. 2JZ rod & main bolts: Torque to yield?
  247. bought 92 sc300 nat and have some ? s
  248. Why is my Gas Mileage So Great?
  249. egr block off help. installing RUSH V8 headers
  250. 92 Lexus SC300