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  1. Anybody actually buying a header from Jbrady?
  2. Replace valve cover durin tune-up too?
  3. got my new motor yesterday!
  4. ram air bfi
  5. anyone use 460CC DENSO injectors out of a non turbo rx7?
  6. transmission?
  7. fuel pump control/ecu
  8. 1jz soarer ecu pin out
  9. whats wrong with my clutch?
  10. Which Engines are possible for sc400?
  11. piggy back on stock sc 400: results
  12. 2jz-ge intake manifold
  13. bfi in cali
  14. Anyone patient enough to tell me about 5spd swap?
  15. NA mods, Xerd headers?
  16. Alternate tranny solution?? Maybe
  17. Is it legal to have a Soarer Engine?
  18. check engine after bfi build
  19. HKS Speed Limit Defencer - Good or Bad?
  20. Alternator Died? Luckily my baby made it to the driveway
  21. what is that turbo????
  22. TCC Lockup Bypass?
  23. A good place to get 5 spd tranny
  24. Distributer cap/rotor help needed
  25. BFI power gain for SC300?
  26. hmm
  27. coolant bypass 96sc3
  28. stupid oil cap Q.
  29. borla turbo muffler with a 2.25 inch does it sound??
  30. Sc400 Lsd
  31. Magnaflow 14829's Installed
  32. which exhaust is better?
  33. White smoke from exhaust
  34. anyone seen this?
  35. Alternator amps help
  36. Sc400 Lsd
  37. uh turbo time NA-T feed me!
  38. SC400 Nitrous Part I
  39. Oil Problem
  40. Bubbles in my coolant resevoir
  41. Which turbo kit to get?
  42. need help with high presure hose
  43. Exhaust Noise-- Straight pipes vs Dynomax Ultraflows
  44. Got exhaust installed
  45. O2 sensor adapter?
  46. Battery dying!?
  47. Single exhaust on SC300
  48. cold air intake
  49. LS400 MAF on NA car
  50. This guy is going to have a hard time convincing me.........
  51. Magnaflow 14829 question
  52. timing belt replacement on SC300
  53. Starting Problem Need Help!
  54. free flow cat
  55. 92 SC3 stalls after alternator replacement
  56. Burning Smell in Engine after 3-5min 80mph Drive
  57. Single exhaust? Yay or Nay?
  58. sc turbo exhaust the cheap way
  59. What other options besides magnaflow and jic exhaust
  60. DIY: A/C compressor removal and installation
  61. Vid: Exhaust sound with removed resonator and mag. 14829
  62. I need help w/ exhaust....
  63. 1JZGTE Taking over the world!
  64. how to test a resistor
  65. 1JZ swap issues... did I get ripped off? (wiring harness questions)
  66. GTE swap 99 SC - tranny?
  67. complete motor swap
  68. my sc300-2jzgte swap question
  69. hi, i'm new here....
  70. JIC Magic Bullet 505S Twin Spartan Exhaust on an NA-T
  71. midpipe and exhaust selections for turbo app
  72. My new Snail
  73. Nos!?!?!
  74. My Na-t set up...part list and it begins=)
  75. Crank Shaft Pulley Removal (Not bolt, the pulley itself)
  76. Buying Xerd headers..anyone use them?
  77. WTB: 2jzgte map sensor
  78. HKS Hi-Power single exhaust pics
  79. New CATS , X-Fac & Dynomax PIC
  80. Retarded question
  81. Replaced radiator in the SC400 last night
  82. Ordered Exhaust
  83. Which SC4 or 3 guys have removed the stock cats?
  84. Magnaflows 14829 need advise 4 SC4
  85. Exhaust Question
  86. Updated engine pic
  87. (doubt it) Is a mk3 1JZ harness usable?
  88. SC300 Blitz Nur Spec Axle Back Shortage
  89. Occasional Trouble Starting
  90. jhotexport tranny ?'s
  91. For those who have replaced the Catalytic con.. a question for you
  92. alternator question on 1jz
  93. Battery keeps on decreasing...need help asap
  94. # of NA-T's and GTE's
  95. Just bought 98' Sc400. questions about mods.
  96. Will Stock Tranny Holds Power for the 1JZ
  97. oil pump for turbo
  98. Aftermarket Intake Mani for Boosted GE setups?
  99. Automatic shifters
  100. Ticking sound coming from engine - please help
  101. Where can i get Crank pully tool for a 300?
  102. Harmonic Balancer Tips
  103. my version of the bfi... or should i say bfs? (pics)
  104. Does this sound like a blown fuel pump?
  105. single or dual?
  106. GTE- intake manifold.
  107. i need help !
  108. 1jz 1.5jz
  109. 2jzgte turbo kit will work for a na-t set up??
  110. Auto 1JZ to 5SP SC Done
  111. Slugish SC.
  112. sc300 Radiator question
  113. Clunking Transmission
  114. To believe, or not to believe?
  115. Bad idle when A/C is off....
  116. Changing exhaust piping on 1jz
  117. Sport Design ECU?
  118. KAAZ LSD OK? Story Fishy !
  119. CAI & exhaust for SC400 questions.
  120. difference between 300&400 other than engine
  121. Manual Trans $ How much?
  122. Do I expect too much from Lexus Dealer Mechanics?
  123. O2 sensor replacement
  124. everyone with a 2JZ GTE in their sc
  125. skidplate important?
  126. no idle?
  127. Sign that my A/C compressor is going bad?
  128. Do you have a tranny cooler?
  129. Pulley Kit for SC400
  130. which high flow cat?
  131. PWNED by PSP...
  132. Are turboe'd SC's quick with stock auto tranny? I mean when they take off from ...
  133. SC400 started vibrating and shaking
  134. SC4 fuel pressure question ? Help
  135. Problems starting in the morning - Cold start injector time switch?
  136. are 1jz prices going up??
  137. Vavle seals
  138. turbo talk................
  139. Ignition Maintenance Parts
  140. POWDERCOATED valve covers.....pic!!
  141. I misshifted.
  142. gas mileage
  143. Anyone running the TRD bar with a single turbo setup?
  144. Might have to bring the SC to the grave yard
  145. So we've all heard about grounding kits...
  146. 5-Speed conversion, What parts do i attually need!?
  147. first time at the 1/4 in my SC
  148. How can I get more hp?
  149. Weird lag
  150. Best sc300 Exhaust
  151. Check engine light code 26
  152. Auto to 6speed
  153. How I fixed my bucking
  154. weird thing happend on freeway....
  155. Electric Supercharger?
  156. The suspense is over!
  157. SR20DET engine in a SC
  158. Which ECU are you running with your 1JZ swap?
  159. FMIC 4 row question.
  160. NA-T TE44 turbo head gasket advice?
  161. Zex Kit 4 Fathers Day SC4
  162. Size of A/C chorcoral cabin air filter?
  163. Dallas / DFW Auto to manual swap?
  164. Best HP intake SC4 ?
  165. Question about after market Exhaust
  166. supercharged sc400???
  167. Sporatic overheating and burping of coolent
  168. Ran a Bit Better at the Track Last Night
  169. which auto tranny?
  170. supra lsd in SC
  171. SC400 Runs Rich
  172. Sounds like???
  173. Valve cover gasket leaking
  174. Code 71 ?
  175. anyone with pics of mk3 r154 into sc3?
  176. No Coolant?
  177. knocking when I start my car
  178. Torco Gear Oil
  179. turbo selection?
  180. Auto Guys...O/D On or Off?
  181. Car has some issues.
  182. Club Lexus members ONLY Turbo video thread
  183. Got my turbo SC3 running, quick video
  184. Weird A/C Problem
  185. Oil Pan Removal for Sc400
  186. opinion on this generic air filter
  187. 1JZ harness question/help
  188. where is the iat sensor located?
  189. dynoed the car last Sat.
  190. Looking to buy Clutch
  191. Exhaust vs. S-AFC
  192. 2jzgte swap parts list needed..
  193. SC400 Performance Chips
  194. egr block off
  195. driveshaft bushings
  196. New muffler pics
  197. Yellowtop Fitment
  198. Fuel Grade (somone please reply quickly)
  199. Titan Motorsports
  200. Tach wire on '98 SC300 ?
  201. New Toys for 1jz(56k read the dictionary)
  202. 2jzgte swap question
  203. Crazy looking Lexus powerd kit car?
  204. need help with safc2
  205. Centrifugal Supercharger for SC400
  206. Iridium or IX Iridium spark plugs???
  207. Engine shudders when starting and reving
  208. nitrous on my sc300
  209. is this normal hp for a sc
  210. what mufflers for SC4?
  211. Which TRD LSD for 95 SC400 ?
  212. Anyone In Flordia Know Of Any Junkyards?
  213. Blitz Turbo Timer harness for SC300 (1JZ)??
  214. SC400 Shifting Issue
  215. 1JZ with 4" single-exit exhaust (pics)
  216. Injector Install or How To guide for SC300?
  217. 1jz single trubo conversion
  218. Safc 2
  219. My unconventional TT conversion ... pics
  220. 92 sc400 major bucking under light throttle
  221. Single and Dual Exhaust Performance
  222. Yet another 1jz question..
  223. Greddy Mx Or Borla Exhaust?
  224. what is this
  225. R154 and 1jz question.
  226. 2uz-fe
  227. tranny mounts
  228. Exhasct (replace my stock muflers take out cat)
  229. Looking to purchase a SC3 and go NA-T
  230. Tranmission: What to do? rebuild/replace?
  231. So my SC4 has a problem... Yes, I searched!
  232. Does The 2jzgte Head Bolt Up To A Ge Block
  233. look what ups brought me!
  234. sc300 idle?
  235. AEM EMS and SC300 Issues
  236. Auto trans length
  237. Soarer auto trans
  238. Ordering new catalytic converters
  239. oil pressure @ tight turns
  240. overheating ??
  241. TC Stall speed advice please
  242. is this normal?
  243. Tell Between Trac and nonTrac
  244. Summer Is Coming Up (should Work On My Brand New 400?)
  245. I can't stand the Noise!!! Anyone else?
  246. New blower
  247. up graded axles
  248. Adding Horsepower
  249. So how do you tighten the crank pulley bolt without the Lexus tool?
  250. SPEC clutch