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  1. swapped 1jz dudes... can you still get ECU codes with US dash?
  2. Gas smell from enging
  3. Need some turbo advice please....
  4. How to Tune your SAFC I/II Courtesy of NPM
  5. What's missing from this list? (r154 swap)
  6. need a starter!
  7. 5-speed parts interchange
  8. Official SC exhaust thread! post up.
  9. 1992 SC300 5spd runs great at startup, HESITATION once warmed up..
  10. 1uz vs. 3uz weight
  11. sc 400 manual transmission
  12. Heater Problems
  13. Car hesitating. Used Seafoam and compression spikes.
  14. 1jz dyno runs
  15. Other make parts
  16. i got a damn light popping up
  17. catalytic convert hollowing/removal
  18. JDM To USDM Auto GTE into 99 Sc300 Swap Info
  19. Sc300 Jerking at 4000 RPM
  20. Problem installing shifter on a 95 SC300...
  21. ebay turbo?
  22. What is that light?
  23. Good sites for 1JZ/2JZ swappers
  24. driver side muffler
  25. something wrong with my car
  26. Too much engine/transmission noise from console area
  27. Tell me about the SC's traction control system
  28. idle rise and fall
  29. Throttle body question (sc300)
  30. Flashing Lights in console
  31. Wanting to buy SC400 99
  32. Auto>Manual conversion SC300 - What is needed?
  33. will IS300 5 speed trans fit sc300 5 speed?
  34. Supra TT harness
  35. 95 SC400 MAF Problem
  36. Weird problem with the sc...
  37. vvti motor in non-vvti car?
  38. Ever seen this 1uzfe clip?
  39. turbo/distributor clearence issues on ssautochome manifolds?
  40. what should i do??
  41. Immediate Help Please!!!!!!
  42. 1JZ Is In!.... But have some questions..
  43. Vaccuum Leak!
  44. Exhaust Questions on my SC
  45. HKS F-Con Fuel Management with 1JZ swap
  46. RDMS SC400TT-dyno results..
  47. 1jzgte parts....
  48. SC300 Muffler upgrade?
  49. SC300 NA-T Muffler choice?
  50. sneak peak before the big numbers come in
  51. Turbo kit??
  52. what you guys think
  53. Car requires two cranks to start
  54. HELP! possible ECU issue.
  55. Faster
  56. Transmission rebuilding, 98' sc300
  57. VPC resistor location for 93 2jzge
  58. Master/slave cylinder question.
  59. Help! S&S Headers, now no Start!
  60. intercooler piping route?
  61. 500hp civic or Lexus sc300-T
  62. Exhaust and Catalytic Converter questions
  63. all-motor route??
  64. Has anyone supercharge there SC300?
  65. Air In The System Need Help
  66. sc300 na-t
  67. aluminum 1JZ spark cover
  68. How many 1jz SC300/400's on this board?
  69. for the sc400 guys
  70. 2JZ-GTE swap into a SC400
  71. Dyno'd my sc4........
  72. Is this a good 1jz price?
  73. gt35 sc400 project (stuff)
  74. Anyone using SP's na-t kit?
  75. Preppin' for the 1jz swap
  76. Exhaust 4 99SC300
  77. Please Help Me Out WIth A Vibration Problem...
  78. Couple Questions on swaps
  79. So...I got a new starter....
  80. value of soarer R154
  81. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (trac and check engine light)
  82. If you're new READ THIS FIRST!! Please Sticky.
  83. K & N intake kits
  84. sc300>400 transmission
  85. Central Jersey Meet 11/26!
  86. bypassing fuel pressure pulsation damper
  87. Help. What did I break?
  88. This is a stupid Question but.....
  89. Updates on my SC300
  90. Intake discussion, and BFI
  91. help with supercharger for sc400
  92. My 1st MOD
  93. important 1JZ swap info learned
  94. Price premium for 5sp SC300
  95. I need the NYC to help me on the come up
  96. So I dropped my girl off at the dealer tonight...
  97. weird start up
  98. convertin trannys between auto nd manual!!
  99. Random 1jz questions
  100. Vibration
  101. how much is this setup worth
  102. Intro, questions on Distrib Seal and Fuel ECU
  103. built AT on 98+
  104. Strange noise problems in sc400
  105. NX NXL and NOS Noszle direct port nitrous systems
  106. afc and f-cons
  107. New to the Lexus game
  108. SC having trouble speeding up
  109. Internals
  110. 1993 SC400 Heater went out this morning...Help!
  111. Which turbo for my car?
  112. Hypothetically speaking, what's a low mile 1UZ worth?
  113. Shifter Moves....
  114. Weekend work done... advice inside - 56k Beware
  115. Exhaust Cap?
  116. Check Engine Light Coming On - 1998 SC 400??
  117. Radiator Blew
  118. Go outside and start your car, then................
  119. Steering growls somtimes
  120. So when did YOU admit to yourself that your SC had a problem?
  121. It has begun (again)
  122. TT auto tranny swap
  123. $5000 cash... what would you do?
  124. hello all question on performance websites
  125. Sc-400
  126. hks f-con
  127. What would be the best way to clean these (valve covers) underneath
  128. powdercoating vs. painting (engine parts)
  129. S&S Headers Install
  130. Now i need a clutch
  131. MKIV Supra shift boot = SC300 boot?
  132. passing emissions
  133. What is wrong with this picture?
  134. 1jz upgrade path
  135. Exhaust Question
  136. Headers and SRT on 99 SC400
  137. the revealing....
  138. Power steering hose
  139. Hks Vpc
  140. RMM downpipe?
  141. Is it worth the extra hassle of swapping a 1jz from a supra?
  142. for all of you who believed that stupid 1.5jz would work
  143. Is it normal to hear crackles after shutdown in the exhaust?
  144. Help Please , need expansion tank
  145. Need Help ...... Potential purchase of car with problems
  146. $1000 to spend... on what?
  147. Car won't start, could use a little help =D
  148. Thank you to all my CL brothers...
  149. VSC on 2000 sc300's
  150. Flex-a-lite 210 Install Guide
  151. different gasket kits?
  152. Any ever try a LS1 swap?
  153. Hmm, so I have the opportunity to get free Supra parts....
  154. size of bolts for diff drain and fill plug
  155. Squealing when AC turned on...
  156. Will this swap work for me?
  157. What to do
  158. SC300 Alternator the same as the Supras?
  159. my single turbo sc 400 (progress)
  160. noise in rear
  161. Anyone running this setup?
  162. what do u get with two honda injen air intakes?
  163. Help needed
  164. oil feed and return lines?
  165. replacment crank pulley
  166. SC400 auto can't shift fast enough?
  167. Project Finished, for now....(pics/info)
  168. i need traction!!!!1
  169. Shifter moves on acceleration and braking
  170. What clutch are you turbo guys running?
  171. What in the world is this?
  172. MAF question
  173. 6 speed in 99sc300
  174. strange sound and fuel smell at start
  175. 98+ sc4: resonator or cat???
  176. s&s headers + borla cat back
  177. harmonic balancer
  178. Anyone test their LExus with a G-Tech? I get 7sec
  179. I think I'm geting Heat Soaked. Anyone with same problem?
  180. Engine Stalling
  181. 1JZ turbo coolant line????
  182. i searched!!!1 (1JZ where is hook up for an oil pressure gauge)
  183. HKS carbon supra exhaust to sc300
  184. sc4 exaust
  185. hello all new to lexus few questions
  186. apex-i n1 single exhaust (pics)
  187. dragon tourq converter
  188. VIDEO..what's this cricket noise?
  189. Wat Size/Kind Gauges should i get?
  190. Race Logic Traction Control in an SC300?
  191. How many people here have S-AFC in their car?
  192. 110mph limiter removal?
  193. new radiator? Temp. Sensor?
  194. Should i remove the resonators ?
  195. Toyota fuel filter design = retarded
  196. Heater on the fritz
  197. Crank Pulley
  198. What to do 1jz swap for 99 sc 300
  199. at work bored
  200. should i buy this turbo setup?
  201. SEARCHED, short shifter help
  202. new shift knob doesnt fit.
  203. sped up, switched lanes, thjen IT happened!
  204. Who has a straight pipe?
  205. 5spd sc
  206. Please Help
  207. Fuse issues......not normal
  208. 1jz sounds like an SRT4!!!!
  209. Dual/Triple Fuel Pump Hanger
  210. Does tis really give you more power and MPG?
  211. How Many SC300/400's with Nitrious ?
  212. Newbie here - Hi to all and a few ?'s obviously !
  213. SC/E-shift/2JZ-GTE
  214. car dying
  215. SC400 Distributor Cap Question
  216. low RPM rattling!!
  217. Overdrive light flashing
  218. SC300 factory Air Intake Diagram
  219. Coolant light.
  220. Serious Problem: Pepboys screwed my motor up
  221. MKIV Supra auto shifter in SC300
  222. Thermostat replacement help
  223. MSD 6AL for the SC300
  224. Header Install On Sc400 Question?
  225. 1jz update
  226. chino is teh man
  227. I changed the radiator with my assistant ;) pics inside
  228. Which is a better engine?
  229. Spark plug wires
  230. Check light
  231. SC400 Talk, 1UZFE HP Facts
  232. Overheating issue revisited, incompetent shop screwed me over
  233. SAFC2 Install on 93 SC300
  234. Mid pipe for sc300
  235. question on magnaflows
  236. Does anyone know if the 98-00 SC300's are multiplex?
  237. piping?
  239. weight diff. between a 1jz and 2jz
  240. mark 3 supra lsd in sc300
  241. Heater not blowing HOT!???
  242. single side JIC exhaust installed
  243. wooooohoooooo
  244. Zex Nitrous Kit -- ET 1/4 Mile?
  245. Aftermarket Trac Control Made For Racing/Launching
  246. v-mounted intercooler
  247. New Sc300 - help
  248. The engine OVERcools SC4.
  249. Need specs on size of trans/motor/rear end drain bolts
  250. SC300 Starter Parts