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  1. 1jz UP AND RUNNING WELL=) ...PICS!!!!PICS!!!!
  2. Dynomax vs. Magnaflow muffler opinions
  3. 2jzge engine cover
  4. 1jz timing questions
  6. LSDs
  7. Coolant warning light.
  8. Performance Q's
  9. Pics of VW intake on GE
  10. Rear end
  11. Random Motor Turn Offs
  12. MAF relocated?
  13. rpm not reving after JDM 2jzgte conversion
  14. hey does any one know if SR20det could
  15. Engine Rebuild
  16. Need 2 1/4" mandrel sc400 exhaust piping?
  17. engine swap labor
  18. belt tensioner pulley
  19. Pretty Parts for my TT SC400
  20. sc400 2jz
  21. Yet another power steering pump problem...please help!
  22. 1jzgte headgasket same as 2jzgte?
  23. alternator problems?
  24. will a Supra 2JZ-GTE in SC300 pass smog???
  25. cheap FMIC piping na-t idea
  26. need quick answer about 1JZ harness
  27. 1jz wont rev
  28. 5 speed Tranny Problem?HELP PLZ
  29. 1jz compression? spark plug gap? vacuum routing?
  30. DYNO Results for my SC400
  31. For those with Gauges(boost) i have a question regarding Vacuem Line Running
  32. Help!! Bad gass maybe??My car stalls everytime I stop
  33. 1UZ-FE V8 Air Forced Induction?
  34. 3sgte swap
  35. 1uz-fe swap?
  36. Gas Leak Mystery
  37. ct12a internals
  38. engine response
  39. Name that part
  40. What does the orange light means
  41. Hallman Boost Controller opinions?
  42. Tuning a 1j??
  43. budget fuel management
  44. Update Update On 1jz Swap...
  45. 1JZ Engine vs 2Jz Tranny
  46. fastech motorsport sc 1.5jz build
  47. Where do these parts go?? Electrical Connector & Vacuum Line (PICS INSIDE)
  48. 1jz Map sensor location
  49. Central Fla. help
  50. Should I get the INJEN SHORT RAM INTAKE?
  51. Need EXPERT advice!!! (pics)
  52. MASS air sensor
  53. Will LMS CA Intake fit on SC3?
  54. does anyone know of any dyno in the las vegas area
  55. Custom FMIC piping pics?
  56. 1JZGTE / 2JZGTE motors
  57. SC400 Air Conditioning Removal
  58. 4 row FMIC on SC300?
  59. obd1 1jz swap in 96+ sc300??
  60. Turbo in a SC400 Auto? Possible?
  61. ic hole
  62. Fastest SC?
  63. valve cover gaskets
  64. Timing belt/tensioner.
  65. What is the best aftermarket intake for SC400's
  66. Anyone Have The Cabin Kickpanel Connector Pinout Diagram?
  67. 1JZGTE MPG Q's
  68. SC400 transmission mount replaced. (seperated)
  69. engine dies after intake work
  70. another day..a step closer to 1jz swap..fixed last problem..NEW PROBLEMS
  71. mkIV pedals
  72. Clicking noise
  73. 2JZ-GTE VVTI in my 98 SC300
  74. Which shifter?
  75. Stroked SC300 progress
  76. getting closer to starting the 1jz..another weird problem
  77. what is the difference.....?
  78. Boost guage installation
  79. oil on plugs
  80. New to me, maybe not to you (ps pump 1jz)
  81. JDM Spec coolant hoses fit US Spec?
  82. Transmission Trouble on Lexus SC300, Please Help
  83. A/C Compressor Interchangability
  84. SC300 -> 2JZ-GTE
  85. Anybody passed emission with JDM motor?
  86. EGR Code 71 Check Engine Light Question.. Help needed
  87. Cleaning the engine head/pistons/etc.
  88. Want to do Compression Test...Where is Fuel Pump Fuse?
  89. Is this a rip off on ebay ?
  90. Bleeding clutch line?
  91. stupid 1JZ question (tranny related)
  92. Stuck Thermometer>>>Overheating>>>Blown HG?
  93. White Smoke= Bad. Whats the Prescription?
  94. those who kept 1jz auto tranny, problem mating driveshaft?
  95. Why no BFI?
  96. SC400 dyno results with nitrous
  97. Automatic to manual conversion?
  98. 1JZGTE automatic ( JZZ30 ) ECU pinout diagram?
  99. Supra Swap\
  100. Considering 1JZ Swap
  101. hp capability?
  102. Are these the front cats?
  103. jzgte temp and tach fix
  104. 1JZ representing !!!
  105. Shifter Bushings
  106. started 1jz swap..came across something..ALTERNATOR PLUG
  107. nitrous on a 1jz
  108. Headers
  109. Anyone have Chaser 1JZ wiring diagrams?
  110. Lets talk "rears"
  111. 1995 Supra NA motor into SC300 ?
  112. NA-T numbers in... 630rwhp at only 25psi
  113. need help bad (electrical issue)
  114. power steering leaking from boot
  115. Is anyone running NOS?
  116. a/c wanted plz.
  117. Auto transmision overdrive
  118. Cup holder makes a good guage pod
  119. anyone use the powerhouse manifold?
  120. manual conversion Q
  121. Smooth Muffler? advice needed
  122. Please Help! Clutch Broke?!?
  123. resetting ECU on ge motor
  124. spark plugs
  125. Sc400 - Rpm @ 70 Mph?
  126. anyone heard of these people?
  127. Transmission Problem? Need some advice...
  128. Open Downpipe 1jZ
  129. Should I get the MSD 6A?
  130. Finally making some headway...
  131. Tuning Shop In South FLA?
  132. Tach adaptor for 5spd??
  133. What is so great about the SC300?
  134. 2jz-gte swap SC400 Project
  135. 2jz wiring
  136. Is it hard to change timing belt?!?
  137. I did it! I solved my SC400's grinding problem.
  138. Replacing Soarer ceramic tubos with Starlet steel ones.
  139. stock 5spd tranny w/ 1jz?
  140. help putting up video of my new exhaust set up
  141. Exhaust
  142. Boost Logic?
  143. '97 sc300 issue at a stop or in park
  144. custom single exhuast, going 1J and what to expect
  145. custom single exhuast, going 1J and what to expect
  146. Header or is there another way...
  147. CE light popped on the way to work
  148. Power Steering???
  149. where to get arp head studs?
  150. Finding A/C leak?
  151. So who makes headers now?
  152. single turbo 1jz roll call
  153. Non-turbo Supras' application of turbo timer harness
  154. Transmission HP Capacity?
  155. what exhaust ????
  156. header install questions on sc400..
  157. Definately a repost...BUT
  158. Leaking Antifreeze when turned off
  159. Blitz Nur Spec exhaust fitment
  160. Handling question
  161. Apexi Ws2
  162. Car occasionally taking time to change from Park to Drive/Reverse
  163. Clutch/PP question on 6 speed SCs
  164. Pass emissions with 1 cat?
  165. Help here please
  166. Question about interior wiring diffrences between SC300 & SC400
  167. sc 300 engine swap
  168. Can someone help identify this part??
  169. LSDs?
  170. transmission fluid change on 93 sc 400
  171. Muffler
  172. Oil usage?
  173. vvti Question?
  174. update on my 1jz....
  175. Need help with Alternator issues on a GTE Swap!
  176. Turbo Timer with swap?
  177. 2JZ-GTE torque specs...
  178. Bolt On Mods
  179. 2JZ-GTE Swap Questions
  180. Putting a JDM2jz?
  181. more carbing bling
  182. check engine ligh, whats the cause for yours
  183. relay, ecu for 1992 lexus sc
  184. 1j power?
  185. Replacment for stock twins??
  186. SC300 engine idles strange
  187. 1jz help PLEASE HELP!!
  188. Cannot find Valve Covers
  189. Twin Turbo Headers (DIY)
  190. grounding kit for trunk mounted battery
  191. Soarer swap options with '96 and up SC300's?
  192. ecu's
  193. Help!!!
  194. vpc maf problem?
  195. using is300 maf on SC300
  196. no injector pulse no spark on 1j help please
  197. anyone know where to get a overhaul kit?
  198. 2JZ-GTE oil pan
  199. Starter change on SC300
  200. Going Single on the 1JZ
  201. Well the twins went! :(
  202. walbro gss341 or gss342
  203. Pic under valve covers after 100k
  204. Drier
  205. 1JZ radiator swap worth it?
  206. whats the slip?
  207. NA Auto => TT auto
  208. strange missfire, hesitation
  209. Auto shift knob part#???
  210. Power Steering resevoir??
  211. 1jz turbo/compressor maps
  212. CA emissions vs. non-CA emissions what's the difference?
  213. Can someone with a 1JZ PLEASE tell me where these two connectors go?! (Pics inside)
  214. What sensor is this?
  215. trac light
  216. Replacing Alternator and Leaky Power Steering?
  217. grounding kit
  218. R154 Driveshaft.
  219. Which Car?
  220. Finally bit the bullet....
  221. Look what i found
  222. Increase in gas mileage.
  223. JDM Toyota Soarer - Motor Options?
  224. tranny problem?
  225. Good 3in Muffler?
  226. 2JZGE-A340E to R154 swap for sc3
  227. sc 400
  228. 1995 SC400 Engine Light & Trac Light On
  229. Does anyone have the tech specs for airflow, etc.. off a scanner?
  230. stock BOV's suck!
  231. think i got ripped off?
  232. Auto Trans problem, need help !
  233. Passing emissions with 1jz
  234. 5-Speed SC400
  235. 1jz sc starts up but dies when throttle is pushed
  236. overheating.. replaced everything except the HG
  237. need help obd2 to obd1 conversion
  238. exhaust help
  239. Blown Motor, Need Advice...
  240. 1jz q
  241. AC not working right
  242. Supra TT clutch fit SC300?
  243. Need help where to find best price for trd lsd!!!
  244. '93 SC400 Starting Problem
  245. 1jz acting wierd :(
  246. spec stage2 clutch and aluminum fly
  247. High cold-start idle, normal warm idle, rich/gas smell
  248. 2jzgte and 1jzgte stock swap cost in ca?
  249. need help with final drive!
  250. what kind of power should i get???