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  1. 1JZ Auto Swap Into 5-Speed - Wiring Issues?
  2. Help ! Noise when letting off gas
  3. Cat. Clogged?
  4. engine stand bolt size for 2jz??
  5. intake or no intake?
  6. turbonetics sc300 dyno results
  7. LTW fllywheel and ebay 6 puck installed
  8. Question about the TT swap into SC300 (temp gauge)
  9. ECT switch not working help please.
  10. Gs300 Vvti Engine For 92 Sc300?
  11. having trouble pulling cel code
  12. Report: Diff Fitment Issues Supra and SC
  13. 4.27 Gear in '99 GS3
  14. Aem Ems Users!
  15. Help Temp. Fluctuating
  16. funky comp test #'s...
  17. Auto Tranny Engage
  18. O2 sims?
  19. sc3 or sc4?!?
  20. toys came in lol
  21. Where to buy supercharger kit for my sc400?!
  22. Turbo surge
  23. 6 speed torsen in sc400?
  24. SAFC2 Wiring Question
  25. How much did it cost you?
  26. Coolant dissap.=problems..
  27. Anyone solved CE Code 25 ? 92-94 SC4
  28. Over heating
  29. Going rate for a leak down test?
  30. na-t's with stock maf
  31. AC Problems....(yes I searched already)..HELP!
  32. save on gas/extra pep for sc300
  33. Putting on my Magnaflow 14829 mufflers with all new piping.....
  34. Easiest/Best tranny for 2jz-gte swap
  35. Headlights dim when I hit the brakes
  36. what LSD fits SC300 5spd?
  37. JDM 2jz-gte into US spec?
  38. whats this about the sc400 can be 5spd ?
  39. Whats wrong with my baby?
  40. Flywheel install - does it matter how it is installed?
  41. Leaking Oil Pan Gasket
  42. engine mounts - steering rack
  43. quad tip dual muffler setups WANTED!
  44. Master Cylinder and Clutch Pedal Assembly
  45. mods to increase gas mileage
  46. how much do front clip usually run for these days?
  47. need turbo on sc 400
  48. my trac light is on
  49. Hks Vpc ?
  50. Where does this tube from the Charcoal Canister connect to?
  51. Soarer LSD?
  52. Driveshaft Center Support Bearing?
  53. My new toy for my SC
  54. IS250 shift knob fits SC300 5sp?
  55. SC300 Stumbling on Full Throttle or Idle??
  56. Help NEED TRANNY FOR 92 SC400
  57. ABS unit compatability
  58. Which manifolds fit the 2jzge?
  59. 1jz-gte mpg?
  60. Auto to manual near complete, one minor problem
  61. Having boost issues with my 1JZ SC300.
  62. Motor Teardown
  63. manual gear box problem
  64. 400 hp 1jz or 2jz.. cheaper?
  65. 1jz v v t i swap info a 97-2000 sc 300
  66. MK3 1JZ injector compatability
  67. Lights dimm and car seems to turn off and back on?
  68. Motor Mount Upgrade
  69. Injector question
  70. 2jz-Gte into an Sc400... I know it has been covered before...
  71. Spark Plug Heat Range?
  72. 2jz info
  73. Budget Cold Air Intake 2 - Total Spent $53.79
  74. looking for sound clip
  75. Fuel Filter for my sc300
  76. stock flywheel weight VS supra flywheel?
  77. FYI GS400 ECU learns and compensates you may be lean
  78. Motor is out - finally...
  79. Swapping Spark Plugs Tomorrow
  80. so-cal 2jz-gte transplant looking for a shop
  81. If compression test checks out well, is a leakdown necessary?
  82. 2jzgte swap info/pricing
  83. Anyone with bad heater valves and a free 'fix'
  84. CEL for: 02 heater & TPS
  85. TRAC OFF blinks after installing new tires
  86. Remanufactured Starter - OK????
  87. New SC Owner & CEL Problem
  88. The fun begins tomorrow... wish me luck!
  89. sc air filters
  90. BFI Question
  91. Turbo Project...
  92. Turbo Kit Install - Day One
  93. Project V8 enroute
  94. which turbo route?
  95. Help me pick out which mufflers I want.
  96. supra NA ECU same as SC300 5 sp ECU?
  97. how much oil does your engine eat up?
  98. Sc300 and Gs300 engine compatibility?
  99. Replacing stock Cats with new high flow cats?
  100. Replacing Transmission Mount on 92 SC300 - New Mount doesn't Match
  101. power steering help
  102. obd1 code scanner?
  103. sc400 V8 manual transmission conversions?
  104. 3uz-fe swap
  105. Recomendations for my new SC..
  106. Very Important 1JZGTE 1st Gen Recall info!!!
  107. best 1j bang for the buck mod
  108. 100K Tune Up?
  109. trans dont shift until slightly warm??
  110. cel code 25 and 26 ANY INFO PLEASE?
  111. What do i need to do to get rid of my distributor?
  112. Sc300 Mods
  113. is my starter gone?
  114. Changed PS pum and car won't start
  115. serpentine belt idler pulley question SC400
  116. What does this vacuum hose attach to?
  117. GE buildup with GTE parts
  118. help!!!! anyone using this
  119. SC400 low idle
  120. Changing clutch
  121. sc300/supra master cylinder question
  122. Whistling intake
  123. whining / screeching noise when turning engine off
  124. WhereTB OEM crank pulley
  125. Problem with my SC300 staying on
  126. Rising Temperature
  127. How much power can the stock 5spd tranny handle?
  128. auto to r154 swap help
  129. Hesitation, temp problem
  130. 1JZ auto + NA ecu = ??
  131. SC300 MAF Resistor Pin Location?
  132. Does Soarer 5 speed have LSD
  133. started 1JZ swap and damn it!!!
  134. Budget Cold air intake
  135. Anothe power steering question.
  136. My 1JZ swap.
  137. Transmission
  138. charging system diagram
  139. SC300 tranny
  140. First post.. WHAT'S THIS CAR WORTH? - and other imponderables.
  141. TX emissions
  142. TX emissions
  143. Question for those with 1JZ swaps
  144. Heater problem
  145. got_trd's 2nd vid
  146. A/C Compressor question
  147. BLown Transmission
  148. what are the fuses for???
  149. Noob with 2 questions.
  150. car still wont stay on!!!! help me!!!!
  151. JIC Dual Exhaust (SC300)- Where to buy?
  152. sc300 cat and gs300 cat
  153. So I think it's time for an ATC.
  154. Clutch pedal stiffness and doesnt return properly
  155. HK$ Timing belt, worth it? Other related questions...
  156. Power Steering; yet another one
  157. high rpm exhaust smoke?
  158. What does a 4in Exhaust & DP sound like you ask?
  159. HELP NEEDED NOW!!please
  160. Harness question
  161. ECT Sport switch not working
  162. How come the SC430 gets a compressor?
  163. Whats going on??????
  164. what cams can i use for the 2jzge
  165. Which setup for daily driving?
  166. CAI installed
  167. Custon Exhaust system headers 3" pipe cat hks exhaust
  168. SC400 Motor-mount questions
  169. swapped 1jz dudes... can you still get ECU codes with US dash?
  170. Gas smell from enging
  171. Need some turbo advice please....
  172. How to Tune your SAFC I/II Courtesy of NPM
  173. What's missing from this list? (r154 swap)
  174. need a starter!
  175. 5-speed parts interchange
  176. Official SC exhaust thread! post up.
  177. 1992 SC300 5spd runs great at startup, HESITATION once warmed up..
  178. 1uz vs. 3uz weight
  179. sc 400 manual transmission
  180. Heater Problems
  181. Car hesitating. Used Seafoam and compression spikes.
  182. 1jz dyno runs
  183. Other make parts
  184. i got a damn light popping up
  185. catalytic convert hollowing/removal
  186. JDM To USDM Auto GTE into 99 Sc300 Swap Info
  187. Sc300 Jerking at 4000 RPM
  188. Problem installing shifter on a 95 SC300...
  189. ebay turbo?
  190. What is that light?
  191. Good sites for 1JZ/2JZ swappers
  192. driver side muffler
  193. something wrong with my car
  194. Too much engine/transmission noise from console area
  195. Tell me about the SC's traction control system
  196. idle rise and fall
  197. Throttle body question (sc300)
  198. Flashing Lights in console
  199. Wanting to buy SC400 99
  200. Auto>Manual conversion SC300 - What is needed?
  201. will IS300 5 speed trans fit sc300 5 speed?
  202. Supra TT harness
  203. 95 SC400 MAF Problem
  204. Weird problem with the sc...
  205. vvti motor in non-vvti car?
  206. Ever seen this 1uzfe clip?
  207. turbo/distributor clearence issues on ssautochome manifolds?
  208. what should i do??
  209. Immediate Help Please!!!!!!
  210. 1JZ Is In!.... But have some questions..
  211. Vaccuum Leak!
  212. Exhaust Questions on my SC
  213. HKS F-Con Fuel Management with 1JZ swap
  214. RDMS SC400TT-dyno results..
  215. 1jzgte parts....
  216. SC300 Muffler upgrade?
  217. SC300 NA-T Muffler choice?
  218. sneak peak before the big numbers come in
  219. Turbo kit??
  220. what you guys think
  221. Car requires two cranks to start
  222. HELP! possible ECU issue.
  223. Faster
  224. Transmission rebuilding, 98' sc300
  225. VPC resistor location for 93 2jzge
  226. Master/slave cylinder question.
  227. Help! S&S Headers, now no Start!
  228. intercooler piping route?
  229. 500hp civic or Lexus sc300-T
  230. Exhaust and Catalytic Converter questions
  231. all-motor route??
  232. Has anyone supercharge there SC300?
  233. Air In The System Need Help
  234. sc300 na-t
  235. aluminum 1JZ spark cover
  236. How many 1jz SC300/400's on this board?
  237. for the sc400 guys
  238. 2JZ-GTE swap into a SC400
  239. Dyno'd my sc4........
  240. Is this a good 1jz price?
  241. gt35 sc400 project (stuff)
  242. Anyone using SP's na-t kit?
  243. Preppin' for the 1jz swap
  244. Exhaust 4 99SC300
  245. Please Help Me Out WIth A Vibration Problem...
  246. Couple Questions on swaps
  247. So...I got a new starter....
  248. value of soarer R154
  249. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (trac and check engine light)
  250. If you're new READ THIS FIRST!! Please Sticky.