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  1. TE-44 Turbo Rebuild Question
  2. "Y" intake removal question?
  3. Plasic Engine Cover/Protector
  4. 2jz block question...
  5. Heater Core.. Help...
  6. Richmond Area
  7. Trans Options for SC300
  8. Uncommon Rear Diff Swap
  9. Turbo with auto tranny question.
  10. Best, High flowing exhaust that isn't loud??
  11. SC400 radiator info
  12. soarer r154
  13. turning up boost
  14. just got sc4..want to convert
  15. seafomed my sc400 today in hopes of power
  16. Will a supra koyo fit the SC3 5speed with no mods?.
  17. need help...
  18. friday for the turbonetics sc300 dyno tune
  19. 1JZ ECU help
  20. How to make sure the Power Steering isnt leaking?
  21. coolant question (i did search)
  22. Itb (pic)
  23. Need a PART #
  24. Electric fan LOOK pics
  25. 91 Soarer 2JZ-GTE project
  26. To Clip or not to Clip
  27. Timing belt opinions please
  28. RED coolant
  29. Questions about a Swap (2JZGTE)
  30. few 1jz swap aftermath questions...
  31. V8 starter replacement TRICK
  32. EBay turbo?
  33. Valve Covers
  34. question on valve cover gaskets - 92 sc 400
  35. Engine Removal
  36. seized turbo
  37. Where did you get your SC300 intercooler piping?
  38. Knock Sensor may cause hesitation on SC400
  39. car died tonight =/
  40. Got my 6 spd!
  41. 2JZ GTE in an SC400?? Can It be done?
  42. screeching noise when accelerating
  43. 3 inch exhaust on an NA?
  44. TPS Location & Reading ECU Codes, SC400
  45. 970rwhp SC300 (video inside)
  46. coolant leaking, pics-someone help
  47. Throttle Body
  48. 6-speed 98 SC300 VVT-i 2JZ-GTE swap achievable?
  49. just had twins ...
  50. Crank Pulley replacement fun
  51. Deleting resonators, got an estimate
  52. Mandrel Piping?
  53. Other Options?
  54. Rear end compatability?
  55. Engine dying after a burn out.
  56. SC300 Water pump rebuild?
  57. EGR temp. sensor; check engine
  58. the car keeps bucking :(
  59. Engine stand - how did you do it?
  60. TRAC light
  61. P0441 Code?
  62. Low Idle/Stalling Issue
  63. A/C compressor problem
  64. 1jz front sump Vs rear sump?
  65. progressive grinding noise
  66. f-max or boost logic turbo kit
  67. Cats cells/in
  68. A/C system evacuated , do I need oil also when its recharged?
  69. 2,200 repair bill on my SC4
  70. Help me decide, auto or 5-sp??
  71. A/C leaking when not on?
  72. Best base engine?
  73. SC300 Query
  74. NA to NA-T Swap? Any Suggestions
  75. V8 MAF info for people going NA-T
  76. Gotta hole in the exhaust
  77. Idle/Starting problem
  78. Rear End Acting Up
  79. cold air intake
  80. insane exhaust
  81. Clock reset and dashlights went out?
  82. Changing spark plugs on a SC300 92
  83. Changing spark plugs sc300 92
  84. SC400 Koyo Radiator Install w/Lots of Pics
  85. question about 1jz or 2jz PS resevoir
  86. Torsen LSD (manual TT) in an SC400?
  87. SC300 Boost Logic Stage 1 NA-T Dyno
  88. To those who have the r154
  89. finally got my turbonetics na-t kit today !
  90. Cone filter? or BFI?
  91. Stalling issue
  92. Car not starting
  93. Whos the fastest on the stock NA auto?
  94. where to buy aftermarket radiator hoses
  95. where that vacuum goes?? (1jz)
  96. just got a sc400...want to conv. to 5spd.
  97. I need your help! *Transmission fluid change*
  98. Transmission Sounds
  99. Dyno: 93 SC400 (Tex's header's and 2.5 in. exhaust)
  100. A/C is messed up. dunno whats wrong.
  101. A/C Recharge for my 97 SC400
  102. I was thinking about a swap, but now im going with NA-T
  103. best 1jz source?
  104. my SC isOverheating, VERY BAD!!!
  105. Spent some money today....
  106. turbo timer setting?
  107. Headers for 97-00 SC300?
  108. HELP! What does this connector go to? (1JZ swap)
  109. 1JZ loom extension
  110. LS1 Corvette engine in an SC400?
  111. 1jz or 2jzgte: which swap is easier to do?
  112. Plug-in/Hybrid SC
  113. For the 98+ owners wanting an IS300 SRT Intake
  114. Anyone have a ge vvti ecu wiring diagram?
  115. anyone put a tt intake manifold on?
  116. SC300 5spd worth it for NA-T?
  117. out with the old in with the new
  118. well guys, its finally time ...
  119. recently got an SC and the AC is acting up.... what is it?
  120. Supra TT radiator
  121. getrag on a 1uz
  122. Exhaust Choice Help
  123. AC issues, help me figure out what it is
  124. replaced head gasket, now no start :(
  125. Some questions for the NA-T guys.
  126. apexi megaphone exhaust sound clip.
  127. Over Drive Problem Thread (Merged)
  128. 92 SC400 engine removal
  129. useless crap in engine bay
  130. excessive fan noise -- help
  131. what wire is this?
  132. Need help bad.........
  133. cheapest aftermarket racing radiator? 1jz guys and EVERYONE
  134. sc300 water pump install *help*
  135. Internals?
  136. Intake Manifold Differences
  137. 2JZ Internals
  138. Trying to get some opinions on 1jzgte midpipe and y pipe
  139. New base boost dyno #'s
  140. Can you supercharge an SC400 VVTI?
  141. Where do these vacuum hoses go?
  142. what is this? (pic)
  143. will this work????
  144. na-t injector question
  145. Anyone with a 5 speed and Auto Rear End ?
  146. radiator question
  147. How to remove torque converter clutch?
  148. Who has installed a wet/dry Nitrous on the 300?
  149. Pics of the APEXi exhaust
  150. 2jz .......... I dislike you.
  151. Overheat with O/D off
  152. Coming soon to a F.I.E&T.S Forum near you...
  153. my alternator just went out last nighy :(
  154. what would you do???
  155. Help With 97sc400 Engine Compatment Pic
  156. 3x allowed NOx + $2000+ repair estimate
  157. 5spd converison???
  158. VSV connections; Warm air out of Dash Vents
  159. Swapping Rear End
  160. Newbie need help
  161. Can I use mid grade gas?
  162. SC300 idle pulley bearing? Chirping!!
  163. How to remove CAM SEALS?
  164. 1jz-gte 2.5 Supra swap in an SC
  165. power washed engine and now missing on 4 cyl's
  166. CFold start problem
  167. Help! she wont start! :(
  168. Overheating
  169. auto rear end, teeth on speedo gear?
  170. rear end, tps Q's
  171. bltiz or hks
  172. na-t headgasket question
  173. Paddle shift your auto!
  174. Check Engine Light - Trac Off Light - ON
  175. where do i go
  176. AC doesn't work in Lexus SC300... ideas?
  177. mk3 w58 shifter same as sc3 w58??
  178. Vibrations when AC is turned off?!
  179. Help! My car won't a loss.:(
  180. Gte?
  181. New Ebay Manifold?
  182. Swap opinions, swap veterans welcome
  183. r154 tranny mount bracket problem
  184. overdrive or not
  185. Reputable Turbo Rebuilders?
  186. Time it takes for overheating to cause damage to motor?
  187. I'm having trouble getting my car to start.
  188. My turbo project - Coming soon
  189. need help setting timing
  190. Details on my BL SC300 NA-T pkg
  191. 1jz swap and 1jz Soarer performance differences?
  192. engine acting up
  193. Anyway to add TRAC to SC3 5 speed
  194. 1993 SC400 engine missing / low on power
  195. engine harness
  196. 2JZGTE Swap Instructions
  197. Phenolic Spacer
  198. exhaust intsall help
  199. ac won't hold chage help!
  200. 2jzgte swap questions
  201. replaced ac compressor, worked for a day, now nothing is working
  202. DIY: Throttle Body Removal(spark plug change)
  203. 1jz's around texas or oklahoma help needed
  204. really need you tech guys input ...
  205. firm shifts
  206. greddy emanage "blue" opinions
  207. Changing the Radiator. need help
  208. Opinions needed on purchased motor
  209. Timing Belt Question
  210. Picked up another SC400
  211. 1JZ into SC300 Driveshaft help...
  212. is MVP the only place to by a TRD short shifter?
  213. Should I pay for the coil? (SC400)
  214. 1jz Swap Question.
  215. NEED HELP ASAP!!!!! OBD1 to OBD2 error scanner
  216. Lexus Sc400 Nitrous
  217. Wanted: 92-94 SC300 tranny ECT pinout and Cruise ECU pinout diagram
  218. uh oh ...any advice?
  219. sc300 automatic. Slow start?
  220. Quick question on manual swap
  221. How effective or Practical are sprayers?
  222. Alternator going out, battery, or short?
  223. some q's for you 1jz guys
  224. More MPG Help
  225. Tranny Oil Pan Cost?
  226. Cooling Woes and I am confused
  227. Got Magnaflow? pics!
  228. Use stock exhaust with swap? Other questions
  229. ma70-71 diff in sc300
  230. Missing Oil Mystery
  231. Emissions and magnaflows?
  232. need help with gas smell possible leak maybe???
  233. Impressed with S&S
  234. headers being installed
  235. Cooling Fan Hydraulic Pump
  236. traction control light
  237. Whay to do about 6spd LSD
  238. engine mount differences (1uz vs jz)
  239. Can anyone tell if this is a Auto or Manual TT LSD
  240. what kind of intake?
  241. fuel pump ecu
  242. How many caps/rotors/coils?
  243. soarer cluster with 1jz swap
  244. for experts, please help :(
  245. car shutting off on me!!!
  246. Question for the swapped guys
  247. Stalling
  248. a different approach...
  249. Belt & Water Pump Dead
  250. Help on finding TEMP SENDER