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  1. Question for those with 1JZ swaps in Cali
  2. My local Toyota dealership is filled with idiots :(
  3. 1JZ Water Pump
  4. starting problem
  5. Acceleration?
  6. 1jz time
  7. Question about an issue i had
  8. Throttle Valve cable
  9. Toyota put Type III tranny fluid in my SC400
  10. NA-T build....need help!
  11. 1jz head on 2jz block easy?
  12. Lexus dealer doesnt have the tool for a tranny power flush?!
  13. ProBoostChip?!?
  14. Engine swap 2jzge to 2jzvvi na
  15. cheap/free horsepower gains
  16. Fuel filter-1, stokdd-0
  17. 7M diff in a SC
  18. question about idle speed..
  19. driveshaft question
  21. Weird Jerking when shifting into Drive.
  22. Changing Water Pump
  23. Q: About Muffler
  24. My GTE engine progress pics :)
  25. r154 clutch fork removal
  26. HKS knockoff test trial
  27. PT63 Project *Sneak Preview*
  28. Sc400 Timing belt
  29. Problem with your Diff or driveshaft bushing?
  30. I dont move in "drive"
  31. spark plugs in single 1jz? and cam gears
  32. Suggestions pls ! ! Add a little power on a tight budget need help
  33. Engine sluggish/non-responsive at start up occasionally.
  34. sc300 swap question
  35. whine? where is it coming from (yes i searched)
  36. Supra 6 Speed trans (value?)
  37. Need a GTE engine.
  38. auto to manual
  39. trac light problems
  40. mufflers interchangable on SC300 and SC400?
  41. 1.5 jz? on 92 sc
  42. Writeup on installing GM TH400 automatic transmission
  43. Help with ignition coil...
  44. wastegates questions??
  45. Need advice: 1JZ DP and Exhaust combo
  46. problem with gas gauge
  47. Supra 6spd LSD into SC300
  48. IS300 header on a 95 SC300?
  49. Gte Block Swap???
  50. Head gasket kit
  51. Intermittent speedometer/odometer operation
  52. I support illegal downloading
  53. Hot Transmission
  54. Formula to Convert Injector Flows, English to Metric?
  55. Throttle body/pcv clean ?
  56. Fuel filter options
  57. ls400 maf
  58. My Magnaflow Exhaust
  59. car wont shut off! need some guru help
  60. map ecu, stock fuel sc300 question
  61. My New Muffs
  62. broke coil connector plug
  63. 1JZ with RHD motor on ebay
  64. Hi, I'm new here
  65. Which stock Knock Sensor is Best used with Standalone Front or Back one?
  66. my street/drag sc300 fuel setup
  67. where to get an ignitor for the 1J
  68. Looking for a dyno in KS area.
  69. just need help..
  70. Magnaflows...OH MY GOD
  71. My sc caught on fire!
  72. **Soon to be become SC300 1JZ 5speed TT in Canada (pics)**
  73. Cost of 1JZ..trouble finding good info
  74. Where is this wire? MSD 8920
  75. Need help with Tranny swap !
  76. in the process of boosting... O2 sensors??
  77. Whats the best lightwieght flywheel for the GTE
  78. Noob msd 8920 question
  79. Options for SC400??
  80. MAF Sensors?
  81. sc300-->supra 5 speed swap ?'s
  82. Motor Build...
  83. Dedication Time.....
  84. Power Steering Help Please
  85. Strangest problem about battery light coming on
  86. 2jz-ge supercharge question
  87. Need help diagnosing problem
  88. Engine Mounts Help
  89. I need mount traction control
  90. BFI Intake Questions
  91. Q bout cold air
  92. Q about ECM.
  93. bfi questions
  94. what would u say are the best performance mods for smallest amount of money?
  95. 2jzgte swap info needed
  96. Exhaust piping question
  97. New MAGNAFLOW 14829 Mufflers Installed
  98. JDM 2JZGTE Wiring
  99. Which is better?
  100. 94 power steering pump will work in a 93??
  101. My SC isn't being very reliable...
  102. Auto to manual SC300?
  103. apex'i
  104. Help! Car Won't Start!
  105. Finally my turbo is in
  106. turbo in sc 300
  107. sc400 computers
  108. Power Steering Woes
  109. SAFC 2 discusion.
  110. MSD Adaptor but still not working right?
  111. strut tower brace
  112. How to Register my turbo with
  113. Gas Tank removal
  114. tach fix 1jz in sc400
  115. Searched but couldnt find an answer...SAFC2
  116. 2jz NA-T 6spd Clutch Engagement Problem
  117. GTE head on GE block
  118. single turbo install
  119. stupid question...
  120. Custom exhaust - rear O2 sensors?
  121. I've taken the Magnaflow plunge...
  122. NJ inspection with AEM??
  123. OBX racing exhaust for the SC
  124. Traction control
  125. help: my gas needle is stuck. what could be the problem?
  126. Drowning plugs: I think I found my problem
  127. FAT supercharger
  128. 1jz power steering pump
  129. 1JZ Fuel managemnt
  130. Supra Swap Into Sc300
  131. 1jz + sc300 auto?
  132. 1jz and 2jz front clips where to buy?
  133. Engine Turns itsself off
  134. stock platinium to ngk3330 and 1jz run bad
  135. Newby in CO/engine has hiccup
  136. Visual Differences (engine)Aristo vs. Supra JDM
  137. JZX100 Tranny
  138. Blown head gasket
  139. I had more fun today than you did.
  140. weird missfiring issues and oil and coolant leaks
  141. Electric Vacume turbo charging?
  142. Motor Mount Replacement Help!!!
  143. SC300 Intercooler pipe and tach problem
  144. catalytic converter where to buy aftermkt?
  145. Timing Belt Install - Question about Cam Gears
  146. coolant issue
  147. power steering pump
  148. bad engine
  149. Electric superchargers?
  150. 3 inch v band clamp not fitting flange wtf
  151. Flywheel bolts
  152. 92' sc400 .. need some help
  153. My baby's in trouble please help!!!
  154. Choice of motor in a SC3
  155. xspower turbos.... anyone have experience?
  156. I have quick question about the 5peed trans.
  157. got my turbo manifold in today ....
  158. SC400 to 1JZ-GTE VVT-I conversion
  159. Need help with DP problem
  160. Sc400 Headers
  161. engine problem
  162. SC 300 Auto 1992/ How to change forward driveshaft bushings
  163. where do i get a union bolt? and the fitting for the return
  164. Borla Exhaust 97 sc300
  165. Your thoughts about building na-t motor...
  166. Swooshing Noise When Throttling?
  167. 1jz Tune with SAFC???
  168. Reversed Polarity / Sc300 5spd
  169. Apexi making exhaust for sc300
  170. Need Help! SC300 Sprayed rubber pieces from transmission I think.
  171. Help...Car keeps giving itself gas w/out me being on the gas pedal
  172. DTC Code help
  173. Check Oil Light
  174. Idle Air Control Valve
  175. 5spd swap question
  176. RPM jumps while driving
  177. Cause of a harsh start?
  178. Street Legal Performance Exhaust
  179. How doI know what I have and need?
  180. CAR still running weird
  181. The car doesn't want to change gears now
  182. replacing stock oem filter with cone on sc400 ???
  183. Exhaust Question. Keeping stock tips?
  184. Turbo Timer
  185. What Down Pipe is used with the Non greddy T78? (TD07-18A) Not 4 bolt Not V-Band
  186. W58 question?
  187. Fuel pressure on the rail in a SC400
  188. JIC Bullet Twin 505S Sus Exhuast YAY!
  189. TPS questions?????
  190. Thinking of buying sc300 to twin turbo..
  191. 7M-GE and 2JZ-GE compatability
  192. Transmission noise when cold + delayed shift
  193. Speed sensor wire?
  194. wiring Harness???
  195. Car Has Issues!!!! Help
  196. ebay intake thats cheap worth it?
  197. New header for SC300, pretty good gains
  198. found a motor
  199. 2jzgte intake manifold on a 2zjge
  200. Need a New Clutch Disc and What else??
  201. Anyone using an electric fan?
  202. Distributor?
  203. Check engine light comes on after trac is turned off
  204. over drive light trouble
  205. 5 speed question and more ?
  206. 1jz vvt-i in a sc300....
  207. Whats the fastest NA-t sc300?
  208. Question for the turbo heads
  209. 1jz speed delimiter
  210. List of Magnaflow products
  211. Fuel cut off
  212. Cam timing belt
  213. SC400 Water pump
  214. MAFs question
  215. Hissssing Gas Cap
  216. Short throw shifters?
  217. It's getting hot in here.
  218. Will this cold air intake work on my sc400?
  219. 2jzgte / 1jzgte help.......
  220. Strange noise at 60-70MPH but no where else.
  221. New Sc Owner! losing coolant
  222. R154 on 1jz automatic (speed sensor q)
  223. Car starts, then dies
  224. Got new motor mounts.. dont think theyre properly installed
  225. Still Stalls In P And N!!!
  226. TH400 people, question on driveshaft/differential
  227. 2000 4.0L VVTi into an SC400?
  228. Electrix Probelem Please Help (ALT?)
  229. TOM"S Soarer compresor kit?!
  230. Blown SC300 93 Head Gasket
  231. installation of bcc and scc
  232. apexi n1 vs magnaflows mufflers
  233. Nightmare Fix Done!!!
  234. DESPERATE NOW! SC400 power steering hose
  235. Check this vid out!! SC400 supercharged
  236. W58 with a 350-400whp goal.
  237. Emissions Problem, Engine Light won't go off
  238. 1JZ Single turbo complete!!!!
  239. anyone do a write up on changing from distributor to coils?
  240. 97 Lexus SC400 Supercharger project
  241. where to order oil pump from
  242. 1jz/w58/auto harness reverse lights?
  243. Transmission for turbo SC300
  244. Limiting factors in turboing the SC400?
  245. SC300 Intake Manifold
  246. Help!!! engine issues
  247. S&S Header on a '99 LS - A tale of woe
  248. SC400 hesitation
  249. Anyone Use This Turbo Kit?
  250. Getrag Swap Support/Mount- What are Sc300 guys using