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  1. National Service History
  2. quick question about removing the EGR system
  3. engine won't start or dies while driving
  4. Best way to flush fuel system?
  5. Crank Bolt Removal
  6. What would we do w/o great mechanics!!!!!!
  7. 5spd swap = check engine light, help?
  8. Removing Traction Control?
  9. Need your help guys
  10. Stock 5 speed question,
  11. Early stages of a Auto to 5 speed swap "How To"
  12. does all sc300 have traction and abs??
  13. radiator question
  14. another auto < 5 speed?
  15. Pricing on swaps?
  16. what all do i need
  17. question on motor mounts.
  18. Crank Shaft Pulley
  19. What model is my motor from?
  20. Sticky Clutch
  21. Got my 5spd Swap today, thanks R&J Distributing
  22. TRAC light prob.. all help welcome!
  23. Need quick advice on transmission...
  24. Sacreligious
  25. 1jz swap questions
  26. Strange rattling sound and whistling....
  27. Just bought a Chip for my sc300 need some q's answered....
  28. NA-T Stalling problem, can't get it right, HELP!
  29. NA-T Stalling problem, can't get it right, HELP!
  30. Hesitation when rev, feels like a 'dragster' lol
  31. 2jz cam gears in 1jz?
  32. Removing the EGR bar from the Intake
  33. ecu stuck on 100% fuel
  34. Coolant in #5 Cyl.???? Help!!!
  35. any prob. with 99 sc4 trans.?
  36. Why CEL after putting in gas?? All the time?
  37. Worse gas mileage after cahnging O2 Sensor?
  38. I know I'm a Noob..(noob didn't title thread either -how can I find an exhaust leak?)
  39. My custom 6 puck setup!!!
  40. got a little problem introduced today...
  41. i need a pic
  42. Stupid Fuel Filter!!! Help
  43. engine shaking HELP
  44. Where can i find these Mufflers??
  45. Noise from engine
  46. Ridin on my new 2800 stall speed torque converter!
  47. 2JZGTE w/67mm Turbo, exhaust question...3 Mufflers, or 2 Resonators & 2 Mufflers?
  48. HELP! Motor issues...
  49. installing mvp header on supra
  50. Just Finished 5 Speed Swap
  51. 1JZ wiring question
  52. My baby is sick again, HELP!
  53. EGR blockoff plates
  54. Best clutch for the buck???
  55. gs400v8 vs TT2jz
  56. A/C R134a Gas leak.
  57. Auto to manual swap.. now the car wont start- Help!
  58. Anyone have a spec list for testing 1jz engine?
  59. HELP! overboost problem.. 1jz swap sc300
  60. IS300 VVT-I engine in a sc300?
  61. Air Conditioning went crazy
  62. sc4 sitting for month in winter now problems?
  63. Help my oil is leeking !!
  64. Vehicle Speed Sensor Wire on 1998 SC300?
  65. Alternator or Battery?
  66. Fuel Tank Pressure...
  67. SC300 power steering pump
  68. 2JZ-GTE, question...
  69. 1j cranks but wont turn over
  70. complet swap
  71. OMG help (help = cant pull the crank pulley bolt out)
  72. better vids after MVP header install...
  73. 2JZGTE w/4spd Auto - Fuel Economy is great!
  74. A new spin on engine swaps for the Soarer
  75. Looking for Nitrous Pics/Input
  76. OverHeating - Please Help!
  77. Post pictures of your (boost, oil, temp) Gauge(s)
  78. 1jz parts cross refrence
  79. 1jz T-Stat???
  80. thinking of swapping 1jz/5spd. into sc400. help appreciated
  81. exhaust rattle?
  82. need help for 1uzfe
  83. 2JZ GE VS GTE block for turbo charge
  84. door lock actuator
  85. 1992 Sc400 Problems, Think its the alternator!
  86. just bought a NA-T kit and have a spare auto and W58 tranny? which one ?
  87. Does anyone know the power steering fluid capacity?SC400
  88. 1JZ-GTE VVT-I into a 95 sc300?
  89. anybody with a 97+ 1jz swap care to chime in
  90. 1JZ Power Steering Pump...
  91. cam and crank timing. help
  92. need help
  93. intake for a sc400
  94. After diag, dealer says main ECM... wants $1250, input?
  95. Smog time
  96. Overheating-HELP
  97. Knock CEL - What do I do?
  98. chaser to soarer 1jz pics proly not 56k...
  99. Help with 1jz harness into manual sc3
  100. anyone know where to buy a cheap cone filter?
  101. No Brake Booster Banjo Fitting Spot...1jz
  102. this is just WRONG
  103. 92 SC 400 starting problem
  104. sc400 95 heater puzzle
  105. sc400 six speed?
  106. Crank pulley bolt- how do I remove this thing?
  107. Just washed engine bay, now car wont start
  108. economical swap
  109. 1J swap ( throttle cable ? )
  110. quick question on a 1jz in a sc
  111. SC400 engine mount replacement
  112. idle problem on a load
  113. In the process of BFI
  114. For all of you with 1jz/2jz, how do you handle your exhausts?
  115. piggyback SC400 1uz-fe ??? ??? ??? ???
  116. Centerforce Clutches
  117. 5spd conversion
  118. DIY Cold Air Intake
  119. Engine Running HOT
  120. Where would i find a 1jz tensioner pulley?
  121. New TT style intake manifold for your NA-T
  122. ABS and TRAC lights
  123. Valve cover gasket Problem
  124. So if I........(tuning kind of)
  125. 1uzfe add Turbo,which ecu manager I choose?
  126. need help powersteering pump!!
  127. Bought a short shifter.
  128. Rear end question
  129. Fuel pump ecu location??!!
  130. Lost tach and fuel gauge for no aparent reason....
  131. Are all W58s created equal?
  132. Mufflers
  133. weird noise.... HELP!!
  134. auto trans on aristo to sc300
  135. 2jzge Maf Upgrade
  136. What goes here?
  137. removing my front 2 cats.
  138. Intake question
  139. Oil Filter For 1JZGTE
  140. 2 1JZ-GTE questions
  141. Got a Leak, not exactly sure what it is
  142. Exhaust Sys Back Pressure Measurements
  143. Greddy Supra 1JZ Downpipe
  144. 1j Swap No Boost!
  145. How can i repin cut wires on main harness??
  147. High Flow Cats..... pro or con
  148. Please help with noise issue!!!
  149. 1995 SC400 vs. 1998 GS400
  150. Any 97+ Folks w/working Tach & 2jzgte swap?
  151. 3" Exhaust limitations??
  152. 1jz revving on its own when i start!!! redline
  153. question about 2jz driveshaft
  154. Is there a place where we can find fluids types, amounts for our cars?
  155. Emission Standards: Canada vs. USA
  156. Have you changed your fan clutch fluid? ATF? its honey colored??
  157. Turbo Spool Down, Can You Hear Yours?
  158. which hose on radiator is transmission outlet (doing flush) help
  159. Exhaust smokes on startup.
  160. 1995 SC300 MAF Wire Labels?
  161. SC400 Power Steer leak.
  162. Does anyone know if the 1jzgte or 2jzgte has oil squirters for pistons?
  163. Warm Start Stalling on SC400...Please Help
  164. v8 stick shift conversion, sounds intresting.
  165. another MAFS question.
  166. 1JZ swap questions
  167. 5zigen Mega exhaust. Who has it? Where did you get it?
  168. GTE.....quick glance!!!
  169. Should I Install my Optima?
  170. Check Engine Light? Help please
  171. Mah cah is going in for Surgery
  172. Installed car wants to stall?
  173. Timing Belt help... and a little plug wire advice on SC400
  174. SC Series ALL Aluminum Carbing Radiator Cooling Plate
  175. Used Supra Parts
  176. Please Forgive Search Option Doesnt Work for ME
  177. DIY: sc400 muffler
  178. Is it worth buying a torque converter for my 92 sc400
  179. weird vibration at 1500rpm
  180. Seat warmer doesn't work
  181. Information requested about 1JZ injectors
  182. Engine STOPS!
  183. Stock midpipe
  184. CEL CODE 24 & 31 help me, please- 1995 SC400
  185. Yes I Know....Another Management Thread
  186. had to drain fuel, now put some back in but wont start, please help
  187. A couple of intake manifold questions
  188. SC3 --> USDM Supra TT Setup
  189. sick 92 sc
  190. need help wiring up 12v to fuel pump(sc400)
  191. Swap idea...
  192. Opinion on my SC300's Future?????
  193. should i get xerd race pipe?
  194. ? on xerd headers
  195. Fmu, Rising Rate And Fpr
  196. T56 adapter?
  197. $250 (labor) to replace starter - fair price?
  198. Me and JZ
  199. air filter part number ?
  200. xerd headers :(
  201. 1JZ into SC300
  202. thoughts on a aftermarket clutch master cylinder
  203. Has anyone had issues while replacing Power Steering Pump?
  204. Soarer r154?
  205. testing fpr
  206. Effects on increasing exhaust size in steps?
  207. Is it possible that I can hear my gas tank?
  208. sparks coming from my A/C compressor
  209. What Exhaust is this..
  210. Recommand me a place to buy JDM 2jz motor
  211. supra tt exhaust on SC300??
  212. How to increase the stock rev limiter?
  213. wierd sound when i turn on car...
  214. missing 2 R154 sensors, help plz
  215. Clutch Question!!!
  216. 1jz harness help
  217. Aristo 2jz in sc3 possible?
  218. T67 turbo (NA-T): 8.5:1 or 9.0:1 compression?
  219. 2jz-gte engine harness
  220. 3.76 Lsd From 97 Tt Auto
  221. Who in here runing NOS?
  222. R154 soarer R154 MK3???
  223. 95 SC400 ect problem
  224. new flywheel and clutch kit installed
  225. 97 sc 400 shifter
  226. Help ac problem 94 sc400
  227. Suggestions for Bolt On exhaust???
  228. motor mounts
  229. Air/fuel Ration Install????
  230. Rear end Bearings making noise.
  231. Pulling the engine code???
  232. 1997 SC300 - TRAC OFF light blinking & Malfunction indicator lamp is lit
  233. 1JZ idle problems.
  234. SC300 Help
  235. Aristo wiring owns me
  236. auto to manual swap???
  237. Looking for LSD advice =)
  238. Loud Fan
  239. Help Locating coolant drain cock
  240. need help hooking up map-ecu2
  241. Check engine lights comes on and off
  242. 1995 SC400 CEL code 25 and 26 and dead battery since return from body shop
  243. what exhaust setup should i have??
  244. help power steering problems
  245. I didn't go with the norm *exhaust*
  246. Belt tensioner pulley question (pics)
  247. Sc400, die v8, hello 1jz!
  248. Double Intake Adapter Pipe?
  249. HELP changing sparkplugs!
  250. 1jz supra ecu