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  1. Leaky Waterpump
  2. How do I remove my rusted on exhaust??
  3. Supra clutch pedal Assembly in a SC?
  4. Another adapter for manual on sc400
  5. 1jz-gte supra vs. soarer
  6. Changed the plugs and may change the timing belt
  7. another overdrive light thread. please help
  8. Overdrive not working! Help!
  9. Question for the 1JZ Guys!!!!!!!
  10. check engine light
  11. It's not my tranny!
  12. SC300 factory exhaust options fighting a ticket
  13. What simple DIYs if you think the SC burns too much gas?
  14. Stock Flange on a 1j
  15. Help Sc300 Vss And Parking Wires!!!
  16. 97 sc300 engine & tranny swap Help!
  17. 98 2jz-ge swap
  18. Burning oil but no smoke?
  19. 1jz idling problem, please help!!!
  20. Blitz Nur Spec R Mt3140 Exhaust
  21. I just Painted some engine pieces and did the BFI
  22. Removal of 5 speed parts.
  23. Check Engine Light - What was your Problem?
  24. AC just blows air, Low freeon?
  25. battery help
  26. Help!! 2jz-gte swap
  27. 6spd Getrag in SC with 2JZ-GTE?
  28. What need to keep from Soarer Clip for 1jz swap??
  29. Boostwerx Complete Turbo Kit for SC300
  30. Max 1uz overbore?
  31. fixing the 1jzgte throttle cable issue for $5 and 20 minutes
  32. Thinking of NA-T
  33. how to remove/replace clutch master cylinder?
  34. 2JZ-GTE in a SC Exhaust??
  35. '97 SC300 engine and tranny swap
  36. Timing belt.
  37. 1997 SC300 5 speed 1JZGTE swap
  38. soarer fuel setup
  39. could somebody teel me about the paper clip to the +b to fb
  40. Car dies.. alot.
  41. Is my Temperature Gauge normal (pics)
  42. No IGT 2 signal from ECU?
  43. Fuel level gauge problem..
  44. Strange Loss of Power When Gears Change
  45. engine swap
  46. I bit off more than I can chew.
  47. how do i get to the fuel pump ecu
  48. Serious issue
  49. Need boost advice
  50. oil light on periodically 15-20 sec., Oil full
  51. Car is being sluggish!
  52. Throttle body bolt
  53. HELP sc 400 running rich no clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  54. Need some help with starter in SC400 ...
  55. Rear End Clunk
  56. 5-speed swap
  57. 5-speed swap
  58. A/c Drier/receiver, 92 SC400
  59. vacum hoses
  60. Rear end very sloppy---What could it be?
  61. Anyone Build a ITB 2jz ge?
  62. Problem with sc 300 Help Guys
  63. SC4 PS Pump Pulley..
  64. 2jzgte question
  65. Preservative advice
  66. 1998 Sc 300
  67. SC300 2JZGE into SC400 - Search Problem
  68. motor mounts
  69. Top Speed
  70. Looking for Exhaust shop: South MA/RI
  71. Just got my wont start.
  72. where do you mount your front mount intercooler? Pics please
  73. i am a new owner of a 93 sc300 and im having problems
  74. cheapest place for clutch
  75. short block/long block
  76. Custom SC400 Exhaust on a Budget-- Pics--
  77. need help...1jz intercooler pipe
  78. Ceramic Blades FTL....Single FTW.......
  79. bleeding the clutch cylinder
  80. sc400 A/C Help needed
  81. Getting a sc300
  82. Where to buy a 1jzgte serpentine belt?
  83. power steering relocation for aftermarket manifolds on sc300
  84. Serpentine belt issue
  85. Cooling fan romoval
  86. Dreaded heater core leaking...can I safely bypass?
  87. i have to ask so be nice
  88. ****I ALMOST DIED TODAY!!! Accelerator stuck!***
  89. Vaccum Diagram
  90. No complete write up for a 2JZGTE swap????
  91. MISFIRE After Engine Cleaning
  92. Throttle Sensor Detector problem? Tranny problem?
  93. 1jz or 2jz
  94. 1jz problem Please Help!!!
  95. JDM Supra Injectors w/Resistor Box
  96. A/C System Diagram
  97. Performance ignition coils
  98. Stock exhaust system backpressure
  99. Speedrex Mufflers?
  100. 1J Issue (NO POWER) fresh swap
  101. Hybrid QUestion.
  102. ignition wire..
  103. SC400 Turbo Manifolds that keep the AC and PS?
  104. Vacuum tubing question
  105. My engine is pissing all over the place!
  106. need engine swap info
  107. Weird Problem, Any others?
  108. Injen Intake
  109. my sc wont start
  110. 2jz-ge NA-T motor question?
  111. 2JZGTE 5 speed with twins owners
  112. ECU is bad!!! help!!!
  113. Aem Ems?
  114. has anyone ever had a bad distributor on their car?
  115. BL 2.5mm headgasket question
  116. r154 help
  117. maintnence on sc
  118. What kind of motor is this?
  119. starting problem
  120. *Tanabe USA* R&D for exhaust
  121. Nagasaki JDM engine????? does anyone have experiance???
  122. Hydrogen Boost Fuel Injection System?
  123. huge noise when shifting from Park to Reverse
  124. Supra Fuel Filter work?
  125. 1jz into a stock 5spd
  126. Possible tranny problem- help me with a quick question...
  127. help finding ECT
  128. need more power
  129. swap manual?
  130. 60mm Gauge Pod?
  131. rev to acceleration problem
  132. car dies three times, now wont start!!!!
  133. Pros and cons of Diff / lsd
  134. Apex-i S-AFC NEO
  135. chirping/squeaking sound...HELP!!
  136. whats causing this sound???
  137. clutch pedal
  138. 1jz vs 2jz vs 1uzfe MPG
  139. W58 "whine"?
  140. R154 or W58...
  141. CEL after stepping up boost
  142. 1jz clip ,
  143. Thinking about putting a 6 speed in my SC400
  144. 4l60 tranny
  145. Fixing electrical gremlins
  146. Turbo SCers sign in!
  147. How long can a timing belt last?
  148. 2JZGTE ECU Question.
  149. US Spec 2JZ-GTE?
  150. shifting problems with auto
  151. how much for m/t swap in '93 sc300
  152. Stock rear end?
  153. PS pump help! Question after search
  154. Front mount intercooler and hard pipes for a 1997 SC300 with a 2JZGTE
  155. xs power kits?
  156. Cant turn Overdrive On
  157. 1JZ wowes.........
  158. 95 SC 400 A/C help...
  159. 2JZGTE into 1992 SC300 "manual"
  160. street testing 1jz
  161. Speedometer Failure After Clutch Change
  162. Pics of my engine
  163. Haha
  164. need help asap.
  165. compression #'s
  166. Car cutting out!
  167. Cats melted!!?? 92 SC4
  168. clutch/slave problem need help!
  169. Supercharged 97 SC400 Videos
  170. My SC4 stalls after I turned off A/C
  171. running rich. dont know why. help
  172. Straight Pipes on SC400
  173. Auto Transmission
  174. throttle body pulley wont spring back.
  175. Zees exhaust!
  176. exhaust Q's
  177. VVTi head
  178. Turbo Question
  179. sequential 1jz?
  180. Does ANYONE have a 97+ with working tach after motor swap?
  181. FYI Found a Supra TT engine with 6spd tranny
  182. HKS 1JZ Twin Upgrade??!!
  183. SC Exhausts or Exhaust Tips PIC THREAD!
  184. Odd Engine Swaps...
  185. Problems with my 2nd Rear diff..whats wrong?
  186. Poll: Maintenance and/or Modifications
  187. Ebay Swaps?
  188. exhaust system help, where to find best prices
  189. Supercharged 97 SC400 Videos
  190. My traction light started Blinking?
  191. Help Please!
  192. Need An Intake!!
  193. So I Fixed Code 13 RPM Signal
  194. Perfect play toy
  195. SC Exhausts or custom exhaust Tips PIC thread!
  196. Test only
  197. Will an LS400 rear bolt up to an SC?
  198. Mechanical Issue
  199. looking to convert sc400 to 1jz/5spd, is it much harder than a sc300?
  200. na-t manifold toyomoto
  201. Crazy Crank Pulley Issue!!
  202. big single on NA SC
  203. SC300/400 billet fuel pump hanger, finished product pics
  204. Thinking about an SC
  205. Who all has done this and is it a good idea?
  206. (Picture) is this the low side for A/C recharge?>>>
  207. Heat coming from ebrake
  208. Does anyone know?
  209. Help removing my Intake manifold
  210. DSPORT: IM PUBLISHED ... tuning related
  211. Torque Converter Question
  212. A/C quit working, just in time for summer :(
  213. which way to go??? 1j,2jgte,na/t??
  214. possible or not 355-400whp on 5k budget.
  215. weird electrical bug.
  216. IS headers on an SC?
  217. Fuel/Air mix gauge
  218. 1jz help needed
  219. Remove front cats?
  220. Change out freezeout plug-97 sc300?
  221. MKIII Supra LSD?
  222. Coolant and Oil Light?? WTF
  223. having some weird issues... maybe someone can help
  224. SC400 Motor
  225. Help! My 1UZ is making noise... So is my A340E
  226. Man o Man
  227. Water/Alcohol Injection on NA Motor?
  228. So.. How about a Fuel Cooler?
  229. Fan clutch on 94 sc300
  230. Dyno soon, in all honesty what kinda power can the w58 handle?
  231. AEM cal needed for BL Stg2 kit
  232. Quick throw down?
  233. O2 sensor question
  234. 6-spd conversion for SC400?
  235. CODE 24 IAC..need help!
  236. Steering pump
  237. Where do you get parts for your 1JZ swap???
  238. Heatercore coolant pipe problems!
  239. 1jz gte versus 2jz gte
  240. Besat clutch for 5 speed sc300?
  241. for the 1jz swappers
  242. How to remove the ECU?
  243. is there a seperate tranny ECU?
  244. A/C pulley is making squeaking noise...
  245. SC300 2jz-G/t/E project....
  246. National Service History
  247. quick question about removing the EGR system
  248. engine won't start or dies while driving
  249. Best way to flush fuel system?
  250. Crank Bolt Removal