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  1. power ect not workin?
  2. heater hose leaking??
  3. IAT Sensor Location??
  4. A/C problem?
  5. 1jz injector...please help
  6. what motor do i have? need help
  7. MSD CDI Ignition Install?
  8. greddy emanage ultimate
  9. Question: Clattering sound while under load in 5spd SC300
  10. hey how much to go turbo?
  11. 2jzgte questions
  12. Want to do NA-T , need help
  13. is my MAF bad?
  14. 2jz-ge turbo help!
  15. MisFire during Acceleration - Assistance
  16. HELP!!!! Stalled in high water, what to do next?
  17. need a jic single exhaust pic...
  18. 2jz-gte swap guys need AC help
  19. need help plz urgent (Car dying)
  20. Engine Stall: 1995 SC4
  21. Air mix servomotor circuit (ac error code 41)
  22. 1jz question PLEASE READ!
  23. 1JZGTE, 1JZGTTE 2JZGTE, 2JZGTTE, 4 options HELP!!!
  24. Tremec TR-6060? Size of T-56 & Handles 650lb-ft tq, will it work?
  25. Anyone look into the Aisin AY-6 6spd tranny? Company that makes the R154
  26. What Is This Thing (on the Turbo)
  27. Clutch pedal question
  28. Oil in my coolant after 1JZ swap :(
  29. Bad gas or bad transmission ?? or something else...
  30. Safe Temp for running the twins
  31. what do u guys think of this engine?
  32. sc300 5spd vs supra 5 spd (clutch master cylinder)
  33. Has anybody ever taken out there intake and driven without it??
  34. Overdrive Light Flashes AFTER JDM 2jzgte -> USDM ECU Swap
  35. air intake heat shields
  36. 2jz single turbo
  37. Just recieved my motor today and have a few questions??
  38. White exhaust smoke
  39. removing heat shield???
  40. STRAiGhT EXhAUSTT?????
  41. safcii help
  42. 1.5jz swap
  43. A/C not blowing cold when car is not moving
  44. Stock mufflers
  45. Pro Boost Platinum performance module
  46. SC leaking fuel
  47. A hello and a code 71
  48. C.L. mem. has ques. about 90 Supra
  49. Weird things happening
  50. Ball Bearing Coolant lines
  51. I think there is something wrong with my Transmission
  52. Planning some mods
  53. My New SC's engine problem, Should I worry ?
  54. anyone remember the post about univeral toyota SC kits?
  55. Emission test woes...92 SC300
  56. Thermostat Prob.
  57. GE clutch/fan/shroud fit GTE
  58. How strong are the stock rear ends?
  59. R154 & W58 shifters
  60. Whipple Supercharger
  61. 97 SC300 w/USDM 2JZ-GTE and V160 <Speedometer Question?>
  62. Idle Speed Too Low
  63. 2jz-gte w/ a ge auto trans
  64. Valve job?
  65. Resonators?
  66. anyone heard of this turbo kit?...
  67. Radiator Question?
  68. Need LA Based SC300 Knowledge Assistance
  69. stock fuel pump
  70. crazy thoughts (Engine Swap)
  71. Does the SC have an A/C System Diagnostic Check? Come on FSM folks!
  72. 1jz / Greddy Profec B Spec Ii Info
  73. c.d. changer weight
  74. new fans! pics
  75. Short little exhaust video...
  76. my idle?
  77. What is my single 1J setup worth?
  78. sc 400 wont start
  79. Fuel Pump or Fuel Pump ECU?
  80. R154 Transmission question
  81. the big diff 300 vs 400
  82. Th400 in Sc300 1j
  83. Car breaking up!
  84. Is a sc400 97 tranny a direct swap with a 95 sc400 tranny??
  85. Resetting the ECU? Or do I need more fuel?
  86. Worst climate for boost?
  87. 1JZGTE SWAP into SC300
  88. Sc400
  89. Bee*R rev limiter installed pics and vid(it may be ricey, but darnit i love it)
  90. My SC just started bellowing out smoke; smells like gas
  91. AC conversion R12 to 134a
  92. My SC1JZ Project
  93. 2jzgte into sc300
  94. High Idle Speed @ 1000 rpms
  95. 5spd driveshaft Vs. Auto
  96. Engine Cover for 1992 SC4
  97. Battery Relocation Help
  98. who can wire up my harness?
  99. Leaking coolant from back of motor
  100. SC400 and LSD (limited slip differential)
  101. map ecu wiring diagram for odb1?
  102. Searching for a 1jzgte.
  103. oil filter location SC300?
  104. Ordering the motor but need some help...?
  105. What oil should I use?
  106. Pondering my intake setup
  107. Magnaflows
  108. Air Flow Meter
  109. Squealing noise from new clutch
  110. is there a trick to the fuel filter
  111. What's next on my 2jz-gte SC?
  112. MKIII Supra does 701 RWHP on stock 1JZ
  113. Oil Capacity in an sc300?
  114. Differential
  115. Catch Can Setups
  116. Air Conditioning redux
  117. needs help after 1jz swap
  118. 92' SC 300 Performance Help
  119. Driveshaft Guibo / Flex Joints / Bushings / rubber piece with 6 holes in it
  120. Bfi ???
  121. tach fix woot!
  122. My Mechanic Says Car Not Worth Fixing
  123. Filtration
  124. A/C Clutch Engages w/Relay jumped, Freon Level Good, Still not cold?? Ideas?
  125. Where is your idle?
  126. sc400 not starting in morning but easily starts later in day?
  127. Temp Gauge and Coolant
  128. Tranny question?
  129. Personal concern: Are lightened flywheels "loud" ??
  130. Supra Front Mount Intercooler Kit Fmic 1jz
  131. speed wire at cruise ecu
  132. Cooling system maint...
  133. Difffence between 7mge and 2jzge intake manifolds?
  134. Does anyone know if the SC300 and the first gen GS share the same tranny?
  135. Damaged SC400 engine; replacement / rebuilt recommendations
  136. Supra LSD
  137. 1j leaning out not reving well
  138. sc400 idling at 3k rpm
  139. started polishing my oem intake!
  140. What are the possibilities???
  141. Whats Wrong With My Sc400?
  142. Does this Lexus Dealership theory sound logical???
  143. Where is the fuel filter
  144. turbo question
  145. what i did this weekend......
  146. Got a question about 2jzgte
  147. cooling system
  148. which injectors?
  149. Any known problems with swapping in a JDM motor in our cars?
  150. JDM Racing motors
  151. Need Picture Of Soarer Harness Asap!!
  152. SC300 12v Fuel Mod w/ Pictures - FAQ
  153. Possible Blown Head Gasket?
  154. Motor mounts
  155. car studdering
  156. Grounding issue??????
  157. Which is SC4 is best for boosting?
  158. 1uz manifold on EBAY AREADY
  159. just put a 1.3 head gasket on, quick question
  160. motor mount question.
  161. Apexi SAFC2 and PHR radiator fans discontinued?
  162. Rough Idle ... looking for some help
  163. Local Tuning Shops.
  164. Sc400s post your 1/4 times
  165. Hyper Voltage System
  166. 98+ sc's suitable for performance mods?
  167. 300 Pumpkin into 400?
  168. Distibutor O-Ring Part (pic)
  169. What else can you remove from the engine bay?
  170. tranny
  171. The start of some V8 madness
  172. Trasmission Shift Solenoid #1
  173. odd clutch pedal problem!!! some insight please
  174. 95 SC400 hesitation ?
  175. NA-T & Miles
  176. Need Some Help
  177. Japanese harness diagram
  178. Magnaflow mufflers
  179. 2JZ-GTE swap to sc400 questions
  180. what 1jz motorset did I buy??????
  181. help, neutral safety bypass , no crank
  182. Dyno result of my 2JZ-GTE 6 speed SC300
  183. my 2JZ-GTE 6 speed SC300 Dyno result
  184. cleaning iacv
  185. getting engine code read
  186. TPS sensor Zex kit
  187. 1JZ-GTE gasket kits
  188. some vaccum issue during 1jz swap, help
  189. yea....i did it guys.
  190. Pulling as much Power out of the 1UZ-FE as possible
  191. Coolant in Spark Plug valley
  192. Question about fuses/relays
  193. starting problem
  194. Rebuilding a W58
  195. buying my husbands gift
  196. ??? bout thevsafc from MRS. T70 supra
  197. exhaust fitment
  198. Dave H LSD kit??
  199. clearance ?
  200. why wont the mkiii 1jz downpipe work???
  201. So is it a grounding issue or... What do you think?
  202. Catalytic converter replacement issues, in need of advice
  203. help with oil leak
  204. Rear end ?'s
  205. r154 drive shaft issue, mk3 front won't fit
  206. sc400 plug wires ?
  207. Need some help from anyone
  208. 1jzgte downpipe mk3 vs jzz30
  209. transmission starts in second gear need help!
  210. Can't Put It In Gear
  211. im shootin for 1000 hp on the stock ge block, wanna see whats next? (pic)
  212. help please read!! 1jz swap!!
  213. Timing belt replacment...
  214. tapping power for gauges
  215. inspection question
  216. Grinking noise in the tranny?
  217. Bomz Crank Pulley
  218. 92-07 Lexus SC Series Throttle Body Bypass Kit +8hp
  219. 1jz engine swap
  220. Air Condition?
  221. Ok What Would You Do...
  222. couple of new pictures of centered exhaust
  223. Crank pulley debate
  224. No acceleration and burning smell.
  225. Cold Start Idle
  226. suggestions for leaky head gasket
  227. NEED HELP! 93 sc300 wont start, then start, then dont
  228. SC400 Cooling Fan Pump, Who has replaced it?
  229. Exhaust for 1999 SC400 w/ VVTi?
  230. Th400 vs Built Auto
  231. can anyone positively id this ecu
  232. sc300 tranny
  233. 1jzgte harness
  234. cant find a soarer clip!
  235. Where do I find a Pillar for my Gauges????
  236. Nissan Stanza electric fans in a 1992 sc300
  237. Funny how decisions get made for you
  238. Jumping FP and +B port. obd2 sc400.
  239. Turbo Socks
  240. Would these work for my swap?
  241. Key communicator issue for a 5spd swap
  242. want to start working
  243. ? on map ecu for na-t .
  244. *New Turbo*Bigger Injectors*LSD
  245. 1jzgte ecu question
  246. what year v8 maf works with sc300
  247. Turn Key Solution.
  248. Still sqeaking after repair!
  249. My Temp Gauge smokes crack.
  250. car died at work CEL 31: airflow meter signal (vacuum sensor signal)