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  1. 1992-1997 sc400 Basic performance parts list
  2. 1jzgte issues
  3. NA-T gurus in here please
  4. tensioner mark
  5. Need some helps, thought it was EGR
  6. JZS161 Aristo Vacuum Diagram
  7. merry xmas !!!!new member gt500tony
  8. Building a fuel system for 800-900hp
  9. sc400 replaced engine, ecu, cranks but wont start
  10. Charcoal canister mounted in the trunk?!?
  11. Issue Starting Car
  12. Pcv valve hose
  13. Quick Question about the Parking Brake
  14. speaker issue help
  15. Belt tensioner help
  16. ac compressor bypass
  17. Bolts for automatic 1jz gte Flexplate?
  18. SC400 rear twitch?
  19. Oil leak help
  20. 95 sc300 ABS unit pinout
  21. A Very Odd Alternator Problem
  22. Low RPM issue ?
  23. how many quarts of oil for automatic 1jz transmission?
  24. 2jzge Na-t No Start Problem
  25. Sc400 hesitates
  26. 2-wire and 3-speed sensor/sender
  27. seized 2jzge... What to do?
  28. 96 Lexus sc300 fog light issue
  29. Been researching swap wiring, thought you all might find this useful.
  30. sc exhaust question???
  31. sequence for 1jz coil packs?
  32. Sc300 stumbling issues
  33. stripped some bolts on my 1jz, what can i use?
  34. Auto Trans Shift Kit...
  35. r154 swap rhd pedals in lhd sc
  36. W58; can hear the synchros, huh?
  37. Rear coolant leak. Heater valve?
  38. Rear Differential mounting bolts
  39. SC300 will not start, no CEL!
  40. Wiring cam & crank sensor
  41. Thinking of twin turbo!
  42. some 1jz swap questions...
  43. car window wont close!
  44. Greddy MX Axle Back not fitting on sc400
  45. Maybe have a failed water pump
  46. 92 sc400 engine replacement questions & advice, not found through searching!
  47. help! shifter button broke
  48. Gas Cap Question...
  49. Help!!! 1jz backfire issues!
  50. R154 Rebuild (Opinions Valued)
  51. Will a mk4 Midpipe bolt into stock sc300 exhaust system?
  52. Which trans to choose?
  53. gas smell in oil cap? 1jz
  54. does a soarer 1jz downpipe match with a stock sc300 midpipe?
  55. sc400 sputters, please help
  56. VVTI turbo swap...dumb wiring question, I'm gonna ask it anyway
  57. sc400 power steering resivor in sc with 1jz?
  58. 97 manual ecu problem
  59. Is a 2JZ VVTI considerably stronger than a 1JZ VVTI on the butt dyno?
  60. Why does factory ECU lean in high gears/speeds?
  61. W58 acting odd
  62. Reading knock PCM?
  63. PCV Valve between valve cover and intake manifold
  64. Power steering valve(?) questions
  65. Crank, no start, code 12
  66. Good God... I need emissions help please!!!
  67. Rough idle - code 27
  68. Starter click
  69. 98 SC300-Dayco Part 89055 Belt Tensioner
  70. wanting alittle more pep
  71. aftermarket fuel set up 700+whp
  72. new own. Help?
  73. SC400 Rear Differential Issue?
  74. Soarer harness 1jz auto chaser sc300
  75. Another MAF issue, I've searched, I'm stumped
  76. auto/manual drive shaft difference?
  77. a340e aem ems problems
  78. air intake size
  79. How did you select your turbo
  80. Budget Trans Upgrades
  81. sc400 - ignition coil problems + Coolant Leak
  82. Sc400 starter disengage whirring, grinding noise
  83. Overheating - after replaced 2jzge waterpump - bad clutch fan?
  84. Sc400 engine bay fuel line thread pitch
  85. Harbor Freight tools
  86. Got my engine, oil in turbo, what do?
  87. Reusing zero mile valve cover gaskets
  88. water pump question
  89. Won't start, died randomly
  90. Hard cold start + Code 25
  91. Timing cover gasket
  92. Having issues please help
  93. Can I use a W58 Aristo Trans in my sc4?
  94. 92' SC400 Misfiring
  95. too much air equils failed emission
  96. PS Resevoir Bubbling and Rack & Pinion leaking
  97. Sc300 Won't start
  98. OEM brand Knock Sensors??
  99. New Timing belt, water pump, radiator. OVERHEATING?
  100. 2JZGTE VVTI down pipe?
  101. To fix or sell, that is the question?
  102. Weird acceleration issue
  103. Put 93 SC4 in the shop for oil leak
  104. ECU compatibility
  105. Dead 93 Lexus SC400
  106. SC300 Oil Leak
  107. tt ecu mod with stock coil interest?
  108. 1JZ Single Conversion Coolant & Vacuum Questions (With Pics)
  109. guess what guys. CT20As on 2jz
  110. Lexus SC400 won't shift out of first gear?
  111. Small Leak
  112. Anyway to disable key in ignition sound?
  113. Question to the 2JZGTE swapped SC400 guys and gurus
  114. Regarding getting a "factory" intake air box for a 2JZ-GTE swap
  115. Will a Supra intake fit a GTE swapped SC?
  116. oil level sensor??
  117. Having trouble swapping exterior door handle
  118. 1994 SC400 won't start
  119. Fuel Injector wiring; Need immediate answer
  120. fuel tank, pump, lines
  121. 12-disc cd changer
  122. pcv valve
  123. Car dies when I use the turn signal. Help
  124. 1JZ/2JZ crank pulley
  125. Where Can I get A Power Steering Pump From 98 Sc400
  126. Very low compression?
  127. Clutch Install Help
  128. diameter of 1jz stock twins turbo inlet pipe? for intercooler
  129. Need help installing Manual Boost Controller
  130. Car no power!!!! Helpp!!!!!!!!!!!
  131. AEM V1 Base Map for NA-T
  132. SC400 manual transmission swap
  133. 2jz Soarer - New Timing belt kit and VVTI
  134. sc300 white smoke
  135. Just Finished My Exhaust!
  136. Help !!! sputtering, no power, red cats,shaking.!!
  137. sc300 ac compressor compatibility?
  138. 1jz LC1 narrowband signal to ecu
  139. Knock Sensor - HELP PLZ
  140. Turbo math
  141. 92 sc300 with 2jzgte swap.. Gauge cluster prob
  142. I'm looking for Dimensions to 7MGTE or 2JZGTE IACV Flange for FFIM
  143. ObdII 2jzge turbo insights/questions
  144. intermittent sluggish shifting
  145. evap purge valve
  146. 5spd swap...low idle and stalling when driving
  147. What am I missing/forgetting for BPU Aristo swap SC300?
  148. NIGHTMARE problem with Car Running Terrible (Stutters, Bucks, Dies out, etc)
  149. Car won't stay running
  150. FFIM IAVC options?
  151. Adjusted timing now car feels slower?
  152. exhaust piping size
  153. turbo direction
  154. 1jz single on stock fuel? Target boost?
  155. How much was your build?
  156. Power steering leak!! Please help!!
  157. Buzzing Noise Air Conditioning
  158. Extending 1JZ Soarer Harness for Sc300 *If you have done it come here*
  159. Injector wiring
  160. Fan Clutch
  161. alternator
  162. weird check engine light and trac light problem.
  163. 2JZ Dying
  164. ARP flywheel bolts torque specs question
  165. The timing belt saga continues
  166. Coolant Leak on top of engine
  167. Auto to manual swap...
  168. Sc300 Overheating prob need help!
  169. SC300 heating problem ?
  170. PSA: Putting AN hoses together
  171. Fuel Pressure Check
  172. SS Tool for Valve Clearance Adjustment
  173. exhaust and cam video search
  174. Can you use an OBD2 maf sensor on an OBD1 car?
  175. 1UZ-fe wont pass 4k rpm
  176. Constant Misfire troubleshooting
  177. SC300 swap question
  178. Power steering pump question
  179. Map-ECU
  180. 92 sc300 starts but shuts off when cold
  181. Ar and twin scroll? 1jz 83-75 help!
  182. Boost Creep problem
  183. 1jz manifold for rhd?
  184. egr delete can't get the resistor right cel is still on
  185. Do not buy Bosh wires (sc400)
  186. HKS SLD Type-2
  187. Second power sterring hose failure
  188. Door Bind
  189. Alternator plug/wiring help
  190. fuel tank, pump, system pics?
  191. Trouble finding a braided fuel line for my 1JZ into my SC300
  192. driftmotion ps hose help
  193. Water Bridge Gasket
  194. Overheating problems
  195. Failry New to the 1UZ, Had a 2JZ
  196. 4runner Distributor cap issue
  197. ECU questions
  198. 5.3L V8 swap question
  199. 92-95 ecu pinout needed!
  200. NaT questions
  201. Exhaust theory 101
  202. Limited Heat
  203. FML SC300 has gremlins.... rough start, won't shift, NEED HELP!
  204. need an actuator for 1jz vvti
  205. How to check Auto Transmission outside of car
  206. bosch 760cc injectors
  207. Alternator Issues
  208. Intercooler tuck..thoughts
  209. 92 sc400 reverse wires? w58
  210. Sc400 1uz-fe dtc 29, 31, 41
  211. Help finding Soarer 1JZ!?
  212. Clunking noise in the differential
  213. Car trouble
  214. 2jzge auto-manual differences?
  215. 1JZ GTE VVTI Spark Plugs & Gaps
  216. 240sx trans
  217. HELP!!! 1jz turbo downpipe???
  218. I need input
  219. Heater Problem SC400 1995
  220. Transmission Jerk, Surge, Clunk shifting to Reverse and Drive
  221. auto to manual conversion...mechanics
  222. temp gauge sender.. does it have a washer?
  223. Need help from someone with a soarer 1jz swap
  224. Pontiac Transmission = R154?
  225. Car stalled today, Fuel pump ECU?
  226. 1jz-gte swap questions
  227. 94 SC300 tail light fuse keeps blowing
  228. Soarer downpipe/y-pipe/dump pipe same as Supra?
  229. Power Steering Pressure Hose Removal for SC400
  230. Horsepower freaks ECU?
  231. what causes oil leaks in the front of the motor?
  232. help with belt squeal and power steering pump
  233. New PS pump or seal rebuild kit?
  234. driveshaft whole or half 1uz to w58 swap
  235. Any shops in Dallas that focus on JDM engine swaps?
  236. 95 sc 300 power steering fluid disappears
  237. washer(?) rattle with MKIII R154 driveshaft after carrier bearing swap-- advice?
  238. SC400 starting issue
  239. sc 400 won"t keep running
  240. 92 sc400 ATF Type
  241. Oil Leak?
  242. Power Steering Leak
  243. 92 SC300, CEL and High Idle
  244. Possible corrosion in turbo?
  245. Idle gremlin again
  246. Turn key and most horrific loud grinding sound ever.
  247. Which Fuel Pump? 1JZ GTE VVTI
  248. intercooler piping super close to crank
  249. Power steering pump for 1999 SC400
  250. Anyone know where to get a Transmission for a Sc400?