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  1. dinging noise
  2. Do I need to use RTV wen putting intake manifold on (1uzfe)
  3. issues with 95 sc400
  4. will this downpipe work for nonturbo GE?
  5. Boost & Fuel Cut Defenders - Educate me?
  6. best reman p/s pump!?
  7. r12 vs 134a A/C
  8. Bowl full of spaghetti- I mean unknown vacuum lines.
  9. Flasher relay help!
  10. need help/advice.
  11. Best clutch for street SC300 NA-T 400 lb/ft torque?
  12. SC400 header options...
  13. car stalling
  14. HOW TO: Replace center support bearing and remove driveshaft.
  15. Sc 300/400 headlight de-line??
  16. 1jz replace or rebuild turbos?
  17. Poop. Dropped a nut into the intake manifold.
  18. need help
  19. Has anyone used this turbo kit?
  20. Any body know???
  21. 95 sc400 RPM drops and Engine Trouble
  22. Need help with power steering
  23. Tried to fix my Door Hinge Pop. Got Worse!
  24. Air Box Assembly/Blend Door Motor
  25. Looking at Flyweels
  26. squeeky engine noise when cold??
  27. Power Steering going?
  28. About the Radiator!
  29. Power Steering pump: Is there a reliable alternative to the Lexus part?
  30. CL turbo setup?
  31. Diff ??
  32. ABS and TRAC on, how to check codes
  33. 2jzgte hard start when warm
  34. sc400 neutraI safety switch wireing after sc300 w58 manual swap
  35. JDM Engine Corp
  36. Overheats a idle...chaning fan clutch?
  37. Change Fuel Filter...anyone notice a difference?
  38. 1JZ Refresher Build Help
  39. How to Change the major belts for 1992 Sc400?
  40. 95 sc300 not starting
  41. What part is this for injector
  42. 5000rpm cut off on WOT.
  43. Failed Smog after engine swap to 2JZGE
  44. 2jzge log style manifolds
  45. Seafoam experiences?
  46. ECU repair
  47. GM alternator swap (CS-144)?
  48. Looking for insight - broke down
  49. Getting a 200 Amp Alternator. What is the best safest cabling and fuse to get?
  50. 1jz purchase
  51. UZ - Small lines on top
  52. sc400 issues need some help please!!!
  53. sc400 Transmission swap
  54. EGR Pipe removal
  55. '97 sc400 power steering problem
  56. Help with 1jz timing belt
  57. GTE cams on GE head?
  58. sc300 not charging?
  59. passenger side mirror freely moving
  60. Brand New Turbo Oil In Packaging
  61. lc-1 wideband install help
  62. Differences in aem v2 6100 vs 6101
  63. Sc 400 ITBs
  64. 92 sc400 awkward stalling problem
  65. if only!!! IF ONLY I HAD THE MONEY!!!!
  66. throttle body/intake manifold issue
  67. can some 1 tell a place that I can get soarer logos
  68. help pulling my dash to paint it black
  69. Tranny fluid and lucas tranny fix
  70. i need a braided line fuel kit .
  71. Serpentine belt tension pulley(part number)?
  72. Where should a 1uz idle (sc400)
  73. Oil filter, buying one at Lexus vs Toyota dealer . . . .
  74. Sc300 Work
  75. Sc300 Mods?
  76. is vvti 2jzge motor vs sc 2jzge non-vvti motor (bottom end)
  77. Are turbo timers really that necessary
  78. steering wheel swaps??
  79. 98 sc 400 ECU
  80. Sc400 won't reverse
  81. ati pulley honing question
  82. help with turbo timer
  83. turbo!!!!!
  84. HELP SC400 Starting issue
  85. High or low impendance injectors?
  86. More questions pertaining to possible bad ecu?
  87. DIY: SC300/400 Seafoam Guide! With Pictures
  88. Need help with steering issues.
  89. Help please
  90. Should i get PUMPED, or just keep it the way it is!
  91. help
  92. Aftermarket cam gear thread
  93. Water by-pass gasket
  94. How to sump/plumb fuel system (tank) for sc300?
  95. Throttle cable install
  96. 98 lexus sc 400 won't start!
  97. Did I just pull my IACV, or something else?
  98. broken parts on 2.5TT - need PN
  99. speaker grille cleaning?
  100. SC400 randomly cutting out
  101. Climate Control Fail
  102. How do I reverse this mod ??
  103. SC300 cold start idle
  104. 98 VVTi 1UZ EMS Question
  105. What do I need to get this kind of speed?
  106. I know I know but has any one found the fix?
  107. Boostlogic intercooler piping vs universal
  108. Anyone convert a -GE BLOCK TO -GTE?
  109. Need some help installing either MKIV SMIC or Soarer SMIC (have both)
  110. 92 sc400 codes 14 and 15
  111. Sc400 Bogs under full throttle after oil change
  112. Sc300 97 AC does not blow anything
  113. Will 94 SC4 tranny fit my 92 SC4?...
  114. Sc300 rear axle width
  115. sc300 1j running lean at idle
  116. help picking what to do
  117. BFI thread
  118. Sc400 drops to 11v under high load when stopped, stalls unless I raise idle.
  119. Buying 1jz...warning signs?
  120. Performance chips ?
  121. 92 sc300 gas cuts off at 3500rpm???
  122. Neutral Safety Switch problem with R154 swap in my OBDII SC400
  123. MPG, Not a Question
  124. weird clicking/scratching/squeaking noise
  125. headers & downpipe
  126. Vibration in 1st gear after engine change
  127. Trac light and cel help
  128. Oil pump trick??
  129. Which ECU is best
  130. 92 SC400 Loss of Power, Rough Idle, Not ECU, Any help please
  131. Misfire, failed cam position sensor
  132. DIY-SC400 Serpentine Tensioner replacement
  133. BOdy Work baby
  134. ??? CODE #25 Cleared: Safe to drive?
  135. Which compressor housing on BWS366
  136. Custom Cone Air intake (1UZ)
  137. The Main Foglight Thread
  138. i need opinons on transmission swap
  139. Need a big favor from somebody with a long block laying around
  140. How much is a valve adjustment for sc400
  141. turbo ecu help (ive been searching)
  142. 1UZ-FE Cylinder head water passages?
  143. Borg warner s360 on 1jz
  144. Will an auto out of a 95 sc400 plug and play in a 92 sc400?
  145. na-t questions regarding stock parts
  146. Need help with supercharger kit
  147. TonyN SC400
  148. 1992 SC300 N20 NOS wet fogger setup!
  149. Center Cat Delete
  150. Injector impedance question
  151. Check Engine/trac control lights on
  152. DIY: Replacement of ECU SC400 - With pictures
  153. Throttle body differences between 1992-1997
  154. After Tune-Up Issues
  155. Trans problems, need help.
  156. Name these ports - VWR intake
  157. Squeal in engine bay AFTER new tensioner and belt
  158. SC300 Auto to Manual - Questions
  159. Unknown wire/sensor on new block
  160. wont restart after warmed up HELP
  161. manual transmission question
  162. Any dual exit catback exhausts?
  163. Whats my problem, tensioner, alternator, something else?
  164. wastegate spring question
  165. 97 SC400 Engine and Timing Belt
  166. Noise when steering 1999 sc300
  167. FS Fujitsubo Legallis R Dual Catback
  168. Wanting cams
  169. What causes the Ignition Coil to fail?
  170. Factory harness plug near starter
  171. Engine/electrical problems with a 93 SC400
  172. 1.5JZ ecu issue
  173. newbie with some questions
  174. what ems did you use on your NA-T
  175. Alternative Clutch Pedal Options?
  176. intercooler radiator placement
  177. Need help finding the correct replacement transmission for 98 SC300 Auto..
  178. 2JZGE w/W58 Rattle and Vibration
  179. Sc300 help
  180. cig lighter still not working
  181. Which universal Upstream o2 sensor should i purchase
  182. Performance enclosure for cooler air?
  183. Problems with opening driver door all the way
  184. weird hesitation at 3k
  185. Question about fuel pump, rough idle, hesitation, etc.
  186. ac/heat blower motor problem
  187. Harder to shut door when windows closed.
  188. Generic source for climate control LCD backlight bulbs (radioshack?) or OEM part #
  189. Helppppp
  190. Best ECU to use with JDM Rear Sump 2JZGTE Non-VVTI) moto that didn't come with a ECU?
  191. 99 sc4 millenium silver owner here
  192. Help 1997 Sc400 coolant overflowing
  193. Help me!
  194. 2JZGTE Wiring Harness Made Easy
  195. RPM, Idle and Transmission Question
  196. Misfire on acceleration. Stalls at idle.
  197. 92 SC400 Hydro fan question
  198. I need help!!! plz read help your fellow sc owner out!!!
  199. 1JZ No Start Troubles
  200. Is your SC300 "cold blooded", couple issues on cold starts . . . .
  201. chaser/soarer ecu plug pin insert part number
  202. Garrett gt3571 or Precision 6262
  203. Ram air idea (silly?)
  204. Fuel Injector Differences ?
  205. Sc300 2jzge lower exhaust manifold cat delete?
  206. Turn signal stopped working after installing Nardi steering wheel in sc300.
  207. Subframe/Diff Bushings
  208. Ignition coil on 93 sc400
  209. 1jz swap arrived igniter issue help!!!
  210. sc400 dyno numbers
  211. SC300 EB1 / EB2 equivalent in Toyota Chaser
  212. 1992 sc300 ecu
  213. 2jz Alternator upgrade
  214. Torsen OEM LSD diff swap upgrade
  215. 95-97 SC300 short shifter
  216. 1JZ-GTE injectors in a 2JZ-GE?
  217. soarer 1jz swapped sc300 cranking but no start
  218. s362 vs pte 6266
  219. 1uz>r154> what driveshaft???
  220. 92 2jz
  221. Z32 (300zx) Transmission on 2JZ
  222. what type of drive shaft for R154
  223. Should I get OCV's for both side ?
  224. Laundry List of "To Do" things
  225. Help!!!!!!!!
  226. NA 2jz
  227. chaser 1jz vvti into 92 sc400
  228. how can i get power to my cig lighter?
  229. SC400 drivers door not unlocking properly
  230. Turbo advice
  231. are A340e transmission worth spending cash money on?
  232. budget single turbo advice
  233. Sc400 sputters
  234. Suggestion for WG spring on stock Aristo set up
  235. 1JZ 550s Walbro and Safc NEO Not Starting
  236. Is my belt tensioner bad or just the pulley? How can I tell?
  237. Electrical Issue
  238. Adaptronic Engine Safety Functions
  239. Should deleting resonators affect low end ?
  240. ECU Rebuilding cost?
  241. 96 sc400: how do you remove the spoiler brake light?
  242. Cant pass emission or get idle down. Help Please Anyone!
  243. SC 300 Rebuild with GTE Head Gasket question
  244. Whine From Car
  245. 5 vs 6 speed
  246. Question about R154/1JZ pricing
  247. Trac code 43 and ABS code 54: traction control hydraulic unit or control module?
  248. AEM V2 vvti coils settings
  249. bought a 92 sc400 and having difficulties figuring out what the problem/problems is
  250. Radio shack resistors for injectors