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  1. 2jz swap abs light?
  2. New Exhaust
  3. gauge prolbem
  4. AC just cut off while driving
  5. Transmission Whine After Swap
  6. so BHG DAMN!
  7. Knock Signal issue...please help
  8. 2JZ-GTE Swap Into An SC400? Should I?
  9. walbro fuel pump question.
  10. 1JZ, 2JZ swap?
  11. Please help me out, my 1st sc400. ENGINE dies while shifting to 2nd gear
  12. SC400 Problem (Engine/Mechanical) - Please help
  13. help please!! Fuel pump won't cutt on
  14. 1jzgte-vvti manifold
  15. Length of engine and transmission
  16. Soundclicp of my single exit sc400
  17. Would the 1JZ/2JZ models with TRC fit into a 92???
  18. transmission solenoid
  19. TRD Strut Tower Bar on SC400
  20. Blown headgasket on 1uz?
  21. Problem with Passenger Window switches
  22. Close to impossible to safely get the PS solenoid filter out in SC400 !
  23. For those running a getrag and 6-speed rear end
  24. How high do you rev your stock 2JZGE?
  25. Frustrating Starting Issue!!!
  26. Clutch Pedal Return Spring
  27. wire harness question
  28. ge upgrades?
  29. 1jzgte VVTI
  30. Need a Coolant Reservoir Tank -
  31. Coolant temp. sender
  32. IUZ-fe obd2 ECU and state inspection?
  33. 1uzfe - plastic covers or no plastic covers
  34. anyone knows how to hook up a hks FCD for an aristo ecu?
  35. Anyone has the Diagram to Hook up a VPC
  36. Hints on removing P. Steering solenoid screen
  37. How do you remove the torque converter?
  38. auto to manual
  39. fuel line question
  40. Self made flamethrower
  41. intake plenum removal
  42. 2jzgte swap
  43. any cures for heat from trans tunnel
  44. trouble removeing intake mani y-pipe
  45. ...need help setting timing...
  46. Terrible Start-Ups Cold.
  47. Powering Steering Pump
  48. Tailshaft question, need a quick answer
  49. LS400 Upgrade help
  50. 1uz-fe throttle response.
  51. W58 rubber boot?
  52. K&N Filters
  53. question about big thorttle body on stock electronics
  54. STILL horrible acceleration and Stalling 93 auto
  55. 2jzgte vvti with GT3582R
  56. Help!!!help!!! White smoke!!!!!
  57. Parasitic Draw Draining Battery
  58. P.S. PUMP questions for 1jz swap!!!!!
  59. Looking to get a 1JZ t67 sc300...just a few questions..
  60. EGR block off plates?
  61. Car putts,radio turns off when I hit turn signal?
  62. where did you mount your FMIC to?
  63. 93 SC400 Serpentine belt /Tensioner issue
  64. Help! Bad ECU or Bad wiring? New swap
  65. Change of plan going na-t now
  66. Injector CC to large?
  67. BFI versus Injen cold intake
  68. question ecu swap?
  69. Oil change questions
  70. MAYBE 260 miles on a tank of gas
  71. Harsh auto shifting after na-t
  72. What's the best air filter and oil filter for the SC400? What oil you running?
  73. New rad, thermo, cap; not working out.
  74. I need help, I have a big question that I need info on. 5 speed swap.
  75. 1uz vvti intake question
  76. Reverse Lockout on Stock 5 Speed?
  77. IS 98 GE motor with VVT-i interference?
  78. Got any tips, going to change all SC400 coolant hoses ?
  79. trans prolbem
  80. This + This = :)
  81. sc300 starter question
  82. Installed the BFI kit
  83. Please confirm my idea about my misfire!
  84. Sc300 Troubles Dyes out at very low throttle and extreme hesitation HELP
  85. battery light on
  86. Need Help: How to read codes in 95 SC400
  87. Sudden rich condition out of nowhere
  88. '97 SC300 Repair Estimate: All New O2 Sensors & ONE Catalytic Convertor
  89. squealing noise when the AC is on
  90. Quick engine swap question
  91. quick mock up, what do you think?
  92. are the piston rings for a 95 sc300 the same measurements as a 93-97 supra??
  93. how to increase idle speed?
  94. Somebody help! Please!
  95. supra coolant line on 2jzgte swap
  96. Help after rebuilt engine wont start!!!
  97. r154 driveshaft?
  98. Couple motor issues, need help diagnosing
  99. 97 SC400 new serpentine belt not in "target" zone....
  100. Damn injectors!!!
  101. sc300 pedels into a soarer?
  102. Transmission Oil Service
  103. 1jz Intercooler options?
  104. Shifter question: w58 into 92 SC300
  105. 1jzgte Engine Harness
  106. fitting a getrag 6 speed into a 1993 5 speed tunnel
  107. Need Help! Clunk Sound on Front Brakes
  108. what does this control on the v8
  109. AEM UEGO install question
  110. Help!!! Could this be the timing belt?
  111. HKS Speed Cut Defencer?
  112. sc turbo?
  113. Are the axle-back exhausts for the SC400 a piece of garbage?
  114. Ahh, car is acting up again..
  115. almost done turbo build
  116. Map-ecu sc300
  117. SC300 Crankcase Vent Air Filter
  118. squeaky clutch pedal
  119. need some help here.
  120. HELP!!!! sc400 not shifting right
  121. broken bolt
  122. Well, its official... Thank you Scott and zach
  123. Need Help Car wants to stall at very low throttle
  124. cold start knock knock
  125. Which factory seats direct bolt in to a Sc300/400
  126. What is the thread size on the fuel tank?
  127. No heat?
  128. now that i removed my hardlines...
  129. Need help with my SC300's additional injectors
  130. yet another SEAFOAM question need help
  131. check engine bulb blown
  132. please help, R154 transmission
  133. Power Steering, AC
  134. "Need a quick answere" slave cylinder r154
  135. dynotune afr gauge?
  136. Help me out on this for sc400
  137. Will this downpipe/Y-pipe work for my 1J SC?
  138. Another LSD ?
  139. CEL code42 2JZGTE
  140. vacuum lines
  141. SC300 wont go past 4000rpm
  142. 2jz swap question NEED some help.
  143. 95 MAF to clean or not to clean
  144. Have a question...about injectors
  145. Question about Intake
  146. Tire pressure Question regarding handling
  147. Engine shuts off when hot
  148. crank pulley came off .. how?
  149. Why does this engine take so long to start?
  150. Is there an easy way to remove the IACV (idle air control valve) on the 1JZGTE motor?
  151. Removing heat shield?
  152. Mobile One v Castrol Edge
  153. please help
  154. Anyone Doing 1jz or 2jz swaps in michigan
  155. Radiator of cooling of engine oil on SC 300
  156. Problem wont end, multiple codes HELP!
  157. IMF headers
  158. 3:27 rear end ratio with w58
  159. Anyone who drilled oil return NA-T
  160. Maximum horsepower possible through stock SC mufflers?
  161. engine code
  162. Ecu plug help
  163. HELP ASAP! Do I Need A Manual ECU?
  164. SC300 Removing Cats: Gas smell, HP Increase, Sound Change?
  165. nitrous setup
  166. Have a question...
  167. Exhaust and Suspension questions
  168. top feed fuel rail install
  169. Got Parts
  170. The 1 year plan Teaser- 1uzfe meet Holset
  171. Help! runs rough then stalls after starting
  172. Exhaust Flanges
  173. confused
  174. Union bolt/Gasket
  175. Diy bfi
  176. Catalytic Converter Cut, Need HELP!
  177. sc300 ge build
  178. SC400 2jz swap "with pics
  179. reputable repair services
  180. diagnostic question
  181. SC400 W58 Install thread(Parts thread now progress thread in a few weeks)
  182. Supra Engine into SC300 questions..
  183. 1UZ-FE Cams
  184. How to put NOS on a SC300 VVTi?
  185. 2jzgte swap questions
  186. Where is this motor from.. JDM 2jz lol
  187. Need Help!!!! (Electrical Problem)
  188. drivetrain problems
  189. Rough running 400 and super hot cat!
  190. Things to Check for Proper Gas MPG
  191. aristo 2jz-gte swap into sc300
  192. Is it me only...
  193. 2jzgte swap into 92 sc300
  194. SC400 Single Exhaust Pipe Diameter
  195. ANYONE W/ a 97 SC 5speed. NEED HELP!
  196. speed cut install help !!!!!!
  197. EGR delete questiong (with pics)
  198. 1jz swap + a/c issues + missing plug to a/c fan
  199. 5Zigen's on my '99 SC400
  200. rear seat weight
  201. CEL code 25 - VCG???
  202. idle drop with a/c on
  203. Pulling my 1uz-fe out of the SC400
  204. sc 400 questions?
  205. Cams leaking
  206. R154 into a soarer?
  207. HELP! Car wont start after trying to fix it!!
  208. ruff idle on a sc400
  209. Drive Shaft Linkage to Diff...
  210. Sounds like a new engine would be better
  211. New Header Idea....Do Want....
  212. A/C freon leaked out after 2JZ-GTE swap?
  213. Can you put a 01 is300 vvti motor in a 1992 sc300(non- vvti)
  214. What part is this ?!
  215. Excessive engine drag/deceleration
  216. IS 300 supercharger
  217. Oil change and Lucas oil questions
  218. Once you go 1JZ..
  219. Urgent help- 93 sc400 computer and camshaft power sensor
  220. 1993c300 dash lights
  221. Catalytic converter question
  222. Tachometer problem with J-spec 2JZGTE
  223. What is the diameter of the stock exhaust piping?
  224. Do All JDM Motors Have Sludge Issues?
  225. Aftermarket A/C condenser??
  226. should I (Convert Auto to Manual Trans)
  227. SC400 Power under 2800-3000
  228. Aristo 2jzgte into 1998 sc300
  229. Clutch creaking when pressing in?
  230. Help!! Wtf? (Actually means) Post Seafoam engine problems
  231. Alternator Plug ReWiring
  232. OK Now I Got A W58 ?? Whats the difference
  233. timing belt replacement
  234. Greddy Mx exhaust vid
  235. time to swap?
  236. The Strangest Problem...Dirty Injectors
  237. seafoaming?
  238. Underhood pic of 95 SC400 request
  239. Mobil 1 - How often?
  240. R154 on a 2JZGTE
  241. A Few Maintenance Questions & R154??
  242. Leaky rear main seal, temp fixes?
  243. Poor performance 96 sc300
  244. Starter Clicking *OPTIONS*
  245. 95+ W58 shifter HELP
  246. Sudden power loss..NOT the ignition coils.
  247. Hks turbo timer harness for sc300
  248. Clutch recomendation?
  249. quick spark plug question
  250. 97 SC300 Auto to Manual conversion - Who's done it?