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  1. SC300 Exhaust
  2. sc300 dead? need help
  3. Intermittent Starting
  4. What is this hose? (1jz)
  5. knocking sound when trying to start the car
  6. Differential EPIC Fail!!!!
  7. Turbos Back
  8. GS400 rear end...
  9. 1.5J opinions/owners
  10. First Mod
  11. Differential Grinding and Binding
  12. High idle when cold, but normal when warm
  13. help.... my sc will not stop JERKING
  14. rebuild or swap?
  15. Alternators
  16. HELP! JZZ30 Soarer differential side bearings
  17. A/C Question...
  18. Axle Back Install Question (Stock muffler Removal)
  19. Head pullers chime in....
  20. 2jz vs 1jz?????sc project
  21. Fuel filter on SC400
  22. 2jz-gte bottom end with 2jzge head???
  23. diagnostic help !!!
  24. New Car Help
  25. SC300, burning or leaking oil
  26. Tt ffim
  27. I pulled the codes 21,24,28 and 31
  28. Head pattern..
  29. Affordable engine mods?
  30. Diffs
  31. Swapping to supra trans can i get better MPG with a 5 speed instead of a 4 ?
  32. Help gas tank problem
  33. Hesitation / Stuttering Issue
  34. Power Steering hoses, where do they go?
  35. Clutch noise w/ video
  36. 1jzgte VS 2jzgte (jdm) turbo
  37. Axle-back Exhaust Question
  38. hard to start on map ecu 2
  39. TRanny Probs Hard shift into drive
  40. 92 SC400 Dead Speedometer & Intermitent Tach
  41. Overheating problem
  42. water pump?
  43. SC400 transmission problems
  44. 02 Censor - Does it matter which one?
  45. help,how to take piolot bearing out
  46. Sludge Help!
  47. Soarer R154 Shifter Parts (Tri-pod Style)
  48. Slight delay in throttle response.. what could it be?
  49. Name that plug time
  50. Which tranny mount for R154 and 2jzgte?
  51. Any ideas what a 400hp crank sc400 pulls..
  52. Anyone heard about this one?
  53. Can someone point me in the right direction - GTE ecu on GE motor
  54. Please help me diagnose engine stuttering
  55. sc400 valve cover gasket
  56. after altenator install
  57. Help. Jerking while driving around 2k
  58. Quick Exhaust Help. Using no muffler?
  59. OBDII swap possible?
  60. TPS Adjustment.
  61. Diff swapability question..........
  62. 1.5JZ-GTE Car Breaking Up - Need Help
  63. 97 1JZ starting issue...
  64. no ignition problem
  65. Engine rebuild suggestions please
  66. Q: ac / pulley/ alternator belt
  67. 450-500hp 1j. what clutch?
  68. SC400 A/C fan control busted
  69. SAFC2 Help
  70. cheap powersteering fix!
  71. Couple of pics at the track last Saturday
  72. Advice on Lowering Fuel Pressure (Big Injectors/Turbo)
  73. wow... fastest stock twins 1jz...
  74. Royally Ripped off by Toyota
  75. HELP head gasket
  76. 95 Cluster Help
  77. Exhaust Help
  78. what brand of turbo would you recommend?
  79. Smallest turbo possible for 360hp?
  80. Power seats arent working, HELP!!!
  81. Are my brakes malfunctioning? HELP?
  82. SC 300 change spark plugs
  83. something blew
  84. what to do?
  85. Lexus es 300 2002
  86. sc400 burning too much gas, oil light like goes on them back off
  87. neeed to know which one
  88. something wrong when i startup engine make more vibration
  89. SC300 USDM GTE/TT Built Auto. Transmission mount/crossmember???
  90. Alternator Wire Path
  91. DIY. Alternator Fuse.
  92. injector resistor box wiring...
  93. o2 sensor compatibility range
  94. 1jz "2 oil pans" question
  95. 2JZ-GE belt without P/S?
  96. Help! 1jzgte issue (daily driver)
  97. nitrous experts i need some advice...
  98. $250 to repair exhaust, does that seem right?
  99. Na-t she woke up this morning
  100. side skirts legit n fitment these??
  101. wood grain rattle ???
  102. 97 SC300 cluster into 92 SC400 - Fuel gauge problems
  103. trouble with removing w58 manual trans
  104. sc400 questions
  105. "help please" sc300 is reading low air voltage
  106. Spark Plug Dilemma
  107. 1jz start up problems
  108. Is anyone using the auto. tranny from a 1J?
  109. A/C always on - even when no green light
  110. 1j which throttle body?
  111. AEM wideband problems
  112. Repair workshop cd
  113. WTF??? I tuned up my 400 and it runs like crap. HELP!!!
  114. Hid retrofit housing question
  115. EMS Decisions 99 Na-T
  116. Component weights from our racecar
  117. DIY: GM th350 swap and Hurst Pistol-Grip Shifter Install
  118. hi-comp na-t build thread?.....well so far thats the plan.
  119. First Thread NEED HELP
  120. Airsto Swap o2 sensor
  121. car won't start
  122. T-IV ATF for Power steering?
  123. Cork Gasket
  124. SC300 starts but usualy won't idle after
  125. Post pics of na-t ic piping route
  126. How Do You Power Brake an automatic SC300
  127. R154 needs a new Clutch kit..
  128. Who's running the 4 runner distributor cap?
  129. Is my ECU dieing?
  130. lighting issues
  131. Not accelerating..
  132. Weird noise from engine
  133. Name that wire (1jz edition)
  134. 4.7 liter tundra motor swap
  135. ECU/E-manage issue
  136. Traction control off
  137. Nur spec blitz exhaust help
  138. 10 things you can do for under $20 to show your car some love
  139. High Idle (1900 RPM) on cold start and RPM drops then surges
  140. BPU est HP gains before NA-T
  141. Stock Soarer 1JZ-GTE Fuel Pressure
  142. Another one of those how much would you pay for....threads
  143. 1jz smokes at idle
  144. Is there a DIY for the SC400 powersteering hose?
  145. Sc300 2jz gte swap boost question
  146. Lurching & Loss of Power After Fuel Pump Change & 12V Mod
  147. Help with 2 CELs transmission related
  148. no spark
  149. rebuilding a Differential
  150. Why arent my motor mounts working in my 99 SC300?
  151. Anybody have a 99 SC300 ECU plug diagram?
  152. Na-t fitment issue
  153. What exhaust to do and which one do you have
  154. what to do
  155. Stalling
  156. JDM 2JZGTE OBD qestions
  157. Shaft play..
  158. intake and exhausts
  159. gutted cat?
  160. CX Radiator install.
  161. help!!! power steering issue...
  162. my first maintence
  163. My jdm gte motor
  164. Rough idle on startup?
  165. need help! idle drops.
  166. i will finish soon
  167. Urgent: Overheating Problem. Desperate Please Help!
  168. Few questions since Im installing my clutch pedal
  169. Best turbo and lag for 600 whp
  170. 1UZ into a SC300????
  171. MPG issues
  172. who wants to make money(South FL)?
  173. Ignition - No dash lights, No Crank, No sound!
  174. Temperature gauge isn't working?
  175. thinking about doing a 1jzgte swap? ill throw in 400 bucks for you swap!
  176. 1JZ-GTE water pump
  177. wire tuck engine bay??
  178. ??? about the 1jz vvti
  179. FAILED my CA smog test, help!
  180. 2JZGTE alternator and serp belt
  181. Burning some oil - any suggestions?
  182. 93 2jzge - re: O2 sensors and the function it has in re to the A/F input
  183. ?? about 1jz swap guides
  184. Timing belt
  185. egr block off plate question... where to put them
  186. Anyone running AEM EMS V2 or know about it?
  187. Random shut off?
  188. Is 12v mod required (TT denso)
  189. What to feed the turbo!!!!
  190. where do i connect these?
  191. Repair costs reasonable??? Your thoughts
  192. My NA-T install w/AEM, Turbonetics, HKS, etc... 56k go take a walk
  193. clutch replacement,tools and tips i need to know
  194. To Blow Through the Mass Air Flow Sensors Or Not???
  195. Re-building turbo upgrade?
  196. do partially dissasembled 1uz's turn you on?
  197. Ignition problems....need some help !
  198. Calling all 5-speed swaps! pedal inquiries
  199. HELP!! jzz30,jzx90 or jza70 harness
  200. NA-T auto trans with FFIM owners...
  201. NA-T people w/ PTE injectors come in
  202. Help 1jz timing belt install!!
  203. Boosted SC's exhaust.
  204. Boost leaking from couplers
  205. Cracked Radiator... please help guys
  206. Ashtrays NA-T problem/help thread
  207. Car Not starting (white smoke when it does) Fuel ECU/pump?
  208. EGR block off plates
  209. R154 swap. Ran into a snag (driveshaft)!
  210. Need QUICK Opinion on AEM Standalone
  211. Crank Pulley won't go back on
  212. Canister delete question
  213. Na-t vs. Swap opinions
  214. Air/Oil Separator for LEX? No Blow Thru?
  215. Steering problem
  216. Well that didn't take first problem - OVERDRIVE!
  217. Which Diff Can I Get?????
  218. Rumbling Idle?
  219. Too Good to be True Turbo Kit?
  220. New to the forums
  221. Exhaust cam upgrade
  222. What to do with these things? Been searching..
  223. 1jz engine problems
  224. weight reduction w/ different starter?
  225. NA-T guys, what gaps are you running on your plugs?
  226. 93 SC400 valve tappit noise
  227. New to the 2jz
  228. Need help picking a custom exhaust for my SC400
  229. Anybody Running AEM EMS Version 2 Yet
  230. high/looping idle when cold, low idle when warm??? wtf?
  231. 1.5jz parts list
  232. SC400 starter - here goes :(
  233. 1JZ Build Information
  234. What turbo should i go with???
  235. Shifter Solenoid problem in 97 SC300
  236. Supercharged SC400 - lighting M112 - with air/water intercooler
  237. Finally got an Exhaust
  238. engine swap question about VVTI
  239. Interesting thermostat find - SC400
  240. Help with choosing a new radiator
  241. need help to remove oil pump so i can replace main seal
  242. O2 sensor wiring diagram OBDII
  243. GTE upper FFIM info for stock lowers..
  244. SC3 GE-T updates
  245. 95 sc400 No cats, running rich
  246. BEE R rev limiter?
  247. SC300 Engine Block Coolant Drain Plug
  248. ???latest 1UZ that works in a 92 sc400???
  249. Shifting problems
  250. 1993 Stock Exhaust Question?