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  1. 5speed swap guys help
  2. Motor Mounts trashed...So i need new ones
  3. Bumper lights conversion?
  4. TRAC light?
  5. How important is the rotor/cap/coils/plugs/wires maintenance?
  6. 92' SC300 - Car shaking a lot and white smoke out of exhaust
  7. 1jz valve cover vs 2jz valve cover
  8. lexus sc400 starting problems
  9. How do i remove torque converter on 2jz ge
  10. power steering issue...pls help
  11. Soarer auto tranny and VSS
  12. Please HELP!! I may be forced to sell my SC
  13. sc400 torque head bolts and then turn 90 Degree???
  14. MY CAR WONT START.. Complete Silence.. No crank, nothing!
  15. KAAZ superQ 2 way LSD?
  16. 1jz swap questions
  17. Fire In Two On One Side And Two On Other
  18. SC 400 Stalling
  19. Driveshaft removal
  20. Boost and experiences
  21. PS reservoir set up
  22. I need an Alternator???
  23. Can someone tell me which transmission this is?
  24. greddy emanage blue? any users?
  25. Anyone in San Jose area I can pay to fix some things on my car?
  26. 2jzgte aristo sc3 manual swap into auto sc3?
  27. greddy pe exhaust
  28. XS Power Turbo kit on craigslist. Is it worth it?
  29. Need a used cat back exhaust sc300
  30. Search Made Me Think Ignition Coil - Wrong!
  31. What do you guys do about heat in the engine bay
  32. What exhaust is this?
  33. MAF testing
  34. Need some thoughts
  35. Final answer: Speed sensor from auto to w58?
  36. 2jz & r-154 bulid
  37. Manual Transmission Swap
  38. supra radiator with SC shroud
  39. So.. lost my race cause car messed up....
  40. Sub-o2 sensor flange bolt -stuck? (picture)
  41. 92 sc300 with screw in o2 sensors?
  42. Ok decided 1gzgte goes into my sc300
  43. ge alternator and starter on 2jzgte?
  44. LS400 tranny in SC400 speed sensor help
  45. 1jz upper waterneck gasket?
  46. My 67mm to 64mm upgrade!
  47. 2jzgte into sc300
  48. 1993 sc400 radiator alternates
  49. Help help help help help!!!!!
  50. alt/batt problem
  51. Could a 12v mod and a Walbro fuel pump be causing my misfire?
  52. is this temp correct?
  53. no boost and cut of at 2500 full throttle
  54. Getting your NA-T Auto to shift sooner
  55. W58 straight cut gearset
  56. Is it my crank pulley or drive belt tensioner???
  57. Misfire issues P0300, need suggestions
  58. 2gte water pump swap question.
  59. SC300 2JZGTE swap - ECU problem 5k rpm cut off?
  60. Its about that time!!!
  61. any use megasquirt for sc300 single turbo???
  62. sc300-taking apart the Diff
  63. 1jz alternator plug ..question. where can i find a replacement or fix.? pics included
  64. Diagnosis help....with video!
  65. Do auto and w58 share the same trans mount BOLTS, and shifter bolt size...
  66. Solid moount diff bushings
  67. Car wont start but turns over help please!
  68. My Key Stuck in the ignition!!! help
  69. How do I know if I need a new ECU?
  70. Max injector size using piggyback
  71. harness has resistor box. stock inj. problem?
  72. turbo problem?
  73. Programming remote for 1997 SC300?
  74. 1jzgte swap no check engine light...
  75. USDM turbos, JDM piping?
  76. i seen a 1993 sc300 for sale
  77. Teaser.. let the build begin,
  78. 1JZ single turbo exhasut manifold - - what are you using?
  79. went single and need help with the downpipe
  80. ECU problem California Emission
  81. for anyone brave enough, a 1gz swap!!
  82. usdm gte
  83. got a few ?s need ur expert help
  84. 1jz fuel management....not finding good info
  85. oil level sensor leak....
  86. SC400 Power Steering Pump Replacement Costs?
  87. Tail lights help
  88. transmission question
  89. injectors
  90. need help.. quick question.. radiator..
  91. I dare you to figure this one out.
  92. SC400 single turbo project planning
  93. Crank Pulley Bolt torque
  94. What makes an SC400 sound like this - Videos with sound
  95. Water pump replacement questions
  96. 1jz soarer stalling when hot
  97. Engine Brackets to Motor Mount Question (1jz>SC)
  98. Radio gets power, but no sound....:-(
  99. LSD-Unit MK.IV possible to install in 97 SC400 Diff?
  100. Need info... 2JZ-GTE in my 1JZ-GTE Soarer.
  101. Will a Soarer SMIC and piping work on a 2JZGTE SC?
  102. How to: Starter removal and installation SC300 *Pics*
  103. 92 sc300 with 1jzgte a/c issue
  104. 92 sc300, alternator plug question
  105. code 41 and now a code 12?
  106. 2jzge-t with vvti head/tt cams/and no distributor
  107. dropped a socket down the timing cover area :( FML
  108. Weird problem with power steering going on/off
  109. Airconditioner moldy smell
  110. LSD or other?
  111. MKIII W58 Swap in SC400?
  112. E85?? E85 users
  113. Steering Rack Fitting Size?
  114. Wiring issue? Gauges, turn sig, steering tilt.. not working
  115. WTB: Door Lock Assembly
  116. Roll cage options?
  117. Fastest Stock Framed SC300 (no tube chassis or ford rear ect)
  118. Changing the clock lol!
  119. boost guage stop working?
  120. 92 sc400 tranny swap
  121. SC300 aftermarket ATF
  122. 1uz R154
  123. 1jz Throttle Body Question
  124. aristo transmission problem
  125. 1jz OE part numbers to add
  126. 2JZGTE Stumble when throttle open
  127. I feel like a huge noob
  128. 1JZ AC PROBLEMS! Newb needs advice!!
  129. Steering Rack
  130. Misfire Under load
  131. Blitz Nur Spec R, too loud?
  132. w58 clutch help
  133. Oxygen sensors changing interval
  134. Ding remover kits?
  135. No Idea what so ever
  136. BB or JB?
  137. Exhaust question(anyone here "mikeahowski"?)
  138. In with the GTE
  139. Will an MK4 Supra N/A ECU also work in an SC300?
  140. question for the w58 guys
  141. Help me decide what exhaust to get.
  142. 30-40LS transmission vs 30-40LE transmission
  143. OD Light Code
  144. Wondering about my 1jz tranny
  145. Cat problems
  146. Need help identifiing a wire harness plug on sc300
  147. I need an ECU for '92 SC300 !!
  148. hard accel lag???
  149. Any noticeable gains for a na sc400 w/ intake+exhaust on a tune?
  150. PPE Engineering in Arizona looking for test car
  151. 95-97 SC3 1JZ swap starting/3K issue solved!
  152. torque converter install
  153. BoostCreep
  154. SC 400 - electrical problem
  155. 99/vvti + Supra LSD/3.76 = FUN!
  156. This part: WTF is it called?
  157. boost issue?
  158. overdrive thump or clunk please help!!!!!!!
  159. overdrive thump or clunk
  160. All a/c vents not blowing same temperature
  161. Transmission issues caused by AC??
  162. alarm issue or door pins?
  163. which ems - BPU 1jzgte
  164. SC400 + 1JZ + 1JZ AC compressor = Need your help!
  165. 300 to 400 diff swap - benefits?
  166. SC300 Tuning Options Help!
  167. for the 1jz VVTI guys... downpipe?
  168. na-t building beginning
  169. Oil Pressure light when I brake. 1jz...... HELP
  170. Tranny leak
  171. Rattling on Start-Up
  172. Determining VBand Clamp Size
  173. 1995 sc300 engine mount question (need part number)
  174. Remote key to 1997 SC300
  175. Cat removal?
  176. Driveing Home but ended walking 3 miles.
  177. Alternator help
  178. 1jz swap progress.pic...what plugs is this?
  179. 1jz swap progress.pic...what plugs is this?
  180. High mileage and BHG
  181. ac fitments????
  182. help auto tranny wont engage
  183. Rear Main Oil Seal Issue
  184. power steering back flow?
  185. Help with Sputtering and hesitation.
  186. Differential swap on a stock 92-97 SC400
  187. 99% there
  188. compression/gas mileage
  189. 5-speed ECU/check engine light issue
  190. MK4 Mishimoto on SC300 Fan Shrout Problems
  191. documentation of a bad ecu
  192. question about NA-T
  193. Dual "in tank" Bosch 044 fitment???
  194. smell so strong raw gas with (CHECK ENGINE LIGHT)
  195. 2 ?s need help on. fuel realted
  196. Skyrocketing temperature needle.
  197. Power steering: constant noise
  198. injectors stuck open?
  199. fuel ecu prob !!!
  200. changing exhaust cam on a vvti 2jz?
  201. finished the build!!! :D
  202. How much was your last Timing Belt, Water Pump
  203. Squires Turbo install questions
  204. Should i buy?
  205. 2JZGTE Overheat/Oil dip stick
  206. single turbo 1j guys, IAC Valve....?
  207. VVT-i or Non
  208. Driveshaft options for LSD from supra auto TT??
  209. running lights won't turn off!
  210. Tachometer not working on my 1jz sc300
  211. Need Wire Pinouts for Broken Plctic Connector on 92 SC400 A/T
  212. 1jz/2jz compatibility questions?
  213. Aem ems 1101 cal problem (crank sensor settings)
  214. Relocated wireing harness, now car wont start
  215. Help with exhaust system!!
  216. Power Steering Pump : OE or rebuilt non-Toyota brand?
  217. Power Steering Pump : OE or rebuilt non-Toyota brand?
  218. sc300 tune up 97
  219. 1JZ build questions / performance / maintenance. ALL ANSWERED
  220. BOV 2jz-ge question
  221. gas in the oil??
  222. Stock Exhaust?
  223. WTF? I need HELP.SC300
  224. What machine work to have done?
  225. 1jz stock motor mount length
  226. injector resistor please help!!!
  227. Amsoil Severe Gear for Supra TT LSD
  228. replacing clutch
  229. W58 tripod shifter- What piece am I missing?
  230. Let's just pretend I touched the inside of the MAF...
  231. HELP! Pressure plate wont engage!?? y?
  232. BFIing in progress... Help!
  233. tach only works when cold
  234. SC300 2jzgte swap???
  235. Who has a 1jz mated to SC400 tranny?
  236. Transmission feed/return
  237. LSX swap in progress.....
  238. Guys, do you think this would work on the '97 SC?
  239. Heater Control Valve
  240. torque converter lock up questions..
  241. Anyone know about fuel gauge ohms in our cars? and aftermarket fuel gauges
  242. Labor cost for transmission swap.
  243. Transmission hard shifting and doesn't downshift
  244. Who has the upgraded alternator?
  245. I need a link for manual shift boot/plate purchase
  246. JZZ30 soarer 1JZ VVTI motor swap on ebay
  247. Apexi Panel filter
  248. 1uz questions, swaps, and opinions
  249. Is it good to put a Intake on Sc300
  250. Coolant leak, Bucking/jerking, low idle, Intake gasket leak? Help?