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  1. 3 Coolant Temperature Sensors?
  2. W58, R154, V160, V161 transmission Swap to (1UZ-FE, 2UZ-FE, 3UZ-FE)
  3. Normal idle for 5spd sc300s
  4. OBX ITB's???
  5. Which tranny mount?
  6. How to remove/install antenna mast?
  7. Insight on a problem
  8. r154 question
  9. MAF replacement
  10. Leak here and this supose to be there?
  11. Out with the Aristo tranny
  12. 1jz hose question with pics (SC300 swap)
  13. 2JZ T67 Swap
  14. Help with exhaust
  15. 2jzge-t or 1jzgte....
  16. 1JZ Auto trans not wanting to shift
  17. Coolant reservoir tube help
  18. i want to make my sc300 faster???
  19. Dual fuel pump question ??
  20. Quick Lean Spot at 3k Rpms (1JZ,440cc,etc)
  21. Two pink wires from inst. cluster/ which one for speed sensor?
  22. 92 sc400 trans fluid??
  23. Supra belt tensioner dampener: Who is running one?
  24. Tps????
  25. Double Trouble Reading CEL on 92 SC400
  26. too much fuel
  27. Possible to decrease clutch pedal travel?
  28. 1jz vacuum pressure question....
  29. Window Problem
  30. How to remove Pilot Bearing with a Doughnut
  31. Coolant overflow / reservoir
  32. Autozone Rack and Pinion
  33. Hardtop SC3/4
  34. [1993 SC400] Did my Torque Converter just instantly die?
  35. 98 SC400 Power steering acting wierd.
  36. SC300 OE vs Universal Type O2 Sensor
  37. 1jz sc400 swap problems
  38. 98 1UZ VVTI into 93 SC400
  39. Map Ecu 2 Launch Control help
  40. sc400 EGR DELETE --still throwing CEL code 71
  41. SC300 Boggin Out!!!!!
  42. Input on intercooler sizes
  43. 1jz problems..
  44. electric fans from supra fan shroud
  45. High idle on cold starts and low idle once warm?
  46. TTC help
  47. Anyone else have their LS400 calipers high polished??
  48. Timing belt jumped a tooth. Now what?
  49. Part numbers for Supra heater hoses?
  50. NEED part number or desciption guys
  51. '93 SC400 Telescopic Steering Column Question
  52. where to find? SC400 upgraded ECU or ECU upgrade
  53. Distributor cap & rotor replacement w/ pictures
  54. SC300 Window Issues
  55. Making my own headers
  56. Ultra Gauge
  57. Transmission whine
  58. transmission swap 1jz
  59. Engine Replacement
  60. Harmonic Balancer: help ASAP please
  61. Engine shakes at 2000rpm, about 3000rpm and so on.
  62. Plug Wire Resistance
  63. 5 speed swap
  64. Ignition GURU assistance please...
  65. nos kit 05000
  66. New to CL
  67. soarer 1jz high idle, no boost, temperature soar, and some other questions
  68. hey yall..
  69. I don't know what this is...
  70. 1jz starting and warming problems
  71. FIXED: No check engine light for 95 sc300's w/1jz swap
  72. New LSD, how hard to DIY??
  73. Starts perfect cold, wont start when warm?
  74. Battery question...
  75. 1jz no start problems
  76. new car need a little help
  77. Suprastick trans computer?
  78. Crazy 3000rpm Idle
  79. Cleaning Maf
  80. 60 MPH @ 4,000 RPM Is That Normal? HELP!!!!!
  81. xx400 Headers
  82. Someone with a Manual, what does..
  83. 92 Sc400 Code 25 Air Fuel Ratio Lean Malfunction
  84. Rear main seal leak fixed for $6 vs $2300
  85. quick battery question
  86. Solid answer on Q45 TB on GTE ECU...
  87. 92 SC4 ac compressor leaks common?
  88. 1jzgte heads on a 2jzge bottom
  89. 1uz w/ w58 Gas mileage
  90. what is the max power that can be pushed through my transmission?
  91. Storing car 6months +??
  92. Quick question: Which alternator to buy?
  93. Engine Oil hot light?
  94. Car died on the road. Starts-then dies immediately
  95. Power steering frozen at idle, but eases up while revving..?
  96. 5spd swap, what about clutch switch?
  97. 94 SC300 MAF sensor cleaning with electronic parts cleaner
  98. 7mgte 440cc into 2jzge write up?
  99. Long shot A/C help
  100. Help, timing belt idler bolt is loose
  101. oil change+new tank of gas= ROD KNOCK?
  102. 1993 SC400 clutch
  103. BHG? time for NA-T, and then BGH!
  104. 2jzge 143-count timing belt diagram
  105. outside door handle
  106. Wiper Inserts
  107. helping finding a good diagnostic mechanic in MD/VA
  108. Water build up on passenger side carpet
  109. New problems I could use help with
  110. Swap or clean out?
  111. Bosch F5DPOR Side Fire Plugs on a 2J?
  112. help me located this hose!
  113. Bad injectors?
  114. Can a novice change plugs wires?
  115. turbo noob..need some info :)
  116. Any advice? hard start, no acceleration
  117. auto to manual guys NSS bypass
  118. Thermostat housing for Aristo swap?
  119. MAF code --->Oxygen sensors
  120. IMF headers...
  121. Confused can't find fuse for the fog lights
  122. timing belt / water pump change -- special tools needed?
  123. Transmission Question
  124. 1j exhaust for the sc
  125. what am i looking at here?
  126. Car cuts off when it heats up???????????????????
  127. Started Smoking then Stopped!!! Ideas?
  128. ok to use safc 2 with aristo 2jzgte stock boost?
  129. non intercooled stock comp boostin :)
  130. Another timing belt question
  131. Water pump hose keeps coming off
  132. Sc400 cat
  133. oil filter
  134. I didnt know that was possible on 1jz
  135. WHP with 3" single exhaust?
  136. What WG spring should I use?
  137. 1jz Fuel Pump recomendations please
  138. 1995 lexus sc 400 help
  139. r-154 soarer tranny problems
  140. Heater hoses for 1JZ-GTE and Thermostat replacement?
  141. 5speed swap guys help
  142. Motor Mounts trashed...So i need new ones
  143. Bumper lights conversion?
  144. TRAC light?
  145. How important is the rotor/cap/coils/plugs/wires maintenance?
  146. 92' SC300 - Car shaking a lot and white smoke out of exhaust
  147. 1jz valve cover vs 2jz valve cover
  148. lexus sc400 starting problems
  149. How do i remove torque converter on 2jz ge
  150. power steering issue...pls help
  151. Soarer auto tranny and VSS
  152. Please HELP!! I may be forced to sell my SC
  153. sc400 torque head bolts and then turn 90 Degree???
  154. MY CAR WONT START.. Complete Silence.. No crank, nothing!
  155. KAAZ superQ 2 way LSD?
  156. 1jz swap questions
  157. Fire In Two On One Side And Two On Other
  158. SC 400 Stalling
  159. Driveshaft removal
  160. Boost and experiences
  161. PS reservoir set up
  162. I need an Alternator???
  163. Can someone tell me which transmission this is?
  164. greddy emanage blue? any users?
  165. Anyone in San Jose area I can pay to fix some things on my car?
  166. 2jzgte aristo sc3 manual swap into auto sc3?
  167. greddy pe exhaust
  168. XS Power Turbo kit on craigslist. Is it worth it?
  169. Need a used cat back exhaust sc300
  170. Search Made Me Think Ignition Coil - Wrong!
  171. What do you guys do about heat in the engine bay
  172. What exhaust is this?
  173. MAF testing
  174. Need some thoughts
  175. Final answer: Speed sensor from auto to w58?
  176. 2jz & r-154 bulid
  177. Manual Transmission Swap
  178. supra radiator with SC shroud
  179. So.. lost my race cause car messed up....
  180. Sub-o2 sensor flange bolt -stuck? (picture)
  181. 92 sc300 with screw in o2 sensors?
  182. Ok decided 1gzgte goes into my sc300
  183. ge alternator and starter on 2jzgte?
  184. LS400 tranny in SC400 speed sensor help
  185. 1jz upper waterneck gasket?
  186. My 67mm to 64mm upgrade!
  187. 2jzgte into sc300
  188. 1993 sc400 radiator alternates
  189. Help help help help help!!!!!
  190. alt/batt problem
  191. Could a 12v mod and a Walbro fuel pump be causing my misfire?
  192. is this temp correct?
  193. no boost and cut of at 2500 full throttle
  194. Getting your NA-T Auto to shift sooner
  195. W58 straight cut gearset
  196. Is it my crank pulley or drive belt tensioner???
  197. Misfire issues P0300, need suggestions
  198. 2gte water pump swap question.
  199. SC300 2JZGTE swap - ECU problem 5k rpm cut off?
  200. Its about that time!!!
  201. any use megasquirt for sc300 single turbo???
  202. sc300-taking apart the Diff
  203. 1jz alternator plug ..question. where can i find a replacement or fix.? pics included
  204. Diagnosis help....with video!
  205. Do auto and w58 share the same trans mount BOLTS, and shifter bolt size...
  206. Solid moount diff bushings
  207. Car wont start but turns over help please!
  208. My Key Stuck in the ignition!!! help
  209. How do I know if I need a new ECU?
  210. Max injector size using piggyback
  211. harness has resistor box. stock inj. problem?
  212. turbo problem?
  213. Programming remote for 1997 SC300?
  214. 1jzgte swap no check engine light...
  215. USDM turbos, JDM piping?
  216. i seen a 1993 sc300 for sale
  217. Teaser.. let the build begin,
  218. 1JZ single turbo exhasut manifold - - what are you using?
  219. went single and need help with the downpipe
  220. ECU problem California Emission
  221. for anyone brave enough, a 1gz swap!!
  222. Tips on installing door lock actuator
  223. usdm gte
  224. got a few ?s need ur expert help
  225. 1jz fuel management....not finding good info
  226. oil level sensor leak....
  227. SC400 Power Steering Pump Replacement Costs?
  228. Tail lights help
  229. transmission question
  230. injectors
  231. need help.. quick question.. radiator..
  232. I dare you to figure this one out.
  233. SC400 single turbo project planning
  234. Crank Pulley Bolt torque
  235. What makes an SC400 sound like this - Videos with sound
  236. Water pump replacement questions
  237. 1jz soarer stalling when hot
  238. Engine Brackets to Motor Mount Question (1jz>SC)
  239. Radio gets power, but no sound....:-(
  240. LSD-Unit MK.IV possible to install in 97 SC400 Diff?
  241. Need info... 2JZ-GTE in my 1JZ-GTE Soarer.
  242. Will a Soarer SMIC and piping work on a 2JZGTE SC?
  243. How to: Starter removal and installation SC300 *Pics*
  244. 92 sc300 with 1jzgte a/c issue
  245. 92 sc300, alternator plug question
  246. code 41 and now a code 12?
  247. 2jzge-t with vvti head/tt cams/and no distributor
  248. dropped a socket down the timing cover area :( FML
  249. Weird problem with power steering going on/off
  250. Airconditioner moldy smell