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  1. Launching a A340LE auto trans
  2. car shut down when the engine is hot
  3. Compression test
  4. Transmission slipping? or....
  5. Oil light keeps turning on but my oil dipstick shows full
  6. "Tink Tink" noise coming from exhaust?
  7. map sensor ?
  8. cusco test fit for front strut bar sc400
  9. SC400 Crank Shaft Position Sensor. WHERE?????
  10. A. C. delete
  11. Can Someone Tell Me What this Is Called?
  12. Starts dies, starts dies...
  13. Request: 1jz turbo removal diy
  14. HELP - Boost Controller / Boost Gauge Vacuum Routing
  15. Valve Cover Gaskets & EGR Cleaning Tips
  16. SC300 - Air/Water IC - has it been done yet?
  17. 500whp and stock drive shaft?
  18. 1996 SC300 2JZGTE vvt-i auto swap completed...Kind of
  19. Need a suggestion for a clutch
  20. SC issues.
  21. 92 SC400 cuts off when you out it in gear
  22. Am I running to lean on the 1jz?
  23. 5k limiter issue single 1j fic
  24. Timing Issue?
  25. Balancing 1UZ Rotating Assembly
  26. SC400 bro's with the 5 speed or Getrag swap...
  27. I have a bad oil leak on front of my engine
  28. Transmission
  29. need help Slow coolant leak
  30. What does the TRAC light mean?
  31. looking for a 92sc300 fanshroud for sale... ANYone??
  32. Dallas jdm motors?
  33. Low idle. Not vaccum leak, not IACV.
  34. 99 sc300 auto to 5spd with w58 ???? help !!!
  35. Flywheel suggestions??
  36. w58 question before i get my 1j
  37. Whats needed to do a Na-t setup
  38. Question for Boosted 1uzfe peeps
  39. SC300 engine wiring diagram!
  40. ecu pin out help!
  41. How much did you pay for your custom exhaust?
  42. SC300 auto to manual swap Q&A
  43. New to the car.
  44. Na-T
  45. SC400 intermittent starting issues...
  46. Replaceing Gear box bushing in 5 speed?
  47. Head Gasket Question
  48. sc400 exhaust hks
  49. So my sc400 is turd slow
  50. SC400 hesitation problem i found (wanted to share )
  51. what do i need to achieve 600whp 2jz vvti? please help
  52. Doing some work on my 2JZ-GTE SC400
  53. Horrible gas mileage 1jz
  54. ITB vs Turbo
  55. 1jzgte vvti MAF?
  56. Any 1jz big single 1/4 times
  57. have any of you guys made a bfi?
  58. is300 supercharger on an sc300?
  59. SC300 Manny Tran Build Thread
  60. Plz need help with 2jzgte swap
  61. Highest Injector on stock 2j
  62. can I use this Metal head gasket
  63. rad options
  64. Plz need help with 2jzgte swap
  65. Can you add stock Supra Twins to a 2J2-GE?
  66. Please help!!! (Really means) Crank pulley bolt missing
  67. Walbro on a SC400
  68. GReddy E-Manage Ulitimate PnP Harness?
  69. Part ID request
  70. gte swapped car, stock idle?
  71. Anyone done a high flow single ex. on sc4 lately?
  72. 1jz/2jzgte and V6 Truck flywheel/The same?
  73. My New Exhaust for the SC400
  74. Engine Swap: transmission connector issue
  75. Intermittent Misfire
  76. Test only smog -- thanks Cali
  77. Were did you mount your gauges? Pictures?
  78. Car shuts off. When A/C is running.
  79. smoke from passengerside firewall
  80. Is this mechanic lying to me?
  81. anyone have A.C. eliminator pulley advice
  82. Radio Fuse Keeps Blowing
  83. New member /air conditioning problem
  84. Tweak'd Performance 2JZ-GTE SC300 Engine swap
  85. 1.5jz auto transmission?
  86. buurning too much fuel!!!
  87. 92 SC300 Speedometer/Odometer/Window Issue, PLEASE HELP!!!
  88. Removing Engine and Trans
  89. IACV, TPS, Vacuum Leak....or other?
  90. Car choking some days, others fine..TPS?
  91. 1jz/2jz alternator mounting
  92. getting welded!
  93. Top speed exhaust SC300 only videos/soundclips
  94. intake port spacing and bolt pattern
  95. Please help me - SC400 runs very poorly
  96. Clutch on floor
  97. diesel turbo on a 1jz
  98. 98+ SC400 intake on older models?
  99. rough idle and almost stalling
  100. Electrical help
  101. GM LSx Engine Mounts for Lexus SC300 / SC400. Check It Out!
  102. Power Steering Goes Out
  103. pt6265 1jz sc3 on AEM FIC
  104. SC400 Exhaust Opinions
  105. Megasquirt for 1UZ
  106. Does anyone have or know where I can purchase
  107. SC300 - no start?? Need help
  108. JDM 2JZGTE to USDM twin turbo conversion....
  109. trans. fluid advice
  110. SC3 Valve Cover flaking inside
  111. SC300 Vibrant Exhaust
  112. My 1jz has AC!
  113. SC rear jacking points?
  114. looking for a used 94 2jz
  115. trac light flashing, cel on code P0116
  116. 2jz-ge Loss of power under 4kRPM
  117. mk3 supra clutch/brake-sc400???
  118. Which alternator for jdm gte swap?
  119. help ID-ing some camshafts
  120. injector size ok..?
  121. Transmission will not move in reverse
  122. horse power
  123. SC400 Temperature Gauge pegged at H - Help!
  124. i need help deciding
  125. speed cut defender and Turbo timer
  126. 1UZFE problem
  127. Prepaid maintenance good value?
  128. any help would be much app...
  129. SC300 not getting power?!
  130. Weepy
  131. R154 SINGLE disc clutch
  132. Fuel inlet hose gaskets?
  133. Cv axles???
  134. Is 2jz crank forged or cast
  135. Planning on goin single..
  136. 1994 SC300 with random stalling; fuel pump ECU?
  137. have a question
  138. 671 blown methanol Soarer
  139. Trans test port thread diameter? (trans guage install)
  140. Oil Feed line question
  141. sc400 Tuning question
  142. sc400 oil change info
  143. Just installed new trans mount sc400
  144. auto tt diff questions
  145. Head Gasket
  146. What clutch for NA-T W58?
  147. Supporting mods for turbo upgrade
  148. confusion about my sc400
  149. performance parts sites
  150. Which intercooler and piping for JDM 2jzgte swap?
  151. Engine stand bolts for a 2jz?
  152. JDM 2JZGTE guys... what downpipe are you using?
  153. Compressor installed Brrr
  154. Which should I go?? Na-t vs 2jzgte swap
  155. Header Bolts
  156. single turbo questions.
  157. NA-T guys? step inside. oil line related
  158. CA Smog Assisntance CAP, VRRRM programs
  159. Finally going single turbo on my 1Jz!!!
  160. 1JZ A340E Wiring
  161. Definitive SC400 Header Question
  162. AC Compressor suction/discharge plate removal
  163. 1.5JZ Power loss-Bad Clutch or Bad Turbo?
  164. Question with EGR delete
  165. Help with jdm 2jzge swap
  166. Rebuilt r154 or buy another r154?
  167. Who's SC is this?
  168. 94 SC300 idle issues
  169. No power steering:-(
  170. gte swap
  171. Is tranny fluid change necessary? If so which?
  172. Transmission questions
  173. Ecu questions.
  174. My 2jzgte swap
  175. cooling sytem problem
  176. 92 sc300 electrical problem
  177. 1997 SC300 2JZ-GTE current swap step by step
  178. gte swap and camry throttle cable ??
  179. Sc300 fan blower stopped working!!
  180. CEL help needed
  182. 1JZ injector firing issue via!, out of ideas!!
  183. sc300 leaking oil
  184. 2jzge sensor next to the oil dipstick use ??anyone? pictures inside
  185. custom y
  186. Is this a good turbo set for a 2jz-ge?
  187. kll clutch noise
  188. V160 owners what clutch are you running?
  189. Is IMF still around?
  190. SC400 Reso Removal
  191. auto to v160questions
  192. SC300 aftermarket exaust? and light?
  193. Help, No power after trying to start
  194. 1995 Sc400 Radiator Questions
  195. SC400 A/C control panel problems
  196. Auto to manual tranny swap
  197. More starter problems
  198. Porsche Tips on Sc400??
  199. What kind of oil?
  200. Driftmotion Underdrive pulley kit....Reviews?Opinions?
  201. HELP, messed up electrical experiment
  202. Mixed Dex II with T-IV
  203. 1997 sc300
  204. T-iv atf
  205. SC300 W58 swap VSS question
  206. Stumbling idle
  207. BW Matchbot
  208. Coolant dash light on, but level is normal. Any ideas?
  209. Pivot Voltage really work?
  210. 1992 Lexus SC300 AC
  211. Question on relocating catalytics on a 1uz
  212. How to make the tach work?
  213. Engine ECU
  214. My 1jz R154 problems
  215. mk3 supra pumpkin into a SC
  216. Anyone shim their automatic transmission actuators?
  217. ignition coil #1
  218. 1jz auto transmission won't go in to OD
  219. 1JZGTE SC300 Dr.Tweek wiring into SC400
  220. quantum auto spacer on w58, measurement for shims?
  221. Tranny question
  222. Evap Canister routing?
  223. new cams dont require new springs?
  224. 96+ OBDII CEL Fixes after Trans Swap
  225. Another O. L. T. DIY - In depth with the heater core control valve
  226. timging belt and water pump replacement price for sc400
  227. Removing a tight nut on a battery terminal?
  228. Megan axle backs
  229. trany fluid.
  230. starter slow to disengage when cold
  231. Driftmotion AEM harness
  232. soarer FSM!!!
  233. Starter single click when "cold"... contacts?
  234. aristo tranny into sc300
  235. SC400 A.C. delete
  236. Power Steering Hose replacement.....$64.99 from Autozone!!!
  237. 1jz auto ecu manual harness
  238. power steering hose
  239. Engine is finally starting give up?
  240. Throttle Body ideas and flipping upside down
  241. Can't get my SC400 to run right? Help!
  242. Hydrogen injection?
  243. MAF dead? how do i know?
  244. Knock gauge (knocklite) installation
  245. DIY manual pedal swap thread/s?
  246. Starter Woe
  247. disdtributer help
  248. Any Short Shifter for Soarer R154?!?!
  249. What's your opinion on this aluminum coolant tank?
  250. 95 SC400 Timing Belt Change No Power