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  1. SC300 W58 manual 4.08 to 4.27 gearset swap?
  2. Need any helpful advice before I attempt to replace an injector...
  3. 2JZGE Throttle Position Sensor on 1JZGTE?
  4. Seafoam Vs the stuff Jiffy Lube/Valvoline pushes..
  5. Question regarding 2jzge oil pan sensor
  6. Loss of power after installing new mufflers
  7. Ffim iacv????
  8. transmission went bad :(
  9. Reviews, anyone used the coils on ebay for a GTE swap?
  10. boost problems
  11. Idle issue.
  12. battery warning light
  13. What else is left to check? SC still "stuttering"...
  14. car wont stay on??
  15. Single vs double exhaust? Is there a difference?
  16. 1992 SC300 no overdrive and no codes
  17. No boost but can hear the turbos spinning??
  18. Rear wheel bearing
  19. What Dual Exhaust Sound Nice Straight Piped?
  20. Please help! car stalling when in park or neutral
  21. 1992 sc 400 engine
  22. Pinout Request IACV Harness 95 300
  23. High rpm Hesitation 1jzgte
  24. High Idle
  25. coil pack sc400?
  26. 5sp swap
  27. Ls400 bbk.
  28. 1JZ Coolant system question
  29. picts never hurt anyone!
  30. Testing the MAF, checking my reasoning...
  31. Muffler question
  32. Loud valve/tappet noise after head rebuild
  33. What are things to make my engine rev faster
  34. 1jzgte motor died while driving, cranks but wont start now
  35. Diagnostics - Engine dies at idle
  36. pic of your crank pulley distance. PLEASE!
  37. battery draining problem
  38. N/A power gains from tuning
  39. sc300 na-t *turbo blew apart* !!!!
  40. 2jzgte swapped sc300 AC problem
  41. Tilton clutch inspection...
  42. Spark Plugs drenched in oil, 2jzge vvti
  43. need help..
  44. Huh... My catch can system actually works
  45. code 31 help
  46. HELP! Daily Driver lSC300 has gone down!
  47. O rings in trans
  48. 2JZ Freeze Plug sealant?
  49. Question on replacing the MAF..
  50. Need a description of a "good" IACV
  51. SC300 ECU Main Computer Fried all units affected CHECK YOUR ECU
  52. sc400 m90 set up help
  53. help plz
  54. Is it time for a new ECU?
  55. Turns over strongly but will not start
  56. New tps gone bad?
  57. Faulty distributor cap
  58. safc question
  59. R154 normal or is something wrong? It wont shift
  60. Is this Normal
  61. Embarrassing!! Need fix fast
  62. Can you test our coils with a meter?
  63. 1jz swap question
  64. Intake questions.
  65. starter replacement.
  66. Fuse box access
  67. Need help with walbro 255 getting stuck.
  68. Can i use w58 from a 300 in my 400 for 5speed swap?
  69. Battery Light.....
  70. Mines ECU
  71. Need Help want to MOD engine
  72. Engine ECU Facts
  73. E85 help please
  74. Should I Buy a New Engine
  75. Roll Cage Benefits (or lack there of)
  76. '97 400 transmission
  77. Will the ls430 3.266 fit my sc300?
  78. sc400 single turbo mainifold idea what do you think
  79. Car shakes when downshift-5spd W58
  80. SC300 Front Seal - Lower gear puller?
  81. 92 sc300 idle issues
  82. Broken Exaust
  83. 98+ 5 speed swap. CEL code P1780
  84. TRAC OFF / Check engine
  85. 1.5JZ Code 55-rear knock sensor
  86. Any way to get rid of the egr in a sc400?
  87. Shift linkage
  88. I cant get my headlights out
  89. LSD in SC300?
  90. 1jz code 14 out of no where...ideas pls.
  91. SC400 Manual Swap Questions
  92. 92 sc400 will not start
  93. Timing
  94. Fuel Pump Relay with aftermarket setup
  95. Map ecu 3
  96. tt fuel pump help
  97. injector color and partnumber
  98. auto to manual swap on 97sc300
  99. School bus engine swap?
  100. Best way to get more power for my SC300 for under $1500?
  101. tallest gear ratio?
  102. Help understanding cams
  103. 97 sc300 exhaust
  104. picture request! 1jzgte injector wires
  105. AEM EPM instead of &M CPS???
  106. Dash fuse keeps blowing
  107. 97 sc400 high idle when cold issues??
  108. mk4 supra resistor pack wiring into 1jzgte
  109. Power steering leaks
  110. exhaust problems
  111. Treadstone Cast Manifold - 2JZGE NA-T- Anyone use it?
  112. Knock in drivetrain sounds like U joints
  113. Gte swap usdm harness?
  114. 2JZGE intake flapper valve thingy
  115. FIXED: Brake pedal & high beams kills stereo dims lights & stalls engine
  116. Diff change to 3.26
  117. sc400 won't rev past 4000 rpm
  118. Help with code 71
  119. went to smog my car and ran good till
  120. Shifter Shaking / Rattling. Possible Fix
  121. seafoaming the idle air control valve?
  122. R154 gurus: Front Retainer Plate cut...need new one?
  123. Car starts but wont stay running
  124. Torque Limited Frist gear 92 SC400
  125. Radiator help needed desperately
  126. SC400 OBD-I to OBD-II conversion project in progress... :(
  127. Any body make poly subframe and diff mounts?
  128. higher volume vs higher psi?
  129. Poor man's exhaust mod
  130. how much whp can 2jzge handle stock
  131. 1JZGTE Wiring Question
  132. Removing oil galley plugs?
  133. Sc300 2j R154 swap-Need drive shaft
  134. manual & auto driveshaft rubber doughnut interchangeable?
  135. Engine Replacement SC400
  136. Easiest bfi mod?
  137. Turbo Kit
  138. i think my transmission is going out please help
  139. Sc300 vs 400 rear diff ratios??
  140. Help please: No heat/defrost
  141. SC ECU part numbers by model year, pls help?
  142. starter circuit
  143. Anybody here have a 1j vvti swap completed?
  144. EGR valve cleaning
  145. In need of some power lol
  146. Best Spark Plug for SC400
  147. Need tech help with timing marks 3.0L
  148. 2JZ-GTE swapped engine not getting spark!
  149. Need advice from someone who knows about iacv & tps
  150. Map ECU 2/Tuning on a 1jz
  151. Need advice (and probably a motor)
  152. Belt Idler Pulley noise?
  153. Part II: Engine Upgrades: 2JZGTE T61 R154
  154. What are the odds?
  155. help please
  156. 1jz still has code 42 after ecu swap
  157. advice on intake/headers/exhaust
  158. Ran a new pb
  159. 1jz Power problem
  160. 1uzfe current supercharger options??
  161. No Code But no power
  162. Oil Pressure switch
  163. Turbo manifold for NA-T
  164. Parts interchangeable?
  165. Clutch recommedations?
  166. 92 Lexus SC400 no spark?? Help please
  167. 92 SC400 at Idle in park rpms 1500 to 2200
  168. PPE Headers & Custom Merge Collector
  169. Lower Temp. Thermostat not working?
  170. fmic with ac
  171. Reveiws on JDM Planet
  172. Are catch cans necessary with single turbo setups?
  173. Should I use this still????
  174. O/D light intermitent blinking on my dash? wtf ??
  175. Sparkplugs are drenched in oil
  176. Problems with diff changing to Supra LSD
  177. 02 sensor
  178. '99 SC300 Idle Vibration - Major Tune Up Recently Done
  179. R154 transmission issue
  180. Diagnostic Error Code - DTC 17
  181. some plans for my sc
  182. sc300 temp needle moving up and down
  183. The Clublexus Lessons Learned Performance Thread
  184. Driftshaft Woes! after 1jz swap (pics inside)
  185. Could current mods cause my car to be running rich?
  186. 1j to should I do this
  187. BOTH doors on '95 SC300 won't open. Locked out, what do I do?
  188. "performance" throttle body???
  189. Looking for Leather saet covers
  190. aem ems on vvti whos got one
  191. pte billet in love
  192. How to check the fuel pump?
  193. Couple of Questions from a New SC300 Owner!!
  194. SAFC 2 rpm signal
  195. 99-00 EVAP stock location?
  196. 1995 Lexus Sc300 Coupe
  197. Another 2jzgte swap question.. please help!
  198. 92 SC 400 - Bad shudder at idle, ticking valves
  199. My sc300 has new catalytic converters
  200. Fun upgrades and parts that I recieved
  201. Fastest 1JZ stock turbo time and boost pressure
  202. 1JZ Starting issues
  203. Replacement Gauge Cluster?
  204. Sc400 Rear Main Seal Replacement
  205. I need help with an overheating issue
  206. TT Pump
  207. Aftermarket torque converters?
  208. quick help with gs400 rear end swap
  209. repaired powersteering, now it wont start
  210. AEM F/IC 1UZ. Is it worth installing while still N/A?
  211. Aftermarket Battery Replacement
  212. 93 sc300 1jz and auto to manual swap
  213. Replaced clutch slave cylinder pedal still sticks???!!!?!?
  214. Missing Vac lines
  215. Sc400 No Power at Full Throttle
  216. Smoking twins and.....smoking twins?
  217. 98+ ECU replacement / programming?
  218. Fresh 1jz Swap just finished No Key Start
  219. Exhaust help
  220. More damn issuses!
  221. More TTC questions
  222. Spark Detonation in SC300 question
  223. open/closed loop, tps, safc, blehhh?
  224. 2JZGTE Intake port?
  225. Advice / ideas using lauch control and posting my boosted 400 timing map.
  226. Sc400 is running rich still with SAFC
  227. Gas needle problem
  228. What can I do to gain NA Power?
  229. Are my mods safe for my 1jz twins?
  230. aluminum or copper crush washer ps
  231. 1jzgte No Boost
  232. Auto to Manual guys got a question
  233. Fuel Pump Issues, Don't know what to do next
  234. pulling code question
  235. Good Throaty Muffler Options
  236. Obx twin turbo kit
  237. Lend a helping hand please.
  238. Boost surging on and off??
  239. 98+ 5speed swap BACKUP LIGHTS?
  240. need to know if a 89 supra lsd will go in to a 93 sc300
  241. Just scored these 18's for $150.00
  242. Just scored these 18's for $150.00
  243. Thinking about 1UZ Build. Questions
  244. What is the weak link in sc 400 trans?
  245. JDM 2JZ-GTE A/F at boost levels greater than 14psi
  246. SC400 Transmission wont hold much fluid
  247. I finally found a mustang that i love.
  248. Tribute To The 2JZ-GTE
  249. finally working on my own car
  250. I Need Info - swapping 1jz from 91 rhd supra into a 92 lhd sc400